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Ortiz defends ARod, says Dempster was wrong

Aug 22, 2013|

Lou and Deossie discuss David Ortiz's comments defending ARod.

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Well again. He he he's he's his comments are based on the assumption that it was. Directly intentional. And that's in my opinion is completely different -- -- is having to meet the needs to pitch him. John -- reacting. Defending. His player like any manager at the end I mean after. -- don't really believe John Ferraro thinks it was accessed via jump from knows what happened court everybody knows what happened. I said before that. -- bit problem with a on this Red Sox team. Not the case. David Ortiz USA today speaking with. Jorge Ortiz. Didn't have a problem. He says I'd like it. I don't think it was the right thing to do. But we don't. But we don't all think alike in the guy who did it Dempster is a great guy. It's not -- and it was right because Alex and I are friends. Is once you cross the white line everyone's on their own. The David didn't think you like I do like it at all he thought the kind of woke up the New York Yankees talked about OCC. This is right a pity you know she's usually says he -- on 91 it gives up on 96 while you put up six runs and CC sabathia. TC did pick up. And elegant and elevate his game. -- Shiite pound it's easy but David Ortiz is like now. Also report that David went well they -- Saturday night after the game for dinner. Now. What is -- doing. What did what are you doing. You really wanna associate yourself with Alex Rodriguez I -- really given everything. That surrounds him. You wanna be his best buddy right now do you wanna be that sympathetic ear for A-Rod because when you defend A-Rod. David and eagle at -- with a -- Saturday. Don't don't you get with this is going course he -- era you know don't should get -- To this us open two sides that equation though and their friends. Do you. Dismiss a friend when he eats on the ropes like this that's one part of OK again. The bigger part of it I believe what you is that. David Ortiz doesn't need to do pistol into the water it's not something he needs to be involved with. And in that situation. You tell your friend who has some sympathetic but it was sort of -- here what's going on here and we'll talk after the season you don't come out. And defend. Out -- readers to understand I understand he's a buddy I understand. That your friends understand that we all wants to go for friends I get that I understand it completely. You can do that after the season -- feel like you can do it personally to him lend your support to him I'm not sure you wanna come out and make a public statement. Not and that's the whole thing and you have your feelings privately but the sit down and talked to -- Ortiz and say no I'd like it at all. Any any goes on to any says that. If they get -- to do with the US contract -- thinks its two -- -- suspension has something to do with the contract that the and it's just. It's just not to rule on MLB spokesman pat Courtney -- Rodriguez contract played no role in our decision making process that the joint drug agreement makes clear. There -- -- player suspended its contract cannot be challenged or voided. Is that his drug use. So the contract. As -- voided right of -- is backe -- close games but David really believe that because they Resnick is so much money. That that's the reason why they gave 211. Busy realize it's more than that does he realize that the of the evidence that they have against him. That's the reason why it's 211 things start to leak out Bieber keeps -- one out they get this information. -- it can be more now. If -- year's team right now the public is what they have privately and that's a reason why it's 211 games. And when you look at it you say you. The first at the governor's -- does he get. His he doesn't get paid post won eleven games though he still has ninety plus million -- a 63 years okay he's done yeah. Where does that information come from does David Ortiz think of that on his own saying this is about his contract or does that come from conversation overdo it comes from a -- -- jewelry dinner he gave Alex a sympathetic year. Okay in and this is the thing everything you're not Alex and using his lawyers in an obese can be humiliated when this whole thing comes up there's a delusion that's going on right right. If you set down during a court hearing with Roger Clemens had dinner by the time you were done sure you -- -- -- Rochus played man he's convinced me up -- -- MLB's all the stroll. To David Ortiz goes out to dinner with the A-Rod A-Rod pleads his case cries the whole time but everyone's up to get them. He gets drilled on Sunday davis' I didn't like it. As -- because of her friends in Iraq Demps is always got to do his own thing. If he got a distance yourself man this is exit out Bradford you know a few weeks ago talking about -- 2003 -- -- at the 2003 testing again. You know I still don't know they still won't tell me now guess what there's a conversation about David steroids. You know it keeps coming back -- the conversation dish on the -- steroids. You don't have to talk. You really don't so royalties comes up your problem there -- -- -- I don't wanna comment I don't wanna talk about you know that's my. Iran as a friend of mine are Demps a teammate of mine I got a lot. I don't need to go here right now. Agreed agreed that doesn't mean you can't tell your friend that hey listen I sympathize with the scenario -- you know I believe that there ought to get to. Worked through would vest of blog mobile talked after the season and then you don't address it. Have to the public Q do you just don't they wrought is not sympathetic. Character in any way shape or form to anybody in this