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Butch Stearns - Sports Sunday - Red Sox Magic Number is 19

Aug 25, 2013|

Butch Stearns discuss the remaining schedule of the Boston Red Sox. If the team wins 19 more games, finishing with 95 wins, they will enter the playoffs in a solid position. The Red Sox have to face the Yankees, Tampa Bay and Baltimore as the season wraps up. Do they have what it takes to finish strong?

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Happy Sunday afternoon you all welcome to WEEI and sports Sunday afternoon. Leading up to Red Sox baseball. Here at 720. Tonight on the WEEI. Sports Radio network. Hi everybody I'm what Stearns as the intro said. Thanks to Larry Johnson for hang in with me in. Pockets of sports for three hours to view from one of -- today. Now here in the solar shift leading up to Red Sox pregame. It's 720 so let me throw some things out there and see what you would like. Talk about Larry I talked mostly patriots mostly football. A lot of Tim Tebow now get back to that summarize some of our conversations. Give you a few more in my thoughts and you can weigh in with yours. But let's start with the Red Sox in that regard here we are in the final Sunday in August. The real baseball season is here. The 31 games left to play thirty after tonight for the Red Sox are here. It playoff baseball now -- plays the best baseball from here makes it into the. Bill Parcells tournament. And then whoever's playing the best baseball from the -- gets the best pitching and timely hitting moves on. Leaving gets to the World Series. Are you Red -- good enough to do that who the hell knows. But they got to get their first. And there are some concerns. Concerns on many different levels the first concern let's just look at the numbers in on the numbers. Let's look at. The Red Sox were 58 and 39 at the all star. They were. Nineteen games over 500. Okay. Since -- The Red Sox are now 21 games over 500 since the all star break. They have not fallen back they have improved. By two games over 500 since the all star which. Mathematics geniuses translates into one went. About five okay. So here's the problem. After winning months in April June and July they were 515. And it. Eleven and eleven in -- So for the month of August there a 500 baseball team. And 500 my friends. In the last thirty games after tonight is not gonna cut. -- even if they win tonight in win this series two out of three against the Dodgers it's nobody's done and long time when his cedars. If -- -- 500 the rest of the way it ain't gonna cut it. That's not gonna win the division that main body to make the wild card. To -- ninety fives the magic number. That's nineteen wins and twelve loss is counting tonight's game in the last 31 games to get to 95 they've won 7619. More and they win. 985. Games my math is off -- off if that is correct he has somebody did before in the text line which I didn't bring up. It -- which knock on the patriots bye week in week nine. When they play nine games you are correct that bye week is and we -- I misspoke. I missed remembered as Roger Clemens what's. So again. As we just every Sunday have been a pretty much every Sunday for the summer where are your Red Sox right now. For those -- -- that it remain steadfast that they are what they are want to get past 809000. Games. Mean -- the first place team in the division while they are but not really. 'cause by percentage points there second place team. By the way the as Christian are canceled -- yankees and the rays are 22 right now. Heading into the eighth inning Alex Cobb gave the rays another good start not a great 15 and two thirds gave up seven hits two runs both. Solo home runs I believe. Give opponents -- Robinson and no. -- just one home. To Robinson can now. And Ivan Nova went six and two thirds. Walked six and struck out three but they're both out now. So there into the bull -- to to the Yankees and the raise significant to that game for the Red Sox going into the Sunday night game against the Dodgers tonight. Nationally televised he has appearing in the game he can you right here on the WEEI Sports Radio network -- Dave O'Brien jokes that we owned. Relating to the award winning John Ryder its seventh when he would Red Sox pregame. That game going into this game if the rays win the Red Sox will be three games back in the win column. And two in the loss column to the race if the rays lose. Only one game difference in the loss column between. The rays and the Red Sox so there's your significance. What it is for the Red Sox they will send Jake Peavy to the -- Against. Chris -- -- like many Dodgers pitchers has been lights out for a good period of time several weeks so Jake Peavy. He's been my -- Still happy so far that they got him. Still think that he can provide a difference down the stretch still like the fact that if they get to a post season if clay buckled comebacks -- is a factor. I'll take my chances of Lester Lackey buckled in PV. What what are you expecting from PV tonight. Is this some marquee game sure guys should be sure it should. It's not the race it's not the Orioles the policy planning at least your -- down abstract but Jake Peavy needs another good start. He's had to artistry. We need another good one here. Against the Los Angeles Dodgers a team he's very familiar. 