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Salk and Holley: USA Today Jorge L Ortiz

Aug 22, 2013|

USA Today's Jorge L Ortiz stops by the show to discuss his recent column in which Red Sox star David Ortiz voiced his displeasure with Ryan Dempster's decision to plunk Alex Rodriguez.

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Are salt and all here on WEEI all day long we've been talking about these comments from David Ortiz -- you know more more time and they come from Jorge Ortiz is. Article in USA today you'll join us here in just a second according to David Ortiz speaking about Ryan Dempster. And what he did Alex Rodriguez throwing enemies as I don't like get. I -- it was the right thing to do but we don't all think alike in the guy who did it Dempster is a great guy it's not that I didn't think it was right because Alex and I -- friends because once you cross the white lines everyone's on their own. We've got Tampa right on our heels and that pitch woke up a monster in the Yankees team that moment. You saw how the game ended up CC was -- 91 and started throwing 96 Alex later -- one way out there you're talking about a good team that you can't wake up. But we learn. From our mistakes let's go to -- -- Ortiz who joins us from USA today on Twitter -- Jorge L Ortiz thanks for being with us and we appreciate it. What -- your biggest take away after talking to David about the Dempster. I -- law playing the issue. Being on the -- focused in trying to win games and not personal vendetta. And -- that I could you know you don't have a cane being -- that you can. Well again here than you you have a very good team and they re looking at your heels that you can't. Passport duties on things that you know a little bit the concentration because -- -- -- that game and then that there and they don't get an up or run and they kind of extending. Angela I'm sick and you so. You know -- and he's gonna get revitalized by -- They are re first all good to talk to get a bill long time. -- and so the other thing is here here. When David Ortiz doesn't interviewing Spanish. Is that something that you'd do with him do you say that is -- Spanish or do you feel like yours is something he request. No it might it language as well and still people -- -- -- got -- Spanish you know it is. More comfortable there's a bond there familiarity. And then of course reported story you know I translate the quote but it's something I'm very careful -- and to make sure I have. You know they this'll be -- what they're saying and and because they don't want it actually comes very naturally so that's not that's not typical you know it would be. A -- it has happened but it would be a little odd that you paid one of the lighting guys -- English. Do you think governor David Ortiz. Is it disease standalone. And just in your opinion do you think they just get along with his opinion about. Ryan Dempster or do you think he represents the room and in how -- feels about it. Well I think you represent more than one I don't think I I don't know whether it is majority or not but certainly you know -- he'll either. Feel that way a -- of -- -- they all feel the same way that you know nobody. -- would take the law there. Because. Tourism mechanism or appeal that the players and the agreed to two they're union and their war. It's available now to aggregate -- -- available when you -- it may not like it unsettled picture. A bit reflective expressed -- the expert that Jon Lester Young Lackey I think at that but. The mechanism in place they've ordered more so. Alex Rodriguez should be allowed to use so what. What was the mood I'm in what what was I mean we get to read the words but what was the tone behind award. Sure you know I hope it will work or that -- not -- -- like a cult because of its status so I'd. Blood he would not. He will not. Said and I -- -- he would not you know an indicator. We're. And -- interviewed him and ask you about a salute you think. That I. Kind of caught in the middle in that situation because I know -- about -- fret that ugly. But not the better the night before so I ask him whether that was kind of a couple forehands and so that's what the Internet built up. A what do you think -- or what do you think their friendship. Where did the friendship between. -- David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez start and why did you start your -- I don't know -- blood. A lot of multiple Latin players -- -- know each other especially. If they're from the same country you know Alex who -- born in New York he grew up in Miami but you ought to that it can parents and he you know. Have to consult -- certainly you know at least part dignity and I want what you -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- in -- -- people -- taken -- we got injured so he -- -- sort of -- there's so many can't. Which -- David Ortiz -- from. So you know god Rama. The a lot of countries it can -- -- victory tell you see them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then of course all of those years that the Yankees had got sucked up in and I get each other. Obviously there's a rivalry there. But you know a lot of the players you know it's still happen -- and brotherhood among themselves you know -- it can't ridership. These despite despite the rivalry. Jorge we we keep trying to figure whose IQ comfort I speak for myself. Why David Ortiz. Why he continues to bring up. His own. And I wouldn't steroid violations their failed steroid test. From that book was supposed to be an anonymous test in 2003. What what do you think he brings it up is it because. He wants he wants answers from Major League Baseball team Matt that he is considered at times. A steroid guy oh what what's the story there. Well I think we should point out that no one who brought it up this story is to provide background -- the comment that. On you know Alex's situation would -- -- a -- this suspension. And you know I think. I need you provided background that he he he would two to be on that list. Oh well player who. Who reportedly. Hit it pocketed -- deserving contestant you look at. Yeah who brought up you know what he commented on was not -- Alex. You know whether the suspect who was. There and -- let that he was concerned about -- that contract you know that the Yankees got to get out of the contract. Which has been speculated -- and what Anthony's. You know he saw that as the suspension and it. Kind of enable. The bottom part of the needle out of their way out of -- -- -- this contract. And heat concerned about just like all the players are because -- I think you probably -- paraded on this story. You know if you separate it did it -- the guy is Eli. And you know keep you up for it or he got it in domestic box situation like that that you may not use that to get out of the contract. So he's equating the two -- seems like. Or like what they keep bid as a keep it in reserve until they decide they wanna get out of it and then they use it to get out of it. Isn't yet. It is just the precedent that he's concerned about that fact that you know -- Players look at and these contract. A lead from the standpoint has factors that effect you know they. Stimulus dollars as opposed you'd be what you -- that the ambulance dollar you know that six simulate their game but -- part. Toward that one of those sixty million was given to them under false pretense -- -- will make it invisible right now war. That he can get out of -- to -- their -- -- the the Buick spokesman. Cornea. -- I'll -- that -- let the candidate you like. They got into an article -- demanding that the. There's both prevention. In -- collective bargaining agreement as simple if it. There has been -- up early before later on and -- it didn't affect it. You know that he -- the decisions operatives are confident that they can get out of it that bad of an -- so. Even. You know like it Melky Cabrera last year had signed with the guys in -- -- to port expansion. Before his spot and it hit me up out if they had -- him do it you know. Two year or -- year -- I don't argue or whatever it might have been. Because they were happy with the performance. And then you -- -- that they can't go back into -- We're getting the same player that we're getting what you would do it yeah I. Sort you know that -- but that's something people that talked about Annika. I'm a bit of -- that that the -- it's something that the teams have been have to be very wary. Well we appreciate -- great job with the article great quotes and David Ortiz -- Ortiz. Eyes he -- not related at all we enemy USA today follow on Twitter at Jorge L Ortiz thanks a lot and we appreciate it. -- -- crisis like August. Be the AT&T hot -- to -- passes them the most liable for GL TE network so funny. That's. A bit and been back there. If he backed circuit younger and what do you say to me today. We we we certainly have or have you Ortiz -- first things if there was one. Knowing our river and he says hello I Qaeda guys Italy is that Michael Moore heritage. -- he's like he's really excited to sell 200 guy accountable I order a long time oh yeah. -- -- -- -- I all you don't let them or maybe he's gone to work three BC news like he's -- dot com about all of the oh yeah -- -- eggs come -- -- thirtieth.

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