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David Ortiz Pregame clarifies his comments on A-Rod and Ryan Dempster

Aug 23, 2013|

David Ortiz spoke with the media before game 1 against the Dodgers, and clarified his comments he made about teammate Ryan Dempster throwing at Alex Rodriguez when the Yankees and Red Sox faced off on August 18th.

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We have probably the way yeah. The way this story came out. Misrepresent when you're a fan aren't so it was. -- Yeah. But and defending my -- my point clear favourites for the little and I don't know who you can. We do -- forward and I would think. No -- saying. That they were feeling OK there was supposed to stay here to win games and and I think though that sort of thing and we'll be here who doesn't. You really feel good you wanna touch. Brian has to make sure he. I would have benefited the youngest and it's. Nothing you know nothing against him and -- it might be about continuity and and I've -- thing tonight right when I took a bogey so you. I think they cleared but you know. Why didn't make it. Really hit it's. You want to make a big deal of -- and -- -- Hayward field and it's it's. He's doing anything that you can be met in -- -- -- -- Very good. -- he has played against them and from the benefit to them. Got to control that. Did they have reason. Do you want you can you misquoted that would bring home unopposed. And -- was and you guys. Sort and that's something that we can never control. As soon as quick. Look into one. Here. I think -- Haven't been hitting there it was right at that time and it was because the penalty the moment Andalusian again. They're reliable that. I think it was what it was. I didn't. I didn't say that was my empathy for treatment or I was mad because he gave -- That's -- I think. That cute doing that began twelve to. We've got time. But in my neck and you really won't fairly so. -- in didn't and that didn't mean it's. None on none of them. You know that I didn't -- it and the mobile. My boys play. Thing is that. -- here and there and so it. And we're bats through the fatigue. That -- you know. Go back and forth you know I mean you feel like you wanna do that a lot of fun way. You know -- afterwards so. You know we. We've not been. -- -- It truly understood what respect critique on the I vicious thing you know me. It's not like like equipment to fly over. You know and then we've that I remember that I analysis. We have scored. -- -- -- But I don't know where they make can be beautiful but if that's the thing. Good for them -- enough but overall. That the book really put a bullet. And -- -- something to make a big deal. It is what it is.

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