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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, on Ortiz defense of ARod

Aug 22, 2013|

Bradford joins the show from the West Coast to discuss the David Ortiz comments defending ARod and questioning Dempster

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We bring in the man who few weeks ago actually had the interview with David Ortiz talked with the 2000 list that doesn't released rob Bradford WEI dot com. Rob us Steve DeOssie -- for the -- man but I -- We're talking about the USA today article David Ortiz. And to me it was sort of looking at -- COY. You know. YE. Lot like it won't talk about a visit to me it doesn't do him any good at all. Well we we talk about what David says a couple times he does a few going to eat you roll your lies about well I think -- -- what. A bit. If you other the that he he would be he gets emotional stuff for the following patching the that's column that you say you know what it it would build ties. And you should Madonna you let your emotions get the better of it and -- I file this under that I don't think he should have done police who said that. And I. As you guys are certain there you know I think that different govern from. I hope guy who he's somewhat close whereas the guys that eat just Italian little bill mitigate how he's getting inside that thing. So you're -- -- saw there there are I -- I don't think that. The bishop that you should have heard anything really and now this -- that you don't know probably because. Bit of not being good for your team that's what it's all about that's what we heard -- Ryan Dempster to a ball low. Bill that small forward because wherever the team we're talking about a month ago. In this season and we're still -- archery years. When you look at at the way he said it too it's just and you know the timing of them having dinner he -- of mr. their friendship. It's just looks like. You're exactly right it. Was a scenario that he believed what they roasting or maybe he didn't unbelievably figure like OK I'll go along with a he's my -- -- go along with a but how do you -- how do you live in a bubble like that not knowing -- got to understand who's been effective team. -- -- -- You guys all know that's about how works is that we can trick here on the outside -- each day. All walled Adobe you don't coach Scioscia was -- are dopey friends that are well. But this does throw every club without regard to every thought every locker room which you know -- time. You always been ugly list which you eat your partnership -- it is not gonna go anywhere because so pretty committed targeted. It got Estrada because about the locker room who doesn't play he had trillion transgression. But if so there there always get. You know what I know what you're saying and and I can understand where he's coming from. The problem here is that you can't beat Holland are you -- -- you can be loyal to your body that's fine but you're not because -- doubt in terms so. What you're saying and how you're advancing the story here and I think that that was the case here. I just look and much like you do the interview brokering at the 2003 test and you felt like it was something he wanted to talk to -- -- he didn't. Have to you. But -- you do the story he brings it up. And we're talking about David Ortiz ticket phone calls a bottle three -- -- of -- you defend -- is spend a rod in right away you know it's going to. Of course defense era course is different. As a steroid user chosen me and that's and that's the way people take it. He. An -- to clarify when I talk to about the doubt creeped out. There was more we're talking about it cute we're talking about the people are suited to introduce your you brought up 2009 -- -- had had a gut wrenching right back. And then and then. And that's what I asked the question about it UP Arafat awards on the list and that's when he hit the question. Thought I would say that you say in that case. -- really go out on the lead got to eleven and you know what I wanna talk about that he -- it's sort of questioned by. To relate it to I know people might -- Because ballots are -- performance enhancing drugs can build a list actor got bruised Hubert he's. The other -- -- are now open patient -- -- do that I think the biggest issue here guys is that. Your advancing the story you're you're keeping Alex Rodriguez in the news. We heard -- a no comment. Don't -- -- -- -- quotes when he came to the right don't you think throughout our clubhouse you don't think you're a strong opinions there of course otherwise. But the players do that you UK is going forward especially at this party here. It's it's not good for the team that Iraq right now in. That the guys. What I do a lot of -- people like -- the other day about the try to go home. Don't. What would also agree it's every single thing that -- it -- Slide hard into them if you fight harder and you know no matter what it's going to be big news. As to become a big deal this oral part of it which is -- certainly -- -- lightning rod for every single thing for the last month and have. Because he's still playing and knowing that you have to give -- a little worried about what you're doing because they're in the middle and. Are we appreciate -- know what do you you and LA already enjoying I rarely see blow it well without even. But it's you out there -- west Coast Guard Melissa we appreciate you ticketing use overtime. Our our our our. -- like a said we. Obviously doing. A lot of Red Sox having brought the Steve Ortiz stories people -- some reaction today at one we come back wanna. It's the Yost he's opinion of what he expects to see -- probably most likely so we expect a much time he expects Tom Brady be in this game we talked patriots next.

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