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Patriots Hall of Famer, Tedy Bruschi, joins Salk and Holley at Mohegan Sun

Aug 23, 2013|

Bruschi sits in with Mike and Michael for a round-table on a variety of topics ranging from the current state of the Patriots to this year’s fantasy football outlook.

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Our era Mohegan Sun the salt and -- show on W the guys. And once again Michael with this happened to those reports are both great that he would start applauding me it's great. -- I don't -- -- they applauded him because I think he's chicken wings may work. I didn't expect your flaws like this guy he can beat them with a certain bigger. Yet but he uses certain didn't layer -- -- with which you -- the barbecuing -- why do you think it would start laughing all the sudden are out doubles and we saw this happen over the future is definitely -- at them. It could be could -- I would never let him look good with the glasses and I analyze them. Maybe you just -- more -- all right let's go UNESCO. All oh that's so excited as well. Okay fear all that's why did it and -- registered too much ahead. I don't know I don't know I. You ready for fantasy football think. I love. It will. I love about it that it actually. Probably one of the most -- that -- about it a couple of years ago when I started with my son. It is interest skyrocketed. He's the patriots just in football in general and football in general and in my office it's like the media center for me to keep a log gains. My son will sometimes dictate the games that I watch because of the certain player that he extorted if he's. Guys I don't need to watch right now on the main screen Jacksonville and Tennessee. OK I vote -- have a somebody that really wanna see it but I think Jones-Drew though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at that -- we thought but -- with the what what are who think the government. And what you and I don't know what -- that would be -- it is if Peterson. Maybe Foster -- that there Martin I mean -- -- you've got let go running back. I mean -- it's as if your PP argue that these guys that are receiving back that in the back field. That's what you gotta go -- off the something like that I don't everybody is excited for Jamaal Charles and somewhat he. Office that and you read brings to the agency chiefs and their reception that in the past few things like that -- are usually the PP ER is that is that -- EPO a lot of things that would definitely you know would play. -- what do you think about it we replace him I knew nothing about it in my opinion really noted that it needed no league this I know it -- right yes but it was like. It was nonexistent to me at this time it was like. I really had to learn about it probably about my. Second or third years analysts that he has he has what I had to do what I ended up starting was. You know my -- started getting it has to do it in both of my sons and all go watch it now but. I started sort of a whopper of -- on the commission. And particularly we put together the draft board we got we got ten fathers that are good friends that -- veteran Bolton. In fifth and sixth grade for strategic and Rex and are trapped parties tomorrow. So there's a lot of com I'm. Now researchers these guys Edward Markey of marquee players doubt it a great idea -- 200 level related oh. Teaches that the third over all the -- at the fifth overall it I mean it's and it's it's like a draft at the house where you -- ago that you got which was just like the commercials that fortunately are right up on the board in it's fluent. We'll hear people who you think you've got to the sixth -- But that their own fitness experience to what what does that mean like a lot of like when I was at that concentrated -- probably they still have to it anymore -- Red Bull. You know over the -- call it like Acura caffeinated pollutants with you young drinkers integrity. Of pop rocks yeah. Well then there's the rumored to do that to what you export your mouth -- the natural stuff but he -- like a lot of Red Bull and five hour energy for them like I don't know where does that mean that you that I think. She's only eighteen -- keeper with what they have their own read -- -- -- you have no alcohol. Like the public pretty chilly and a reinvigorated hope it no energy drinks per kid I'll let her but I affected at the chili cheese -- All of you know. Hold on got inside him there elder. That's the only guy who does -- open -- does everybody get over how for a little bit out of any of the players that -- and anyway. That is that for fun running back to be the first pick in the draft in the league that does not necessarily value running back -- primary position. That it but -- just the oddity of meat in with the football on that he's been so different from for a I don't. Don't know how different it is how valuable are those players that I mentioned. To their to their offenses and to their teams and minutes they're they're explicitly value but I know those type of back that I talked about I think that. People who have just gotten away from it in terms of they they see the passing league but the importance of those backs are still very very high. The ability not so much is being a run established team. But to have the run the ball when you have to run the ball OK inside