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Mustard and Johnson Talk Arod vs Dempster and the Comments from Ortiz that Followed -- Is it ok for a Teammate to Publicly Disagree with another Player's Stance?

Aug 24, 2013|

Craig and LJ get into the David Ortiz comments in which he publicly disagreed with Dempster plunking ARod. LJ thinks it was a wrong move and should have been kept in-house, but while Craig agrees, he also thinks it can be unfair to players when we criticize them for not being transparent enough and then when they do, we fault them for it.

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Well after a totally review it obviously would would respect what the decision was made and and clearly they they felt that there was intense. I still believe that Ryan. Have to pitch inside and to say it's as severe as say in the acknowledged that you know what he definitely threw him. I don't know what goes on Ryan's mind but I I can only base my opinions on the way Ryan has pitched throughout the course of this year. And he gets right handed hitters he's got to establish his fastball in and it just so happens that in -- situation where you know. Alex Rodriguez going to the things he has it draws attention to it and feels like he's directly going after him in had a -- John Farrell's explanation for Ryan Dempster is hitting. A-Rod on Sunday night much to the chagrin of one of John Farrell's most important players David Ortiz. Obviously Dempster -- serving the five game penalty A-Rod well he'll have his hearing. Sometime in November as their insights -- NFL why bother me would rather make it was a how -- guitar coming home. Talk about a control problem I now the first the first pitch he -- hit them -- would behind yet. Does it not to use it a bit Ortiz goes out of his way to open his mouth -- meant to insert his foot. I know it's his opinion and I understand that but. Pitchers say things are direction or say things to a friend -- foul play or something he goes out to dinner with -- rotten there. Often down a -- our bowl clamped shower whatever they're reading -- just say you -- dumpster was a jerky she shouldn't have done -- that's fine but why would you going -- to do that I don't understand doesn't. A whole lot of sense. One of the things we embrace about poppy -- guests -- sides of the coin you you love the fact that he such a dramatic player he can be dramatic person as well. You'll love it plan he hits you know he hasn't done that while but I mean the guy is one of the greatest clutch hitters. In history delivered two championships. Have all those walk off hits in post season regular season ago I was on an amazing Ron okay it's still going today know whether he's not doing -- a plate but on the other hand when he says things like he has this week or when he complained about. Losing in RBIs and a couple years ago and that the disastrous 2011. Season. You do have the wonder you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to David Ortiz and let's face it Larry it's been mostly good in the ten years he's been here. It has been but right now when you're talking about waking up a sleeping giant. With the Yankees. Well how about putting one to sleep if you don't -- Howard how would you feel if you Dempster. And you get it teammate pop off about well wasn't a mistake he should've thrown out how would you feel of yours teammate. Our -- to read about it now. And the problem is and I understand Ortiz is coming from dollar probably shouldn't have been so brutally -- again this is the paradox that is sports. We want them to be honest except when it doesn't work for us he was being totally -- how often do we complain and athletes say absolutely nothing. They give you answer ABC and. Any occupation that you were Ian that you interacting with the public and the lights going on it and in all the games are acting musicals whatever you wanna call it. There is a degree of that element that you have to keep to yourself. You talk about off the year are you talk about upon -- seemed. You don't come out publicly and rip the producer Robert show award of the you know like a theaters on a map up now but I'm serious thought you'd that's. That's part of the package. That you don't do you don't turn around and do that. Particularly if you're functioning as a team I like honesty I agree with you but sometimes right honesty isn't always the right -- -- -- this okay and have wacky just quickly what do they SIQ last night well you know you lost another game and you disappointed about the bats. Qualitative -- -- a disappointment that -- now we're at with the bats announces that whole second half of the season that road team stinks. Nobody is hitting up victorious since he signed his contract he has had -- home run over a very few. The production Ryan it's frustrating to go out. Game after game after game. In not yet. Any production from the bat that would have now we're deputy true statement. Probably. Should he say it. On most likely he would be coming off as a Weiner complain imply sure you had your record. Right throwing your team under the -- Craig what was Ortiz come. Leaning as much as just probably over sharing the old TMI syndrome too much. Information. And I guess the real question is probably strategically wasn't the right thing to do. But you know the Red Sox did goal off and win two out of three games against the defending World Series champions on the roads -- didn't have a deleterious effect. My question is did it was was Ortiz accurate. In his observation. That it woke up the sleeping giant. They want -- somebody wrote