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Fantasy Football Podcast: Running back rankings

Aug 21, 2013|

Pete Davidson, Chief Fantasy Football Writer from Rotobahn.com, sat down with WEEI's Jim Hackett once again to help get you prepared for your Fantasy Football Drafts. In this podcast, Pete and Jim review the Running Back position top to bottom as it stands in week 3 of the pre-season. The guys break down the Running Backs by tier and offer strategic advice on how to best approach drafting the position.

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to the third addition of the WEI fantasy football podcast presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that. Play I'm Jim Hackett and I'm joined as always by. Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer for Radovan dot com the fast track to Tennessee football domination hello again date. Good to have you here. And we are inching closer to people's draft so I was just talking to some coworkers in the hallway that contrast tonight -- drops over the weekend. It's a perfect time to launch right into. Was probably the most important position Yankee team the running backs and Pete has put up. Updated running back rankings on WPI dot com which can be found on the it is what it is flawed and also of course it. -- dot com rankings being updated every day with new information new news injuries. Of the sort so. An interesting way to look at this is tearing the running backs in terms of their impact and where they belong in your roster Dietz told -- in tears. Of a million running backs here available for your drafts. What struck me is the first tier -- Wasn't at first there. It's a big here it weighs about 229. -- but but but yeah Adrian Peterson it is known here as -- -- you know I think. Think he should be and you know it's funny there's a lot of and I say there are rankings don't over think things because I think there's a lot of edits it -- out there that are really. I don't know if they're just trying to be different you know on the off chance it Peterson as a bad -- they look like geniuses are or what the rationale is but I -- Peterson rates as low as five. -- You know I mean I I just don't get it I mean he's the best running back in football. -- -- I don't see another running back even if everybody's healthy I'm not saying for injury purposes or whatever. Everybody's at a 100% hypothetically Peterson the best guy. The question he comes up and ACL -- a career year I mean obviously everybody knows this and look over territory but. And he just the best running back the only reason to. Did you know America can knock him down or whatever would be that he doesn't have you know that the requisite support and his team EU. But I -- you don't have material differences on his team from last year where he dominated and he did you know down the stretch you did it without hard and taking pressure off of them. And I happen to think that. You know maybe not from week wallet but at some point this year I think quarter up Paterson. Their rookie who they traded up for adrenaline to get out you know -- we love but you know obviously a tip in -- little earbuds. You know I think Paterson becomes that's secondary option on that team they can take some pressure off Peterson and they brought in Greg Jennings as well so. I just don't. I understand that you know stat heads float to get into this regression saying guys who have career years come back. But you know quick frankly to get a truck backing up in -- -- says haven't. -- but you know it will. With Peterson it's still you considered safe statistically there should be a regression but for me less likely come up with an actual football reasons for regression. You know I'm gonna go what I -- Aggregate he's done nothing over the last you know look at -- as of last -- over this stretch of his career of in his injury. To give you any other reason. Today to demote him and anyway and he's the best back in football period. He has the standard he is the best he's the best running back of his generation and you know that's just waited and if I the first pick in any fantasy draft at any league side. Any format with the possible exception of like -- two QB format. Peterson the guy. Makes it meant not set about that is exactly how can that he can make your roster -- one thing you said during the during the analysis of Adrian Peterson and the number one spot -- is there was interesting is don't over think it. And that's a perfect way to head into the second tier backs because. Right there you can do it there's a lot you can -- think there's a lot of these guys to me. You can justify taking 2345. You can kind of mix them up a little I don't know if you wanna kind of dive into the second tier running backs and why you think someone is where they are in and it's it's as compressed -- it seems to be to me. It is is compressed as it seems to you. If you look at our second year. It did goes from running back to all the way to running back. Seen. 93 and get right back nine. Well that's that's overall record yet so -- actually -- right back nine which is which on the course you're looking at Doug Martin's -- it ordered Doug Martin's CJ Spiller Jamaal Charles. Marshawn