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Pete Prisco: "Tebow is in New England due to Belichick's arrogance

Aug 22, 2013|

CBS's Pete Prisco joined the show to discuss the Pats preseason. He said that the only reason Tebow is here is due to the arrogance of Bill Belichick.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan football season is upon us it is the most important to before pre season games game number three tonight. Patriots and the -- to help us put that in all things NFL the contacts is our friend joining us on the AT&T hotline Pete Briscoe. The occasion I was covered the NFL for a three decades including working as a beat reporter in Jacksonville for the jags. Posted his own radio show for seven years the star of CBS sports -- I on football CBS dot com or LP -- according -- power you. -- up well or -- on fine pay out quickly off the top your head here tonight the patriots number one's. Will play the lie is number ones for probably two plus quarters which means. Ndamukong -- Against rookie will Svitek should Tom Brady be concerned about that matchup tonight. Well I mean -- if you're gonna get. Pressure in the magnolia I would think -- as sole concern when -- when your. You know your legacy exposed try to -- will also. Yeah but they'll -- I mean you know not let everybody acts like he's the third preceding game -- it is actually a real game and retaliated. It's not that they don't actually game plan -- they kind of go to the net profit to show -- the players that this is the way it's going to be in the regular seat in the battle. Plan not to -- I think so. But not helpful that there long while back right in there and and that's a great place. I see you have -- your power ranking the patriots number four and you say -- had a scare when Brady went down with a -- but as long as Brady is standing the pats will be fine young receivers have done some good things in camp. Are you convinced that Brady without 84% of his personnel. A group who. Who won't be completed passes last year will be okay this year with a new group. Year ago there -- they like last year you would bark out in Hernandez. When you watch them play and put up big numbers they do a lot of good things they were slowed team they were slow walker. I think this year is if there are. And so commence their quarter and there's going to be some change there's going to be some adjustment. But Tom Brady and Brady will make those younger guys outside the better football players. I think they're going to be better down the field or football they might not be as good in the -- appeals. Put your heart out QB back eventually and in fact you know I think because I think exit from the other rookies sucked out of a nice job market safeguard -- -- -- it pretty darn nice job. So it's your question yes I think they can be -- without those. -- for years that you would tell us a great test Tebow kid is anything that's not shown up here right now what's the deal. Yeah I don't to supporting me and go to the hall saying you're carrying out a great skill set that he -- as the play quarterback or whatever other position yet. Boca years forty years in -- you know I told you guys I think tune -- when they -- -- than at any time on when he was directed -- it just loses job -- -- I need to. He's just not good enough to play the national football and it didn't name with anything other than Tim Tebow is doing a pager to a cutter myself. I mean how could anybody look at that he did it still predicting that he should be a quarterback in the national football okay let's -- what the other positions wealthy you know. He can't do anything else. The bottom line is you need to be let go easy you know all the light work at the end column. The why is Belichick wasting its time why is he on this squad what's your theory. -- little bit of go go arrogance. You know the EU want to show. It put it quote the expert like you said the other day that he's right there nobody else is wrong and the reality is he's wrong just like aerial knows her real thought to take a player's wrong. You know build build one of those guys who think that I'm older rewriting and these are great coach Alford coach quarterback ever but still -- -- -- -- he can take something. What other coaches can't take fix it make you make your war -- reality is. Nobody can make it can work. Order -- the other examples the of that arrogance trying to make guys work that didn't work. Well one -- work. Yeah you know to -- -- party could make him into a player again has worker card that I don't read about their their car -- outside everybody. Come to New England Belichick put into the car wash and -- -- walks talks. And they become good players and you know Corey -- -- -- -- happened or been examples as well argue on the in the -- We thought he could be you -- -- -- -- little bit of arrogance in -- in her hands are based. When those guys were coming out that the newspaper people's let about a more cartel get a bit back -- could ultimately affect his future down the road. Standard and it was a bad it could ultimately affect your future go to -- And Belichick said you know what I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get it years out of them they didn't win any Super Bowl -- -- but here we -- what -- your place for years later all the sudden now one. One -- in jail and because -- -- their kid you know what has back. Is that evidence that is that arrogant stores -- just taking risks I think that's you know arrogance is -- -- that applies. It's a little bit of targets. Amid a dispute saying you know again what we can do that you give me specifically on -- can't. -- maybe not the back cute but Hernandez this is a bit in college but when we come and our program which is better than everybody else's -- munitions. There have been an -- you don't want to -- OP but everything that he's right now that's great -- this crap