that giant up five before before -- make him a memory pocket his name is sorry battles but please don't put don't put all lot of Mac. The mistake did Dempster made was not being able to back up. Like like Mohammed Ali used to say you know I mean the it ain't bragging if you can back it up. So if you can back it Japanese shut the Yankees doubt but he didn't went dead air cargoes army at all around hop video in that now this is the highlight films so right I understand that still if I'm his teammate. Here's the problem whether this is Ortiz is absolutely correct and again probably should share the media -- like David Ortiz and I really. Big buddies here popping and -- like -- waited his restaurant no I did -- the problem and optical restaurant that's -- at all -- it is open to the public. Over on route nine in -- and we miss it so much. Anyway the problem is. Even -- always. The players on the Yankees who probably resent the fact that he rod is back and they -- even though there were you know a legion of bad third baseman. Occupying his position when Iran was out. All those people on his team that -- in dislike the Iraq suddenly have a reason to rally behind him. And he was absolutely right about that part of -- and a canal comes out after the game decision -- I'm glad I'm glad Dempsey did that he needs to get hit. With second his foolishness around here right of course that would never happen right in other words when you. Belong to eighteen MM by definition. Not only do you borrow perform as a team. But you have to cover each other as a team what team is David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez signed. The that they are on the same team has called the Major League Baseball Players Association. They're on the same team they asked but it and maybe some other teams they dates yeah. And you remember days when players of old would be congregating at forest basing going over this stock options and which agent do you have an -- like -- before there was a -- if there are vascular showed that again you know and I love by Lebanese -- -- -- -- -- There's no place -- that baseball are you kidding. That was one of the most interesting games of the year. People want a little sizzle right in the game they'd been boring today right so what we need is more. Pitchers throwing in a rise to get people excited I tell you what do you remember the days and I guys were going in and slide into that second baseman a shortstop instead of a -- way out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't wanna see anybody get thrown out around the -- -- But I do you like a little tension I like a little edge right now you say what you -- about that lions game the other night. There were I love with somebody cited you said you're commentator talking about it. That Detroit was more physical right I think we eat your pain in my unit is swapping bodily out of the stadium to -- these games. I don't wanna watch guys singing come by aren't everything and for his base I wanna see game I wanna see a competitive edge -- They're talking about going into the playoffs and I tease without going to dinner will come in and discussing what are rotten guy Dempster is probably. 617. I don't get it 7797937. We got a bunch of calls to get to get to those. But first the short break mustard and Johnson sport Saturday WEEI. -- its products and our. Number four on the telephone number 617779. 7937. Lots of people disagree with me about my admiration. -- last night's two hour in seven -- smile on my face I am. I'm ready to. -- to step here in the studio was that thrilled with the abbreviated believe me I don't like for our games -- more than anybody else does but -- me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks I mean. You sit down your bringing kids of the game. I'm not hurry to get out of there like Watson there watching it now they are two hours. Last night was great in beneficial for us on the east calls for obvious reasons that the game started so late night. I think somewhere in the middle well if I ever every item my a couple of base hits our red -- what do somewhere in the middle -- -- -- that's not wait too long. Ali I don't you realize that don't you realize that wasn't that long ago. That gains were routinely played under two and a half hours most gains of 182 hours and two and a half hours we were kids that's all games -- And this incessant. Job getting out of the box into the box adjusting your gloves if you're ahead I don't like all of that -- they need to cut the brat I agree -- I mean is no reason that -- a couple of base hits a couple of innings where there's a little action going -- I ask you this if the Red Sox had won that game -- to nothing on the strength of a two run home run. By one of their players would you be -- of last night's game two hours and so are -- anymore throw went lackeys performance that Phnom focusing on unlike you am I don't care about Arlington game as much as I care about. That they're starting rotation and who can they rely on and -- getting Pedroia and Ortiz. If feeds come out of a restaurant where they ride. Is just not hit the ball. Let me ask you this based on even though they are now what to -- to on this recent road trip we've -- two out of three. Against the giants and losing last night they lose three to two to the giants that middle game and I have an awe offensive onslaught against both Lincecum and -- on the other two game -- Lincecum on the -- -- -- a look at the all they both want the ball once Saigon. These papers -- -- -- -- that me and these guys and you're talking a pretty dark but two