Lynch Ray Rice Alfred Morris Trent Richardson and LeSean McCoy -- Now for my money. For all the people who read my concept called people who go to -- bought and read our stuff funny guy if you can do one thing for me. Just pick one of those backs if you're in the top. Nine text you. That's the way to win if you wanna ticklish on the court might or might not break guys the number two back I have no problem with that you. You can make it. You can make a credible argument any of the running backs -- that -- to -- at the top of the cheered their. The reason being no good they'll have good teams support they'll play its systems that are gonna support them. They're Alltel a bit of -- healthy so. You know it it's really. It's it's sort of like go to Baskin Robbins these guys are different flavors yeah that's what you're getting you know just getting the same ice cream -- it's gonna be good. Now. Where you know that they think they really need to impress on people is just take the running backs. You know it's we've got -- direct at the top and we've got Matt Forte was at the topic here. Three -- I was really excited for quick frankly if you wanted to take Forte in that second -- put it into that second tier right and he would try. I keep it real close to being -- that here right now in PPR -- absolutely yeah absolutely couldn't that -- absolutely it's in that top tier if you switch to -- -- -- Yeah what else is win for second on this -- in nineteen offense the ball owners if you have a gut instinct you know sometimes you you you just you have a feeling about a player and you and I talked about this before if you go with your gut. Do you really can't be wrong with you what would you got its when you don't go with you cut and then you get burned you feel terrible. -- the psychological perspective you're so right I mean in that nothing annoys me more -- who went. Then when I go against my thought process for some. Outside reason and then I end up -- you know having been right right on the truth of the matter is with these backs they're all very good. They're all very likely. Barring entry to perform well. -- the best thing to do is go with your gut instinct inside of our top tier but they don't want should do. It did cookie and take quarterback. That's where you get burned any any -- backs can get hurt. Lots of things happening -- people all you if you go look at. Eighty web site the predicted as a football -- go look at the first two rounds you're gonna try to info guys in there and perform for one reason or another. That's why our draft plan when you look at it you pull back a little bit you'll see we trapped with the idea that. Things are gonna go wrong with that guys are gonna get hurt right you know what you're the one thing you don't wanna do when you're drafting and look at the you know when you're in the sixth round of the seventy revenue look at there's six or seven players you've got a new team. You don't ever want to feel like perfect I've got this -- done in the fact that you need to keep adding to -- you know it's. So but anyways we get into these tears in the running backs the second -- these guys are all good. Take -- confidence and take -- that you feel good about you know I mean LeSean McCoy to deregulate here you're too. Now that's a personal thing for me really yeah I just as much that I love McCoy having. You know I could find a much more exciting back the -- on the court is -- run at the scheme -- -- that I happen to think. It did it. To be pretty effective chip -- been scheme in -- I like get. The thing that worries me it was just a personal thing about the court I've watched him play a lot. He's been a little banged up the last two years in the can dictate that the concussion in the -- he'd recovered from the concussion last year gave me a little pause. And chip Kelly's scheme. You know they just they said guys into the keep the -- of the defense. You know so McCoy you know the run -- -- scheme itself is great. And certainly from -- other week to week perspective -- should shock -- -- Shawn McCoy starting for the Eagles to the great fantasy play them this question yeah. I can just have and this may be you know again this is just me but I have a little bit of a concern about him physically holding up. Took that to this you know the way they plan on playing so you know if you were partaking in the first -- yeah he definitely is. But for me. Kevin Richardson. There at the end of -- here because I I just have some questions about how well they're gonna hold up physically. That's like and that's why guys like Ray Rice Alfred Morris you know they're. You know just incrementally -- those guys not necessarily because I think they're in better situations or even that they're better players I just sort of feel a little bit more comfortable them holding up. Data that's valid in Indian and thinking of that you know it's funny how you you -- in those other backs you want. McCoy and Richardson together this is a similar. The basic concern you -- Alfred Morris Ray Rice may be Marshawn Lynch together so the president another question when you're at the top. Of these second tier tax quote unquote sister -- not named Adrian Peterson it's Doug Barton Stiller