WEEI>On Demand>>David Ortiz speaks out against Ryan Dempster's plunking of A-Rod... could this cause a rift in the Sox Clubhouse?

David Ortiz speaks out against Ryan Dempster's plunking of A-Rod... could this cause a rift in the Sox Clubhouse?

Aug 22, 2013|

We discuss some of the comments David Ortiz made to USA Today's Jorge Ortiz and get the fans take on the this disagreement among Sox players.

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I wanna start with David Ortiz and I'm sure by now you've at least heard his comments -- they are. At the very least explosive violence and this is Ortiz talking to Jorge Ortiz. Of the USA today Jorge by the we will join us at 430 this afternoon to talk or they were teased. Who wrote this article about David Ortiz it's actually really more an article about A-Rod but. He's got these quotes from Ortiz a written. In talking about what Dempster did Ortiz says quote. I don't like I don't think it was the right thing to do. But we don't all think alike and the guy you -- Dempster is a great guy. It's not. Not that I didn't think it was right because Alex and I are friends because once you cross the white lines everyone's on their own. We've got camper right on our heels and that pitch woke up a monster and yankees team. At the moment. You saw how that game and it CC sabathia -- their -- 91 and started throwing 96. And see that Alex later hit one way out there you're talking about a good team that you can't wake up what we learn from our mistakes. I don't have arthritis I thought. A pro tech what really don't have a problem. With -- what he said. That's nice -- first while I agree with tiger so let's before we get into the dynamics of the clubhouse in -- -- a -- -- team is that being a good teammate or not. Yes I agree -- -- -- -- fight -- Tampa and now you're in a fight with Baltimore New York again. So because because Ryan Dempster is the rule would they won't let you gotta -- to keep your eye on the rise up rise. -- Its global work right. Thank you. What is this gig we've talked about the people what they gang don't got -- to zip lead. Just do the job is not about hitting towing behind they -- can miss the first time. The comeback and get him you know why it was 30 yeah I was three on Alex. The first time we -- to him he missed him. Any throw inside because think about getting them out he was thinking about why got a set up when I don't. It's got to look halfway legitimate so if -- State's 30 he was gonna lose in the wake of got a little bit of what you're getting them out. That's the. Issue I agree but David Ortiz 100%. Now. If you good teammates were making these comments to portrayed no relation Ortiz. That debate while many visitors that -- did it because I think or is a bad luck for David Ortiz. A guy goes out to dinner -- Rodriguez the night before. We can get too much of a chance talked about it because everything happened the next day and completely overshadowed the fact that -- -- -- -- two guys that left on Saturday night. To go out to dinner again about my thoughts on that at the time were. To that. -- about. Don't go out to you would with Alex Rodriguez may be your friend like -- may be like -- maybe guys go way back Libya the only guys understood maybe different how about. Don't go out with the with the rise of baseball while he's in town right now -- a per are part of -- -- based serious David Ortiz said your friends. So it's it's for art what are you what it later when I don't. Why you know and later at a press. I'm upset about being suspected of steroid use I'm the one who's acting not -- -- browse and Jerry I'm upset about of attention honestly don't deferential wrapped in prize trying to. And hey you know what man that -- that -- don't your friends are troubled public your friends are troubles -- just went out with them anymore my friends don't get this kind of trouble first the ball after that debacle governor at all and -- good birdie. Got her first second of all those ways to be supportive without leaving together publicly. Are you saying it is David Ortiz charity supports the way it handled themselves. Because you're sending -- message the moment you go out to dinner with them that the data themselves as -- -- that you're sending the message at that point I'm -- -- -- down. I'm okay with the -- handle all this I'm OK with the fact that he's the only one appealing I'm OK with the fact. Tell them what you take those -- because everything messengers I don't know if you're sending a message to certain people it because your friends with someone. I don't assume that you automatically rubber stamp everything that they do everything that they saying. Everything that they think I don't believe that I don't I don't think you I don't know what -- either but we let them know when your friends about. The symbol of going out to eat with them tonight he's in town. In the middle of all this -- your teammates are talking trash about them and saying that he's you know he's around Donald these things and you are like you know -- -- them. -- the next time. -- -- -- catch the next time a big -- -- a bat from a single -- guys ever -- good teammate is doing everything that your teammates think every every entertainment and it at times is is backing your teammates play instead of backing the play of your arch rival I finally exacted a -- -- -- said -- it changes when you cross the white lines that one's on her -- so. Your your body off the field and go to dinner with you after the game. But we play what -- you know he is saying he did say this animal crossing the white lines there's no doubt he also was saying that what Ryan Dempster it is a mistake. We learn from our mistakes. I don't like it I don't think it was the right thing to do well I'd I'd personally disagree that. I don't think it was the wrong thing to do I don't think it led to a loss I didn't see CC sabathia go from there on 91 to 96 because you can't top that -- -- and I definitely saw a rod hit a home run but I had no idea why that team because of the -- Mean they can just willed himself to hit home runs out of the next night you all for 43 strike -- and a double play he said wake up a good team and -- efforts and a we did a good team that's been playing well for a couple of weeks and it went well. They -- playing good baseball -- they rod came back there way they've been playing all right let's not wake up a good team that it which has awakened that move. But that -- may -- again. I don't know four or Baghdad yesterday when they gave himself the fact that he thinks. On it and throw some legitimacy behind the entire argument of what Ryan Dempster was trying to do it's not a good and it really confirmed confirmed. It and not in his. No other way Dempster was trying to do what he's saying yeah David Ortiz is basically saying that -- -- purpose and compared to answer or was saying yesterday I wasn't really great time. He definitely confirms the fact that it was done on purpose but it I'll bet we needed that to be but the question is. You bet is the of that team meeting general. I wouldn't say I think he's he's been a good team in general never heard from people that he's a bad team. I think this is a move of a good team now in this isolated instance now I don't agree doesn't -- has done at all about what they're like it at all. And this is well weak weak enough find out ignore payload were -- interviewed David show. He can tell us how this came up -- and why Dave was talking about this and other things in the article because there -- other things that are due to get to those later. But I wonder he knows where if anyone knows. Did Dave Ortiz have this conversation with Ryan Dempster perform or to immediately say. Exams can tell you right now I like which did. I think you put us in a bad spot. But they're used to -- board yeah we're great teammates and if somebody asked me about it this is what I'm gonna say. Now that happens. It would certainly take some of the state take all no doubt take all the state and it and as usual we are not privy to all the conversation -- go on behind the scenes are completely admit that. I still don't like -- I don't like going publicly that I don't like calling out your teammate and taking and taking the side it. Of Alex Rodriguez in the process not to look 61777979837. Andre and art program. I can't let me on -- Well I -- I'd say you can now be considered it and Ali. And Ali Ali keep talking party you know what you're gonna do I'm a wild cards. It a bit of back up I don't know on. -- did -- and not let anybody that you I'm gonna let it -- The big deal out it almost. Talking a -- -- that there. It was a bad idea anyway. Why are you go into agree with it but it got caught the game at woke up that team what -- great television. How do you know that -- how do you know that how do you know that either of those two things are -- -- term. Well you're saying you may think you may think that's true but I wanted to you know I. You know -- -- Heidi you know any pictures to prove that they were a bad thing before you -- -- -- are prepared -- that they have made it's by a -- in all -- that's fine and you're if you're entitled to a but the thing it definitely happened. I don't I don't wanna know why other than the fact that the Red Sox lost the game which by the way. Happens all the time does -- get up to nothing to lose the game and happen all that happens all the time birthplace fifteen count all the way they had just lost four series in a row. It happens all the time. I'd hope I you know you're gonna agree -- that obviously. You I think it caught the game and I don't you think you look -- the game. Are you want to go at it and or Iraq I don't care who. And it's an alliance at when the dugout where are you going to be out independent. Down there anyway but. A lot ultimately hit it like doing anything that means -- professional life and it looked like an idiot what they've got a huge -- -- -- possibly. Are you are you buy it just so I -- -- clear. Are you a Yankee -- No amount of I may unbiased net. And I I -- a -- -- you know it's amazing though is I got ready for Daisuke Andrei. Organizing public remembers these common is anything will do whatever they don't work is going to be even -- -- audio and -- -- bank monitoring it you know are good. What we're talking about the whole French -- -- to go out to dinner with with that Alex Rodriguez also. It's amazing and covered his great this great article -- Sports Illustrated by SO price on Alex Rodriguez. And he. Now the good job portraying and Alex I'm not really liked by his teammates in in Texas not liked by his teammates in New York. Is it that one of the more popular players in all of baseball. In David Ortiz right. It's friendly. Probably the most unpopular they were bizarre. And I don't have a problem with them going out to dinner. I just wanna know how that an average of your game developed. Because they're at opposite ends of the baseball Specter you're definitely right about that if you wanna start asking about where the French to develop I don't know all. But it is. It is funny man. It if you start trying to figure out where their connections are what it is that they have in common I certainly both of these huge stars for a long time. I can she get Dominican heritage -- both of them and maybe there are people that they know and common I'm not somebody like I I've I've learned as I said to recognize. The players sometimes go out to eat with the opponent and that it's not they don't all hate each other from earth. And the moment you turn on you put on that how hacked doesn't mean you instantly start to despise people that before and you liked. But I like it this weekend. Of all the times while them wanna be friends they -- -- I'm not going to walk right into like this in the middle of -- common with all the controversy surrounding it -- -- being a pariah. And be in a rat and the steroid investigation and some of the things or eat we always stay right about PED better for years you know what. Economy after her thesis now it hasn't always been like this -- it has not been -- this circus the other day it's always been like that there's. They brought in the -- -- the circuit he is very familiar with that operations are real our -- lines jam Richard calls him a second 6177797983. Sevenths alcoholic WE. Joseph said that should have been handled differently the first pitch behind issued a warning that hit it off -- -- today. There was no do you like mere -- indexes which which you know them questions that. -- it would definitely -- -- team at all. Way to get some hurt on your -- yeah because it's come -- a little gonna throw it but the depth but not Joseph Girardi -- -- I was Alex talk but not with Joseph Girardi charter article actually Joseph Girardi went toward anybody but he's gonna talk to Alex and say hey Alex think of the children. We don't do that kind of thing here in