617779. 7937. What are you expecting from PV and I what are you expecting from him for the rest of the question about the Red Sox though. Is about their line. The primary reason. That they are a 500 team in the month of August we're 22 games in August there -- eleven and eleven. This is not the collapse of September from two years ago but c'mon these thirty games left you cannot be a 500 team. And the primary reason they off is an airline. Too many inconsistencies. Too many shut outs against too many -- -- up on the board. The Red Sox need to produce some runs. And I'll look at the guy you expect to produce. And it'll ask you about who else you predict. Might come up big glory when he -- crucial differently what do they need to come up big down the stretch and let's start with a list of obvious guys. You have to assume they gonna produced as part of the problem is those guys -- produced. David Ortiz has been up and down for the last month and he's been too cold and too many times and -- Dustin Pedroia. Guys spinning army and played every game but one this year is not having a good second it. Right now can have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But one through four the Red Sox are not relentless. Pictures are or not. Fearful of that one through 41 and part of it has to do with five through -- start with -- number five Mike Napoli. Has been nonexistent. Don't pitch to David Ortiz because they're not wary about Mike now so. When I look at it -- second part of the question is. Were you expecting a last question and a couple different ways they need to have come through. Five through nine who are you expecting to come through -- music I even on the team. In other words middle Brooks drew Saltalamacchia. Goldman's Napoli. Now. Justin Morneau or some other name that they could pick up down the stretch who they need to come through is it all of them. Well that's what it's been most of the year. What little Brooks has been their best hitter. For about 34 weeks. Three weeks I think. He's been great and it over 400 since he came back they've been to inconsistent. There too inept when they get could. Starting pitching and it's got to stop. There needs to be more of a balance here or more consistency but will it happen. Yes no and why 61777979. -- says in the eighteen detects one -- 37937. You must be really board the Red Sox went through hell the last two years. They are playoff talk and I'm happy for them even if they don't Red Sox are exciting. That's kind of stream of consciousness text that's all over the place I'm not bored they did go through hell the last two years. They are playoff bound if that's your -- I'm not sure that's a question I'm asking. If you're happy for them even if they don't you're playing with house money which had a discussion over the last two or three weeks. I don't know and then the other one is the Red Sox are exciting and really of all of the agency about the threats -- are -- exciting. Really. Exciting on this team like that you expect. I don't know maybe it's Jake -- he's on the mountain. So your thoughts about the -- and when it comes to the patriots. -- Cuban I'm start to get excited about patriots season for a lot of different reasons and I'll start with a personal ones. Myself Fred's -- Steve DeOssie will be back with the real post game show. Karen W the -- -- two weeks from today will be in the studio bringing the post game from patriots and Buffalo Bills and I don't know -- you I love hanging with Fred and Steve and listening to them talk football especially after a game. Because they see a different game than most of us do they see it through the eyes. Of several decades of watching NFL film of living it on the field of Pro Bowl caliber play in the trenches in the NFL. And they just see it differently than most of us and to hear them talk about why something happened is fun for me as a lifelong football. So will be back again starting in two weeks right here on WEE. The other reason it's fun. I think is Tom Brady still here in uniform and I'm looking at this challenge of all these inexperienced receivers. And look at what Christopher price wrote today about whether Brady should play -- uniter not. Just simply the stats on the news is what it is blog about the history of Tom Brady playing in the fourth pre season game. And by the way over