they think that and they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- should reported here. Let's work with -- -- it was never said it was never said it was always going to stand up at saint of course -- -- -- your mind. It or not going to be set a target Ganassi can read minds and they're -- and will do that of drafting a tight end that's arrogant saying he's a bad. Guy who would probably -- you go down on the wrong road if he were somewhere -- we have good veteran leadership good coaching good infrastructure a year we will keep -- -- -- -- -- he has had some successes as I pointed -- you've had Randy -- he was -- -- -- a larger and Corey -- you've had Brian -- it for some time I have to say I can fix the idea possibly to say this -- can really help us win football games to nothing -- with the targets and we don't -- well. Particularly my public well not kill people but you knew we do some stupid now. Did you know more about him down that beat down Florida mean did you hear the rumors about Hernandez. Yeah party was ridiculous attitude -- -- created that he's also had a lucky to have more support but. You never ever ever and believe me I'm not put -- on the patriots -- at all that you never expected to get to Nick Spitzer is. You know it's everything you read is true everything that the -- plays out that this is you know visit demented human being you can't you can't. Really go that deep into a battle. I -- I'm looking at your power rankings and you have obviously as you know said the patriots fourth you have the dolphins 23. And the bills 29. So that I pick up ESPN magazine. They have the predictions of the AFC's they have the dolphins' first -- the patriots second they're predicting 810 and six season for the dolphins. What do they see the and is this just an ESP and magazine just on some against the wall. Do you think there is a sense out there that the dolphins could surprise some people and even win the division. There's a sense of people who are repaired external experiment. And you look at you look at dolphins schedule a removal and and again our. You know the power rankings right I do them for now are played out each and every game couple you know of course two months and and and I and Miami tribe and -- -- And people were angry at. Mean they're mad Miami and L -- and old money what really OK here they spend money understand money in my law like that decision. It has been addressed the out and lie and improve the up Atlantic are Claiborne right tackle he's pretty good player to the left side -- When you look at when you look at what they did in defense that spent money on two inside like. Divisions are not great value in the National Football League anymore so. Are they that much better I don't see and what about and he'll certainly take it expect that the big question to let people are just assuming that -- going to do that. Why why was there -- I don't I don't hear them. Do you have you do you think can help will take that next that obviously the. OP gonna pick a huge step to -- you know things could take a little bit of the Japanese going to be your three before that -- -- -- if you take the -- that I did it you know having been out there are training camp -- watchful state -- -- Italian prime or ET -- -- looked great in the next play. You know you check it -- on like we're ecstatic eye opener on the second level because they're more accurate the opportunity to develop so. No I don't think it's a huge. We're -- what Pete Briscoe on Pete when all is said and done after sixteen regular season games which duo will be more productive Manning and Welker. Or Brady and Amendola. Probably -- handle because Manning has. The weapons comets and and Decker to throw to so yeah I'd probably I'd probably say. Brady and -- -- and there -- chemicals that colorful fall by the way you know. Older and slow you must go. You know I don't say welcome to golden -- had to go but if you you get younger and you've forgotten feel they are the players and one MacBook air and so. A look I understand why did that whole. You know rift between the two of them and were a little bit -- got blocked -- Am a -- on -- it is it is very vocal. The only look at the AFC -- I know -- looks at Denver is the favorite I guess they are slight favorite but you know I would be some I think their five or six teams that commodity at -- look at right now me don't be surprised if he can say. Cincinnati -- the AFC this year. Our regular -- all. Pick to win the U -- to exercise with a Super Bowl yeah -- -- even though isn't up to the power. That was I kick them he will play up the season like total metallic all the -- -- the -- out of play -- well let's -- at all. I think that piece from top to bottom is how it has been eighteen million of -- I got a quarterback antiquated but because obviously it altered and say class publicly taking their. -- you when you look at their roster. And go up and down on the roster they're held its -- Cisco -- considers to be the most talented team in the league and and so what it. A lot of little things that happen in the -- to help the community and one thing they didn't have was something that the -- didn't have was. Versatility. In the off so popular I think now with with pile -- -- for coming in airtight and yet Bernard edit a vacuum effect the back. That'll help. You know he Nixon knew it developed into the complementary -- agent bringing on the -- -- the side of the ball they're absolutely loaded. The only position is the want safety spot it's so so everywhere else there -- at their feet on the secret of why -- -- -- rushed. Isn't all know by the way you -- ever touchdown passes last year Joseph Flacco is twelve. -- beat Briscoe I notice that in the middle of the pack in the in the land of mediocrity. You have two very high profile teams the cowboys at fourteen. And the saints at sixteen. Which of those two high profile