and Jamaal Charles now what is it about those guys. That you view blessed to be cautious about in your mind. I don't know it's this -- in all three guys are different players are being Doug Martin. -- was really get ahead of that cheer for awhile but now the thing that I loved about him is becoming a problem -- to interior guards are his healthiest -- -- -- -- to -- -- this season and now we're hearing that knicks. Could be out up to a month that certainly are Smart and now. Should scare that's not really because they didn't have these guys last year Martin did everything he did last year with the backup guard. Right so you know it's really wasn't helped them de Soledad off people we're definitely focused on stopping the run so. You don't -- should be able to repeat what he did last year even at these guards are very -- And you know Joseph should be there so he's getting an improvement otherwise but what I'd like to -- is both of those guys in Iraq at Roland right now that. No we don't know -- and that's actually gonna happen because mix of the so infection. So you know that. This stuff is also fluid yet it's if every little piece of information caused this to change our board the board which is being constant motion right so -- never -- Great you have to take it in certain areas we believe in Martin's. And that -- to answer your question that they I like about mark I like his stocky. Bill I you know it's sort of like Mike Tyson back in boxing you know you can hit it but. It's hard you know one thing you like to see in a boxer. From an attack perspective of the long neck right those guys keep those guys that the campus -- you know glass so sophisticated. In in you know in four -- similar thing a stocky running back squat firefighter kind of guide is better built to take the blows at all. You know CJ Spiller is built to take blows. Let's do the deed he's -- to -- blog writes I don't get it but Barry Sanders it's really hard to get a clean hit a CJ Spiller so you know. His size and weight is concerned stay healthy but his elusive and it's just plots. You know and and that they would spill are the reason he's up -- -- -- just right now other than Peterson. He's just the most elusive. Dominating back. In the game right now he's just back good. And -- -- is the same kind of thing you know we love is elusive ability we love the way he runs the football Jamaal Charles it's just that he's and a standing running back and we knew that -- -- factor in the switched. From that old KC offense the Matt Cassel led the bottle to this new Indy -- offense you know without Smith -- -- love but I like him Mort -- capture. You know I mean it's hard to really with the exception Jamaal Charles -- injury two years ago. It's part of by the negatively. Let's hope I answered your questions. Now you did and and and you and I think alike in terms of when I look at my fantasy football roster I like to think of the other owner complained that we can look at them a roster of single bully. He could put on the wagon load of points on the and that's the appealed to me about a guy like Stiller. Percent or Charles for that matter so -- just -- to a to another question on this here you know those are kind of like the top then need the penal. Big bursts the excitement players was the safest pick and a -- figures for those who are more conservative listening to a podcast today. Safest pick -- the -- years probably Doug Martin rewrites it probably Alfred Morris still. Just just an arm and it went and when you say say fight immediately equate it to injury. Right help Clinton inconsistent background. You don't know what's gonna get a little bit. Right in terms of performance. I think it's bassist guy is Spiller and that lynch excuse me Spiller Charles. You know -- -- but again. And Google's adding that -- that I look down -- -- go with -- Richardson McCoy. We'll gush of those guys stay healthy there's no way their performance is going to be there are so. These guys are the studs -- -- -- the guys you want that a -- you absolutely cannot leave on the board and take a quarterback. I don't think it's okay well it's okay do you want but I don't think it's prudent to leave any of these guys on the board of paper Calvin Johnson and twelfth -- formats I think you make the mistake. -- edit and Forte had because of that class as well have got forge ahead of Calvin Johnson Jimmy Graham. I think if I'm sitting there at ten and everything goes according to -- you know and our top buybacks have been taken I would go Matt Forte before it goes into the position. Boots -- -- and he he's at the top of the tier three -- correct that there you have Matt Forte Stephen Jackson. Aryan Foster who was a -- to back Steven Ridley Chris Johnson. Those are blaming those -- great backs. Absolutely and you don't think they're you know we're talking about pretty small drop off from two to three you know bit. To explain the -- possible player at a time you know Forte as I said he's right on the -- I got on the verge of putting it to punished here. You know the thing that keeps him out east. I had -- again this is and this is where may be watching these guys as often as they do maybe it's just it's bitch might seem Forte takes