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Salk and Holley on the Patriots’ third preseason game: What just happened?

Aug 23, 2013|

After a sloppy night in Detroit, the Patriots question marks are becoming clearer and clearer. Mike and Michael look at the biggest concerns heading into a season of offensive uncertainty.

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It is talking -- today of Michael I feel in my element. -- -- You like to gamble. I do like where we are like there -- Mohegan Sun I like that I can -- slot machines in the background like that I can see bank blackjack tables what do you play. I like to play blackjack -- are really good out of it in my political house sweater that you. Over what period of time through the last putting for a month over 24 months. I may be up a little. Over the course of my lifetime -- -- I think the I'm not that. I think -- secure why would you go history you know here because you that's what what matter now. Well I think that -- -- is that something is that April time. Application of yours I I like to gamble. I'd like to play blackjack not a real word advocate that your partner is Michael if you were on the radio legend Michael Reagan signed and I assure you that currently getting any words you -- okay it's okay. Cases like it my profession OK I wish laws what I would I would absolutely fail in this game to go become a professional player like could make enough money. The -- often like to be able. We have an opportunity to do that -- your -- you're able to do that today between. The points that -- them adequate -- will be your employer sports club Tuesday yes there we -- November 5 gambling break. There from 79. Cabaret theater right here Teddy Bruschi. You name fantasy football draft party history. Now people to have that opportunity the reserve there -- think that reserve deputy. Yeah yes as a matter of fact you can still there WEEI dot com back slash -- Rats flashed around WEEI dot com slash draft come join us they're still more than enough times 2 o'clock now about -- up. Until 7 o'clock to get five hours to get the animal Eagan before Tedy Bruschi draft party he will be on the show by the label 552 will be talking to Teddy. I hear people and arrows sports bar in Mohegan Sun at about 515. And my guess is that we a lot to talk to about it after watching the patriots last night. I need to hear from someone like -- I need to hear from somebody who is a better in a Bill Belichick -- seasons past to be able to say that's fine. It's a big deal. Yet the team looked awful last night the offense looked terrible the defense looked terrible especially the second team defense first team defense but he -- take your -- looked okay but. Nothing was really positive there wasn't one there wasn't one thing you looked -- from last night and said perfect. That's exactly perfect that perfect their responses but look at the positives -- a couple of right. Or maybe one Tommy Kelly. Tommy Kelly -- positive you know pretty good and then throw pumpkins OK he's our guy who did have a drop though it have a drop one on third two. But overall. A couple of times it's right it's -- at the line -- and it is very easily. And you know -- gets it. Thrown out of bounds I don't think I could say the same thing for an Dobson who global times that it -- at the line of scrimmage and it did and he just got knocked off to get out -- but I think overall you have to look at it today. Are if you're one of those people was concerned about the patriots. In the in the post Wes Welker -- Aaron Hernandez. -- Our Rob Gronkowski -- at least 45 or six games. This is something that that would drive crazy and -- that you keep you up at night because you look at it today are to put pressure on operating. If they're able to put pressure up the -- on Brady what is he gonna do. And and that's probably going to be -- the approach from some really aggressive aren't we don't know what these guys gonna -- date android market broke Hopkins. With Ricky freeagent. You know don't do well before the vote in the refusing to beat the appointment but am wondering knowing about Dobson -- -- it would Danny Amendola who knows he'll play are we. And by the way -- know don't even Toronto don't know us Mike recalled how did you read it every got to sort -- corner he's going to be just fine. Time Warner says right here and Mike -- hopefully. A source previously said the patriots don't have long term concerns that they Amendola you know it's only expected not to expected. Only expected to be ready to go at September the -- Writer for the Saint Louis post inspectors threatened statement. Okay big deal. You can -- the same thing -- you know it is going to be healthy as a horse at that point is these guys are unproven and you know they prove that they can they can hurt you why would you so as he wouldn't say that approach. Tom Brady can do with these receivers who are not below -- -- at the end of last year and their. It wrong. Maybe Dobson is a star who you are in week one -- they would poison maybe -- -- -- comes up and he has Wes Welker to -- us. -- approve and and so that would be if you're one of those guys you're if you're afraid. If something last night just really struck a court