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Salk and Holley have had enough of Ryan Braun

Aug 23, 2013|

Ryan Braun remains in the news even after accepting his biogenesis suspension earlier this summer. The disgraced slugger has admitted he used PEDs but Mike and Michael think this is way too little and too late. The time has come for Braun to just go away.

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That's not -- I'm so much cash -- I was an all cash or Friday now and I saw a picture that everything. -- -- I haven't but I told she's kind of pot right so we're here at Mohegan Sun she's here Mohegan Sun. We got to people watching our broadcast or Sargent -- thousands of people watching her show later tonight we're gonna get -- we can look at about the start off like well. -- -- -- There could put that -- -- I looked up on the not a cure. Normally wouldn't be so -- for her to just walk by the Molinaro sports bar maybe had by the cabaret theater later. Now the other thing is you got to make sure she doesn't meet -- while -- When they weren't -- Professional athlete that is they can't take their eyes off the professional. But maybe maybe blow people. Everybody can go for the professional Latin. Now which is one of those people don't auction. I've -- to meet the famous. Female singers. Who were saying forget the pro athlete of the talk show I wanna talk to the guy who talks about the pro laughed away yet if as a jock -- around I'd like to find him instead of the actual job right you find that girl Michael. We gotta match made in heaven does that you know. Now a signal signal but without their -- that -- -- to bring -- -- exactly right that's. The girl or otherwise you know who's not the -- you bring home group that -- -- theft actually tension at the draw the crap over faith anyway. I come and hang out we are Mohegan Sun today driving down for the Tedy Bruschi to fantasy football draft party that's at 7 o'clock. Over the cabaret theater looking forward that they should be on what does. It's at 515 maybe 530 but later expected Teddy Bruschi not to break -- what we all saw last night the devastation. In Detroit what it means for this team movement for -- talked about I'm Ron Paul the and open up the phone lines in this 26177797937. Forgetting about the stuff in here that obviously garbage Roque forgetting about this lead because -- I just didn't use it just because I was hurt. Forgetting about the -- was a re human flaws that it outlook. You think use last year. Yes Johnny he's -- he's a he's a serial user equipment EP guy yes absolutely yes so why. I guess it is -- -- tell people what they wanna hear it gets. Most people Milwaukee right what do here of course the -- really wanted to hear about Rodney Harrison said that it was just that -- -- that that. You are right it's who -- became or three down period yes and now and now he's seen the light in your back. Wasn't even real PED I didn't object to anything. To cream. The lozenge. How much how much better but I really you've gotten from -- -- you middle -- now are projecting something on accurately can change my blood. The cream. -- on your arm meet -- on its mountains. -- -- -- So forget about all that follow all the all get about this garbage that he requested the second meeting with baseball is ready to come clean all that stuff is complete who. Make -- this paragraph though. I deeply regret many of the things I said at the press conference after the arbitrator's decision February 2012. At the time I still didn't wanna believe that I use they banned substance. I think a combination of fueling self righteous and happened a lot of unjustified anger led you to react the way I did. I felt -- and attack but looking back now I was the one who was wrong. I'm beyond embarrassed that I said what I thought I needed to say to defend -- clouded vision of reality. I am just starting the process of trying to understand why I responded the way I did. Which -- continue to regret. There is no excuse for any of all -- of all the things he said in this entire statement. That one paragraph. I hope was real because it sounds very real and not the only thing he said but I suppose that's a really interesting way. But that's what I don't like that's level like he announced. Because I don't know maybe maybe he says that or maybe it is -- speech writer. Or the -- yard department says this is the good things they Ryan. You put that out there you've got to you've really got to go hard on. He signed I mean at the end of the day he signed off on us and I've uploaded a lot of what you did there are other things -- -- -- said it's a professional work of warm up. It ended the policy that is so. You felt wrong. Why did you go wrong it felt wrong because. Do you you just admitted later that you use the -- substance. When you were injured. And you've got caught. How do you know where all of there's no doubt likely need to follow up today at an all colors coming from and then also how about the and that if it accuse me. -- -- you hear me as I said. That doesn't even appear but now you have the but you called I know you don't have to say I called a guy that's about it because that's speculation that sources but we do know this we do know that you question. -- whole background. People -- people on your side question what he was about try to -- undermined his credibility. Now he does -- his name here specifically is that character I mean he he -- with him by name he says I sincerely apologize to everybody involved in the arbitration process. Including the collector dealer in the junior. I feel terrible but I put my team but that's the only thing that's the only kind of -- desperate. Like I need to know paragraph absolutely group that diced six ways from Sunday -- -- don't hire her right. There's a lot of problems with this statement I understand. But we've also had these conversations about how these guys get to the point where they do feel that entitled. And I think it's interesting that he keeps kind of the first glimpse into that feeling. I felt entitled I felt wrong and I felt self righteous and I'm just now he says starting the process of figuring out why. If you therapy. I -- it does he think that he's become some sort of a mental and he's where he's got to figure out how we became went from being Ryan bronze at the person he knew themselves growing up. To being -- bronze at the monster who not only took -- but also lied about it and embarrassed