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Mustard and Johnson Open "The Experience" Discussing the Quick Defeat Last Night for the Sox in LA and Their Fall to Second Place

Aug 24, 2013|

Sports Saturday kicks off with Craig and Larry talking about the 2-0 defeat the Sox suffered to the Dodgers last night. Lackey pitched very well, but obviously not as well as Nolasco. What has happened to the Sox offense and do they need to look to make a move? The big underlying story of the weekend is clearly the Red Sox playing against their old teammates for the first time since last season's blockbuster trade. The guys discuss Gonzalez and Crawford and their time in Boston vs. their time in LA so far.

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If it is Saturday it must be mustered in Johnson and it's sports Saturday. Well speaking of Saturday I expected. The Red Sox to play. Well into Saturday at least East Coast time Larry Johnson since they were starting -- and and or so -- hours and seven minutes and repeat after me there's nothing wrong with viewers that there was nothing wrong. With your television last night -- something wrong written about how our hours in seven minutes now the classic and we talked about this last time we got together a few days ago the classic paradox. Your mother in law driving the Mercedes. Off the cliff fear for your Red Sox fan obviously. You don't like the Red Sox. Garnering just two hits in losing to nothing. Particularly losing to the Dodgers with a whole bunch of ex Red Sox and a guy named Hanley Ramirez. Who used to be in the organization aiming to two run home runs accounted for the Dodgers. Two runs in that to nothing loss on the other hand how often have we complained. Being -- writing at a -- this book would say. About the excessive length of Major League games that was a pure Jim. Two hours in seven minutes the game was actually -- for a little after midnight. Unbelievable. That's why you gotta play that's why you have to play. Interleague games just so you prefer games with five hits -- -- at that app is only your -- -- why bother going big the greatest game that I ever saw. And it was a game that happened. Nine to eleven week before 9/11. And it was a nine to one should say it was Mike Mussina. One strike away from a perfect game at Fenway car Everett broke it up by Carl Everett out of reach group bitch. In the bottom of the ninth inning and you know what the fans they -- native wanna see a perfect game they collapsed the -- that was the one day Carl -- good cheer today EST elevation. At the at the old fans I was in attends the next game that was the greatest game I ever saw us last night. Certainly evoked memories of the days of -- were -- route to -- Were outplayed in two hours and fifteen minutes to hours and have they are few and far between as use. -- missing the story. Who cares about the length of the can I do. What you're missing is no Greinke. No -- -- that everybody's there while great -- play the drop is but they don't have to face their aces right. On Alaska lieutenant and I asked -- -- now. This listen you can talk about the Red Sox pitching rotation you can talk about Lester you can talk about Lackey you can talk about PV and I understand all that by the way I think all those guys seem to be pitching better. I should've said it before so what -- behind site but I just as concerned about the -- about the stakes. I really am and I think if you look at the post all star Ortiz -- storm hit 320s got five home runs Pedroia is it to 34. I'm not saying it has anything to do that I in this skinny as a thumb injury is something buddies at 230 forward two home runs. Metal -- is the only one is on fire. In but the mother Marcus Ortiz is is leading to waiting time at four home runs Pretoria to radio for. No home run to Napoli 146. In Gomes 256. It does it come back Greg to you get what you pay for. Well you know it's funny because particularly in light of tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the historic transaction that set I didn't know that -- part of her. About that. In very little acceleration accident at every -- got from card to her at cigar there's just something people are upset about. So I I guess in light of the fact that. A guy that used to play for your organization island -- involved in the Josh Beckett trade. Our erotic is that Beckett in Crawford in Gonzales we all know what happened. The year ago tomorrow a shocking. Turn of events Red Sox went on a 69 wins Dodgers went on to missing the playoffs. Yet look at this year both teams in first place the Dodgers the the shock I think of Major League Baseball 46 and ten in the last 56. So you're right you look at a star studded. Dodgers' lineup perfect for the environment which they play Hollywood land. And you look at the blue collar dirt dog like line up outside of Ortiz for the Red Sox. And you're saying you know what the Dodgers look a heck of a lot more equipped. Both on the mound and at the plate of making some noise in the post season. Last night yet another conversation I was at neighborhood. Gathering gallery one of many -- very gregarious social type -- like you like to sit down your basement and draw pictures all night. So you were