the -- what you can do you think of the children is what should the children. The next game does make sure. It's a nineteen plot to vet -- so then you can throw to read that the children don't have -- no I don't children. -- -- How how young going I don't know. I don't know when children stop being sheltered me go with eighteen I don't know I'd like to think of the children when analyzing -- reporting -- -- they're still very impressionable. Very impressionable I don't know if you are going to jurors at all ports here in September. You come that you had come to this game that I've caller right now it's 6179310937. Win at 850 dollar gift card to sit ago. Plus another fifty dollars of the match by Citgo donated to -- critical courtesy of -- fueling good -- in at 617931. Or 97. Do right now at 250 dollar gift cards it go plus another fifty dollars that -- match and donate to -- you're an early answer the question here a rotten. -- go to dinner and Perry's. -- Iran era has Ortiz still that bonus contracts each nation but that none of the money Davis rule which animate and do it this way. Haven't -- Boston is your town and a -- of the things that -- our New York. -- down and make more money. You think com or do they have to pay credit -- let. The digital credit cart has probably not just the -- what do funny that they you know Iraqis the -- -- back. I'm sorry about -- and another about that and we don't take American Express saying it's been rejected you rejected we're not taking your money I ran like three or four times. -- credit card out most of that thing because -- Sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't go through and it -- right. But sometimes it's just a mistake and the more you talk about the words like of course just got to. I. I'm outlawed it doesn't make any senate -- that are in my -- that I was just under thirty credit star Scott. Our economy -- dinner -- -- the ground. Before I was Batman Heather and I were in town from -- here we went to dinner in the -- then and I'd started talking with a bartender turned out we knew some people and call them. Right you know we know he knows Ryan were so low -- -- other people. Probably not get nothing out of Ryan all this that and the other card and then the -- comes back it's. It's like. That's weird. Can you take this to a course like almost like asserts is that you're traveling out of state we wanted to major like. You do that by doing something other than reject anything. It album doing OK that I accidents on -- -- It's really ever its -- -- it to travel across growing lean times and going cross country I've done it when I go out of our -- -- -- -- -- across the country -- you go from I have yet I don't go to why isn't the week I want to do that apparently can't stop. -- -- Shining you -- it is a little past it's been so we go to Mohegan Sun tomorrow -- -- Connecticut to a need to alert visa then and going to be heading to Connecticut tomorrow exit I just wanna make sure -- the dividing line that the president misses it that is for -- or protections that -- it's. Think with that you think about this built in Denver bill. How -- lineup completely disgusted with the lucky break -- ranks with the party line one -- throw on first ball. It's not justice in the contradict what John Earl. Second of all it's incredibly ironic. That -- teammates still publicly condemn him for an Iraq that you know in order of magnitude more grave. Then what Dempster did you disagree. Sex and some of them are doing it too. That's why some of them are going up not around in Europe and part advocate continued pattern of art -- Cheney's. There -- picking up bar in terms of integrate. An -- -- are absolutely convinced that if he would have an offer. That was ten dollars more than what the Sox gave -- a few little you know because it's all about eight. You know and (%expletive) at all. Always -- come on mad man mommy is not as serious. You can drop was seriously seriously and to enter this week gives him some slack here I was copyrighted now then let's and the -- -- -- David Ortiz does that the FCC's that it is -- -- -- But when you're talking about David Ortiz and then. SEC. -- using the FCC is is pro bad teammate according to the Garland -- David ordeal in Denver may be aware of that stuff in Denver -- New Hampshire. I know you can't get away of that stuff in New Hampshire that. They get a little -- I'm or Burma the first on court on. Well -- sources about what what what source analysts are going to New Hampshire. But and I -- -- hero that one of the employment -- -- -- -- Political animal but. On so -- talk little while ago -- You know you don't -- Nick mistakes like that who act like that on an alternative on veterans who have a bad day and they get interviewed. Know what you read -- -- -- an alternate course so. You don't know what Iran has done publicly. And I know what you shouldn't you know and the northern. But wanted to publicly or has he really done publicly recently Utley what I can cure it you know things. And -- or mental I've seen him do it would seem like a very sincere press conference we talked about these reinforced his blood. I disagree okay as to where sincere and they run a did you get -- -- -- -- -- ahead those two words to live in Virginia problem it. I period I didn't distract records and -- -- -- I would ever discuss their I would. But I want a post on the local time -- -- click. At least. What a whole lot I don't hole and it I guess if you're asked me to believe that these are the worst days of -- life I guess I believe that mail for the -- the what is the responsible for the being so back. I'm not he has. I'm not in a separate what is done publicly from other media that there are perceived to. I you've got to Wear on you got to add in the lawyers still when everything is -- of red and everything else in this camp I mean. -- I think that's where the problem lies is is it's not just that he's a he's a cheater because if you listen to me in general. Outlasting them -- more about -- like one of many things there'll cheaters in my view -- tons and tons and tons of professional athletes have taken performance enhancing drugs but things they are on that day. It it helps him achieve the biggest contract in sports history. And there's something there that can rub me a lot of people the wrong way it's it's giving you mean the fact that these eventually happen to him. A guy who is we've talked about just office made so many