it's. Think Tom Brady with a bunch of unknowns. And offered to line is not able to protect long enough and the guys were able to deliver. Like you used to -- -- -- because a lot of the pressure wasn't just coming off the -- -- maybe some of the some of the worry write him in the book on Brady it's not just to pressure him. It up about pressure him up the middle right it's get guys up in his face coming -- pushing the pocket up the middle -- the patriots may have a great parent tackles and it's very difficult to come off the edge continue to pressure Brady -- how many times have we said -- moves as well in the -- -- him. Quick slide to the right quick slide to the left steps up into it he does that as well as anybody in the game with Iran during the buried in Marino last. What you put the pressure up the middle. He didn't have that being that cap predictor Wilson RG three has returned tale run the other way and the next thing you know he's on the outside either looking to gain yards with the legs of looking after them field on the run. That's really what he's got. Right I mean he's going to be in the pocket if you collapse it from the inside out there are too many other options for Brady now. But clients can do that better than most teams and -- not a good team he said yesterday for twelve a year ago but when you -- -- consumer nick fairly coming up the gut. Those two guys specifically for that role specifically for the role of coming up the middle of personal pocket they do that as well as anybody else I don't think -- You think there's better economic into coming up the middle Kerkorian. Airport well last. They lost at one point lost eight games in a row. It is if you can't deal with the Detroit Lions have their teams who don't have a -- consume so he unique individual now. Award the top guys only one opposite the patently. But there -- planes. Who who are. Got to do -- much better than Detroit lines do what it does not have understood it's now going to be different in the line up -- yet I challenged him. On the defensive line yeah he's -- he's. Transcended. It. Individually. But their collective unit that are better and editorial line the fact it. That was one of the talent to play for the team last night and count that they failed yet if you wanted to of people in order to make her. I didn't order of about primate the mourners and now Michael obviously there's better -- the Detroit lines and obviously there's better defense this as a whole that what Jim -- group is gonna drop their by the way I can't stand him. When I just just he's got that type -- team that I can't stand incredibly town. Talented but also on discipline dumb penalties trying to be a tough guy like I wanna like them and I just can't because they're so when disciplined -- -- -- things but whatever it sort of a side note to the whole thing and I think that by the -- one of the reasons that they lost eight straight games last year and found themselves at 412 if not just a lack of talent that pretty talented team. And at this specific thing this specific part of the game. Coming up the middle to attack your quarterback I think they are one of the better teams in the league at bat one specific part of football and it showed last night the patriots were ready to handle. And I think that -- before and we've seen this in Detroit. A couple of years ago they went there in the same situation. They couldn't get anything going and they were just ground. And national TV game. It in Detroit now it is turn out to be. As a foreshadowing for what the patriots -- gonna do that -- know what it. No word. They'll wound up well with. What was it fourteen wins that -- -- a 1213 fourteen wins so. We've seen the patriots struggle in the pre season before we even have terrible games as last night was as they'll come back for the regular season and it in the the normal -- the differences. Unknowns. You just don't know which you're gonna get from this office are confident. That that they'll continue their run of being number either a 12 were three office as they've that would and the -- three off. And -- it's been it's been a -- are you confident. Just with the presence of Tom -- That he can make these receivers that can bring up these young receivers they continue this run of being dominant office. I have as much faith in Tom Brady is I do any body in the I really Dylan and I have as much faith in him and his ability. To get the most out of what is given to him because I've seen him do with guys that are not great and we saw him do it. Everybody throws out every time Reche Caldwell Doug Gabriel patriots. We're still good. They weren't incredible they weren't the best team in the -- him in the Super Bowl but they were still very good team and a very explosive offense. I know that Tom Brady's capable of getting the most out of players he's got but if but it Aaron Dobson can't get off the jam. They just not that good right now I don't know that that's going to be a problem for him throughout his career but if what we saw last night is more indicative out he's going to be that's going to be a. -- I don't and yet but I don't know what to I don't know what to make -- last night overall. Do I. Why put it on dots that are -- and