so many shots. Over the years sort of a football -- not elusive back. He's a he's a pretty good back after contact but he just takes a lot of takes a lot of shots. And that line was pathetic for a couple of years -- And that's a fact of -- took -- -- which line is better there's no there's no question. But the bears have finally made material improvement. Are they offensive line they tried the last three or four years but they've basically blocked every every guy they bring it -- every traffic has been as underwhelmed. This year I like what they've done it likely that they'll push -- and like what they did bring in -- long and I -- an underrated pick up. Was Max -- for the jets look sexy he's not even that good but he is functional offensive -- you know he's not in the future QB killed in a regular basis yeah. You know I mean they've had a bunch of just you know. Turnstiles if you have any offensive let's say for the Chicago Bears over the last two or three years has been just criminal. And it's really fast but they went back to the -- So fortunate we've got the next two geysers Steven Jackson and various Foster in a Foster I think everybody knows I think. What Goldman go to the last couple days and now foster's now if you're gutsy risk taker. And you what do you know you wanna play to win tech good -- -- Foster if he slips into the second round now I can do that. Now -- it's too complicated for me because I'm more than willing to take a guy like Stephen Jackson Steven Ridley. You know so or maybe go receiver after a -- back at Roland vs taking a guy like Foster who. My concern is even if he comes back he's playing pretty well was possible. I just. How is that seemed not to augment. -- with Ben -- to keep everybody fresh I just I worry about what their approach is going to be in Houston because there. Won't -- you would not. Area of Foster waiting another fantasy football points played there there won't view is heading area Foster 100%. When they play their first game in January. So. You know. That's sort of the well look at it and and -- but I hope what foster's someone else takes them and helps me out yet. You know but he's still a great back but -- -- talking about a guy taking you know in late August taking injections to your back. Because you back pain is gone down into your legs. I don't know how -- back eight you've dealt with your wife -- but one thing I know what that pain is in your Lex. You've got a situation and it. -- known -- 20300 plus Tom guys jumping on my back went in pain. Exactly so you know fosters a great back but raise up to me. He's a little bit of a risky assets and I'm hoping someone else takes that risk I'd rather take Stephen Jackson -- Forte. The reason Jackson is a tier three verses that you two were -- for. You know obviously I think the reason he's not in the top. The upper elite cheers that he's no longer in his delete users -- is very old back has been around now. He does have some mileage out of he's not quite as explosive as he used to be. So I don't think he's he -- now why she got back facility all their backs well I think when you look at the Atlanta offense. And you look at what. You know that -- still footed. Michael Turner to obscure as good as it's as bad as he looked at times. He still scored a touchdown that Jackson is better right now. And turner was his last two years in Atlanta. So it's just really hard to envision. Steven Jackson not getting. Double digit touchdowns. I agree with you and as of this rejuvenation factored into it I think to. The patriots got Corey Dylan you know as a kind of a similar situation. And it's the -- and he's an he's an instant. NFC. You know championship contender is an instant Super Bowl contender after being mired in a pretty pathetic situation in Saint Louis for a really long time. Little extra bounce in the step I think he belongs there too and it in the reasons -- keeping him out of the elite backs are a 100% valid in my mind and the reason he's a little higher. That some of the people that normally with his mileage in his age would bury him into another tier. Much to get along very -- as he's he's definitely out of the value target to make. Yeah I mean look with running backs it's liquid. You know the real estate this year you know location location location right there running backs the same thing I mean. You know to keep your audience is everything having the job of being other team is everything's so the rams kill this fantasy value for a couple of years. And now Atlantis and the exact opposite effect on it. -- so yeah I mean that's that's really get in actuality I. The one other thing I would -- is before I moved Steven Jackson married. And I've had him all over the in this for a couple years. I would back. And I re watched its second half. Specifically -- relaxed the last three games are very closely. And I just you know if he does -- lateral monster that used to be making the same kind of cuts are probably not be the very forceful -- yeah. He's out there he's hit the hole he's got leaving a whole lot of yards on the field I am pretty sure he's gonna do well this year you know if you could have an extended. The career Atlanta I don't know. You know we'll have to see