other mistakes over the years that rubbed the wrong way it feels like sweet revenge. And now you're adding in this whole thing about being a rat rat out your teammates and and not speaking at the same suspension that everybody else in baseball was -- has owned up to. Those are the reasons why Iran's stance that he thinks he can get out of it that's right. -- right got it exactly right and that's why he's in a different category that's why he's not Nelson Cruz Johnny Peralta portola Cologne it's worse. Of course -- feelings on it. He's in a different category also because of his. His talent level on this this SL price story that I referred to and it's from a few. Few issues back of aside. On August 5 August 5 at. Issue of a Sports Illustrated. His high school coach said I've got a lot of players in the major -- global 46 years he's good you know eight or nine guys in the majors. Up he said scouts combined they always have something -- About this we didn't do this well into this well that Alex Rodriguez is the only guy I've ever coached. We're scouts didn't have a single criticism off of what -- done. I wanted to smartest guys in baseball baseball IQ off the chart -- so he is different he's capable. And he he comes off this plastic and sincere all that stuff. And all all issues with Alex Rodriguez that we have you know so PR conscious but still. Not PR conscious enough to know that this is not playing well formed out. But he's different because he was the chosen one. Number one overall pick for a reason very gifted guy so he does stand above the others for many -- mark is in Mexico City I'm mark. I get it doing mark. But that's too bad -- and you show particularly down near Mexico City love it. Thank you we're -- -- that they listen to my home he's done. Got a lot of new Mexico City. It -- small city. Only 26 and a half million if he knows your name. I don't think that. And on ask him about Miguel which could -- capital are. I just -- talk about authorities still. Opinion that the opinions that you should do is keep it to himself he could've been in the same boat. As a Rodriguez. -- Rodriguez so bad player he's an actual player but you know what he just needs to confessed and just accept what was given to. Yemeni but a bigger threat okay but -- you market this is the complicated part for for Alex Rodriguez. If he confesses. His. I used -- -- I'm glad I don't. Here Jeremy budget so Jason just an -- Soviet -- yet Jason didn't give credit analyst Jeremy -- Jeremy Giambi admitted to using steroids must not a credit meant to nation shrugged. -- -- -- Stay in baseball who cares if Alex Rodriguez says I did it. All is that for what to which -- the Wi-Fi at all. -- all the way the one you're used to 46 pieces you know 4040 guy did this all of the MVP awards all the home runs. About I. Eat the A-Rod part of it is almost not really conversation anymore like I I I do not did not than anybody who believes. Iran is -- is in the same league as the people we were talking about earlier on the fringe of society. But I think for the most part. We voted as a society -- -- right we don't like what Alex Rodriguez transport we don't like this guy we don't like we stand for we don't like I was acted he is different from the other steroid guys were putting him in a separate category and not everybody agrees that. But a pretty overwhelming majority having at this point is won't put him in that category so focused on David Ortiz. What do you make of the Ortiz comments are they indicative of a guy who is defending Alex Rodriguez at the sake of his own office and at at the expense of his own team or is he guys just speaking his mind as he always does. And and trying to just tell it like it is 6177797937. Assault and all and Emilia. I'm the wrong got to be estimates best they can handle -- man. Holy mackerel says they rod. Holy mackerel. -- holy mackerel I'm around I'd be asking about the suspect in Toronto -- will workers pretty equal to that. It's. Right there on got to -- elements of. -- I can't stand among clearly -- clearly Clinton. Now I don't know this is true to -- TT -- laden possible. Says. Read Selena Roberts his book. On Iraq -- revenue but. I'll take your word for it in and if somebody did read the book and conduct of the expert please help us out here. That they -- has been. On -- since he was fifteen. And start doing steroids when he made the show he has always been on ruined his mentor when he was a teenager with Jose Canseco what more do you need to know them that. He didn't just speak comic -- it's in. And right now no. Selena did that book current and chief follow them around you do a lot of interviews at one point he retired came out. It said that Selena Roberts was stalking him. That she broke into his neighborhood users from gated community of some private island or whatever she broke and if -- in Selena Roberts now. About four election. -- I'm not saying I think all criminals or 6588841151. Our writer at the time for the New York Times Sports Illustrated wherever she went -- in between those places at the time. A breaking into his gated community and taking them on. I like it when you -- worried about this family a much better I like the eyes of the lives on on not Arizona was an island on. We've got camp -- and now we've got a rods island as well Apple's excellent 777979837. Jim is in Brockton idea. I guys played on. Excellent get your perspective. All of a hero like getting -- it and I was out beginning on Sunday night you were there yet are. -- -- You help people to visit all week long trip nick Bennett should you but when the -- hit Renault. There wasn't actually a -- Don't like hot and eccentric. And the didn't rule out indicate it I've been going apple already. It was not a single electric moment. I'd ever -- it felt like I thought it was unbelievable. Mob mentality -- you even. Jim what about the children. Jam up what about the children. What about the children -- what is gonna become of them they were there for this mob mentality one of the children while they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been here I've gone through I don't know probably -- it was one of the most electric moment -- I'm worried about the children me and Joseph -- out we're worried about the -- David Ortiz disagree with gentle jab David Ortiz and like. What do you think of that. The history. Back to -- -- Yeah the Ortiz is comment look we all know the child. Luckily. What do you think it