unfortunately got receivers so. I'm sure they were the lions were able to take advantage is at some things because they've got they've got these green guys. These these on your space rookies don't know if you all kinds things -- That's always direct the -- -- they'll probably be able to see something on film today and they'll fix it by this afternoon a bigger concern would be. The ability to protect Tom Brady are -- confident. It in this off but the line are you confident in these guys to protect and now I'm not worried about. -- -- But I am looking at a few times. I've been offered to. Funny -- I found myself a little worried about both but probably more so about the receivers. I trust this patriots offensive -- know the interior part of it. Other than Mankins is maybe a little bit more or suspect then the -- the outside of the two tackles and -- Mankins but. I guess I I have a pretty good faith in them I have a pretty good faith that at what their job is supposed to be protecting Tom Brady they'll be pretty good -- -- -- terrible. They may not be the best in football Brady makes them better but they're going to be pretty good but part of it is. No offensive line is perfect. Right now at defense the football is based so much around getting to the quarterback and quarterback and you have two ways to try to alleviate that pressure. One is with -- unbelievable offensive line the other is in the hot routes and quick ways to get the ball into the hands of receiver to try to take away some of that pass rush the pictures are going to be able to do anything like we talked about with the read option to try to take away the aggressiveness of the outside and can't do -- The data with the readout time all of it. If I think it's a huge part of football I think that great advantage if you were able to do that take away that aggressive -- I love it. Of him do that so what they can do -- used on Brady's ability you know to be in sync with a receiver and pass over pressure. And if that's if their receivers -- him about that -- absolutely changes who they are going to be offensively this season. Yeah I think their receivers can handle it I think a bigger a bigger question is. Who becomes that explosive guy. They they they lost two explosive guys with three. And offseason it's not just the this -- of well Tom Brady -- you know X percentage of his up as the reception right now you lost three explosive talents. You know Wes Welker. No matter how you -- -- out of in the big drops in situation. At times you can applaud Wes Welker and he became more if he he became a young guy. So he can be explosive over the middle that now not vertical but horizontally could be explosive we know about rocket we know about Hernandez. You'd think he'd be -- one of those guys it's not only got to bring. It's going to be Tompkins is it gonna be boys is going to be opposite of. -- -- based on the early the early returns pumpkins has been that guy I mean you you can't help but come away impressed with him right I mean -- whether it's -- ability to go cross the middle and be open like this -- he's of south. Some that thought about the play that the quick screen to him and he ran down the field in no short of the first down by -- though. And there are some criticism from for -- -- forget which thing in you know maybe a veteran knows how to get all the way to the -- that it get out just before -- But overall you talked about explosiveness. And one of them he seems to have shown the ability to how that explosiveness. In the in the right spot at the right time and make the cat you don't -- to do all of the things. -- lead up to allowing your explosiveness finish line. Voice may have more explosiveness. But I haven't seen him get himself in a position to Atlantic John and I have seen it with Tom. He solo play last night causes the note that in the past calls -- -- the fact that the tackle. That it -- the backyard after that he looked strong. When he made that play. Having -- -- a couple of glimpses but those 49. You find yourself -- hope that it went from birth certificate it hit the double digits. All of -- for him he owed it to the game late but that's just as you do wanna watch him haven't you find yourself in that situation of his heart -- elected anybody. Pretty you know we can open and appear to you guys 61777979. 37. -- 6177797937. Your thoughts. A what you saw last night or more specifically an 88 now. Now you come away worried I -- I'm -- I don't I don't come like -- -- now the rate that is seven. But it is hard to watch a performance like that -- think thirteen -- three is right around the corner right it's hard to and I know a lot of -- turnovers turnovers drastically affect the game and you're not giving Brady in the first team offense the whole second half to try to come back and -- -- halftime adjustments game plan appropriately. To everything they would to try to take advantage. I don't know how to react to this acts -- they'll play. The one look at that and say hey. Young tight end able to get himself wide open across the middle Brady found -- chemistry look great. Would have been a nice long gain down to the ten yard line or 21 look at it say -- if you can't hang on to the football he can be tight end in