how we looked at the end of this year but right now above feel pretty good about Stephen Jackson not just based. He's healthy not just based on -- Atlanta now but he was pretty good back in the last year. Where do you draw the line with whom you would be comfortable with as a number one Tennessee back. Yeah. -- sometimes you don't really get to trouble like yourself to correct. You -- and I don't know about an address right right so you know sometimes you step to do the best you can't Wear your -- But you know and and by the way there's. They look at this week we there are two more back -- that third cheered. They're they're a little bit deeper I've got a couple elite receivers between those backs. But you know I've got -- leave Chris Johnson also in that thirteen year arm out there more upside place when you compare and Steven Jackson. The reason Ridley is it that your in the third tier reverses a lower one is because. Well first of all we likes deliberately as a ball carrier we love what he can do after contact. Obviously the patriots have really go up -- -- he can -- offense. The reason that'll push -- up even further popped up with a -- to be back in the game. You know it's read the absolutely could end up with a lead production -- there's -- question community was the top if you atop five cents to back would shock me. But there's always that thing in the back my mind with -- that if his ball security stuff isn't cleaned up yeah. You never know what Belichick's gonna do mean a couple built on fumbles and just changed a whole dynamic in that backfield is actually roll. Does that he's got talent he can deploy. And exactly exactly I mean -- is not a -- community Italy airport does not dog and you know Wrigley. Everybody's excuse me -- read everybody's talking about change during which he's been turned -- to a receiver that's all well and good and I'm sure is going to be used. All around the formation because he's got the ability to do it and they have some -- EU. But if you wanna put chain -- just back there should lead tailback it seems they -- yes she believed. It's could not do well yeah yeah I think he could actually be the best they have he's much more dynamic -- -- So. You know I always worry about what might happen especially it seems like the patriots where they they don't. Really don't care startup scholarship athletes support from Brady and it's you know you have to earn your steps on the team and you know we -- you know we've been through this before with Welker settlement last year but you know I don't I I always try to operate. -- the deal with the patriots to their artistic accounts. You know -- there anyway. So that's with Ridley -- but it by the same token all that's said where we have a ranked in the second round. Especially as we -- we don't do people are -- were raking these guys for performance scoring I think he's I think he's an outstanding value where we have them. Chris Johnson I think is the guy who we can answer your question list. He jumps off the page. That night dances and nineteenth ranked running back he just jumps. Date ebitda ninety correct player I'd let's hear what he does that got sixteen toward putting back armed 1414. To. This thing about CJ. And I can I just out of a lot of -- stuck on this but I I'm out there right now I betcha anything around mid season piece of -- trade for list. Because he he -- season if you just look at his schedule. -- pleaded guilty -- so I mean he's got his his first big interest which six terrible match and he's kept it kept. He's got Seattle he's got DiFrancesco Pittsburg attacks in the meanwhile it's ugly. That's a lot of defense there. Right so there's every possibility that he's gonna struggle a little bit over the first half of the season. And so -- thing with Christian and out by the same token I think by the target it to the end of the season that the aggregate. It -- to look real good right. So the way I play Chris Johnson a little bit different than the last place Steven Ridley now if I took let's say like a member said -- you know Forte out -- at a Calvin Johnson. Yes now the reason for that isn't so much but I think Forte is what what Calvin Johnson it's that I'm concerned that I take cal and at ten. Too much out of my control between then and the next summit that picture so it if I take the receiver and in the next. You know four picks a running backs. Gosh I'd like to look at it. Maybe not being -- pick a running back and expect now quite so I would get the running back first and then I'm willing to set. Look at what comes around the bend and then maybe I'd take a second going back our media -- AJ green Julio Jones Dez Bryant. Maybe -- would did you regret and all that OK I do you follow that logic absolutely. So it's sort of dealing with Chris Johnson. I've attempted to take -- -- eleventh or twelfth pick attempted. An attempted if I go Calvin to take congressman Chris just wanna come back around. The thing that scares me is to have Chris Johnson this year with his schedule -- might lead back. It's scary weeks one through seven or so and you know. You can afford to start out to a fire -- -- you know I mean we'll give up if we do but we don't what either so. You know Chris