Ortiz is common Ortiz is the one who says he doesn't like Ryan Dempster did that you say everybody in the park liked it except the Yankees fans apparently it's everybody except for one person David Ortiz what do you make of him -- Yeah well -- you I don't think that's right you know I'm an old time baseball guys. And I don't think you can go to that a little better I get the help. I think Jewish daily today. Average out command but not at an all time with your team. In terms of what. -- 800. All of China. -- all the time. -- shouldn't go to dinner with the opposition. OK okay. Yeah you're taking an extra step Mike on the go to dinner with the with the competition looked. In what happens -- it like it but I don't care yeah I'm not making a big deal out of it in general I understand it happens. To call out your own teammate for beating Yankee. You don't -- this that your own teammate should learn from his mystique because he -- Alex Rodriguez. Come on even if you feel that way why say it publicly what is the upside of telling everybody the -- that -- what Ryan Dempster did. What's the upside -- -- and I did they write about about about I didn't think it was right what's the upside of saying that. If it wasn't outside but again now in the big argument about about -- what's the upside here. Well what's the what's the upside of what Ortiz said the downside. Is -- maybe he's created a rift now what does he backed out at you Eddie I don't know so maybe it is a great guy the guy does Greg -- I didn't like it. That I hate Ryan Dempster. That I'll never talk to him again it's sort of disagree with woke up a team we're refining for this division title. And and we all got to be. Walked in here trying to get the job done and what you don't and you're trying to. Early in the game. How worried about getting out Alex Frederick worried about them. Your focus from the first batter and so what if it'd be in the David Ortiz had been drilled the night before and they were hitting some hitting somebody in retaliation. For David Ortiz. Then it's OK when the game but then it's OK it's OK for him to be distracted for that reason but not for this reason. Ortiz gets to set that rule these delegates and it just makes sense to me. And I still believe they lost the game because of it. And they very well could have won the game in apparent by the -- it came up some pretty big spots and had a few more -- maybe they -- -- maybe didn't lose because of that but we know for a fact. In just very early in the game. Ryan Dempster losses. What was important is it tour -- What are you -- just for that'd backward up and bury it for that bet for that bad boy he was focused on hitting at one point it wasn't about. -- I'm gonna get the Yankees out and win this game for about a battled -- after that I don't know I don't -- I believe it for that about. Yeah you're right he put Iran on base. So want. I don't think peninsula because that could've happened bringing them. -- I'd -- we want to. Know why it happened we know exactly why it happened just I am -- in my ass off. And I haven't got a base. -- Apollo one because it was a little high a little outside knows -- want to try to -- but people try to love batters all right I've missed them. People. Other people talk about Red Sox yankees on Sunday night. I'm talking about a team -- trying to hold off Tampa and New York in Baltimore. All one has to try to hit them two and three inside -- -- -- anatomy as the pretty and that ball four was intentional again. I I'm I'm not doubting that he's trying to hit them I'm just doubting that that that hasn't happened a million. I'm -- million -- get pissed every time it depends -- who it is GO. It depends on who the -- The pitcher has the ability to recover. If you're so nice with yours Ryan -- did you get. Put a guy on then. Goes 67 innings and leave out your team in the lead broke up he obviously he obviously thought the message is more important than that one batter and I'm not sure I disagree with that John's in the car John. There are -- or not. All our -- liking the captain. I mean. Yeah all -- know David Ortiz maybe get -- being the captain -- the -- because well because he could be be represented everybody. So I execution of the captain. And I doubt about it wouldn't let -- they could stop with Luke -- on the debt. They have one they have one unofficial but got a couple of well I don't think there and had a -- and tackle well not technically don't present Pedroia is that. You know -- shouldn't -- make the case and Ortiz -- We had a -- he's -- this -- on CR derby then. He wouldn't be -- stuff like that couldn't got old here but he did. The other thing about what he's going out to get within Iraq. It seems to be that they were very few. The major league baseball players have any influence on Iraq. It's what you Guatemala City want to -- -- -- for a little file and talk to a big talks and sensible. If you you'll get one of the few guys at the top wiped out Ortiz. Is doing based all servers -- now a guy. Maybe I mean that's that's the direction that conversation is going -- -- -- I -- you know I'm going to give -- the you know. Ortiz it was risky for peace because -- you know better in the competition they'll sort of keep fourteenth well. The meeting comes as if he keeps inserting other -- anyway and that -- that's the other part we're just talking about -- talk about this the comments. That David Ortiz made about Alex Rodriguez. On the other side. The other side is he keeps going back to. His his positive test and asking what he tested positive for and being angry or so why is that he hasn't been told what have to we explore that part of -- why does David or Israelis keep inserting himself into the PED conversation. Well most guys are trying to stay the hell away from. That's coming up salt Ali a lot -- your -- well here at W via. -- awesome and it. I do wonder warnings -- the -- -- got minus 22 year old kid who said first she Thursday is let's go to saw us what's going on tonight. -- -- patriots Monday patriots Friday in Arizona Thursday at a figured thirsty Thursday that -- you -- after tonight brought out and I come is that even a question definitely we're audio what is the -- -- for pre season opponent. I like to go to the bars the pre season games actually Wear regular season having more fun sometimes to watching your home but the bars all I love the comments from fans during pre season a specimen anything big happens to know -- -- dole for touched on all article in the Super Bowl that something bad happens in the crowd -- reacts negatively to. Let me ask you why you're not playing because they think you're grown. A skinnier -- took it down you mean you really fell off the map viewer Graf for awhile and tried and get away with that kind of when you went to a whole shaft Randolph thing. That's and you lost me you can't be grown in chat shaft Randolph can't play both sides that we are being next year. I'm not sure defenses the super cell expert at the white guy this -- and it got a couple of Motorola yeah they're like Helio letting grown it'll go with a linen jacket to -- that holds -- -- person. -- -- my hero nobody knows the cold Iverson looks like we're just know is a big guy at heart drawn on on we I don't know basket in the auto mobiles thanks but it. -- -- Thursday Thursday hey you guys can text the code word at champions. CH AM PI oh yen and a walk like. Talk like. Dressed like that Abuja Abuja -- from. You've -- -- like to talk like that. And racism paddles and speak equipment doing it I can't quite do that or Atlanta for -- -- -- -- -- Bristol -- regain -- I don't know what it's paying the 37937. Due within the next ten -- to be -- to when compared to get the Deutsche Bank championship August 28. The -- September 2 at TPC Boston more info at the BE championship dot com what's the word code word champion. 237937. Ask your question what is rated speak can you say Boehner on the radio. Depends on the pace -- -- in certain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- somebody else's name missed that was that Damon and and products. One against him well as the -- very excited about. John -- sports it was that -- there was -- it was that it made him think of Kirk Cameron's -- -- absolutely right that really most of that protects its excellence 77 very conscious of the SEC's today I don't know why. There I was there for us. -- you know that is. -- -- But -- -- not to. Call -- -- -- great song but I don't ask don't like not all Abuja. It. Really. There may have been cursing in there we just don't know about it. A statement thank you thank you may auto disarray is the last ten or fifteen seconds of these oh god knows what we've actually in the air Ortiz is comments to USA today coming yesterday -- Jorge Ortiz will join -- an hour and a half at 430 USA today baseball reporter Ortiz saying -- Ryan Dempster I don't like it. I don't think it was the right thing to do but we don't all think alike in the guy who dated Dempster is a great guy. It's not that I didn't think it was right because outs and I are friends is once you cross the white lines -- went on their own. We've got Tampa right on our heels -- that pitch walk up a monster in the yankees' team at the moment. You saw the game ended up CC was there in 91 and started throwing 96 Alex later it one way out there. You're talking about a good team that you can't wake up but we learn from our mistakes. I still don't like it I don't I mean it it's easy for him to say it's not because we heat were friends. But you what you are friends. And now you're taking the point of view of your friend over the point of view of York. Teammates and your friend happens to be the biggest pariah in baseball it's a bad luck for David Robert -- a deceptive speed whose. Wife. -- expects members. Was that can -- Britain's public awareness and a bit like give me some more about some more -- We have what -- just that is thrilled to pass this is acutely as it is also yeah. -- at all. And this optimism bush system -- to -- -- It's but we want we want Dikembe -- and Reagan. That's great recent good Bluetooth. Is it is that the fact that he said it about Iran. For example. If it's. -- Ryan Dempster in the big game against Tampa. Same situation. Any it's Evan Longoria. And David Ortiz says yeah. Amnesty -- Dempster started he's Greg guy. But it still I don't agree that -- what he did is it. Is the quote it's a quote bother you because he said any thing a little bit negative about it at the teammate mildly negative even -- -- -- compliment. Or is -- Bobby because. Is David Ortiz criticizing your teammate and say something about. Alex are -- all of -- like none of the individual like that thing about the teenage bothers me but in and of itself isn't two hours of radio you -- mean it's one of those things -- like. General like bat but hey we move on even Ortiz and I can disagree and move well. What you put the two things together Michael and that's where I think I start asking more questions before give back to the calls. Well we started talked about a right before we went to the break there and that's this idea that it Ortiz keeps sort of inserting himself. Into the PGD conversation you wonder why. Well I think. He's an easy don't want talked with over the Jorge Ortiz had to get confusing or court Beirut where -- is the baseball writer did the story USA today. And I I wanna ask him about it. I think David Ortiz is mad is he mad -- Major League Baseball for putting his name out there. And not telling him why. It is -- it does it does -- feel like they they should know what why is named sort of put it on the on the test. Is he mad because it was supposed to be in an anonymous test and his name was one of those leaked. What is it and in the -- feel if if if you're David Ortiz lover or hater whatever who. Tell me. Is there anything he can do about it to make you better but if you're if you think David Ortiz and you're almost done a couple of years ago and all of a sudden you're having a great season. You're you're an all star get twenty plus home runs again you'll probably want to with a hundred -- Afghan. Prototype but I think your dirty can -- -- can prove to anybody right now. And I don't think it's impossible for him to ever so maybe that's -- hard to prove an address like my way. But it just in that would make sense it's still although that keeps bringing -- I -- it's notable. He has to bring it up. Because this is a conversation. Any time deportees. Hits a home run. It through the back of people's minds either so even if you think. He's totally clean in this in the systems group. At the home run. You see your your defensive. Of David Ortiz and scale models people are gonna say he's hitting home runs because of that steroid thing that accusation. And then of Europe I hater you -- of course he -- -- moment. 