the last ten years he's only played three of them. But two of them come out of the last three years 2010 in 2011 did not playing the last pre season game last year so there's that question about the what you would do. With Tom Brady this Thursday and what it would mean going into the season starting at buffalo. Coming home against that aren't going to the jets and then coming are going home against the jets and then in the third game. I hear before you hit that stretch against the falcons and some other pretty good teams. So the other factor about football -- come. I don't want to fantasy football draft you but it's fantasy football's. Regime and -- can't appear defensive football acknowledge driving please raise your if you mil more than one -- appalling. Raise your hand if you more than two fantasy football. You get to get. I -- 63. -- free one I'm running. So trying to get some other people is just. Like baseball by the way he's been texting me all afternoon. And I have to -- we have a very competitive -- games that we've heard from many many years myself my good buddy David Wade who's now on channel four WBZ. As the morning news there we're at it in a battle actually I shouldn't say an -- I'll take my I have not battled well I fought to get to this position all year and it's the first round of -- baseball players David Lee's kick him. And I don't think I have a prayer but to check in the first break she -- But I called on the John Belushi speech to my team see that they can do pull out. I'm not -- -- but I don't think it's good. Pray for me when it comes to my fantasy baseball. So wanna talk about the Red Sox I want to talk about the patriots wanna talk about it with few. Com -- here -- kept saying you can call it 61777979837. We've got to all start crew. Taking your calls we get the enjoy out who's the best in the business. When it comes to Sunday night weekend producers. Did the best in the business he has. I that we got a new guy Bentley hold where's Bentley there Bentley. On Mike. So we had Paul -- EA last last show would Larry Johnson cracked. And I asked Paul these three questions from the start with you because -- the one that the callers have to go through and -- -- we'll tell you see this every Sunday. It is -- screening process and it is a painful process. So what what should callers in their about the Colin do you Bentley hole what do they need to noble you give me three bullet points that they need to know about. It's a tough on everything ago while you me ask you direct question using give direct answers -- OK who's your favorite Boston sports team. Pronounce your Bruins I -- Yes I mean it's uh oh it's a very close second through fourth. -- you -- blocked the sport right now get a ticket team. Liver -- the broad deserted island you can watch one team played the -- absolutely argue that that that they don't in this town right now really what. I would argue to Bruins now. So I'll give -- what else do we need to know about married single what they give us some other fun facts about. And how fun that is and a single -- -- would you school Anderson tell me you're never seen. As well trained we've part of lines that over it. I was not we're not EG major communications. Radio actually -- you majored in radio yes you worry inspiring radio professional. Yes -- so when people call up in the screening process they're dealing with -- aspiring radio profession. Yeah. I wish you luck. Her much we'll see because I have a feeling these -- and chew you up it's. In the screening process. Will see we'll see if you're up to the job right our and it. Taylor John Hartford -- -- DJ in Connecticut -- first. Other open lines at 6177797937. Tax on the AT&T text line at 37937. Latest text acumen have no idea where this came from do you play blackjack. Yes I do I play to make money not to have fun. Quick break him back with more here on W me. I think it's -- one time of the year at every woman's. Looking for ways soon to gain momentum to keep -- momentum going in their favor. Whether that's through certainly incidentally that's from the adding a player back to come from many different. Our focus news tonight it's about. That's Red Sox manager John Farrell were leading up to Red Sox pregame Sox and Dodgers tonight Sox trying to do to the Dodgers don't diamond. Long time when a series against the -- Jake Peavy to the mound against Chris cap on now tonight lots of Red Sox talk go right to the call after that I do you football questions don't wanna throw out. Okay I'm gonna just rattled often do you think about it you can text in at the eighteenth excellent through seven and haven't been colony chime in about it. Here's a couple of and get ready for football. This group of quarterbacks Andrew Luck RG three Russell wells masters rookies say it again -- RG three Russell -- Who is the Sam