country is over steak dinner. -- plus one apparently to your buddy you know listen I agree we've all been that we can. We've all her -- BS was about the study of -- -- again I understand. But the fact is. You've got bigger priority right now in terms of what you need to you can still lend him your support you just don't have to sit there and make it public -- part of the equation when you talk about the -- I six was 777979837. Taking your calls the scored upon in Connecticut Tommy -- -- -- and Steve DeOssie. They say -- circuit in my car really appreciate you you do a great outlook to a secure all the time I respect you a lot. Q. It has -- You know as I was saying you know. The Yankees getting it won't complaining about I just think. The Red Sox really need to win the division you know and insert yankees playing good baseball right now they've got six games left with Tampa bag so. Or I you know I want it to went sport at six game against -- or -- -- go three and rapes. -- the Yankees and played terrible and they lay down it was also expect it to reflect -- a I'm wearing the division. Just wanna get your -- Desktop appreciate you know the only problem there's the Red Sox also some games left -- New York. You know a true they -- three games left for Tampa if they only get three games left the Yankees scenario played whatever it is right fifteen or sixteen games. -- early year you probably would won eleven of those things are all of those things I. But now he -- seven and it's a new team now you all of a sudden now you worried about the Yankees. And -- up before their -- Ryan Dempster around here to avoid Baltimore and the Yankees that's -- at thirtieth by six that's going to be at thirtieth. I'm -- but the Yankees I wrote those that team off there's no question about it they're playing good baseball come into -- -- and they play good baseball the weakened to to a third. And and he went on the three straight here from Toronto. So they're playing good baseball no question about the one near their struggle all -- scored runs not scored right so they're they're back to being. Scary -- at six games the next what three weeks or so somewhat that would through with the Yankees and and that might and communication tube that might be supplement. That the Red Sox reporting to win and in that scenario. -- Buchholz. Looming on the horizon that might be in the think until. Yeah and you know invective David I mean -- -- -- the K I really do. But I'll be the first to admit that he's not always ours got the world's those comments you know he he. You know that the contract's up over the years or whatever might be you know just re addressing all three list. And sit here right now. And defending out for areas you know because. Those facilities. Irony here why don't like the fact the collector guy wants and you miss that he is energy COQ can't come back again. Celek is defending that almost I think Girardi was defending. He's actually defending the guy you know -- sexy. He's on his side MLB is coming after because of the money team right. You know that I defend this guy because after having dinner he convinced you that he's right. There's anybody out to sympathize with with Alex Rodriguez tempered David Ortiz -- -- a couple of the people that's about. Not -- the exams or even that Yankee ownership right right but you always question that because of the money involved by the up and I think that's a factor. One way or the other which can still question a little bit. The idea that. That you would throw your lot in with guys that's. Basically universally reviled. It just doesn't make sense in the middle of a pennant race just focus on your own team getting stuff done. Do which you have to do. And you saw them through macabre joke with adoptions are great guy your wonderful lawless so I get that I understand that you still don't Alfred is going to be a terrible distraction for the steam. But its system and a -- scenario. He goes on says an inch -- in general terms what's good for me. What's good for other players was good for your kids that it had become major league baseball players you can't let any team brick contract. -- talking corporate contract -- talk about suspension wreck not voiding his contract is to suspend OPEC -- -- -- Because then the next time a player gets -- do you lie. Bush charged with domestic violence. Or any other thing. That he may try to got a contract that have precedent. We're talking about a guy that took steroids. OK in the game of baseball you know a lot of things happen off the field. OK that does that sound effect on the phone -- off the field stuff you serve his suspension your romance your accountable. We're talking about a guy that -- you know it's like -- Pete Rose gambled on baseball. Okay that's the game. Up -- -- about football NFL right web if that's all I care. You know a lot of people -- sure that I the other -- most do but don't matter what it while you if you are gonna -- it right to put some in -- but anyways. If you get it do you lie. It -- the president. Domestic dispute I mean you know that a suspension for 211 games. Where do you why your team will might take care that it Roger Goodell does some stuff like to have Bud Selig does not right it's almost like -- -- Or because the union is infinitely stronger from his wood baseball and it is four for the NFL or. Maybe in the other sports. The union has influence in terms of what what happens and in this suspensions and the the wave of everything's carried out so. Major League Baseball. Has to worry about implications and possible -- contest for. The suspensions they tell -- -- time spent some volume automatic draft of automatic appeal sooner than they -- going through right now we're waiting on right now. The union has an unbelievable amount of power it sounds