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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 08/23/13

Aug 23, 2013|

You ask, we answer with Tedy Bruschi at Mohegan Sun.

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It's time or answer the question jerk -- answer the question which so I'll -- how it is the big question. So could -- be years not answering -- things and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question who. Are we get a special addition of into the question today Teddy Bruschi is still with us which is great. We go to Jeff Hamilton vice president here that -- on into the question regardless it's over occupied areas restoration specialists. If you're a property or facilities manager insurance broke all areas which area that history in place. Call 8774611111. Or -- -- -- server. Dot com. I understand how this works for some -- I have not had to put it it was really a text in questions. I'll read them you hit it 300000 and sometimes they're really random. And maybe random they may be ought to nice to be nice to have you on -- think you. You're the vice president here at Mohegan Sun from the vice president. You know it's got -- -- -- -- -- -- on a year ago. Right here we are ready to answer the question all right let's do there right now let's go. -- If you have a question to you those sock shoes off she'll do. When you're getting dressed -- wore socks off shoot shoot. Argo sock sock. Who does. Who can do I would we -- that comment. If only it doesn't report addresses do you where's the support I've never used -- been on a long time now you never know. Musician -- -- if they're really really tight shoes on I don't know -- only I I got you but we're like special occasion. -- The -- worn in public I feel like breaking down the real deal issue. Which it down it's like rocket in its. From those that it that he supports. -- -- -- -- I hit it for Christmas present I hear the overlord I think the -- -- thought -- ever waited and nice you ordered to -- when you know I don't know him to a under ten dollars that I just get to know each other around when he stole from the -- that I. You have two more -- my patients are -- where are. Like you get your shoes John. Another went out early at an airport especially if they had an -- thing you know we'll leave it bumper to relive their witness protection she's not that that's great at that somewhere -- -- to. There's -- there because you got to be comfortable on the plane so. Think helped him to another huge you take off your shoes on the plane even if you have those socks. Oh no not I don't know I hope you know I don't know what it while wearing socks and I try to where's the ultimately that's OK I'll take in my shoes but of someone next to me on -- plane. And they take their shoes off and they've got no stocks we got a -- kill me all the flights you to look. With the full football team between Arizona and New England no I would do that -- you I had my own room. Next question. -- -- Jerks what is the most amount of money ever won by a single person and one item. Over a million dollars or one you definitely want. It -- we had -- it out over a billion dollars we have that want to forget the small but I don't I don't know a lot. When a million dollars they have -- security he got an escort them to wherever they got to go -- -- lots of fans here. I'm out of bed at night when you know one -- by. I'm not even uncomfortable you know -- Half a million on -- via. Pretty pretty good that. I mean I think -- gave a little bit different they're not many people are when half a million on red. I completely replace them much -- Bond -- -- it's not very Smart by half a million Rand today. I don't know if he's politically -- the -- okay Hollywood naked again. If the courts and everything and everybody was -- a million dollars it did not leave it take the money that they just want to lose a lot of who can win a million dollars victim and it does one lose the whole million in millions more -- oh yeah saw somebody go up a bill -- due to back. Definitely well -- it's not a -- like. -- You know bill with about that that's gonna know if -- tell -- right there isn't a fairly -- Guys could you ask Jeff to -- still banned from what we get them. He would have defended mean rulers our security director and we can find out their -- -- but well the band had to get off the some people are being for a lifetime from -- and you know what they did what it if I were to write a letter and request to be on band. And many people are on it woody -- get them for stealing by looting stealing. Creating a rockets. Obviously -- when you're out green energy hungry and McCain have -- time. If you come in and get rowdy -- inappropriate you punch him he'd blow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- security you probably wouldn't say -- you're -- about a half a million on red by. There are people that -- you know I've I've changed the ways my ways on the longer -- an idea and he knows there's a good. Still I don't. -- don't always connect come back examples of that event. I don't mind. How does it. That's big -- I don't mostly it's always. Michael roast beef with a little -- -- and he is what people have for Tatis. On the top I gotta get it melted we'll put it in the poster for a little bit. Like you're light on the male might on the mail us little about the likes of player I don't like it you. For the door and I would do it at all or -- like deli roast bees are always ready to -- like he like. Leave it right like -- Does that when you -- to our -- Little -- because that was the -- on someone's life error. -- if it doesn't that was at a moment could. At all until Teddy why