Bradford Cam Newton sophomore slump. Any of them. What is the best season among most of the questions was the sophomore slump we'll take a step back take a step forward who's consistent call for your thoughts about. The other quarterback question I have for you someone amongst this group is gonna take the leap. Different experience. Different levels of play so far but one of these guys gonna take the leap up into the elite. And you can talk means -- if you want but really take his team to the playoffs win and go further which one out of this group. OK. Matthew Stafford. Com. Andy Dalton. Sam Bradford. By the way apple can't cap predicament first question to about. He goes in that question to Andrew -- RG three Russell's -- -- They they all just continue to go on a meteoric rise to the all lead their teams for the playoffs. They all just. Keep taken over football as young quarterbacks in which quarterback takes the next week Andy Dalton Sam Bradford match shop -- shop the -- last year. There's Joseph Flacco will be repeated it's a lot of good football questions and I will ask you one fantasy question. You're the second pick in the draft who we take it. I'll leave that won't hang a bigger piece is a clear number one pick have no idea -- -- like I don't know. Go to -- no Johnny could get a shot any of those questions are you could start where you want a shot. You know it just talk to both the jets quarterback situation -- dictate to it then but -- As much knowledge at the U Medicaid trip watcher Brian -- He really ignorant and dumb error. I think they're really its biggest shot with Greg NASCAR -- says you really a great game last year. By the Great -- or arguments are good -- only did was when a college won a national championship. Again we sort of go by the as a fan it's not fun to say this but the -- practice all the time why he's not getting a shot. Probably has a lot to do would look was on a practice. Yeah I mean I know that note that there have been reports and there on how to take that practice. And I don't Sanchez really should not be out there anymore acting at the you know that there are not yet been you know I thought -- Internet via. But the jets. Just don't have a quarterback right now. And for those of you missed the game last night we talked about it Larry Johnson are a lot earlier we've got all that -- sound just don't have a quarterback because the season starts in two weeks. You know Smith both in practice from here and seeing games is not ready to play in the NFL. And Mark Sanchez -- put the game in the fourth quarter were 1120 to go while Rex supposedly still making his decision was starting quarterback -- shoulder. And may not be ready to play. So they brought in Matt Weiner and some others take a look at Adam who knows of the jets quarterback is going to be in week one go to John Hartford next hi John. -- -- I don't you know into Texas today nineteen and quote that I came up -- to get an undersized. I hope I hope we can do the same result because the math either works or it doesn't. Very I mean I think 95 is maybe that's sort of magical number. Well -- I stop you for a second. I. I believe there's only been one or two teams one that amount of games and not made the playoffs. Okay so that's that number doesn't -- just -- because -- convenient number. I looked it up a while ago when I believe the average wild card team since the wildcard is command is 94. To win so again you win 92 games all bets are off UN 9495. You usually -- that's why -- thrown that number. Yeah and and and I'm glad it is you crunched numbers I I just sort of I think about the -- I had always think of 95 as. We always do with -- record -- -- -- feel he's the -- that number out all the time we look to win 95 games every. I am -- doing that this morning you know event at the schedule and it's it's it's going to be a rough -- -- eight. I hope -- open at nineteen when I hope the lion's share -- and Peoria ill and eight I think we got nine against euros may be what six and. Well here's here's the sum it up while we're talking about and you tell me when you see it's going to be a rough ride where's the rough. Stretch here because here's what happens after the Dodgers tonight. -- -- -- -- another day off and he started nine game home stand. Orioles White Sox Detroit say that again nine game homestand Orioles White Sox Detroit. Then actually I don't think him and often do they hang on did this last week which would. They play. Way to monitor their Mondale. No they have -- I don't. I cut the lead in the Orioles series it's -- brought Lackey and Lester against Chan Norris installment so they go all. Bernanke. Yeah entertainment has been given a lot of swelling they get nine of the Orioles then they go on the road for seven here's here's where I'm looking at the key. -- seven games for New York