pitchers and it team that is one to the last three World Series I know part of -- okay. So they they scored nineteen runs in their two wins lose in 32 game and -- in obviously get shut out last night. Which is the real -- -- Is that the team that scored seven against Lincecum and won twelve the one on Wednesday after McCarthy said his back for its in -- -- laboratory -- who's not a complainer. And again in the month of Argus Ortiz is it to 89 which is not terrible now four home runs -- -- -- Korea to waiting for. -- now right. And do you expect a lot of power from Dustin Pedroia. I don't expect a lot of power rights and I think he's a glorified. Two hitter who happens where you deserted as you might get -- not gonna sit there and Tammy you're paying somebody what they ended up paying that's a different story. While once again I know you can look at it from and this is all I mean problem when I got power. Equal out to money. How much of paying somebody 'cause he's a -- home run hitter or some I mean I pay somebody right. It is 171820. Million a year and they give you like twelve mormons a year. Do you expect that suddenly Dustin Pedroia is going to be a power hitter -- -- no -- a contrast and I don't know a lot of deferred -- you know -- it is okay but you can't expect it to be anything but what -- I'm not knocking him I'm saying if you're talking about going up against some of these teams. I am using the Yankees are the perfect example and they seem to be as you said the getting Jeter Barack over the like -- -- Soriano. Can no grand to send these seven guys if if they start. Hit Navarro again eat -- you're gonna have some problems. Well the last time I checked the Red Sox were still six games ahead of the Yankees the am I think they have a better pitching staff from the Yankees -- Sabathia -- have a mediocre year -- has gotten beaten up his last two starts had a great Europe until the last two starts. I still put my money on the Red Sox they are ahead. And they have stable starting penalty in I'm concerned I period I don't think you should be what's -- Ralph in Cranston who begins this hour on Sports Radio it. -- -- -- -- -- Very particular. No I actual. That is not the usual recent Atlantic -- -- because he -- we cut it back. To what you want all of the tradition here at. Court orange. They have a border fight that they -- let -- go to the picture. It backing it up. What I mean catching you at a remote situation -- this guy upstairs only got back. Or pitcher. Good enough discretion would rule out state football -- -- to. And a guy who is just. Unable to solve the Yankees no matter what uniform he's wearing on -- over the course of his career. Yeah but let me know I thought it. You're not a joke and if -- all illustrate the pictures. People. -- got a -- a short -- and bring it on anybody who disagrees with what I'm saying. As -- party and Iraq and out of the Yankees. I think anybody if you've got to get an actual guys outlet -- expect. -- out of the game but he questions that that wasn't the right thing to do given the fact you wanna win the game here and a tight race and you can't afford to lose to anybody much less the Yankees the question is should Ortiz have gone public. With that. Very honest inside. Well I know and and it struck a single one thing we've seen what -- looking -- always spoken it's. He had a for me. Up that late to the media actually -- -- -- I despite what they were a bit but apple shares -- peace about it that you're in the league should look at anything. They should -- so -- McGwire it was obvious we all star or -- that not getting real -- You know I think you know the other thing is though Ralph. And may be wary agrees I'm not sure I think the baseball overplayed its hand -- -- -- if they give -- a fifty game suspension like all the other players. He might have gone away much more quietly. And they would have rid themselves of this ridiculous controversy instead. They went to Israel they went for a huge penalty were ever so why couldn't -- take is don't like all the rest of the rest of them got half of what eight prior quarter when he -- gotten. That's a tremendous plate because they try -- -- Like -- to a lot alike have -- this -- commercial and we get up now so what you should rule so -- -- out of their way to you're not gonna hit. At era app but it states get it -- so it was a little over 580. Probably eight like -- -- it. It will have to have this circuit you know that's what you got it. Well do I agree we're Dempster hitting them absolutely not I mean what's the representing the that did the plays association so he's gonna take out his punishment or who would he do that. I just don't think they -- -- There are playing well are you want it would. -- -- -- -- -- -- let me just add this to you because Greg thinks I don't know why he thinks the Yankees tonight sorry I don't on the mound that Vargas he's hit eight home runs and 25 RBIs. You know I remember -- seven your -- Actually it gains the -- it got to additional. Is there a -- is Iran injury wedeman is there Iran gauge ring on this Yankee team. Now what shall. There are Thurman wants I don't Yankee team. Your local war. Watch out for the Yankees all -- a lot of play. All but a lot of late -- especially the equity can get export well I mean eyebrow action fit but a deal that ought. I think you're seeing -- yeah I know I think you've seen too many Yankee resurrection in the past I think your emotions are you said Sunday hitting line -- does not he is pure red sex and the hitting lineup means nothing to you. They -- doesn't -- no you know what they're