like the last quote -- that he was a domestic violence. That's almost sounds like a union pact saying we've got to protect the union them and the rules that would put regardless. Again. I spectacles go to Ben who's up in Canada then you're on -- what's -- -- Before we get it he out a little bit in terms of the relationship with David Turkey and Iraq than there are obviously very good friend. And being good friends he probably would confided people on this is. Is fully hypothetical but let's say he knows things about it poppies that. They poppy doesn't wanna get out or whatever. In terms of performance enhancing drugs or whatever. Well you know maybe that played defendant didn't. Why that that's the problem that right and that's exactly we're talking about I mean people are gonna sit there look at instant of course David's. Defending era they're good friends he's taken steroids still. But if you put he put himself a deposition is any. -- exactly. But like the other I can't remember that the person that he should do because the as a spread too though you don't want to abandon somebody when they're like probably there who. Darkest -- either. -- I listen I get I -- I get if he's a friend he's a friend but you -- and support without. Without doing medical but the dinners tell you -- vehicle through an awful lot right now what the -- let's hang out that's a friend. There's got to go and USA today and and publicly. Defend. Alex Rodriguez let. Your friend -- always wants that's fine I get it sometimes good to -- a good friend you to spend up. Listening in here and a guy out but that doesn't mean you have to give me your stamp -- -- I don't agree either by Steve DeOssie -- from Mike and Nancy were taking your phone call 6177797. 937 how do you feel but David Ortiz defending Alex Rodriguez -- what next the David Ortiz -- out Korea's defense him. That is it being a friend dirty to do that publicly are you feel about a phone lines -- -- right now let's get right to the calls escorted Justin. In Springfield -- in your own Stephen -- I -- today. Pretty loud that. I think that note that I think you know it. I'm not another sport -- come and and only -- -- you look at it now. Oh record in RL I came out. Our outlook but they're you know beat the media. He wrote back that. You are out and allowing our Turkey meat that cut the mind game rookie so I'm a bit. He holing out the water. A lot yet that I. You can really cancer is. Stop these guys. Because of bill does. No guarantee conferencing -- -- bill what's your real that's fine you or you're David Ortiz emotional reality just you have more control -- NFL. Over your players even though some coaches and organizations don't use that control. I must say it's a good thing one way or the other it works for for bill it's been tremendously successful but. In this situation. When they get that contrary to get all that money regardless whether speak out or not so. If it's to go for. A management team to come to a guy and say hey you can't talk to approach you can do this morning in the if you do here's what you say. It is amazing when you think the bottom home when was the last time we spent. A segment it out -- emits half hour talking about comments from a feature polar right they take the -- Hernandez situation out of it breaking down Al -- reacted Wilfork and bill and everything else. Was last time -- -- -- -- do you believe it's also said this about that team about this team it doesn't happen. Well the only time it happened was loss will Randy Moss was one of the most and a arsenal overtime but Welker with a foot jokes and and -- Rex Ryan yeah we talked about that for a while because that was off the cough and that was something that bill obviously didn't approve of them are back to focus go. Great camaraderie not -- -- You know Alaska we need is cracked foundation at this point in the season and you know if you actually. Want animal. The -- editorial Oakland it was all we can take a stupid as hell and I want to order a sound like comical but. It's got a couple ever -- Star Trek to. Mr. Spock gave -- -- is pouring -- it's almost like any. Hey David Ortiz is important to get you out -- Ortiz. Who put all of that stupid comment. Are -- -- all struck out all that more and -- the Caucasus and incompetent. -- -- -- in the corner but he's only a small for a couple little kinks here and there. I want sure not old we don't want skiing. You know patrolling and yet I bomb plot outline what -- -- know what oil. The big guys out and -- and we don't need out. Why this I appreciate -- understand your frustration internal it's gonna. This is gonna blow open it was about a -- to be extremely talented to run a restaurant. -- be successfully going to be wicked smog thick outside the box right by anybody at a place like Fred these extremely successful round Colin river. You got to be extremely small but it two individuals involved here. Because it I know enough about Ryan Dempster. Yang and David. If people try to go in their today or -- lawmaker big deal of this you know Agassi attitudes bailing -- -- Your romantic and respect for you think sure you know I mean and and you respect I think that they were at a do when you think that we think is the big deal and just move on this is not something -- -- disrupt the locker room because of the two personalities. I agree M. Even if it was something that they couldn't talk about it might be something resistor balls like hey what's up no big deal long -- I agree you're not talking about. I guess you're talking about young players Syria -- guys that can build -- easy offense. Again he said what he said I'm sure -- is going to be like hey I got to know no big deal but I still believe what a bully. Dignity David. Pages talks. And it doesn't always come off well. You know only