the five yard line 31 I mean how many times what did you read was at the Philadelphia Eagles and it was a short -- situation and he tried to. Run the ball and couldn't. And you lose games become because it is. To still have the back and the -- -- lines that you could get those get those short yardage conversions and punch in the Golan is still very important. Speaking of speaking of startled them think that losing game. -- -- -- boy last night. The patriots. Forty and I got its status as thought earlier and so I would I was rooting for the two point conversions with a like didn't double digits it didn't happen. You guys got over the first two weeks I think even though I was watching the game. It is them and there's young player making a mistake. There's another young player making a mistake over the first two weeks for last night. Let's not forget last night because how good that they are how good is that -- all these young receivers left in the first couple weeks you've got to go to medical despite. This is more aware of what I expected really this is more what I expected you can almost I think. The way they also have to see it -- a lot of fans out there all the theaters September. Will be an extension of the pre season. In terms of development for these for these kids and the more reps that they need to get it because I mean. Not taking care of the ball young linebackers still not being disciplined in their keys and get beat on play action by the four -- I think -- down the middle for a touchdown. -- -- Collins I think -- -- on play action. These are these are mistakes young kids me and it's what I expected to see now -- if there was a veteran player out there making it's that the things shake it off it won't be there but -- take it a little bit more because they're young. And because it's almost like you know that that is what you should expect especially in September at the start to grow that more. That's the voice Tedy Bruschi he's with -- -- and a patriots Friday which means he's our interview today presented by SB -- do the Teddy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable like insurance. From SP ally of the company that has protected over a million family since 1907. -- SP -- dot com today it was almost like you were part of the broadcast last night. A commercial out Tedy Bruschi -- -- that -- -- lie yet shields MRI is a lot of Teddy Bruschi still around the patriots -- curious and it's. Good -- today. It's there other partnerships. They're not just what that are -- been around for -- these these. Which you with us with this field so we asked -- alive for a long time there. There are people good people -- these companies. That shields them people latest deal alive -- people who knows about it value relationships so if you're watching that game last night. You're saying that that's a little bit closer to what you expected to Europe. You interpret and if you're in the media -- you know we're trying to figure out what the patriots team is going to be. It's hard to imagine they're gonna be that it's hard to imagine that they're gonna -- -- by the towards the world. By thirty points every single week and yet -- also told me that the first couple weeks or maybe a little bit of fools gold. Do you reconcile where they really are in between I think you have to realize that still -- That type of plea at him them from certain players okay. The youth of the of the of the young receivers and some of the guys on defense that they are it in -- and to make those type of mistakes at least in this type of system they will make these type of mistakes which you try to suppress it as much as you can't. I think the instantly. Over and over -- talked about the situations Bill Belichick worked on practice and how much better practice group -- Last night especially in the first. On the defense that side of the ball sudden change defense you know we've got to -- to get it you know force field went through that in this that believes there's no points on the board so. That type of situation that put it on -- defense now it's almost like. Bill Belichick he probably didn't like so you don't get me wrong he'd likely be solved but the next time. A lot of those players will be out there will be in the open a couple weeks. That's a lot of time to show them a lot of tape. Of a lot of bad football that he could really jets coach that he used to -- them but it's for the next week ready to deal. That would all three phases of the game which area. Concerns you. Which area that concerns me at -- right. I think that I think that defense concerns me -- really it does a company does it does because of just of where they are now and -- that time it is certain players that -- career. They beat Connecticut home run. OK okay we -- here in Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Lot of Connecticut and that's that's very that you go -- until about -- -- restaurants I don't know there are a lot of players who were there yes I mean and it's almost like -- time now I mean you get into the fifth the sixth year that. It's almost like OK here you are now it's your team to -- according those type -- guys are not considered. Young players anymore this is the time for them to really take that next step in ownership of the team. It looks like that that writes that it is very solidify him more about