say you know we're talking about baseball and never gonna basically you wanna. Know what these Red Sox. You know why though there's no we but there's no Soriano. They don't now -- unfortunately broke guys happens the play either position. Rather Red Sox have their best hitting middle brooks' injury rule right away -- so you are really. He can't make the argument about bringing pro got in when the two guys who he would be replacing our hitting. Meanwhile visit the radio station is doing everything it can regenerate. Zander Bogart's. Excitement we even have a promo that's. This they had eaten -- the bowl guards Ara has begun in Boston ladies and gentlemen. Now you have a reason. And -- well I'll tell you what there was a 127. Minutes of Red Sox baseball last night and not one of them includes a book arts. -- You gotta admit now it into. In and this is where we're hypocrites are I am a hypocrite now admitted in a minute when it comes to sports. You don't want them paying these ridiculous salaries to some -- these stiffs. Who wind up getting pull wholesome alike who they -- out for the season again and every time we turn around. But on the other hand you can justify paying these guys money because the other ones who put -- in the seat. In my I stay up real late watching watching an analyst into the game. Because you want to seek profit because you want to seek and got Gonzales you want to see Hanley Ramirez you want to seek -- you want to see they go to all these guys. You know lined up to it when I say stop as at least intrastate and players. If you want to say that you're the mailman in as much as -- always today in May this year is the exception. You always want an exciting team I want uninteresting teams in my response always is one. A winning team is an exciting executive Richard saying to your wife -- every minute Napoli is out. Now I should not go out there. Happened right and that might be the proper. I've always interpret people get excited about teams that win and they don't like teams that lose no matter what the personalities are. But the problem -- -- -- great great point you make players is but here's the problem as much as we can sit here and go over the numbers they were four and six in the road trip they lost two out of three the Yankees they did bounce back against the giants lost last night. There -- below 500 teams and they went out that first. Road trip the good news is -- a lot of games in September. And I just simply. Do not believe that what I saw last night as much as I love the fact they played it in a very brisk and Chris two hours in seven minutes. I mean this is the same team. That beat up Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum for all want to runs in San Francisco earlier this week by the way. It based pro at the problem I'm army in May have they have some great teams. And a major step that they're the -- my beloved giants. Loving god and Christ loved the defending World Series champions yeah. Even I can put his foot on the base for a fourth straight at me it's just -- base for its a team has won two out of last three -- and there's an app which we are not so much the president has dropped right so I I guess and I understand this and certainly no one's. Crying one mile over on glanced down street there's still packing it in people still wanna see the Red Sox play. They are one of the more lucrative franchises in all of sports that will continue to be the case. -- you are right there is something. Missing. I don't director Tom Morris and people jumped on him with golf shows because of his comments and the Francona. Book when he said you know behind the scenes marketing meeting is no sizzle when not sexy enough. I do understand what he means it and obviously that number one prerequisite is to win and I agree with you told me on that. But does not think we -- when Pedroia. And Ortiz. Are not producing. It's a very Boeing and team EV I think it it is really a pleasant surprise likable -- out there on the mound. Where they be without him I mean -- talk about the Iglesias DO book which really has not. Affected them that much to date because drew has played so well but. BP has been like it's that really fun to watch him -- so I think ultimately there's success. As much as you have concerns about the lineup is much -- you have concerns about bullpen depth. Ultimately their success if they do you have any in the post season is gonna come from the starting pitcher Lester had a good outing earlier this week. Peavy has been an excellent addition and they're going to be Capel -- let me answer question. Look at the red Starks rotation. Can anybody pitch a better game than -- Lackey pitched last night. Game one mistake Hanley Ramirez's. Two run home run gives up three hits in total. I don't I don't know how much better. An outing you're gonna get from any of your starters. It's at the -- production. That they seem to be having problems with of late -- it's just not getting the hitting right there -- -- -- getting -- -- -- keep forgetting that the good news is it's -- never quick team. They always come back did you that they'll walk off home runs in the -- proper runs and coming back late in the innings those things -- great. But -- some point