against the Yankees. And off Monday and then three in Tampa. Against the race 'cause then they come home again for nine more against the Yankees Baltimore Toronto and then they finish with five on the road at Colorado but stupid trip. And three at Baltimore. So let's hope it doesn't come down the final Baltimore series but all things being equal meaning that in my opinion they go five and four on this nine game home stand. Those seven games for New York. And three in Tampa -- that's that's right the air. Where it gets won -- lost. Yeah I mean there's a 11 benefited -- a lot of home games coming down the stretch. But it. That virgin Atlantic and that schedule you've got all ya -- went gained against. Oh undo that. It's and now I mean you're going to be on it's your own your own. Well that's starting to let you go because you break cannot put your point which I think I heard -- let's remember folks it is division games. So the red sox' wily Orioles and rays and Red Sox are battle -- plane to. And soul baseball's done this now with the unbalanced schedule but they've they've waited eight. -- division games at the end for several years now and it has made for exciting finishes. So on one hand the Red Sox control their own destiny. But on the other hand sold the rays and Orioles because they're at each of so this can be fun this can be stressful. Again the Red Sox have shown us a lot this year that they deserve our faith our attention in the exhibit but you know what. 31 games counting tonight in all matters in these next five weeks that's it. Whether they get there or not and they get a win two out of three. They get a win a two game series against Colorado. They split that series even with two out of three against -- that you just got to get it done going Joan Belcher town -- seems like you're ready for football season. I am sure. I'm corporate loan you debt that can make or break our speed and up and sending stretch. But really all about football. -- -- -- options I inherited a cute and not put it. Mark niche court hearing posture. Put it into. Well your your hesitation in your voice tells me all I need to know there is no clear cut. Second draft is there. Not -- are not honest are either quarterback controversy your talk about sophomore slump. Russell Wilson. And -- -- -- it will all. Oh down years you know apart from one well. -- with the expectation they probably won't release. I'm temperatures -- a monopoly back to back almost die from all and that's not exactly it. So let me ask you a different question and -- I'll ask you about each guy individually and them for the it's my game complain -- -- so stick with -- with -- you've got to give me an answer. Black or white yes or no that -- this guy when I give you his name. He has a better season last year -- worse she's OK Russell Wilson. I couldn't disagree with you more I think he ends up being the best quarterback when it's all said and done out of this -- -- that's just my opinion. Calling out calling cabinet. I think he'll have a better you don't even more came. But it. He took his team it is for the team to the Super Bowl have a better season he's got to win the -- -- RG three. Or. Meaning what he wants to help the he'll throw more -- picks build you know. Abruptly -- markets to very delicate and -- -- a lot more this year I'm gonna get last year I mean. There's no eight Indy running there's not much not ACL. Injury luck. Well better a year I -- you the best year of. While I disagree don't every single one of them -- it doesn't make us. Enemies I just think. We're right here's my factors and Andrew Luck is now got his old coach back but that coach wasn't -- coach slash -- -- it was Bruce Syrians and he's now in Arizona so that change I think affects. A second year quarterback adversely Messina deluxe a bad player. I just think he has a Cam Newton Sam Bradford type of secondly I think the colts go through some struggles this -- just my opinion. RG three has the nucleus in place he has skill players he has a good running back yes if he doesn't stay healthy all this goes out the window. But I think he stays consistent Russell Wilson I just think I hate to say this 'cause he's not Joseph Montana. But I think he starts to follow that same path I think he -- a guy who was overlooked on draft day. A guy when it's all said and done when you add up all the skill set that he has I think he becomes more more efficient and he's -- the best defense -- -- -- -- it was good that. So. That part of the defense yeah and Ali I. I hope you're right because. I think I'd -- period keeper. I would love if she did well. He scored only point in last year's departed and he can replicate. A few of RG three as you keep brown and give your second pick in the draft OK got you ready I'm. -- -- -- did I would think I would think that mark. -- and