himself along the way. If I don't all those things yeah. That's I hope that's how I was feeling. I can't figure out where the -- what went wrong. Like go from a normal human being tried -- loved baseball wanted to win the to beat this Psycho who took drugs and then lied about it and then ripped to other people want to grab the ball down with me when they start -- wrong with me. When did he start. And -- to your point about the interview. Whether it's TJ Quinn in the -- whether it's Mark Green over a lot. One of those guys I think the interviewer. Asked to be somebody with pretty good sources. And as someone who can say. Hard to understand what you said here right now understand that you use that you just did it a couple times when you were injured. But look at document here why have people here saying. That you started doing this -- 2003. Right 2004. Before the game on before. You want you weren't MVP you would do you think people think you're doing some homeless. In the minors. How do you do it and if so how do you explain his relationship with this guy the supplier. Because I think that's the. So officer yeah it's soft serve does bogus that's not really the issue the issue is not that Ryan -- to a I hate being in substance. What and let's work period. That would even really end up just decree even having -- -- lozenge. Mike -- little laws and sitting here on the table earlier I didn't do anything -- do I certainly didn't inject anything into my -- I just took a little lozenge. My -- but what better could have been A-Rod interview with Peter Gammons. He -- that a repeat again right after I -- some time with my cousin. -- it was out of this country for old up by the way yeah I mean I came back hadn't known any of it came back of the hill out for you. I went away and you're out of pocket of the computer game of the -- it's like. But still it. But we gave you that nobody does it is a little bit if you remember on. Can you imagine how you -- heard the tide of public opinion if you really amounts -- Acropolis steroids. I really did build my career I mean I don't buy -- -- really good player. I haven't used them from the entire time I've been in the league started using him in 2000 whatever. I used them for three years I clearly -- advantage I know what was wrong I couldn't open it and I couldn't help myself. I've wanted the money -- one at the same. I was addicted to that feeling every time I hit a home run and the crowd went wild and I knew that the whole thing was a lie but I just didn't want to admit to myself -- I got hot and I. The face my demons and now I'm here to tell you I was dead wrong and I'm never gonna do it again and you're every thing I used and I'm sorry. What do you guess at what would you say Brian Brian it's -- all that great -- might not just I finally gets it yeah yeah everything I think it was horrible but top. Yet thank you the right. But there's this guy finally gets it before Milwaukee Brewers are gonna have a one night and I get. Epstein took big money at them with a new one as -- recipient like every other guy better team because nobody. He'll never be be good. I -- -- just hit 2012 season. Arguably arguably better than if indeed he right so how did that just you go to an energy in this is what I what level what an Oprah got -- So what 2011. Your fitness in the field. And you and you got the completely out of it for -- telling me in 2012 when you had a better season. You were -- you don't use any performance enhancement drugs. So is it isn't that enough is that confidence builder even got a -- with alive for awhile. -- -- are confident that you'll you'd need this you had a better season without. Supposedly get a better if -- out of the. -- -- -- -- I found -- eye on an ice cream to rubble my arm and I felt great. She won last thing about this and move on -- back to some football here at the moment in the disaster last night with a patriots papers he should be here about 515 maybe 530 the -- When you hear this story about rhymed on and remember that he's one of the guys who's part of the trained in baseball. Of players young talented player to put up big numbers early who sign long term deals. -- slightly below the market value they could get if they waited all the way until free agency right. We talked about this war crime on. Evan Longoria Troy -- you know the Pedroia thought that was as well. They signed the deal early buyout a few of their free agency years they make money. And a fair amount of the guarantee that but maybe not as much as if they went all within the process became a free agent and then waited for the huge -- Does it make you wonder if guys like animal accusing anybody individually. If that's part of the reason why I can't I don't want it. I'll put up the numbers right now I'd better take the longest guaranteed contract I can't right now as soon as it's available. I don't know when I'm gonna -- found out I don't know when I'm Mike test positive I don't know when it's going to be out there and after it tested positive that -- he's never going to be as high as it is right now. I would hate to think so. I mean I guess and maybe fifth and latest guy I think bay hit it if Bryant Ron we wouldn't -- -- Bryant brought that does not know how could it. I -- if you've been if it's true. -- one of his buddies but it appears that you've been in it that users it was out if that's who holds. It with this. If if the body of Ryan kind of the fat. -- official money all right we're on the Bennett Brian applause that intelligent it probably looked dirty to me if he's. It involved in this trying to cover up things for -- Ron you know take its gonna take a certain amount of money to make that'll set you back it in the money. That he once we turns on -- -- making accusations forty believe in the -- but our little sketchy. But if that's the case you're -- brought to you if you note that your profile did take -- long line helping a little things I don't think that's the case relies on hope that. I and it took it just on to me is we are talking about it that he is one of those guys if I were him I would absolutely sign Madison as possible and you wonder. If that's part of why the trend in the way it past our Teddy Bruschi going to be here about how. -- -- a lot of patriots talked as well it concerning. Gaming concerning performance last night in Detroit but how concerning is it really that's axle and -- it to be via.

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