people I haven't jumped on a pretty nice talk about the flight a little bit how comfortable was nice talking about the schedule and who made the Yankees and help people could jump on that if they wanted to just shut up don't worry about it right Gonzales. -- It's not. If you're there a lot of times -- -- -- and -- see him speak is always a smile right it's like at the end of the interview it's he's joking around turn back into his locker -- that owners and companies messing with the guys in the paper and that doesn't come off well he's not. Nice guy I respect the hell out of them at this time here I Yukio out dumps are you critical public you you'd just say he'd always friend of mine -- teammate in my. I'm not co owner -- -- the big picture you care to receive your relationship they -- you go to see how this may or may not affect your teammates told me look in the press. How these things play out. With the -- you can't just. Live in that bubble of -- differently Rodham Felix support. Us to spectacles go to Tony in a car -- Iran. They had adapting to a man armed. I agree with Roger -- comments you know about to become excited. On the diet are at such and -- little annoyed by law to. Now it is said that about you know letting it go and and don't make those comments well there's I think he's about that a little bit in the -- could have been avoided. I don't agree. I'm I'm with pop yet that I don't agree with it. I -- I it might I love that saint saying he got hit because. That surge and whoever else to talk to agree yeah I don't -- -- all the fans wanted everybody wanted to let it -- because he took. Reports it. -- or or because. Or because -- -- started the rubble or because they're thinking he routed out. A number of god -- you really got this is this you get hit because he takes steroids. Well that you only reason yeah I think that I think that's a lot of. Dedication of more -- game in the ninety's -- -- everybody was doing blogs and I -- you do you do you feel the same way about. Nelson -- throughout the Rigas Orion brought. -- No except the suspensions and move on. -- brought a drug -- you know Clements right I mean you feel the same way some guys take their suspensions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right and passed that -- around -- entirely try to ruin this guys like get him fired in Iran's case it's is that it's a whole another level the evidence is through the roof. To that they're different this isn't just about him being steroid. Now what about what about retaliation that hurt the NC talking about that I got down the road it is in the retaliation -- -- you'll get plot. Well that could -- will happen and I thought that. -- just yes it's -- Does the if they feel that way so so BOB rate -- will be prepared for whatever but sure isn't real warning game one -- player gave stocks a problem you're also. -- supposing that. The Yankee pitching staff supports a run. Or they're good enough friends with them the support a -- -- you know and you know that I mean and that's three guys -- deeply with that you just don't like where you don't believe in what they stand for -- have their beliefs of the way they live their life. On game days the same uniform totally different game donor club -- game it is the difference direct my civil lawyers go to Andrew injures in Rhode Island -- Steve DeOssie you know. They lose you you're doing a great. You know it just it to continue its instinct that it it's what you talked about as far as the incumbent now. And then all of a sudden you know these aren't regular people actually be pleading Alex is -- in in the -- blew my mind. Like it myself. What it would -- agenda you aren't being -- a comment you talk about the apparently -- -- what you want a lot of the -- the big smile whole group and he doesn't anybody on this Cuba at some point you have to be like. In the movie -- in just like the other -- -- and and it and it did that stop that shocked -- and god. You've -- around the world on. Because because of everything you just -- it and yet he does this guy into the Kamal an advocate Kate. -- ridiculous ridiculous. Why even the confession about what about your New Britain it's a tribute well if you -- -- to talk it out on the room. And suddenly paying attention to what it would like you. Are right income will -- -- and nobody nobody wanted to include them. It was just about that wise we spoke up to defend anybody else. If it was just a boat. Probably be scared of TV use it was -- coming out the boy alleged whatever and whatever. Those brew 2003 report was -- has -- on spoke out about the punishment to anyone else. Well that's my point is that nine point two. It's if it's just about sitting down with a buddy and I believe enough in what anybody does something the whole look and I'm bad and you're gonna get -- at that point they need to do. You don't have to do anything about it. You can do. And say no comment and the rest of the guys -- -- suddenly becoming no group scenario and and now there are basically freedom Alex who can tomorrow. This that I -- everything it's humans just a little polygamy. Yet not liking it appreciate -- not like in the coming back and saying well I believe MLB is going after because as lucrative contract. Right Dexter tells you that's come from era but I mean that's that's valued now you're not -- -- -- that MLB has an issue with -- -- through first -- that doesn't. We knew any fans anyway nobody thinks he's worth that money anyway at this point and everybody thinks she's been more most overpaid stars in the history of the game so. Think you get every simply by saying live demo -- going after contract. Fans don't care -- says don't even care -- joining us now on the eighteenth -- Elena trickle west.

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