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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 08/23/13

Aug 23, 2013|

We look at some topics we haven’t covered yet. Topics include the most annoying team in sports, Kobe’s birthday, Arian Foster’s parental prerogative and Ryan Braun.

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And -- now our -- silicon -- swollen painful rate roller board or the four. -- -- -- Well we solved it -- and Sports Radio WB and up. Standing Gundy told. It'll be it will Orlando sentinel but the 1972 Miami Dolphins are very annoying. Like I said don't call me when you're in my town called me when you're on my block. And I see you next door moving your furniture and that's -- no -- you're going to championships you're about to play when you win it I'll be dressed up in a tuxedo waiting on my bride. Shut up tighter tolerance. -- in 1972 dolphins beat most of only team in sports history no no we don't take you there we're really annoying but now. But you know I think that -- and I don't know what we're knowing now. Like -- the board -- Bob Barker born to drive. The hard driver -- are so who is the most Clinton's that if Bob -- I can afford inventory. Let the guys that report today they let the ball. I like the fact that there -- these old guys who paid on every ball. Okay they they don't they don't they're great kids they don't say records are meant to be broken. They -- ground they wait for teams that get on the verge of being undefeated in -- try to put curtains on them. I'd like that if you make them memorable because I think they're angry. They are forward undefeated teams only undefeated untied team if you believe they're on the -- it. It was a most of going to. Maybe 85 there. -- Are they -- -- they can debate on. The 85 -- then Mike Singletary. Ed McMahon them. Patent. Like that to run everything. And the thing about my own thing it sounds like you did I put a little most of going to the most money to invest like a killing him get a great to integrate public -- -- it were to Pittsburgh Steelers. So what knowing. Still think they're better than the patriots still don't believe that they lost the AFC championship game of one Steelers from a list. How about every Yankee team from the time Derek Jeter got there until right now. Every one of columns board going to mean 96 and had 72 doll but 96 Yankee -- what sort made every decade every person on the team. Paul O'Neill. Scott -- -- -- -- -- -- Jorge Posada on your team you're one of the most going to be good I hate it that's not a telling its face makes -- years. See you little rat faced. With a list now. It's gonna have the 2012 Boston right. But there weren't -- -- you know I -- that that he's pretty you know. I think baseball football basketball. The basketball of her going basketball team about Pat -- that -- the -- -- -- -- -- pat Riley's. But now -- arrows next -- is that so I can't -- Anthony Mason like them. They're tough guy Charles -- they thought they were so tell us dollars they are followed that team Charles Smith. But the bad word that I'd like them to. In memory now on the not not as much at the time but looking back about bulletins that you have a right instead instead of Jorge Posada and if not -- pop up. Don't -- -- not only do you think you would you answer my peers that are I have now than -- to -- -- broke. 85 bears the ultimate answer any team we're building BJP the 2010. And knocks. That is a great. Racial answer. -- yes we are Michael today's Kobe Bryant's 35 birthday -- birthday what one word would you use to describe Kobe. Yes -- -- -- And it's it's a great closer I you know. -- I got a -- -- -- but don't let your schedule look like what would you -- about it. Wouldn't be about that puts him going out to -- different words senator. Kobe Bryant had never really appreciated him because. I felt like -- he's trying so hard to Pete Jordan he walks like -- or he wears his -- in the same -- Jordan did you have -- the way -- But I can't really paid -- of he is the second best shooting guard hit in the league behind Michael Jordan. Great player so yeah that's but I think of the. I was gonna use is competitive and I know it's sort of an obvious when you get to that point the -- are all competitive. But from everything you hear about him it's that competitive drive it gets him to do everything -- get to the market -- teammates and they don't live up to its lofty standard. That puts him in the GM Jay Williams -- duke guard. You'll be a great story when he was in the -- he went. Two shootaround in LA when they are out there and LA when he got -- -- thought really early for for a workout and Kobe is already in the to shoot baskets right around. He said he worked out as hard as he possibly could for a really long time took it -- zillion shots -- suicides all things. And every time keeps looking over Kobe like. I don't know how long