bringing Jeter bag -- candy -- on our rights Arianna all right but the Red Sox generally. Have played pretty well against the Yankees this year notwithstanding they're losing two out of three last week over the Yankees are playing better now. Better -- only nine games over 500. They simply well last night -- -- -- by Danny and the reds are now my well my point being completely well now we get a couple of hits and a just as you wanna get out of the ballpark where our rights OK the game was breast. But OK let's let's stack up the two pitching performances and to me it's all about pitching pitching and more pitching. Who had a better performance let you strictly looking at starting pitching what a better performance last night obviously go to our Lackey. Coretta got hammered yeah okay he's -- the ace of the staff we got hammered last night yeah for the second straight game. Case so he had a problem getting hammered in the Red Sox lineup against me. Nolasco. Who's who's ten and nine. And eight -- inmate ended up getting back in it couldn't get up and accurately hit stop a guy I think it's all paranoia I I don't think the Yankees are players this year Tony bridge toward your next on Sports Radio WEEI Jonbenet. What cap and I know I am. First of all quickly on -- -- -- Or change. It. Yeah. What are you really think -- Well it wobbled when they're between -- -- incredible problem with the community console that is it I got the ball went a talker. What can Rick involved and -- -- -- aren't. It and recorders -- it also. It -- when -- died while I'll write it all win. Items they voted -- it starts with -- other small. Apparently what is it much offered the -- -- it went very well -- -- -- -- the art. I won't wanna grab a guy that. -- -- and afterward about shutting his mouth Tony is because nobody's made him. Well that's the point where are we agree with what exact and I agree with -- -- I agree with here -- there are a lot of great. -- -- -- You're going to get a walk a little -- I I went fault not actually what I play -- organized sports since I was technical. Whatever happened to -- the little. It's you know walk while you are out Paribas and -- yet to talk about it like it -- derogatory manner. No because that's when there was a teammate right. Well we -- playing a Red Sox rippled far including John lack he's not on Jon Lester he's not on its -- batter right Tony do you might remind you minorities going out for dinner where they were ahead. Well they're different players but can the culture bought it and that's what started it all. Don't say everything the rocket Gloria park it to rich you don't put -- -- -- you can stated that partly it in that would go and -- It's -- -- double act yup every now what part what what records are -- didn't speak out -- up. Support them and last year the same time it's over to rob articles on Iran Eric while the plate baseball who thought it would rob acquaint. When -- stop for a while there and all of the op apartment so. Still think it's got the -- okay. Hours they just worry about eight and again he's at the greatest clutch player I've ever seen but that's what they need him. Larry I don't have a problem between -- -- a flop but -- -- a big market thinks it's you know what -- obstacles. That the worst -- -- -- or -- -- -- -- I you where Tony are you worried about the Red Sox. While it ought to Oprah and Larry I know what struck the ball in the war we all barrel while we're not a little bit on our political optics. Now that's what are gonna tell you -- the wouldn't work their relief program. You can't -- the giants. The guy -- -- -- ratings and walked nine batters and didn't -- limit with the bases loaded. An is an -- -- for their walk. He's got that. Or it can but there right in the -- -- and so there -- eleven to do able whatever or what the next night where they have a day off. -- -- You can make and you could make the point we haven't really discussed much but we brought it up in the last half hours so why I was lacking -- for himself in the eighth inning last night. Well you know it at least its business side to that why this why would bring -- and it starts. When you vehicle medallist in the habit that I walked in guys like. Why would you rate in this picture that picked up the trade what do you. He pitched for -- is what nine guys. Why wouldn't bring him there with the bases loaded when you have a guy who walked on the guy and he -- The clothes like he's walked. -- rare CI always like the old philosophy. I know you have a -- that are close out the game. But when the houses on fire you send that you've said in -- as I. For me it was an old brain. When this guy can't -- civic society at all. What you know -- and I I think you can it's it's it's rare that we even had this discussion and you know as as you well know Tony we are thrilled. The John Ferrell the old addition by subtracting light and children didn't like he was a big Valentine's that we all -- that with Tony. And you know what you everytime you see John Farrell I know Tony -- Europe. Thanking your lucky stars that Bobby V imploded the way did. This -- statement -- opposite here honestly you can go all year it was going to be expected rise in -- based wallet but I could play a shot. At a like. Late -- won't get. It would unpalatable it you know older I had to fire like this -- -- Portland. Was -- a do or whether. It is their fourth straight all game although -- I don't let that stop the -- every game matters right now. I think the issue bring Valentine back since -- -- I really don't open. I tell you -- it's it's seriously how many