them but the depth on the defensive line. Finally the defense of that -- may be coming together a little bit. I think the positive things especially they showed last night in those that change situations they waited they were it would just come out and play fast as soon as they got out there they've got off the field force if you -- them. I really feel strongly about that because this year for the last few years it's been kind of a sense that they're more along for the ride with the -- offense. And that's where are they good enough for that to flip it -- Justin Jackson that we need to go the other way a little bit too many offense that we come back to earth. In the defense would need to elevate nor for that. Because I'm on the -- to -- the game last night and the turnovers and then so turn -- -- field goal you know turn over another field whether they're short and all of them they're really playing terrible. But the school or maybe it was thirteen to zero at one point which is only two touchdown that your your head it's almost like. They're buying him a little bit more time and I believe that those starters were there offensively for the entire game that would of that game -- stayed close and then they would have made the adjustment and then -- you come back in his post game in the third fourth quarter. Very similar to some of the ways they used to went in the -- in the past with some of the defense is where that kept. Kept him in the game just kept it close until they needed a little bit more time miles actually watched it last night ballots and -- -- myself. This is the wave may be in September this is the way it may be the -- keeping it close in the in the office. If he went a little bit the first and second wars the coach is making a few adjustments at half time and then. The -- keep making field goals to win in in in the fourth quarter or Brady ended up turning on towards the end of them like that. We talked about the that little -- is what they've done that defense is what it's just playing better and it. I mean the linebackers looked good having a little bit a little -- green in the play action I think that gets better -- time I mean. Something sometimes that can be fixed with -- figure like -- I thought they were little bit too close to the line of scrimmage on a couple of passes there be in play action that's what you get. Closed it sort of tunnel vision in years in your view as a -- -- to take a step back your peripheral business opens up. Do you see the entire formation and they -- keys in your read where you can read the play action pass a little bit better comes along. What NAFTA -- to one side. And we had to get a basketball lately from them. On the other side we have talked about played making and we got to talk about Tom Brady is well because he's obviously triggerman for that offense and you're telling me that the defense can be more leadership group. I want notes on all that often so while more questions for Tedy Bruschi for the big fan of the event tonight here -- you can -- that it's all in all WV. Our course here at Mohegan Sun today Teddy Bruschi in -- we got into the question here in twenty minutes. Any special guests for that as well. February gambling aficionado would you call me earlier to the current commodity and yeah that's a really nasty -- -- saying -- -- -- Just like gambling it doesn't make me -- degenerate. But if you like gambling we do have the vice president of Mohegan Sun Jeff Hamilton is going to be with us for -- to the questions of that helps guide some of your questions. Tax them the 3790%. On Twitter ought to be the eyes. War at Michael and all. That didn't you hear it hadn't talked in what was great about what they can ask your question before you got here. We talked about playback ability. And how the 2010 cases it -- a Super -- -- anything but. In the regular season. They had a sack or forcing a fumble coming up with that perception. That he won fourteen games but what's he goes off that yet. You think the play makers are born are -- just born. Or are they created because of films that the anticipation moment all the things well. What what play making. A major factor of that that I believe especially in -- Defense that we talked in pass coverage or anything. But -- instincts and it's hard to teach that it's hard to teach instincts in so you get a guy. That's in the in the draft OK he's got. Outstanding ability he's got all the miserable cities and basically a combined warrior and put the tape in college really he was just an average performer. Do you hope to make him. One of your play makers on on on your team I think that's rare for that to happen yet it's happened before sure but I think. If you -- you -- to have done it in the past I mean it is just you know just it just just how. -- that all was said. You're making the plays at the right time at the right moment and it is the difference in the game it's it's just who you are I think I think it's in your makeup now. Can you possibly can you possibly come back guy and make a play here and they are sure I do think that but. I think it's mainly who you are instinctively. Instinctively got the instincts that you have combined with the intelligence that. Well other than that to pick on the basis of resentment of the events of that guy on the patriot. You're talking office in the