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Adam Carolla on his rise to the top

Aug 22, 2013|

Adam Carolla joined the show to discuss his upcoming show at The Wilbur.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline and -- in the eighteen years will be doing this program I don't think we have ever had eight Guinness world record holder on our program. And we do today while Adam Carolla who -- book is called not -- build a -- you see him everywhere you turn a microwave you can see or hear Adam Carolla. Your Guinness world record holder in what ping -- Laura pogo stick what what what. In law just what two things the longest finger now. On on an angle I can't compete with the Indian women yes -- auto white guys longer fingernails. And that most downloaded -- most downloaded podcast who's in charge of counting. Well. That way the process work is you know you contact Tammy if you think you have a record today you can speed. And today we have made formulation and it tabulation and it dates and the guy out. You have to pay for. You have to by the guys plane ticket from merry old England. And he comes out and he doesn't appear whenever he unit he uses the measure that it existed before me. -- -- -- And I felt we could get it in whatever whatever you apply directly to race he applied to me and that we. So numerically financially. In dollars and cents what did it cost you to get a Guinness world record. I think it cost flight -- and yeah like that's what. I got to dig up why you think about why the guy out otherwise. Everyone would just be calling every Yahoo! do we call these guys going that's going to be the biggest BM in the war. Us and so when you floor amount did he bring a ruler and measure your fingernails is now -- to. Pod sales as a different days I I I I wanna -- -- that was. So how do you get into this podcast thing because you're a morning radio guy like we -- did you just get sick of the 4 AM wakeup call and say got to find on the way to -- eleven. No no my my my boss got sick of me being employed. The punishment -- I have to set. Yes so -- and once he got tired of me being employed all the time. I just decided you know we have guys know what it can be like out there. There was a lot of gigs floating around in 2009. And so I just sort of maybe Leno did -- Did you look at that though it like everybody does your first ago podcast how can I possibly make this profitable. We out of live with the wasn't even really a there was no model for making money on the podcast -- five years ago when I when I got started. So. It was kind of blind faith but it was a little you know if you build it they'll come kind of -- -- and that they'd be you know. I never really had I had I had big plans there was just something I was gonna do to keep in touch. With my audience and help maybe some -- came along but it's just started turning into some things are. Now the podcast is of Guinness world record proportions -- the unbreakable rule of doing a successful podcast just in case Jerry and John and -- I just wanna do once Sorkin swears that the best part just -- an F bombs whenever you want. Eddie is I think it's sort of liked. You know all. I don't know home alone or something like it's your left alone when you're dying. And you could see marshmallows for black -- it's pretty good around a fifth day he'd be like her. -- -- that makes it's you know I think there's an element of that. There's no rule that -- -- no tricks and nomadic stone to -- he'd just do one every day I've I've done one. Every day for the last. You know almost five years and it's. You know you try to get good -- you know -- voted -- then you've been burned some calories you have a little production value -- They look at I don't think it's any different than a radio show. -- and it it's it's it's -- it's a meritocracy. In the sense that. In a radio show you know you have to do good radio show on a daily basis -- you won't get listeners. But if you're on a powerhouse station. And got a guy leaving and they -- great numbers well then maybe you'll do enough to get by. But this is nobody's waiting hand and no powerhouse station that is just -- radio show up. And I can just 250000. Podcasts done that but he doubted he got to do something to get people listen. We're talking -- Adam Carolla and out of my partner Jerry and I mean my radio partner not my life partner Jerry has been touting your book not topical bill material now I haven't already yep I'm going to read it probably this weekend. He says maybe the subplot there should be a loser makes good news is that fair to say sure yeah sure. People like the book. I was telling your Life Partners she calls -- Jerry edit. Eat in fifty years all the chicks who says it's -- here if you want the last a little more not Taco -- material I was. -- autobiographical. All that tells the story. Got some got some laughs and there but the first book is not about lap or at least that the attempt. No I think it's it's auto biographical your story is compelling. I got a couple serious questions here though this man you gotta be honest. Right you say at the beginning all these stories are true. Well since you're half -- faced in half of them how do you know they're all true -- who feel who helped to fill in the blanks. Well you know -- a pretty good. In the the ice started in radio. You know not too long after some of those stories. And so I always told those stories like you do. On the radio so I've always hold those are the -- kept those stories fresh and alive I didn't. Take twenty years off and then try to cobble that together and then secondly. I'm pretty good with -- and I never really exaggerate when I'm talking about myself. Yes we have Paul I -- -- they have 62 but I never say six to an ambitious story. Now they have bad pod system rhetoric could could maybe not quite fix stupid -- brand is what I did it. What I wrote the book is that barrel and all the guys that were basically -- -- When all this stuff went down and I asked them -- our version. A bit just to make certain match my version of. I know obviously the guy you get asked about the most I assume is ready knowing when when you tell a story about -- Taken his own feces and like thrown in your hair does he recount that the same way you do is that it was a perfectly accurate. Yeah and throw it right where he slapped it right here cold slap you better. The source of being thrown in your -- He had an that's stories went down exactly as and instead of both boys were greatly crime like this stuck -- If I made all -- stuff up. He -- -- I don't even know how you make that step up -- found that most of his too bizarre and macabre. But yep exactly. What he did it walking from the pen through what. I enlisted. The par -- was his own and it is unclear. But important. To tell these guys about the as you com. The low land guerrilla -- He's the guy who'll say anything to anyone at any time and I was there are on a number of occasions. I mean I saw him unprovoked. Just