teams might surprise you and be much better or much worse than fourteen or sixteen. This thing could be much better than four intersect and where have a sixteen yes -- -- -- and that attack I think they will make the playoffs. I just have to see how their defense -- I gotta remember. For all news. Boasting and bragging and everything else Rob Ryan never closest well -- ever anywhere in and so I I know it's -- See in the and you transition and -- be system for the saints and do -- -- the coordinator. The deputy that was awful last year I wonder about the -- -- where to -- on the order entry force -- I picked it up the field and it's a pass rush. I don't know what he would bears lack that -- little bit about the -- that will be back to being what was the one thing that they didn't have. When -- without would be was -- directed. Try to rein in threes are you know I joked around a lot -- street with a coach that you know I was over there he broke it down and he actually was -- -- thirteen. In any great quarterback needs somebody to tell you know. And shot pay their belief in themselves most likely not actually believe very very good against. Effectively a little concerned. Scraping the bottom of the barrel beat -- you have the jaguars at 31 and the -- at 32 bit not too far in front of them the jets at number thirty you've what do you think is true about the jets. The sexy -- you make it to -- here. -- are we might make it through the year but he rocket and make it to 2014. He's he's Dead Man Walking dot. He finished in -- wasn't hired by the general manager so anything less than a playoff Burke he got. And that's why there's this like for the quarterback I think I I think you know your Rex Ryan Moore star Mark Sanchez. Because he's the guy who understand what you wanted to do we comparable. He he's got more experience on a learning experience right from the get go for your jarred his neck in you know that this team is it going to be -- -- You know work should be -- you wanna start it here because the kid. Obviously you know that the more -- you get on the field the better off to beat down the road so that's why I think you're seeing all this fight in the fighting inside the jet is. Is the coach was the play the director win now or at least perceived to be able to -- now. And the general manager wants to play the dark for the. Want that's why he went off and Sid and geno Smith is brutal death looked awful and he set the stage for planned plants it mentioned that your best option he would the only chance to save your job is Mark Sanchez yeah. -- -- Any other news I mean how you -- that I didn't really know what our quarter marked as it can be when all the -- -- tried ever did he didn't go back to two years it was a -- or you know they were it was on the ball and try to play good defense and and then you know on third down epic you can make the flight nobody can succeed that -- -- ever -- -- -- way to game his plate. You gotta be able to throw on first and second parents to take sample that you can't dictate tempo I don't care who the quarterback is you're not you're not going. -- -- But don't most people think Rex will get his way at least the beginning and Sanchez will get a start or two and gave him maybe three games worth of rope to hang himself and then geno Smith jumps and. Yeah I think that'll happen and the hack it out here general manager make it this. Decision perk go to meet yet that is it's terrible that the game is you know you start on opening day that will be an awful situation for Rex Ryan. It is it is tell you that sir -- maybe that's going to see. If people ask corporate from CBS sports CBS dot com always a pleasure talking football with you people talk to down the road. Well -- I got a bit. A -- -- with Dennis and Callahan and AT&T hotline AT&T. The nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL east had. Bullet that the reveling in me in TiVo's sales shot putter failure and sound like a minute same things tonight he can't wait for. Or easy march to go out there you are hoping as the politics is one series -- there really is a god and -- -- this bad did what he wants to do most well you may -- he wants and did two important work football hall and all of oh the god get -- out of course all the more he can do for the world so why make a bit of football. So he's kind of finish bigger bigger I describe as right yes right. There's a backup quarterback at Florida proselytizing. Bringing any people to not -- no no not yet have a name some. Because of you the Mets -- even. -- -- -- June from a he has -- -- is -- just raising tweeted Brady is at the University of Michigan right now right now and in number speaking to the team. -- picture of economic between itself we wish him between the photograph the braced and for the team in the speech. It's a pretty good got to have their on this yeah -- -- no -- -- listen. Yeah you never think Brady Michigan there he's not not really that tight because it wasn't a great experience you know and and it was one of the books about him in the winner of the detailed Lloyd -- not happen the balls -- Right it is Drew Henson has alternated. Alternated and first half and whoever played better. The play the second half. And you know Brady had to know he was better and had to know we deserve more respect. You know Drew Henson was kind of this. -- -- -- -- All -- criticism -- bill Chris good morning. And I'm Belichick I'm every traffic every player. Coach Autry in the content of that organization and I know many -- somehow doesn't believe in this. But Belichick -- he can control and all -- that is the reason lightly trapped people like and. Do you know that. What do you know the -- Don't Ask Don't Tell you're saying it like he knows he has no idea that no idea you'll do all your calling with no idea -- clueless you're closer column annoyed. How do you know I don't know that's the