everywhere gravity defensively not forget if the people that I carry the people why -- And to the office figures that you know they jailed as a unit in the defensive unit that he's concerned you. Who can we count on the -- Most of them to play maker outside of that well. I think is his rookie year you saw a lot of it when he was just left it quarterback you know when he had a lot of plays and that's given recording yet what -- what's happened the last couple years I believe. Is that. He he's just been in a revolving door of safety about the cornerback to safety -- back to court and once that happens. Your thought process creeps into your mind a little bit too much in your instincts -- take your pick a seat on the take a backseat to that so I think that he's become more comfortable in that role that they that he's played them with his -- they played him in now so safety corner even he could do that within a downed them basis probably if it's an injury came -- now believe he can do that to the point where he can make plays. From from both of those those positions I think that would be one I think you should expect more. -- according this year Jerod Mayo of course is the one of course he makes a million tackles out there but still that sack that forced fumble has always been in his -- balls. Tedy Bruschi was here on WEEI Mohegan Sun today and talking about what we saw last night it was not it is not gonna go on the Brady highlight real. His game last night clearly courts -- -- get to Portland on anyway but. What do you take away from him you know every time we talked about these young receivers the initial responses you're right they're young they might make mistakes but Tom Brady. Is that enough to just say but Tom Brady. I think you I think you'd get away from that you think about this game you've got to take it to the next level because Tom. I think everyone knows here in this town going to be okay but I think you've got to take that game in which you saw on now Tom thinks about the guys that throw. OK if you're not able to get through that route and fight through that traffic and get to that -- I think it was. With the voice -- with the dot anyway -- because it was Dobson. Okay does he have less confidence in now if that same route was called elements on the inside he's on the night. If you not throw that go somewhere else. I think that you got -- look -- who he's gonna look to throw that the feel differently about cells that -- they gave it down the middle he he caught it but then. Whom he eats its -- seat right there so. -- mentality towards looking to who he's throwing to. I think -- -- look that the regular season opener I think that's what you have to look at last night rather than his performance -- performance aside. All right is the performance of the guys he's throwing to and the mistakes that -- possibly because of the ineptitude of the receiver. Kind of like I mean you know Tommy you know was mentality. I don't know I mean -- -- comfortable with somebody right and they -- know if he does that tossed away like figured out okay if you're not on the side. Not a good. If you if you -- silent yeah I mean. With Brady I think it's easier than a lot of quarterbacks because. You can just held with a target goes to -- I think that's something that is looked analyze that she. The targets of -- he's choosing to throw the ball to rather than completions artsy you catch to all of which were targeted seven times. Three weeks in a -- He's trying to develop something he's trying to establish something if the with all of a sudden drop off. Also I mean watching it from the TV copy he's a very emotional player so. The way he handles guys -- snapped trees snapped right on the sideline things like that with the most comfortable with I think that's a week you can try to get real -- we everybody's been done but it broke it right. In -- right that's our print yet so far from our receivers then when you first round pick in the picture you know be may be but I'm going to tell it on the top three of the world around. At a draft the couple days and I typically if that would effectively that you have double -- ground all really use that -- -- -- -- Last night you saw him you from the -- tell me what you like from him in what you need to get better. Walk the line of scrimmage I think with obvious is that -- a couple of nice replacement shows from the snap them -- what he did against someone that was pressed up on him and the techniques they're trying to implement on him in terms of the cornerbacks and I noticed that the type of move that he used to get off the line of scrimmage with a story. You know about the change of directions that the sort of been one wastes that incited and go back to the outside sort of quick footwork apathy. But also with. -- sort of why don't like it open chest I think the one thing going forward Kimbrel might have to work on -- when you have that cornerback. It doesn't go for that has taken his first move rather. Is this the cards right to the Braves played at the shoulder pad because that would stop all of that momentum in you know with -- chance that the line of scrimmage so. To a core rate hands. I remember Randy Moss how good he was. About because his quickest guards they'd like he could do to quit the group directly to direction like dad in the short area