aren't you coaching. Why not go to because I like this -- the country. And I mean being a bill for so long I've seen that's in the mattresses in the office you know -- -- and that and that from what I've heard. I mean the patriots the only organization notes with with whatever that that's the norm and now I've got. I've got guys like like -- -- he's over at Ohio State I mean about it with the college with -- -- that the special teams coordinator rightly that the Eagles now. And it's a lot of time. Next question questions. But he march -- your home flames beat the guys that. And he. Hasn't. Among I'm not linebackers in. There. -- the crowd the crowd was written. I don't know the full Bruschi and that's like -- that it would good thing. I want to be called. For the quarter. I thought it would ever thought -- music and love but now -- lines and. That you would want to. Yeah old man I was right you. That a product of what people onstage and then. Ran. What is your your -- -- -- or maybe for you guys streams TV and it street just that you found in the room here well -- You -- a streak that we have found pats -- we'll try to feed their pets in the movies on all the products they. All kinds of that dog sneak its -- it rather -- He looked -- -- people get very close their pets in the equipment bag. But ultimately ours -- about him you know he wouldn't do wouldn't do it -- And the we out of their program has little turtles don't benefit. That we that we asked them we sometimes we hold their -- yet locally that -- and I -- today. Late to work with them we don't want. We understand people love their pets yeah. I do believe that hurdle in North Africa and next question if you do weird. Man crawl. Around I have birds. Parakeets and canaries of knowing him too much needed to keep get a hold. Wildly but the wings. With -- them permanently. Now a pass on the birds. Next question holly that you in the channel or whether. Yes. What are you had a beautiful weather I don't know. You're just the man on the street I don't know. Shot to get it. Now for the crimes in question please I haven't unite Iranians have avenues there to talk about that about their talking about that these. Then they saw you on the in general or new weather who who I was probably the morning show. -- all the way. All of aborted suicide. Gonna -- to prepare properly kept going through. It is like -- bring back -- littler I'm sure they were rushed to bring back rooms when challenged our. -- I wanna do everything that and it failed war. Somehow you know my hero is easy. -- -- -- -- or. What but man but it doesn't -- -- Five you have got. You can say. His name -- adult. Now that's partly that he hits his name. Which starts and it's usually what it would you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it won't like to Mars also he rolled that guy is incredible. That's what do. Don't craft union and equipped as this nation -- one on the native actual war. Can run up to the hundreds of dollars which you pay hundreds of following for you not for a gift for you -- Everyone for yourself or somebody else you're in the right situation that -- Final question. With the most beautiful woman you ever seen in person in your life. -- -- Swedes here I noted that his wife that's part of the argument yes OK well. But I don't know when you get into this question. Are gonna. Think it would for an entire continent -- you know you don't you want me to say the most beautiful and receive -- ordinary course from. -- beautiful what we'll watch those beautiful woman ever seen it outside and let's go Gary -- forever let's go but I don't think I've ever I don't know and a beautiful I like and -- don't do it. -- somebody I'm trying to. But it but he -- my casualties in announcing it yourself and leave -- alone I think they run a lot of things. And there's nobody knew that's an. Art art or important or more well -- next question will work well with. -- question here. Next question. -- accuracy next question. Correct them. Scored. It. Our next question about it buried -- very much. That was the only and then that was probably -- give -- -- question please now that. There's gridlock -- so my questions. Their question is number three. Mark. It's number three to. March on draft -- -- its own son is going to it ought to withdraw it's me. He meets well. I would say yes. Where you got well -- -- yesterday -- that if it was adding that he lives on the draft or -- it well top five yet. -- with goalies you Peterson number one. School Martin liked Martin's number two. The potential. Of -- Jamaal Charles. -- you read I think. It would be up there at three and he was that these top three. I put lynch after that -- it right after what he takes I mean. Man he runs hard I mean how. Healthy -- he's going to be -- -- you can't -- -- with Jamaal Charles yes I hear you out there -- now -- now -- people play at its -- little thing you know. -- -- And -- that -- I'd like Ray Rice area and an imaginary apologize and I'll wait a little bit of football with Iran if you Ray -- -- -- He looked at Marshall image of book Adrian Peterson Martin area Foster writes I would you know line. Fortunately -- -- They've got -- pattern here Jeff may have to thank everybody -- don't spit out. Have you with us and we appreciate it has always go ahead over the -- -- will be there and -- -- -- big into football draft party. Thank everybody here on the phonetic right now honestly seriously is spectacular first time I've been down here. And now blows me away really really really excited to go to the tables for autism is that though -- just a little while we will see you on Monday by.

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