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Joe and Dave with Will Middlebrooks from the Red Sox Dugout

Aug 21, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with the player of the game, Will Middlebrooks, about turning his first double play at second base in the major leagues, and the offensive outpouring the Red Sox had in their final game in San Francisco.

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-- started it with a long home run the lap of the first runs of the game you finished. Looking like you're taller version of Pedroia is a Roberto Alomar at second base nice don't want anybody to look up. And your first time ever first time they were playing second base. And how do you do then Adidas mobile over the other side of the diamond look at -- -- play up the middle Little League you've been about ten years when you can't think about it as Richard has had to start him word about it but off. You know it is just gets the ball especially in a game where it's -- -- wanted to detestable loyal to do anything too special Nicklaus. Well I use your approach has been so good at the plate than you seem to be working counts better and hanging unity and change his stance a little bit squared up a little more yeah I square it up a little bit and that's just keep me on an outside -- a little bit better and it still allows me to stick to the ball on the inside half. Played so just able to cover of the hopefully -- now. You look at you very confident hitter right now. Yeah I don't see it well and you know you get confidence when you when you get results you know unfortunately this is how it goes so what's his target a few hits in. Explicitly changed my stance you know it was pretty awkward for about a week in. And you know target it with that -- And how did you do that in terms of changing your stance who did you work with specifically on how close Dave joppy and AAA. Even you -- double hitting coach also -- -- around and rightly so we just watched a lot of video and you're just trying to figure out we know what was going wrong. And we feared that the biggest things we work on and it's hard turnaround will be it does it matter do you win you hit in his lineup. Now -- -- from one through nine so. You know I don't care it doesn't help us win games and that's what it's about. It was nice to have one like this after last nights in a very tough defeat and be able to. Just gonna break it wide open there yeah absolutely happy flight for everyone so. It would be it'd be good get out there with a win with a good team what do you plan for the opportunity especially Houston crashed it and probably just Democrats today. My agent lives around that area in -- by -- you'll -- in the Atlantic City. Back home in Texas -- of the football season has started figured that day your parents are enjoying it too. You know they're glued to the team if he got a good team grown. I really haven't talked much about it they're just Nuggets are -- at a tournament so today. So oddity in the old spectrum and you -- and you get your hands full years so yeah absolutely congratulation -- right they skeptical.

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