elected so he incorporated it almost like pass -- in Atlanta scripts okay that's what -- good receivers do -- -- two receivers Taylor almost pass rush moves. You see them you'll see them warming up and so we'll have him on the shoulder and it's wrist it -- -- -- through over and over in just it was like second nature Vietnam that chance to the breast plate so it's almost like this -- I think that's another area if you've seen from him its customers with Bill Belichick really like me until lost much surprisingly after the game. Some very short with dancers. Was he really thinking after it like that in. I think that he would see that -- an incredible coaching opportunity you know especially. The defense of the positive on defense in the first half of -- that changed how he -- How he can accentuate those positives and then note that it deficiencies that they also -- defensively and offensively. There's so much hate that he could show about mistakes that would mean I mean -- Really are -- scheme mistakes -- just bad football and always one of bills. Pre season goals I mean I remember being in training camp rookies in the crystal apple has -- Pre season it's season goals as a head coach one of them still remedy that with. And eliminate that football it's not really when your beat in the one on one situation it is it is the penalties it is the turnovers that ball security things like that so. -- direct quote guys. On a crusade to eliminate that football and I'm sure he's back on that who -- today. So what does he say about the fumble and because the failed to watch the 443 fumbles in the game and say hey. They move the ball than that almost kind of weird it was looking they just fumbled the ball Michael I think. Very accurately points out no fumbling his death camp fumbled the ball how how do you react to that as somebody watching the team -- those big problem. Or were they fluke. Well -- how many times has this happened okay I think that's the thing I think with with the with the physical error like scatter or just. Fumbling the ball like that you could put a player through drills you can do all of the things that went on to the gauntlet. And all that stuff but really what he'll do these sort of put it in the memory bank and if it happens again and if you repeat offender. And and the investors who don't don't be an error repeater that's another thing you wasted if you're at bats and that happens. I mean let's say -- -- really really didn't do it last night let's say he fumbles twice in the first three games public to look here what could we see we could see a lot. I mean so he puts it in the memory bank you do it again you do the second time OK now I gotta do something about it and the only thing you can do. When the players got ball security problems is you put some of them. Or is this team does suffer. You think but with no -- -- what was different reasons vastly different reasons. But let's say they they don't have logged -- -- what we thought we had six. -- a dramatic. To me. Mask that I think it I think it ships on. Who who got to be the stars of this -- that you you know rather then. Gronkowski and Hernandez and Brady being the stars that -- the fantasy football numbers on the stat sheet. I mean the one that really asked about this that -- it's probably greatly. I think that's what you have to do we get the guys these young receivers are okay. Interception that was the room right now being on the right -- the route that crossing route right there -- -- For myself and any type of mistakes that they need to give them more time to get acclimated I mean how can you buy those guys time. How do you -- those young receivers time you run the ball. You know what's that -- third two in this it's a lot easier to convert a lot of pressure. Or high percentage rose so Ridley. Begins its older. Homer when -- Connolly. That was really have to be the stars early on in the season as you develop its passing game into what. Are your typical -- In my in terms of what. I think it'll make up pretty well I think you should start for the New England Patriots are well thought I'd ask you know about a that it. Okay you think he deserves it rosters well it's not having -- referred as the burn. A roster spot on this I really think his opportunity. To earn a roster spot on this team more -- and expertise. And I think I think it was a reasonable doubt to what you think this is still on -- he's still on the bubble because up to this point right now he has enough. -- I've seen him every day in practice OK but. He has not earned a spot on this roster because he is not better than that. That extra receive support that have no value with some of the guys that hit that it provides -- itself which Mort do more things where this team. I think there's a reason why he would. OK because you really wanted to roll with you wouldn't be okay. Brady mallet all the guys that -- playing time next game locate him we go all right you've had now. Month -- so more than them what their right to be with us and especially get a lot of quality reps that he which has got. So it's who you are and that if you -- it was anything I think that he will be on this Austin. What -- do them in that let's say he plays for a full house for. The fourth game or maybe three whatever it and are you asking him to do which he did in the first pre season