37 years owning these and he's playing like he's thirty. It's cheating. He's got to bring it up because he knows it's on people's. There's something in between though I mean the other part of it is there are also a third group there who would say I think he was cheating and now I don't think mr. -- there's got to be a group of people that says he tested positive for a reason in my 2000. Boom is the actual test them. -- that test was from 0303. Okay so he did test positive we believe in 03 according to what was leaked. I think he was doing something then he hasn't tested positive since then so I would assume he has stopped doing something since. And there's got to be a third group there that would have that belief so even if they think he was dirty and didn't do something they don't think he is right now. I'm ahead -- that those would be the I'm just laying out what the I have -- you think he's clean. You think he's dirty or you think he was dirty and -- -- That's basically what's out there for you to believe. About David Ortiz OK now I know there are examples. World does that distract figured out and not trying to defend David Ortiz and I'm really just curious about. Why he brings this up now it's the second time you brought up to -- wrapper cup which brings it up to I think. -- Jorge Ortiz astronauts Ortiz or -- the reporter. That taught you about that in 2003 test. He keeps bringing up. Wouldn't you think. That a guy a dirty guy wouldn't. Now every time I see that there's paper right Brian there aren't priced right abroad gave that award winning press conference one of the best press conferences have ever seen was told it can be yes. But he sold it. Those that time most of the time now. Dirty guys are committed just introduced -- wait I don't know. I mean I have to the other part is that we talk so much about you look at it is the entitlement and just beat the deep which seems. With the right to try to get caught doing anything but right abroad brought up for you bring it up I don't know where he brought it up because he was caught. And so he thought it was exonerated any mention it wasn't wasn't out of nowhere even even Raphael Palmeiro let me say this. I have never taken steroids but well there was a congressional hearing for that a congressional hearing right -- -- which is it. It's asking for an investigation -- anybody just him. Dan Shaughnessy yeah for sure. Our whole body gets back to our Shaughnessy now lap dog for our thoughts -- it hasn't backed down with these John Henry's yet if it didn't Brett. There's -- if you serve as a threat. How about David Ortiz honestly is that the house in less than a John Henry's like patting his error. He's just like stroking it again John as these and that nice nice Dan don't -- don't -- it. Hang out here sit -- C'mon it's just that article. Start with your article there about David Ortiz got incredible and all the work. Pet now does add that I don't feel bad he's been motorized all the consumers getting against him duke over the over the years. And so many athletes over the years. You know Larry Bird. You know Jim -- aids. There athletes owners Bob Kraft called cast and cookies hinge Odyssey kids -- Work. We're available to break out right now. No good ball nobody talked about let's get at that point the paper's worth one point one billion dollar does well it's like. Pocket change for John and rate is positive to say Gaudin Gaudin -- -- now blogs as you can there easy damn tired now more to avoid stroke and his. He has spoken with. Earlier there is stroke in the curly hair and now he's gonna make him and amazement and straighten dad's involvement or an update on non stop crafts for and a I'm not going to be. Got a -- not a right to write about the Bruins. Now -- -- credit their I'll regret not you won't let -- but the Bruins golf rhythm he has some affinity for the Jacobs and Jacobs girlfriend bought the revolution. Obviously you know you definitely can't do that even troubled credit -- the -- -- put up there he's using their practice this totally currently that you had. Bob go ahead. You don't mess up -- -- -- to read that figured terms of it's it's essentially. -- lately. And my whole point is might well imagine what we're gonna happen and caught a bit yankees but we fought cancer or perhaps the most weekend. And then somehow a -- bit more a day when the World Series without our league. Other -- -- the World Series because. The fact that you -- to a little -- game stretch and I think what you ordered to much -- would feel the government. It really would be bizarre I mean I know it's sort of like famous. Hard to imagine fantasy world situation. You know right now. -- the power to happen it would be one of the strangest sports stories of all time yeah I mean does this. What -- you know true to our great oh yeah compared to -- disable. Yeah last year -- for 25. I probably would certainly -- -- look at it looks a lot credit but does. I mean imagine that that operate here they would have Ortega you. I mean it really mean not just that a guy. Who was found later to abused Roy it's contributed to a championship as we know that's right I mean Manny contribute the Red Sox winning championships we know later found out he was on Roy it's fine. What if a guy who had already been pot. I was doing nothing more than appealing his suspension. Where I have a significant impact on his own team winning the World Series a notes the disaster scenario and it probably won't happen but but it really would be the. I'm looking at this story united want to be sure story a week goes on CB yes. -- -- -- And that the headline is. CBS sports starting job nice trail okay got lures dot com box okay dad out -- whatever name it. Headline A-Rod appeal won't be done until season is Oprah -- irregularities. How could you have the situation where you get a -- -- the Yankees into the post season. And they win that phony. Oh wild card game at one game playoff yeah. And they say OK -- we nurture suspension. And -- here's the good news it's been reduced. And 211 games 175. -- bad news starts right now it happened so that would happen could I just don't think. And I don't think you can allow this to continue throughout the post season. Because it becomes the story it would be nothing IndyCar race nothing else matters it's the story of the post season. If he gets his team to. A player have to -- the interest of baseball that point we know you have to but if that's the case of what would you do it now they're turning to affect -- I'm -- thank you