times. And in in I think this is may be a it's a little bit of complacency and be a fact I think every reach -- John Ferrell he just seems to have command incompetence. In stark contrast welcome access -- you also honestly say but this season he hasn't been tested then often they have ever been that many major. It's right decisions that he has its happened more often in a nationally road -- and capture anywhere they steal a little bit about it. Right to tell you listen nobody likes being criticized I understand that but when you're getting paid a lot of money then -- -- -- come we understand that coaching and managing at the professional level protect to Q&A pressure cooker like Boston he has it's all cycle line you don't mind being criticized him with a few individuals that are government you know model line being criticized you rolls up -- -- you are you'll love detects. Love it. Matter of fact I I I forward all the text to my personal emails like to over the Rio wallowing dollar jury -- -- don't know we don't know you'll probably correct grammar. John Blackstone you're next on Sports Radio W yeah I -- court. Hi hey Larry Craig you don't -- secret sites -- -- married right what I can't let me we just saw me obviously we get used. Everything is where we've built up a certain immunities shall we say do you -- whenever -- definitely and I actually. -- you know what I was I didn't watch the ballgame the Red Sox game out and I was exhausted from the Yankee game I understand that that's. That that they did not bat for the maturity date any doubt to to not. Now that's I'd say unconventional. Strategy your lack thereof. I've seen you write about what slack and do you and that's by not at all it was there it -- -- ought to probably not there wasn't anybody Johnson's they had to the now I can only watch that's amazing to me that's really affecting get there were you know escorted around the US. But it generally you'd have to met John I know you're Yankee fan but you have to admit that Ferrell has. Re institute a little sanity. And now competence in that Red Sox dugout that was sorely lacking last year. Sure that -- exception to get that look the stern look like he's got everything under control look much control -- get the next what 56 weeks because. You know now -- in second place to gain a lot comment that's significant. Goal and and -- -- stop for the Yankees and make up ground because as a lot teams in front of the -- there -- a lot of teams chasing the Red Sox who can get hot and pick them up rather quickly. Now I don't wanna go back to the year I think from last sequel quick it's getting old now it's already weak also but you know the problem with that whole situation was -- Craig and Larry. -- thought it would lack Lackey and Dempster ultimate big -- -- and -- That that's not very good point. Very good point and I criticized last week for it but bullet came off as very whiny. -- -- It's gonna give them. Got -- -- don't say. This and that and I understand that -- -- got a problem with A-Rod at some charity event that -- that they that he elderly. He was you know ignored by Iraq I mean how we -- -- high school again these guys. I mean that's -- that's me. Right and I I -- reference again on the common buck broke last week it was excellent it's so predictable. All the Yankee players you know at least publicly supported Iran. And I guess it's incumbent upon the Red Sox as the arch enemy they have the criticize -- it's free tickets about laundry. I I heard so much -- that before -- that if they ride it out but it should nobody comes out of the dugout and nobody nobody except for the guys. Well I know Roddick probably -- back up to the situation may be sort of sticking up for -- -- illegally -- to an audit by mixing and first time he -- in the first time and and -- 32 -- retirement finally about it -- -- And that was probably the situation -- -- or -- Aggregate about as well not advocate in getting Austin and the awarding them like someone just said you know the bat it couldn't throw inside or he wouldn't -- right away. So -- fair and you know. The other thing has. He has become mountain too -- for his play even if you don't. Like many. But I heard some guys on your station and I don't remember who say it all eleven just get it and you'll watch Nokia Kemal got that was ready to rip somebody's head off. Why galvanize that -- they probably don't love they Iran but -- it comes down to is in the heat of the battle you're gonna support your teammate. And -- -- you in uniform like I went on the field of battle and I hate that to you still -- Still on your outside walking into the comical when the ball. It but John has -- -- John here's the problem that you have in my opinion you're talking about galvanizing a team. David -- he's making his comments publicly about Dempster. Certainly were not made to galvanize his team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- and then David Ortiz I know that we talked about a lot about -- he won the most selfish play you've ever seen though whether I know the clutch hitter. About a culture and he still out there swinging the bat from -- open -- -- but he's a very very selfish. Well he already does he unlike Guinea's east edit in a couple of clips we've played today and he said it in the papers today I mean he's just an honest player if you want honesty. All these guys hide behind cliches. Give him credit for at least being candid. But if someone at the -- data someone else a couple of them and -- at such an -- to get reps for pearl. I -- I -- and John I use the example lies that I thought but Flacco