game where ran a lot of read option type of plays. Ran with the football some designed runs etc. Or you asking him to do what he had to do in the second pre season game. Drop back and really run the same offense that -- or -- I think you do whatever you can to make him look good. Because I think Josh wants them on this team I think I think they want to really give him a chance and I think -- brought him to show them that he. Can add some value and here's why I think that I mean when when Tim Tebow was getting his majority of his reps but where they went they're pleased that Tom Brady didn't run. It where there -- certain package -- pretend they put those in. Okay and they want to say they want to put him in the best situation to succeed and what has to happen to put in special plays for a special person because I remember coming in and they put in the kept. This package OK because they were trying to find a way to put me on the field because. I was making plays in practice to put. I couldn't play linebacker so it's like. What do we do with his Bruschi kid we got to find some way to put him on the field now broken with the package called -- That's because house from the University of Arizona where I could be a guy that was roaming around and the stunts and rush the passer a certain way and it takes meeting time. It takes practice time it takes -- -- from time it -- weight gain reps in the pre season. To work on something for a guy that you desperately want to succeed. If -- Wilson. Don't let them look particularly good. If you think -- being cut. I would think they've brought Adrian for reason and I would I would be so far he has been what I've heard he's been a great locker room guys in like keep him there having that. If they've done some different things with him well. Playing in the nickel package -- -- -- -- position because. I mean they're just trying to see what he can do yes but. I think the fourth pre season game with that -- Salem also I think that he's still got something that could potentially say I think. I wouldn't say -- safe I wouldn't say 100% say Michael I mean that this is. As young as this roster is there are some there's some tough decisions they have to make but I think that. He could be safe is what I'm trying to say I don't want to predict with this roster is going to be Ottawa signal agencies if he's not -- -- not gonna make this team but. I think they brought him here for a reason and they will find a way to use what Tommy caliper. Tommy Kelly he he brings the other guy they need next to bids because right now that defense that -- adapt. I think he's one of their weaknesses defense and you saw them try to try to shuffle some things last night put some young players and -- -- didn't get didn't get playing time things like that because they're trying to see who is going to be. Okay because it's right now you've got Kelly you've got Wilfork in after that who you really have. In certain situations Brandon Spikes that you. If your best third defense alignment because all they do they just brought him in the line of scrimmage and then he butts head with those -- those offensive lineman and then there you go. There it is what they're looking for that third got to provide that death. I heard I think it was either Christian Fauria or match out of my apologists I forget which once that it may have -- -- Chatham. Who thought after looking at the construction of their defensive line and linebackers and ends. That they actually may have better personnel for more with 34 -- this year than a 43 and I know that bounced back and forth a fair amount. Do you -- any -- I don't sense that it's because a lot of those defensive -- I mean they got some good they got. They're deep incidents and to put them -- outside linebacker. You need. You need to read quality defensive linemen and in it in the two gap being 34 system like they have. And if you have Wilson worked there that you have Kelly and not sure who you'd rather guy is. You got problem it's all right it's it's harder I think it's harder for a defense of mind to do with they'd do. In the three forces the attitude in terms of two -- and a lot of responsibilities that to have rather than put them on an -- now this is a 43 system. With 34 principles don't get me wrong. But when you go in there with with Wilfork and Kelly. Your other your other guys can be made if it's they can be children those -- incidents you've got a lot of guys that fulfill that role I think that would say that. In that fourth street will give 34 -- notebooks of course. Strictly back to a 34 I don't think so. I don't know your schedule I -- we got the fantasy football thing it's 7 o'clock over the cabaret theater -- you have a few more minutes -- you -- you -- I do I do get all right so we got to answer the question we're gonna ask Jeff Hamilton VP I hear -- he can sign he's gonna sit down with us as well. Which means any question any subject but award. I'm having some issues Michael there text which is not functioning properly. So if you could try to text your questions that'll be house Obama but he you can use. If you can use Twitter it would be safe. At salt WEEI -- -- you answer the question would mean Michael Teddy. And the VP Jeff Hamilton here Mohegan Sun coming up -- and all of them.

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