just as an example of what this guy was good for when he was you know sixteen or seventeen. This. Mom's friend can't he was talking on the phone. They have raised mom's house or apartment. Just sitting on the chair -- was walking by him in the nude and -- Put his penis in order to hear that about Mo here wrestler opening here to find than that and -- that is my arms for. Can you imagine what you've seen -- few months and yeah. -- his mom's. But it throws. Out. Yeah she I mean I've seen him do the equivalent of bat a thousand what was your reaction -- You know it's weird but I didn't care when he's departed on strangers and peed on -- and done that kind of stuff seems an illegal. The interaction is not nearly what you think it should days. -- -- -- -- -- -- That you would have if somebody like that back you're here. On the subway news when Abraham. Yeah I like that that's about it except it would be -- -- paying on the -- -- right. Where's he now -- how to turn out institutionalized. Arrested her dead. He he's he's not be these cities -- renter is not an. That is an apartment. In North Hollywood -- did just a number of blocks from where he grew up in it. Apartment in the North Hollywood it's nice and we do on. And that crawl back. Actually an Ecuadoran appointment today with US based on accounts keep the content. Now and we do what we're Pearlman we do weekly home improvement podcast that he's doing a weekly -- improvement I've. What are you up your buddy Campbell right where you guys were ten years ago and -- -- you know you go to his wedding right -- there Jennifer Aniston is there. I'm Howard Stern as you interact with these people the same way you -- with your buddies there's a sort of respectful distance. Wolf but no -- no and so it's. I'm a celebrity too so. I'd I don't know what's so. But you know -- don't really know. How they do you know it's so I spent some time. Talk and how hard it. They're the ones I know I talk still in the new ones I don't know why you all say. IQ you know you depending I -- that Heidi Jennifer Aniston we talked a little obituaries. Super nice. She wanted you to NG. You know yeah yeah I think that that that absolutely -- what about Tom Cruise was he there -- one of my favorite scores in the book is that Tom Cruise story. Yeah -- I'm Tom Cruise was written that I am sure he was somewhere doing push -- He came to hear Campbell's house for a football party correct. And when he brain. But that they brought his mom and cupcakes. Quite some rumors must. His mom and cupcakes. And DD take offense to your touchdown dance. Well you know to be bad. And that just did -- for 100 and transparency. In the -- now I was blitz that as well as I did my touchdown dance and then I think I staggered out of there. It was Blair what I elapsed though so I didn't know where he was and he ended up officiating an argument between. Jimmy's presence now in Jeffrey Ross. The roast master and so that's story says he. Laughed after the touchdown dance. And he did not leave I left drunk after the touchdown dance then he left probably shortly thereafter by I left first. Maybe we should know the nature of the touchdown dance. You have to do it well it illustrated in the book yeah. You have to pretend like you're. You catch the football party Sonia we always remember that part. View. Celebrate a little bit by polio -- head and then you get down into -- squatted position. Hold the football behind your back with your right hand we elect can't pretend to read the sports page on the toilet. And that after a few dates of that you -- And dropped the ball out of your. Tom Tom's mom thought it was a run down. Yeah that's the accuracy of their -- What was the worst job you have an animal wasn't that earthquakes serve eighteen thing you did or or what. So go ahead I was through with this Thursday. Whatever -- probably the thirtieth dangers yet most dangerous Galahad crawling under. You know. Condemned buildings in south central don't know quite work like. Buildings from the thirties and -- footing for the coffee can and -- and all the crazy people's apartments pairing up walls cockroaches everywhere and I was -- that mass but. But in this city jobs so it paid. Prevailing wage -- got like nineteen bucks an hour back fence that was a big BI I think carpet cleaning what's the worst because. It was really hard yet to do it in the middle of the night and all the restaurants were closed and yet paid six bucks and help. She never knew exactly what that particular -- was right. Well it was always it was always. Some horrible that turn and agree the best -- what I realize that job was it was no good is -- -- and I would look forward to engaging these slop buckets so when you wouldn't run a little bit that a -- the work. But esteem where you can do you still it was hot water you put it. So oil bust with the name of the stuff in there and then you go at it and you vacuumed up if you're doing a rib joint. After a twenty minute there's there's there's a campus so a tank. With all the stuff you backed him. Evacuated back teamed up and it just black -- cheers and you then and he had -- five gallon bucket and you walk into the bathroom meanwhile flopping all over the side your genes while you're walking. And then you can -- it into the toilet but they can look forward to that part of the job because it gave me a break. I thought that that bad hey Adam did you ever think in the midst of all these menial jobs pool you know dead and lose your jobs that you be stuck doing that the whole time or did you always have the dream is that like to say that you get out of that crap. IE I didn't might family didn't permit dreaming of Wii tennis and embroidered sign -- the -- that no -- he needs. This I just thought this is miserable I'm so that that's when I realized he had to be and comfortable and order to achieve something because. If somebody got me DA you know like I was trying to be a fireman's. But I was white so I couldn't do it in in Los Angeles it literally visit. Seven here waiting list if you're if you're white at this they didn't tell you what you're not. We're not hiring white people. For years. Buy it if I could have been a fireman like I wanted to be whenever it's you know like twenty yeah you'd be happy I would have been happening to him. I've you know been Chilean plane whose government I probably just be a fireman right now that's probably have a -- work. -- as we get ready to say good -- for things our listeners need to know about Adam -- number one the first book is called in fifty years will be chicks the current book album on the jury's beating us over the head with is not the -- go -- material. He'll be at Hampton beach Friday night. Wilbur theatre Saturday night. And you'll be on the Dennis and Callahan now audio upload vault in about a matter -- few minutes at a -- -- her but for the time good luck this weekend near New England. At a -- Dennis and Callahan of the AT&T hotline.

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