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Clay Buchholz with the media after his first rehab start

Aug 25, 2013|

Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz talks about his first rehab outing with Single-A Lowell, and first time seeing game action since June.

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And I was those -- how was it after problem late brief momentum and yeah followed. I felt good -- that was mom yeah. Well return of from her pitches so. Physically felt. Felt fine sort of did the same thing as we've been doing in the -- games -- -- and he's my way through it -- the other tours and I felt -- -- -- of industries still. -- Trying to throw as far as what I was trying to -- the -- on his laurels local. Yeah you know what -- just sort of got going on YouTube hadn't had to throw four pitches all together. -- this through all the stuff so it was that was someone needed to do -- -- Yeah I mean that's not usual way to approach you read about him and temple -- him. Yeah. Us I don't throw one or another so. No you know that line. Always concerned coming here was just my my body you know felt it was you know -- Was there anything consistent about them -- -- it seemed like I. Dissolved and -- missile that was open -- -- righty and you know they go through rounds. There. You know I think if I throw a bunch of fastballs. -- them or their stretch that all of you world leaders Opel. -- Not a correct and -- it is. Does this change at all you know kind of because it was just one inning right there -- ups and downs and it. -- It's a little 2000 and -- and and to some part doesn't hold them. While ago more pitches like -- really treat -- -- -- that is that is so it was a yeah I saw him -- throw the threes -- -- game. Do they went along preferable that. It is and I felt that -- drove out. Does this give you any indication legend from a subsequently aside from the physical side which is obviously but -- -- -- -- do you any indication about it anything related to do. You know I I don't know what kind way to pitch mix it obviously worked couple purple. -- you look at it it. We got through changer there and after reaching you know at some point Carter's. Contusion fortunately. For -- you know it was everything was there and it kind of feeling do you want this. The strike that was. Capitals -- collectors are just from. I don't know it was a all the players of that happening -- sort of knew this Beriault suffered -- pretty close. There's -- as -- the players and feel so good physically and that's. Ultimately. -- -- And you know the next February next. I'm sure Falwell's moral -- Yeah I'll probably that was if they. Heard some -- they normally do three of those morals isn't always a war and so. Well the motto -- want to do to move this country the -- pulled him out throw as -- game and of course or more pitches and but. It's time right now. For many years. -- -- -- Oregon has into the Cardinals. You know it's it's an art if you don't look forward to go to the phone. You know we feel awkward doing that let you know facing batters and against courses completely different position he -- a lot of teams it's. I'm not only one more would do it to fund it up and down enough times -- Obviously. Got to form the start toward more often. Competent. And what was different about pitching in game situations Christmas. This family -- -- that -- get your very own you'll you have none. Listen listen out of the amount of time it's. So prison Americans that was service. It was it was certainly they're. You know. You go to your velocity is where you want your mind at all and I mean I've looked at circle mediate in the room I didn't. There wasn't one that's some of them throw throws or so. Obviously your strongest emotions on my. So mechanically and you know just -- what that's what.

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