it catches up to you union not going to be able to continue to do that. You have to stud. Taking advantage of when you have opportunities are on the pace perhaps in scoring some runs and it's just not coming back to bite them Greg and I I know they lost last night. I still don't find the Yankees out of it like you do I really don't I just think it. They got a spark -- Soriano -- want to -- a story right now -- with him and I Yankee lineup. In you wished the Red Sox had somebody. If you give them a stock. And I don't know where that's gonna come from because Pedroia Ortiz seems to be more interested in dining with a ride. In discussing right damaged -- I'm sure it never hit him calm than he is -- in his back currents are all of a sudden. Instead of paying attention to his own team. Well and this is why I think once again. We're trying to figure out just who the real Red Sox are. This has been a lackluster month and as they -- once they went on that first ten game road trip there on a six game road trip now lot of road games they're playing. Below 500 since it -- embarked on that first road trip. And they're staying under 500. But September brings in a lot of home games. And I think -- -- coming back by September he's gonna get two or three starts at least maybe even more. That rotation doesn't look bad and I think overlooked in the back of last night's two nothing losses that you just pointed out. -- Lackey gave up just two hits. And it was a two run home Ron was in the -- eight innings right saves your bullpen right itself. I'm not gonna say the same thing about -- is they said last week about peavy went into the seventh inning with the lead in couldn't hold it. I think giving up a two run home run in the fourth inning I think is a very forgive mobile sand as far as John -- perform. It is concerned and I'm telling you that the heart of the lineup right now is Ortiz in Pretoria middle works by the way polls -- does hitting four or five. Is Stephen Drew was heading to 74 but really and truly the heart and soul and spirit of this team. From -- run production standpoint is Ortiz in Pretoria. And neither one of them are really producing. Much meanwhile. All of the pregame stories. Were swirling around the players -- used to Wear Red Sox uniform until. August 25 2012 anniversaries tomorrow. Apparently -- Dan Shaughnessy. Couldn't get access to either -- in Dallas. Or Carl Crawford apparently didn't try to talked to Josh Beckett who's not in play for the rest of the year though he was in uniform and in the dugout last night what is called property. Problem anyway seriously we were we were there Christmas at Fenway when they brought him in had laryngitis -- he could barely speak. But I was an omen was I had. I thought if anyone got a fair deal. It was him I really did I I got people work even -- -- guy -- hurt and he wasn't producing -- struggling is that injuries and the like. I really thought very much to my surprise Arafat for the most by the -- are very patient with him fans are because once you put on your alarm and of course they wouldn't you say that kind of money I'll go after while people expect you to produce. Trying to figure out exactly he what Carl Crawford. Takes exception to in Boston was it was my episode where somebody yells -- yeah remember that show the racial term that I had never heard of but it was used by -- up comedian -- -- the whole thing. Matt remembered what that you have to say that term but there was a comedian he used the particular term. The thing and use I think it was in spring training. For Carl Crawford last year it was in spring training. And and we had about a two or three day discussion about that probably -- this is tiger -- -- on Monday. Monday. Mind their mind day. I don't think he was -- that you promised to bottom through when he shouted it out over the proud of this every -- -- seltzer or at least give you dictionaries you can understand what they're insult what you Wear and we had a number we had to actually look it up to see what the context of that particular. Snide remark on. I've -- appoint him -- -- really about all people Gonzales -- together he and his biggest problem was they thought he was going to be a leader. He didn't wanna be a leader he just wanted to go out and play. And then he made comments similar to what Ortiz -- and I think this is legit -- Ortiz his case to play a Sunday night game. And why I don't the next morning and then play again that day that I thought out with a little bit might think of a plan that -- worked out pretty well for the right sides yet again it doesn't let's face it you're making down. Thirteen million a year yet are fly out after the show really flat right now I walk out. -- I think it's that much to do about nothing. Let me just say this about the trade because people keep asking who do you think made out that our. -- -- reality is surprised somebody gets that by the Red Sox dumped all that payroll. That's true but did dodges getting greatest science have mega deal with some cable TV. They have so much money to spend so it to us. It's while we dumped all those players on the dodges to the dodges they have the money to pay for at the bottom line and a whole lot stop for a second out. Camp