WEEI>On Demand>>Rob Bradford Brings us the "Bradfo Show" (@Bradfo) and Gives His Opinion on Ortiz' Comments Regarding Dempster Throwing at ARod

Rob Bradford Brings us the "Bradfo Show" (@Bradfo) and Gives His Opinion on Ortiz' Comments Regarding Dempster Throwing at ARod

Aug 24, 2013|

Bradford gets his big show going talking about the comments David Ortiz made criticizing Dempster for going after ARod. Rob gives us his insight on the matter and how Ortiz and Dempster had already discuss everything by the time the story was released.

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That's my open. That might open. I'd -- I fly. All the way. Across the country. -- -- that you understand. That's -- -- I'm rob and even earlier on until late last night OK so. -- -- -- you surprised that you and manage our rob are going to be doing live from LA. Want. Dual life -- that we do live. From. W yeah -- towers here that's how we're gonna roll. Great job by -- Johnson our rob Bradford WB -- dot com yes I was in Los Angeles. Less than 24 hours ago. Just before that -- for Cisco. And before that I guess I was back at W I towers last Sunday with Dale Arnold. Which will be the case tomorrow. But again I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com because the -- approach you know this because again pat Brad I teach here. I think people more people should use I don't know what ego. Where the tape Twitter handle on their teacher is at Brad. So the Brad -- show I encourage you to join me. This afternoon not going to be on it to be great pregame show the great John Ryder leading into the great -- agree on the great Dave O'Brien with a call. Dodgers Red Sox wouldn't go all the way up to about well what three point me recently three point. We gonna talk call all kinds of things I guess the talk mostly about baseball beaches that hot button topic ball on the field. And off the field I've heard -- Johnson talked a lot about David Ortiz. Vote number here 6177797937. You can text the AT&T text line. 37937. Already convinced me up on Twitter at Brad -- which makes sense and that is the Brad votes you know. As I said I jetted across country why late last night I was I was lying. Over the grand -- literally. Why the grid view Oprah picking what is my going to be my open what special opener for me. And a suspect was that -- motor that is true enemy -- I'm not blaming you. You improvised a you know win when it comes improvising for the -- those -- you go to motor had needs Bates. 6177797937. Larry Larry Craig talked a lot about David Ortiz we can talk about that I sat in the dugout with David Ortiz. -- eighteen hours ago at market. But he was explaining exactly where he was coming from. In regards this dumpster so here's my take here's my hot sports take on the matter. Is that. Dave Ortiz of wrong to say this to usaid. Is -- -- he said he was blind sided by the questions. And that's why he said what he said he meant what he said he's not attracting what he said. What he said. In a nutshell wise he did not agree with Ryan Dempster doing what he did now. Well David Ortiz as the gripe with -- -- That he confronted Ryan Dempster he said about five minutes after it happened in the clubhouse. Five minutes after it happened. So right -- comes off the mound he goes a lot of times appeared to Google backup in the club house. Daimler -- there he's a designated hitter who he's there. He confronted Ryan Dempster about how he did not approval what was going on not because it was A-Rod. But because. They had an effect negative effect he thought on that game a game that he felt really felt they needed. It was not the right move at that time in the second inning as we saw it wasn't the right move. If you if there's something like that you have to back it up by getting the outs then Don Alonso certainly not giving of a home run to -- So that was not the right move David Ortiz told Ryan -- five minutes five minutes after it happened. They had Allison had an open they had their discussion right then and there. They felt it was overweight dog they fellows done. -- David Ortiz said what he said. Whether he thought it was on the record off the record I don't know. I can't tell you but he wasn't backing up the comments but what he was surprised. Wise. That it was taken and run wave and then it made such a big deal again this is through the guys that they were -- Because he felt like this was old news that he he Ryan Dempster had already -- doubt. So what happens Monday he's eating breakfast BC's the ESPN crawl. David Ortiz. Paraphrasing here -- Ryan Dempster. And he wonders why is this the big deal because parity hashed it -- Ryan Dempster. -- threw him texting each other I love you love you man dislike Loper and I attacks all the time. You never text net -- tax you'll love you do you ever say I love you back. What are the usually like 1 AM and honestly through mr. But Saudi -- so David Ortiz that's what he was surprised about because he felt like this was already a thing in the past. Big ego that's what that. My take about it that's how I view the eyes of David Ortiz. That's not I'd be anxious to get your opinion on and I know it's been a hot topic. The last couple days here on Sports Radio tubby guy. Call it 61777979837. Minutes 6177797937. Obviously he talked about that. And I think that I wanna yet. -- with a doctor's bill. On our mine still in our psyche and I agreed in science -- column today I was there and approach savviest players. And as he says and in the column call Crawford doesn't talk aging adult and -- Nick Punto does start. Just regular -- were came out. Of the clubhouse that we saw I talked to him over the phone yesterday. By. Did -- -- very very good job of painting the picture of what these guys the approach they were taking with the Boston media. So here's my question via. AT&T -- -- 37937. Call 6177797937. In we'd be at Brad -- is my question to you. Could have ever worked. Could have ever worked. Could. In our focus specifically on it means all income crop that I don't think guys just -- said -- -- today. A big that was the road it was never return from. By Carl Crawford Adrian Gonzales guys who were signed to long term deals. Could -- have ever worked. I I think it's a fascinating question because the fact is is that. They're very talented guys we've seen what they can deliver -- team. We see -- AG Gonzales has done with the Dodgers we have seen when healthy what Carl Crawford has done for the Dodgers we saw last night. That's the player that the Red Sox are signing up for. But could never ever worked because what I hear from them. Is that it was so bad in Boston I have never. Seen. -- anybody. Paint the pitcher like Carl Crawford has paid. I like Carl Crawford I think he's a tremendously talented player. But here's the thing. There were so when he was one thing with Carl Crawford. He said you know what. The media I didn't like the media yeah he'd like the media he'd like to -- way to media approach to -- that was one thing you know what another thing why is this contract. I've never seen a guy affected more by a contract big Carl Crawford. Never. It and here's another subtle thing and I said this when he was here when used fraudulent I think when under the radar which days. Wouldn't you go from a team. To another team one organization that you -- with the entire career and you -- -- other organization for the first time. That hasn't affected them that's all you know. And then to do it the atmosphere of Boston that was tough for him not excuses this is reality. Again -- repeat not excuses this is a reality. That was Carl Crawford by an anxious. -- these guys. Turn it around in productive here. And bill in the players that they needed them to be. 61777979837. I'll give you my answer after the break we're gonna get to Mike Brett all -- calls. Right after this.

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