said it was absolutely stupid the quarterback with the raven -- that's ripping. Enter Ray Lewis. Wow four you know what what I didn't yet. Let me sarcastic now you know how ray Lewis and all of those emotional pleas of -- by connecting it. -- what you like it. Hall of fame player. He's hired now. So why would you -- He said he -- think that was half the stuff he said never made sense -- -- speaker. Oh well yeah that is right breaker like robotic music right to make Iraq just don't understand the race. Seriously. Yeah. -- mean he's kidding and X Ray Lewis. -- saying to you let this sleeping dog. Why don't set up and stop -- -- to a comparison that makes any sense or doesn't make any atmosphere you'll have a doubt whether you'll win match. Agree with me and -- just isn't as stereo like. Cranking out the use these puppy dog eyes to Matt Light -- appealing to you at what you guys agree I don't I pick up parallel is. It was a stupid throw away comment. Did David Ortiz made. Against eighteen its way what was it like necessary in the comparison. That I'm making let me try Saint -- -- -- The guys. I think of Flacco to come out and say something in my opinion. It's a negative comment. About it REIT I won't let my opinion I think you'd do interpret -- I. You interpret thumping. Not -- Larry it was right I'm telling you I read the comment. That's how I perceived at the object to object of their teammates outdated thing why -- you ripping somebody. If that's your opinion this in my opinion in my opinion it's a total different guy is out our other great speaker -- although I have to stop you were saying I couldn't understand. That make any sense makes a lot of sense -- No tort theory -- a lot of it's a lot of emotion as it makes sense to me and it makes sense to some people obviously. -- motivated by what he was so Joseph Flacco in David Ortiz on the set YE's aides saying -- the connection are waiting for a good while if you can hear. Why say things about eighteen -- and necessary. I mean as president is well on his tone and immediately I read it immediately recognize that he says that. Eagle after ray Lewis and understand that. Everything OK here's here's the here's the story and matches in a few years ago. Former offensive quarter Cam Cameron asked lack of you be willing to give a fiery speech. Ray Lewis -- to the offense tonight before game. That's not me Flacco told ESPN's Kevin and walk number I law operate and I love how he always spoke from the heart. But if you listen to those speaks a lot that you make sets he meant everything he was saying. When he was talking about 90% of the time -- -- that's a compliment because he loves read a lot -- always -- a -- 90% of body was talking about didn't make any sense I think you accuse. You oh I don't if you look -- I know I know you like people the massage you. I don't. There and I disagree with you I think it was the right. I think it was a needless. Comets that you can appeal that map or you want what you them puppy dog eyes. I don't agree with the the money OK I don't think with the car at a record Larry does not agree not because I don't -- same thing with David Ortiz victims that. I don't think it was necessary to make it public I agree teacher does not what you read dad he should just operatives saint. Don't know where you can you and I talked about public speaking in the and some people say oh no that's not me now I'm I'm not -- anything like that rail which was a great speaker I can't do that Italy but it. I don't understand going out at the stuff he was saying I didn't understand anyway I don't get there's the difference what impact this could have on the raven I don't know why they're like who no longer being here. You don't see you think about the criticism. I don't know what's your -- if somebody's giving an emotional sweet you're so Brady goals goes to administrative and in speech advocate that Michigan -- to figure of speech. I don't know we just phenomenon about a lot of stuff -- -- -- is human he's talking about. How comfortable I was Flacco houses not a common law beret luckily we spoke from my heart. -- -- it against the -- that it's like he doesn't. Not Ortiz clambering on about a lot of stuff that and understand what he's talking about. The point that I'm making tips now not because you pick them out all the time like it to where you have some -- about our agreement was supposed to bow down now rockers U2 relevant as I'd like -- upset about it I'm not upset in -- -- use that appealing to him like all -- he doesn't get it I get it. I just add -- -- look over it is not what you look over. At that point I'm trying to make use -- discussing this that I wield the power now. I I don't know why does it needed truth it's irritating. I don't and to Spain and right these players make these comments the -- make them. Without realizing that the you know acquires and here's what we can both agree on this I just I like the fact that there -- honest. We they hide behind cliches in Britain hiding likely showcase so they try their hardest so I'm not wait until I'm on -- reports here right OK so somebody calls up the show minutes ago. Margin of Larry is so good to have you on the -- with reports that Craig. -- that I I just I can't stand him. So what advice that jumping in and making con I it's an -- that time he gets off on this every pro stuff I don't understand but the -- -- about -- that -- now that's just it's not what you. You can't sorry when your wife says that -- make me look big. You can tell that your normally go to break a --

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