invoking my inner block right now I'm -- -- idea -- get a. -- -- -- and all right. Are you saying that the Red Sox are somehow another strapped for cash -- no I'm not now I think it was OK here's the point that I'm getting -- with the deal. It's a non argument. Because the players they procured. We're not gonna produce here so it doesn't matter. Yeah and I think I don't think there was one person another which Gonzales wasn't that have on the popular -- pride and hate in media are. Beckett was finishing off another box of wings so. It doesn't matter in other -- they were not. They might produce out in LA but they were not gonna do it here and that. Trade was looked upon -- -- unanimous approval by Red Sox -- a couple of people who protested but generally. Member of the big celebration that occurred there wasn't much to celebrate a year ago there are mired at the bottom of the division. Bobby Valentine was doing his bank armed guards and it was just an awful years so people were thrilled and of course the our rationale for all was you free up money you become much more flexible you get out from under some really serious heavy contracts. And you're able to move from there in the Red Sox actually made good. On the rationale the only guy I wish -- if you could give you good movement has the round the only guy I wish -- they still -- was Gonzales. He -- close to 300 with sixteen home runs and in almost eighty RBIs. He he as what you -- professional hitter and I understand that I. The reason that deal was made was because the Dodgers wanted Gonzales so much. That they took a profit in the eight -- Beckett right to and from a reverse. I think the Red Sox would have been happy he Gonzales but they were so eager are now probably about as it -- and I right -- you know. Will how bad do you want Gonzales oh where if you want a real bad would it take profit and it can't can you throw in. Beckett and in that's exactly what date did and you have to admit if you look at it and -- -- you know hardly going out and women making an outrageous statement I think in in morsels and at the top of the broadcast last and I think everybody else's echoed it. This is a deal that really enabled bowl teams to do very well 2013. These you can't say. I mean I guess for talk show purposes. Which teammate better I am I on item and analytical Punto. -- -- -- Nadia are you walking out power to his death resonated personnel and arguably his credit he's the only normal guy in the dog on group that came just atlas and I like process and I enjoyed the Bay Area. Why people would have the bad mouth the situation you have eighty well whether it's -- her. -- -- -- -- Gonzales obviously this particular nuclear controversy after so anyway yeah. All of our he'd done whereas I think they're gonna beat this story into the ground it was a good trade for both. Because the players the Red Sox ended up giving up. Britain never got to produce him because they weren't happy at our roles are in Webster in the -- I don't know what the future holds for them right but the Red Sox -- their future was much brighter. By getting rid of well a lot of very very burdensome Contra Carl Crawford will not be a problem not at all. And both are gone thankfully Bobby -- never will see immediately you have market yet but that that's right that we got -- about the red -- through though I don't feel anybody can be but so what -- compared to last year nice -- will. Chris settler leader of men armed guards -- -- -- for eight hours you know I worked what they do from here I acting the Iglesias thing by now why I don't think it's much of an argument I didn't want to trade him but I think peavy is certainly somebody they needed. And they need more bats and Iglesias was it was it was doing okay with the -- but in the long -- I don't know what how that was gonna work out. I still would not have made it trio trade but -- down but the question this morning to me is. The Red Sox starting to look over the shoulder now because I I have to I'd like you you you already having a funeral for the Yankees. In alike I think Baltimore I think camp I think all these teams is still that because I don't see any evidence. That the -- arcs are going to produce in the middle of the line -- like they need to well I'm just working at his. He should match that I happen to be staring right now at the AL east standings the Red Sox are in a virtual tie with Tampa. They actually you know what they actually have. That yet the that's an old. -- Like oh. A Gator virtual tie for believe the problem is weary take a look at the loss now they're two games -- pain. In first place first place but it can hear him behind in rent -- come -- I guess the question would be why does the loss column become. The all important loss column discussed that also talk about the patriots. And a less impressive game three the most important pre season game -- -- Seattle can just say that lion didn't sleep at -- -- man just another reference from the early sick like it Benoit. Now do you like the Robert John version from the seventies the tokens version from 1960 broken I can hit that open. You can do that. Rock outs in jets well after you don't -- -- --

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