my friend I wanted to and I would do he was he wasn't their field. He wasn't their fear of you and so was. So we are in Foster was there and he took them that's not bad. -- -- -- RD street and -- On the guys who I would no way ticket number -- that everybody saying CJ Spiller I'm sorry not number two. No way I mean he could turn into be and -- guy in a PP -- about I don't I mean at the Buffalo -- gonna score fifty points a game and I -- -- Arguably the next. Record you're. Not. -- is like ten guys and taken over CJ Spiller Doug mark Jamaal Charles Marshawn Lynch Trent Richardson. Was Sean McCord Ray Rice -- Calvin Johnson on taken overseas. And I joked that at her but. Yet the talk of football -- it's football season folks. Accident little fancy go to Bob a car Bob. All right thank you particularly call and welcome I wanna play like thank replay is gonna change -- game I -- baseball or football. Are here they all can't. And -- look forward to a content -- As I can't wait until the first time. And of the game -- we're anxious managers a replay. Based on the fact that the pivot man. Didn't stay on second base with football. To complete the double play they never do. That so. So let me ask you question -- and half percent sure -- -- -- on all the -- should question going into the break because again you're here commercial break. And the question when I hear from you Bob and anybody else would like -- Is the general question is how is instant replay of state instituted -- gonna change based on the other question is being honest about office. Is good is instant replays in football. Isn't it too much already. Too much of it too long. And it's just change the game for the worse. You want to call right specially in big plays you wanna get it right but it's too much they need to tweak it and scale it back up by volume. By the quality in the way they do. You agree or disagree or break it would. -- if we want me again. You know will compete always sir yes they -- It's Gypsy hey I'll make that call to. I don't have the answer question how I answered the way I said. And and from day one I said will we will make the announcement are starting quarterback when we think it's the appropriate time. Not when you now when this person or this person this person who may be that person. And that's about it -- -- -- every chance I can say anything I want that's the beauty of this country I answer if I can answer aren't they all stand backwards financially well. I'm going sideways at the appropriate time we'll make that the the announcement when I think you -- appropriate time. Rex Ryan last night gone -- -- with a New York media after -- put Mark Sanchez back in the game after geno Smith threw three interceptions. And 1121 to go in the game Mark Sanchez hurt her shoulder and now the jets. Why have -- when it comes to their quarterback situation. Your thoughts about what's going on the jets quarterbacks for right now we're talking instant replay. In baseball and in football so Bob before the baseball we get to that point through the football lands. I'll make a statement -- -- agree with that I liked. Instant replay in football. I think it's on the right track to getting it right but I think it's gone too far now I think it takes too long referee should be on a clock. Just like basketball player should be on the shot clock or or a quarterback should be with the clock to get a snap off. I agree that it. OK so as has instant replay be good for football. I think it has I think it can be improved a second. Shot there we cute aren't. OK so now let's go back to your point about baseball and to remind folks if there are to a baseball is thinking about implementing instant replay next year and if the players in the union and everybody have their. Way it will come as several. Calls a game ideally to -- -- for a manager gets to challenge on pars and of course -- -- a lot of famous things have happened. The last couple years there was the -- Galarraga. Perfect game Armond -- Galarraga. That the final 27 batter reached first base and was the impact -- member's name called him safe. When he was out really how we get to the bottom line is we get to see it and we know what's the wrong call so why should baseball get it right so you're saying in general you'd like to see. In baseball yeah. Yeah well. He kind of took my question is different -- direction. Oh yeah I can end when medications. But that -- the point I was trying to what's the -- you're trying to make the point I was trying to make is how they can handle. They're the kind of call and I was talking about where you are the phantom tag at second base. Threat and such were the fourth. You have the first baseman who. Our post play the oh yeah okay let's start off quickly and and get the ball you know what are what -- actually catching the kick in the at