I don't know. Well I think galloping about -- radio at an opinion on an apple out. Yeah it's great it's news. I mean that's what -- trapped in Matt. That is required firmly believes more in Welker anti lock I'm not I'm more people like -- could not be under the thumb appellate -- And into ways. Very successful -- laundered it. And that it but -- -- an opinion and I. I guess it works forum -- it works. We have Randy Moss Corey Dylan. -- and I am glad he has it but that's not -- works drafting a guy in the -- -- -- -- normally -- first round pick because he's available that's just it shot. That's not arrogance it is when it blows up one you say I thought I could control I couldn't do you know this Hernandez ankle brace myself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These two or three teams that passed on the list nowadays -- and as he talked on the fourth round exits first round talent bright. And they said we don't wanna take that risk we can't control. Politics and weekend Baltic ID bill it's -- Belichick said you know what I. Again I think Belichick may have sent -- -- -- but you know what it's worth the risk ought to act like he said you know a -- control list because of the big -- -- hurts. I think therein lies the arrogance and I don't necessarily mean it's a bad argues he is he has eight method I mean you saw when it was time for the captain's. Oh win win training camp began. To speak to make one appearance about Aaron Hernandez they all spoke with the same voice right when -- -- and they immediately start talking I saw -- -- being interviewed the other day and is able to think about great performance in the being pre season game number two right is that what was it a fun out there but that doesn't matter what matters is -- gotten better. And meet one on to the next game they all are robotic league trained by Bill Belichick and his staff to say the right thing and do this right thing. And be in lockstep our organization that's where it's. Not that I said arrogant arrogant guy Tom Brady's -- it's confidence bordering on your. That's good do you need that he did that to succeed at that level right but that's not what -- what Brady is Brady had the year he had in 2007 have Belichick not had. Arrogance the confidence to think I can bring Randy Moss in here who's who's litany of stuff. And baggage is as long as your arm well the coaches what does that. -- -- that market. Now I don't yet I mean again produce the guy looking at engaging -- -- -- -- if it doesn't work the world resonant now it's our I think it's more basis I think he thinks his chances to make it work would be better than -- -- chances to make a Seattle right. I -- I don't make that pulled away and that's why they're gloating about it and discuss it didn't work done. I don't know it's just seems to be -- reach. The bill Belichick's -- You know what boy -- a -- sign because I'm making sense now gonna build on to clear its austere emotional shock guy conjecture what's your support and I bought. It. I don't know what the boss is texting you. That finisher your were your hypothetical self -- that apparently you don't -- sits there and does what you think -- is available Bill Belichick export I have a better chance of controlling him bad checks yet. Yeah. -- well yes people in his organization -- I don't know man he's real balance said that post I don't know I say assistance and they said that and they in LA dolce and he still has now and he's obviously the people it's were to run their promises. And he says we can do. Where the patriots we have good without the -- we have good leaders we have good owner of the Eagles until the Bengals maybe they can handle we captain. Yeah that's what he -- -- for exactly. And has better be -- See nose wheel right now I don't know what we always know should do I write because you guys from. Things I believe. Right and I believe that Belichick looked -- it said there's a good upside if it fails and fails so. I've failed for a -- again but that's an arrogance that's that's being a good Smart business. When bill that would check. Back in the day it was when don't -- is considered a defensive genius and he was going against rookie or first year quarterback yet you think during the course of the planning during that week Bill Belichick set -- Bill Belichick and my defensive guys around eight. And do stuff to the skid that other coaches -- I think the answer to that is yet that's different. That's different publish it to. Because you think she's a good defensive mind and I bet he. That's different that they can have a better chance of keeping this guy away from crime and other but it does have a better chance that you understand he does have a better chance it's all the same you'd you'd think if you know Corey Dylan. Where it's it's and I gotta say right. Where Corey -- it was it's it's and he he was out of control proponents -- pictures he in the stands and quitting on his team. Randy Moss in Oakland given up quitting. They couldn't control it scares the patriots -- Came here -- -- equitable Leonard -- -- that doesn't always work right yeah it was still I think that the page it's about the same record went on -- -- equipment that Haynesworth was not a bad guy he was just at that point a bad football respect guys. -- and bad guy here and do any wrong here. Now he just -- quite well with them OC Fat Albert. One board one voice of the time -- and never to. -- All right that's that's how we drill it's true. Apology except I was right I know my my point is as bad as Haynesworth was he wasn't a bad character here he did. On -- at -- time correct he didn't run people off the road he didn't he didn't beat he didn't grab waitresses brats don't get all that before he got here -- -- and grabbed the waitress but he's put his credit Qaeda -- -- an error. Will be I -- correct it.

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