Michael I'm with the -- our Allan beaten down what's up. -- -- -- -- -- Let's go low pay. I do it Allan great. Yeah well -- side but that it wouldn't -- you get to pick up and I met my office but. I was gone about us and W has talked about earlier when I saw on your FaceBook page there. About. You know whether it Ortiz is a good -- in god yes you know the way I look at it it's just my opinion that it doesn't you know -- -- -- you guys that have the same one. Is that. I think what we're talking about this and to be honest with you can think of it this way let's say it's the last series against the Yankees. -- -- fight for awhile -- spot were tied its. -- -- Late in the game and Ortiz gets up and gets on first you get two outs in the ninth and he runs the second trying to steal second against the coaches. Advice. Who stealing second David Ortiz itself. Or -- there -- still is guys like after it happened but look it's -- there are arguing ran the second car. In the Mormon coaches told not to steal second when he gets caught again and they go to the playoffs we've gotten and yet to come out in the media. -- and says. I think it was a mistake I don't think I I wouldn't have done -- would be -- world that he'd be right. Crucified him like -- Brian Ortiz right now might be right or is it because you voted in the judging jury. To get -- in the Houston TDs. And you'd think. Crucified David Ortiz Allen of equipment keep up but I think -- -- -- have probably -- I I do all the -- -- he's after me not you that's upon Allen after me outlets like. Well I understand outlook as an avid -- and I and I still I do have a problem -- it. I do have a problem -- what Ortiz is saying it's not at the end of the season it's in the middle of the season it's while things are going on and he's he's not just criticizing a player for a play. -- taking the side of his -- we just went out to dinner with. Instead of his teammates know and an Allen. Know what he's doing right now I don't think in an even -- assault Kugel why would. Ortiz had -- -- thinks focusing. David Ortiz using -- right now nine nobody said that I said that here. Today so that it's a judge and jury -- -- judge -- jury is is yet because we know that and everybody asked everybody's judged injury to him and everybody everybody around Alex directories. Everybody's the talks few. When he consults with it has some connection. Added -- the whole error the steroid era. He's an doctor galway is one of his boys. He's seeking advice from Victor Conte -- Bible Genesis think. -- -- he's onto the three biggest names in steroid use an active effort to search. Can you name a bigger name in steroids supply. In those three. Those -- the only three names I know in supplying steroids. I know -- I know bosh. And I know content right I don't know anybody else's supplies there are no I mean them under other names out there -- game shadows and of his other people's and other names involved. But the three biggest names and steroids -- those three people. An A-Rod has been connected to all three of them wants to morning's talk after Rupert couldn't and -- onkyo -- me yeah I appreciated and Jason Grimsley because he's the big guy he was the big deal. Right Jason Grimsley is yet won the yet the relief pitcher of the -- brewers reliever and I guess it was a Wade Wilson involved with something in football. When he -- the cowboys like -- incorporated. -- vikings quarterback coach got suspend it. A coach but it's -- -- -- coupled with the heat index for IQ. Well. May despise me. OK. You are. You were here Keith are you on this -- or where are we what we definitely are you on what are you let's okay. I don't want a setup man. My current -- I'd have -- to ask you never take another vacation we really really badly amnesty. It's dark yes. I don't know how you can get. So wrong about so many it's its arguments they -- really. But it. -- you guys must have been watching it different. Game and outlook that night when now when he it rug got all of -- do you. I was watching that game and in when he came man in -- -- Iraq. After being hit. You guys didn't seem that this see this scene in the yankees' dugout idiot. We hit the home run later. No I don't know when he scored after being hit. I didn't see Dallas on the scene in the after he hit the home -- they -- gave me huge cheer they can't else optimum. As -- if you think that didn't Nam. Even. Fellas came all over on the AA he was -- a lone man pacing the Roman coliseum and you know the -- -- that bring in the alliance you know he was standing alone. In part of our 35. You know hysterical fans. And I think that -- his teammates actually admired. It like fellow gladiators. In mind the fact that I mean he seemed if you use the loneliest man I've. CCC to admire so much he gave up four more runs in the next few innings. Well. What I'm saying is it was a different Yankee team that went. Now I know I can tell the way CC gave up those four runs right after. Now okay but because it affected the teams so much you would think that that would be given up those -- afterwards right they waited a few more innings the waited five more innings before they started scoring. My that I don't know those two things are related -- Yes OK they got pumped up but it's baseball guys hit their number guys are baseball card ate here it's of averages. -- Bomb look you don't sound like much of a friend if you peel off when -- got. What happened the first argument I go to another argument you lose once and go to another. Aren't -- you're better than that you're better on. -- -- comments do matter did say that you're presented you know I -- the value did you were done and he's done with people that's as the editor. And it is no is no mercy. Isn't about Lanka stands. Oh. The thing that he made a reference to gladiators heard her actresses who have heard what the hell with that. That was came all over this is I've got the lone man pacing the Roman coliseum and you know the employers said bring in the alliance you know he was. Eddie long were we but the FCC don't play the beginning when he went. What do you mean by that at Notre Dame went up lecture I wanna know exactly you know. And -- -- on parole and dirty about that became all over -- I don't know. That seems a little -- it looked like you got -- -- -- a -- mind. Get your mind. To mind right -- -- your phone calls hopefully clear the -- that's axle canal WB.

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