this -- I was here before me. But eventually he's going to have to stop right. Now he said he knew. I thought I about a half hour one hour in there was no way Kobe would leave. Until after he left no matter how late he stayed there Kobe would stay one more minute if he was not -- let Jay Williams get the best -- him. And you know that's that's -- well -- it also can be used against him through his competitiveness. At times he's so competitive yeah. That he gets out of the team concept yeah like it's two quick stories that won't torture well you know one in the in the finals if it the first time -- -- -- the -- James Posey and -- Watergate -- with the art. Put it that performed with Jeff kind of staggered so. Kobe got up and -- all right enough. I was garbage if it is all right but then it started to get that look at today's most thankful of course that -- -- now -- that -- that became the obsession. And then this year at the start of the game that Kevin Garnett scored 25 that's what is the -- point whether to Wear their. Jeff Green had something with Colby political week. And -- appearance. It was what it was under the basket. I watched hoping for the next war by that it was not playing team basketball was. I'm looking at a teammate nobody wanted to kill you wanted to personally destroyed upgrade. That was the focus with -- directive not to -- it. -- -- go to you wonder especially if he gets older now is gonna come back from a really big injury helicopters -- British not -- go away and it will bring them back Brett when he tries wouldn't need that extra year. When he gets into with James Posey the next version or Jeff Green again that does he have what it takes. To act as a used to be like Arafat like you know the team caught the crumpled. I'm so much better that during that ten minutes I'm -- how much or thirty points. He can still do that I think that's going to be interesting to watch the next few years and alcohol. Hope you're out that's -- -- reports. That's -- -- -- -- -- foster's that he doesn't want his kids playing football interestingly his comments and contrast with mad when he five commercial working in Marshawn Lynch are playing. Their respective fathers who have long competition and live vicariously through their sounds like football. What do you make of foster's comments about football. It's a popular thing to say right now. Let it go with but if he's saying that I'm gonna go with what -- said in an interview vs what -- fit in the commercial. Or what -- what he's presenting the most. And I think what would would more information. And some of the things we've heard about hip problem head injury. I can understand what people feel that way you have to have. You've got to put your kids the right situation -- -- good coaching that have the right equipment. I would think somebody with a resource area of Boston. Would find that right that right dynamic worth it but. I can -- prices. Yeah I mean it's suggesting he will be able to forever support any one of his kids based on the money he made playing football. So certainly his -- doesn't need to play football in order escape some bad situation or anything along those lines. Like I think I can understand look we were just talking about parenting styles earlier right but I think both of us at one point or another in the four months or so that we've known each other have had a a reaction Asia -- gas. To be told how to parent -- kid right yours on the air mine came off the -- drill. But hey that that's what parents -- and nobody wants to -- do this -- -- -- don't do that is why I think he's probably being too cautious yeah. Probably on the other hand it. He's that would witnesses that he's the one who sees other guys on his team himself everybody knows that deals with injury to not just head trauma. The knee injuries the fact is -- old NFL guys were fifty years old -- can't walk anymore he says you know what. This isn't the life I want for my kid. Personally if it were me -- much more as they set about trying to let my -- have a sense of independence. But if that's not his parenting style that yeah I kind of understand where it's coming from now from Roger Goodell I want him to one on one. This is I mean I know you got lawsuits and all these other things I'm just shaking my head and I can't believe. This stuff is happening. -- don't vote but you don't appoint Barbara and I hadn't thought of that. But if you could well this is an opportunity. To turn around and say. I understand -- area that would have these concerns that years ago but it used as an opportunity pat yourself on the back. But when we're done but what what we've done what you know keep your head up and all the commercials they have here and all that stuff written or whatever that their slogan is. We have much more information now we're doing a better job now it was. With that the maybe area Foster doesn't want us to play