all. -- -- The double play at the big one where nobody. Ever. The commitment that attach to agree on a ball. You at this point in the boat most at a place where. The ball the ball catch it before the lottery I would at least not -- Well I wonder how how would make the change at a bacon and note how the commitment. All -- OK so let me ask let me answer you question your focus in on something that's irritated obviously you and a lot of other people for years the phantom. Tag at second base on the double plays they're not gonna review that. Let's say an umpire calls for what the -- you're close plays. Bang bang play that's what they're gonna read you. But these in the proposal them -- and out. An opportunity to actually do. So on reading from a couple articles here starting next year Major League Baseball institute limited. Instant replay to decide close plays in on the whole rarely missed calls by its own dollars. All of us want the calls to be right this is -- sensor works ski and Huffington Post. Pop up on which Americans they ruin pac -- Americans and our technology based -- interest. I'm not sure you gonna be I'm not sure what cause you're going to be able to challenge in other words. But all right okay well then so so which are asking is. So to me. There's sort of some things in baseball. They have always been taboo when that point is you don't challenged. It's like when A-Rod it'll member when he rod yelled that the guy when he was running by him when he was up under the pop up. That's bush league you just don't do for the first time manager says he never touched the bag and he was way off it. Nice not to threaten in sort. Baseball and saying oh -- I think somebody will not and I'm with you Bob. I think somebody will but I don't think they're gonna do it on a real close call I think it would do and on one where the umpire just isn't old school guy. Who said you know it's obvious that the guy never touched the base -- Or by the time we get the ball he was way off the base and he slid by it. Mean yeah I might challenge as an umpire but it -- -- I think almost got to be looked -- like you know that's always been accepted baseball. You know. Well but I mean I think that's going to be embarrassing and I mean embarrassing to. The economy -- baseball from the manager and I housing to be embarrassing to be spotted and I'm trying to. Determine manager and I called for the replay. And it's clear that on the double play. The pivot man was nowhere near the fact. That's gonna have to be overturned the -- -- foolish you know that really will be overturned because you'll see is an irony that. Well in children which are gonna be same as we've -- to work wrong all along. What did you say there anyway -- where you know we're. Nowadays we're gonna criticizes Iran but I think you're gonna get people that are gonna say hey that's bush by Jim Leland to do that -- John -- probably wouldn't do it that. I'm -- I'm not that what you ought to be honest because. You know. It's such a close play -- that you know means. You know their seventh -- yeah -- -- So from an unmarked saints. -- come across as being forward catch. The replay that it that it even my point my point in Kuwait how they can handle this. I think -- go to Tokyo as they look. The game changed. Yeah I eat you -- -- a attached to paint the right time you know you can't just -- -- -- you make -- making -- all about the phantom play at second base and by the way attacks attacks in and said you're allowed to not touched the bag under the rules it's quote the neighborhood rule. So I don't know if that's in the baseball rule books and I'll try to look -- -- the break. -- but forget about them this instance at second base that you're asking in general which I think we should be talking about whether it's a replay is gonna be good or bad for baseball. I would hope like football it's gonna be good in other words if you're gonna get two calls during the game if you decide exercise a close play in a scoreless game in the second inning well. You point -- one more caller rest of the game so shame on you fits in the seventh inning and as a close you gotten more you can't challenge could you viewed and used to a. It or a favorite -- they can do something. On the other and shot again good right now the game just so long right. Agnieszka is gonna make it work so I'm open to make it okay at this but take something else. The only way the only way thanks Bob the only way they gonna short game is enforce rules and rules would be things like. If the batter takes too long a pitcher takes too long between pitches you give the -- a ball. Our fruit are better takes too long in the box and steps out without getting permission you give them a strike. I mean that's gonna fundamentally change things but I'm sorry. It's it's just like suspensions in baseball you give