the NFL that's a pretty big part of what you're doing and that's one of the things that doesn't show up in practice that doesn't show up. In in throwing against Aaron or even against. -- receivers that they can't really hit you. The tight end is a very physical job especially when you're coming out of Nevada. You know I think it was. Terrible. I'm over it. A bowl game for the patriots if you'll think they're the best team in the AFC east. If they win that division and -- think they're double digit. Victory gained 1213 wins this terrible game. Against terrible thing. I don't think I'll -- the that it that it direct mail and I don't hear what I -- laugh at the I don't think of that -- man holding their Batman and all the very very good football team finally there a eleven or twelve when football team but I there at least 678. Football. Six it's. We're definitely the party come back I don't know that you Schwarz goes Jim Schwartz get fired -- definitely to get the coast of -- Lombardi come back the coach of mobile phone lines that -- 617779793. Sevenths here from you guys today Edith in Springfield what's up the. I don't. What you're hot you're hot -- I think Belichick viewed -- as not so much that dress rehearsal I think. After the couple fumbles. You'd think he got used it to teach these guys because -- -- -- in -- -- -- how. All eyes after signaled -- age we want it off while I don't think he kept. He'll now it bolt -- now and I've got well -- Bob Hope she -- I just I don't think -- did it. And I think it would apply all of being on the -- It was just freak accidents still remember he have broke. You'll still -- He's -- make -- He -- learn. But the -- part of enemy you know all the -- they -- rights were winning that were winning super bulls and every week. You know the opponent would make some dumb mistake that they didn't make and everybody outside in New England would say at Saluki the other side just made it don't fumble. And eventually to an event that happens. Every single week. There's got to be something to the fact that the patriots don't make that mistake and every other team does not making mistakes I think certain value to the -- I would never what you like or think it's different. Yeah I think you you're probably more forgiving in the coaching staff will be when it comes to ball security as the one thing that they will not stand for itself. I don't if it acts and not -- but I don't care who cares what your accident they'll go to school here that. -- coach in that accident people make mistakes they don't think people make mistakes of football -- they are on it. Epidemic but the obvious strategy that you you have to question what do I think -- what -- I think Belichick will. What will it do -- the view this. I think you used. People who fumble as enemies of the day. I think he used people who could not secure the football as unreliable. Contributors they will not be contributing to his football team now if there was one pre season game. And I don't think that's the book. On Shane -- now that the book is that the book on that -- either. But if it becomes -- we will talk about that later if it -- these -- -- -- -- repeater element of that okay. You can play with somebody else but you're not gonna play for me. I would love to replace even a word with a different view word and not the one that you like so much when it was written by an awfully lot like to replace accident with -- kind of no accidents -- you make an accident because you dropped the ball well because you fumbled it is going to be accountability. You drop a football you fumbled football he said enemy of the state at that point. The patriots and I think of what makes patriot football the very first thing I think of his boss here. But the first thing that comes to my mind. When I think of the patriots don't fumble. Don't throw interceptions it's one of the things that makes Tom Brady economic better than it appears to not give the ball away and to have happened four times in the first quarter of the game pre season or not man that's got to at least open your mind to the possibility. That this team is not exactly how's that book outlook for the first. It got a little hit got a little hint of what we've talked about in Foxborough this week it may not but after the game we thought property most those post game press conference. He's got to drop it very easily but the four turnovers and it and it's now. If you turn over the the ball that much it's nearly impossible to win a Wiki percent chance of winning. Now it's just nobody knows -- at the numbers with a lot of pro football focus prop or was -- something that Bill Belichick hammered. Before the game wore afterward and we had talked about hey we gotta let it tonight and this is one. Doesn't give a guy who lives near his moat that actually spits out those numbers or your current -- pops up out of the -- is like hey Tom -- -- the numbers on exactly what happens when you fumble. 61777979. 37. You're worry meter how you feel about last night's game after watching the pats looked like a team very foreign. From the one that we've seen the first two weeks the precinct 61777979837. Apple he can summits often.

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