football because he's word it's going to be two hand touch for the timing makes to the NFL. Fuel -- food. The eighteen to question of the day that Brian -- apology tour continues. But now -- is giving an explanation of what happened quote. During the latter part of the 2011 season I was dealing with a nagging injury and I turn to products for short here it is time that I shouldn't abuse. The products -- cream and a loss in which it was told to help expedite my rehabilitation. Both Michael. Do you. Believe -- know obviously I don't believe that stuff I wish that somebody would just come out today I was using PD's because I wanted to be better baseball instead of this. Vacuous. -- the incredible football. I did right in Florida who told you the -- of Biogen stay right Tony Tony -- you know review. Well here's a look like I read this entire thing in this stuff in here that actually very interesting we get more into it. It sounds as if he's in therapy trying to talk about himself than. Why he became so -- that he really believed he was doing the right thing I think there's an interest in discussion area. You one little sentence -- -- that sounds like the biggest load of polonium ever her skiers not as we respect the other day. He says. Quote right brought in his apology. I requested a second meeting with baseball. To acknowledge my violation of the drug policy and to engage in discussions about appropriate punishment for my action. This was your idea yet this is all my idea -- I had such a crisis of conscience that I wanted to go to baseball and say hey. I did it. I'd like to complete. What can you do for me. That is the biggest load of baloney I've ever heard you didn't. The walls were closing in around you everybody knew you were guilty had a violent Genesis had been caught Tony boss was giving his deposition the Major League Baseball and you realize that did well. Look up you jerk I. -- -- Well I gotta figure brought -- question them then do I believe that no I don't believe but my bigger problem with Bryant Ron. Is -- platform. You'll want to know about it today I'm gonna rest this what do -- accountable. This -- -- -- the -- and releasing statements right and we have to analyze it Robert Hewitt and ask questions off of a statement asking questions that piece of paper. What the couple. You'll go and have a press conference. You sit down you don't your story be a human being allow people would -- would you ask you questions if bit. And then I'll believe. -- then I'll believe that you really are concerned with. Healing and getting it right but I don't believe a piece of paper it's -- crap that your crappy and the message I can I can imagine. Four behind people it's eight to keep it going all we can't say that because you won't read between the lines here but -- think it this way you know the -- the legal trouble. Let me this way or the reporters may ask if the columnist fifth. Don't know what the right way if you have a a press conference -- -- who should always stood up for what is right -- idea and everybody who's ever been wrongly accused that's what everybody who's ever had to stand up. What is actually right who's the right person for him to see -- do a cry you know. Now a lot of over Oprah's been done and what that you wanna -- press conference nobody's got a shot -- where the parents saw the article with it if you really wanted to impress me. You put so do the hard past -- with Dan Wetzel. Do we mark federal wanna. Do we -- great guy like somebody who you know it's going to absolutely hit you with all the questions that everybody wanted -- daughter -- -- somebody who don't know what the -- really going on -- and really get past that. -- they told me who holds exactly and of course that it supports it and it's a it's a pathetic by. I didn't I. It was a hurt I have an injury now and everybody uses as a people we like like Ron Harrison the people we don't like like him or -- so it. I start to wonder if I could actually be good without warmth and if he drops by -- Lot I decided I could make it full load of money if I objected to stop and of course no one ever since they injected themselves without sound filthy. It was a lozenge clinically court -- that rubs off my arm. Of some like real steroids what's just if you shoot your bought. Well I don't know I didn't read some lotion on my arm offended although it I -- -- these gigantic forearm muscles shut up. I do wanna come back to part of his statement though that. At the very least is I don't know whether it's -- Over the make some sympathetic. But it at least it's something where they've exploring because it doesn't just relate to him I think it relates to a lot of these guys playing pro ball especially those who use -- to do that come back next welcome I'll happily consignment Teddy -- to join -- in about 45 minutes 515 here WB yeah.

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