a guy lifetime ban for repeat these they're not to be don't PD's anymore. It is not they're out of the game. So I don't know let's go to Paula and column Colin Powell sounds a movie character. Oh don't. Have -- Column about instant replay. You know I kinda get sick and instant replay in football already -- And I just you know we've got three and a half -- game because it is I don't wanna be watching a West Coast game until sunrise. You make a good point I mean. If you add instant replay to baseball. And you give managers each to called a game and you could add four more stoppages. In play just like changing a pitcher. It's certainly not headed toward speeding up the game. It's not I mean it is the great American past time but I don't wanna spend that much. I'm. Secure way to put it all and also eat now. The game is what it is they've been playing in the game basically the same way. Turner how many years. You know what the -- but why doesn't it bother you. That when that call is wrong. Okay when umpire I actually feel bad for the umpire when he blatantly gets a call wrong. My first reaction is okay got the call wrong I don't think any less a big I mean each you. It's a bang bang play but he got it wrong -- -- guy beat it to the baggage call them out or you call them out and end. Are the other way around. When he gets it wrong don't you want to call to be right. Part of the game by Ian White assault so -- is all cause it's been. The wrong calls in the human Arabic part of the game forever so -- let's just live with. So do you feel the same way when a guy takes a shot at the buzzer in basketball and now the -- recess -- -- I'm gonna go check it received the red light went on and it's clear cut black and white there's no there's no. You know subjectivity here either got the ball up out of his hand or not if he did game's over and if he didn't it's not. So I like. I mean it again that's a crucial. Time here I think what we're really talking about. Is if you read this in any time during the game in some -- in about home run calls they already review home run calls that's up to dom rep for -- to score on umpires discretion. So if you -- more in. You know. Again I'm not I'm not ripping you Paula because some sort of on your side of it happened in the second or third or fourth inning. And again I get the call wrong five more innings to make up for bad call right. Squabble. I think that's more my point I can see it it -- he can say. I'm a must. It's gonna determine absolute. But lost to the winner of the game. But a little thanks. There. Are routinely -- Stupid. They're going to be Colin alternately challenging them all the time. On the other kettle well that's all the time is not all the time again that a limited -- your notes who supposedly to each. To each manager. I mean I can see if it's a crucial call but you know I'd want to see. Managers that. They tend to be hot head inside and that they wanna challenge something that. If you bet. Dinner. It would mean all right Paula great call thanks for the car and I I do I think your head and a lot of directions were everybody's tank text or calls him. Talking about the NFL and says it'll work if it's a boost -- They would be able to make the call themselves instead of the stupid included monitor on the sidelines. The NFL removal group the NFL review model is so monument plea flawed that it should never even be considered. As a basis for comparison. Now MLB is poised to make the same idiotic mistake I don't necessarily disagree with that. You wanna go to the challenge and your John Farrell when you call for the challenge you tell the home plate umpire. The home plate umpire turnaround of points up to the press box and a little boost that the Booth replay guys sit him by the aid to designated guy for every game. It's couple bucks for doing it the close the curtain he looks Downey gives a calling only has a minute thirty to do -- are whenever we get the time limit to do it. I don't agree with that. -- somebody else has come on which you've been goof is no such written rule the rule book called the neighborhood rule are there. Knowledge is what you saying you want five -- Sox games we have already. Months and that at all 6177797937. -- jacket -- card Jamie Newbury port you guys are up next it's 5 o'clock here on Sunday hopefully you're driving safety come back from vacation. If you are in your cars you'd love to hear from you can text -- 37937. He can call it 6177797937. I do enjoy Al. Will be taking your calls along with error. Nobody hunter named. Again I'm sorry. I don't have enough to tip of my -- Bentley -- that it was on to seek. Bentley -- is taking your phone calls and trust me it will be painful when he screens quick break him back with more couple more hours leading up to.

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