Johnson for me as a guy ideally I want in this -- Second running back I can do it I like the Matt Forte first round. Chris Johnson's second round that's -- -- -- to help divorce first rep Chris Johnson's second round I mean I think just -- boarded up with those guys in terms of value. But I like him better as the second back this year. You know. You know like I get a little concerned about looking at -- backfield -- say. Say something like Calvin Johnson first trip Chris Johnson's second round and then maybe a good David Wilson in the third and I like all those -- individually. But I'm not sure I like the Dubai for my team early in the season. So -- you know -- just have to be a little bit careful digital -- you know you know the start out. Well it's up -- play catch up in Tennessee football Israel says in a fast start is. Such a breath of fresh air if you if you can do it is a lot unwilling to. We start fast now you're in the driver's seat in Europe the guys in position to maybe give up a bye week player to take a step back trade for a long term. You know potency in your lineup when you're 13. You gotta you -- country don't we try to reveal it until the let's get real now what what to get through these third tier Baxter. This is where I think sort of an important change an important shift occurs when once Chris Johnson thought the board for my money again non PP are scored yet. I start looking at the receivers because I feel like the elite six or seven receivers depending on where you draw the line. Those guys -- to be clearly worth more than cheer for. Backs and beyond that you say so I'm not get this is so you know people like to go running back running backer who wanted to running back in the second round. I like David -- but expect after Chris Johnson. But not the second round. Attacked. You know so that's that's sort of an important distinction an immediate detail into the ground or something like that but you know David Wilson as a player. And you know almost -- closeness seconds but you know he's the guy that we -- ranked pretty high. And it's for upside. You know she's a little bit like Chris Johnson in that we we anticipate his value. To steal our sports season progresses we expected to be meat will work more we -- Indians were what we want sure okay were taken with a bit of a long view. It -- -- player -- is is well below his average draft position right now. It is -- end but I am very comfortable with that the way I like to draft because I draft for depth that it David Wilson give me a problem the first couple weeks. I plan on having a play -- you know -- an option to -- right you know about third back and put him it and you know whatever now. If people are drafting and are thinking hey Wilson critical political gamble of a guy like possible there are other action that's here. And it's the same kind of thing is that second year. You know if you would take Frank Gore. It's stated David Wilson you know early -- the third round yeah. I totally support that you know. My my style of play I go for Wilson because I think he's a guy who could get everything it's simply there there whereas. You know the -- to better or DiFrancesco plays the more likely excuse me the less likely they are aware that francoeur. Right so Gore's sort of -- yes solid stable -- with less upside Wilson as a guy with some risk. But he has a chance if he plays really well put up or be what stats this year. Don't -- -- to use this will be -- this. Part of the part of the podcast to to to drugs and in the morning just how have you helped Tennessee football. Owners who -- address it at this point like after Chris Johnson. Yeah right when Dave Wilson comes up this is when you start seeing. As you saying receivers that have higher value -- reaching -- of these guys is you're number two so I want to paint a scenario and edit. There's at their support because that part is I think there were more. Excuse -- parred -- and I think there were fourth or the beach is that if you. You know you don't take David Wilson the -- the second round part of area that'll pick the values -- right but the other politically is to get to the middle of the third round. You should still have David Wilson level backs available to you whereas when you look at those receivers. You know you're not getting Julio Jones the little larger looking at country charts -- or something like that. But he tells you you kind of skated right rose colored -- not a question. Yeah. So that's where I was -- going -- yeah I think most people played Tennessee football. At this stage in the draft like -- on Europe's second or third play there have reached. You know reach for position vs the players so I just want you to help. Owners out there know and understand. What the downside is with that you might come out of the first round and have say Steven Ridley. -- -- you know I don't like relive that. Kind of feel a little else and feeling like navy -- a little overzealous him I need to get -- -- to back -- security blanket and then you go and you get. David Wilson. And what have you done to yourself. So you reached once and that caused you reach tens up on yeah I mean it obviously depends on what you consider reached should be put to -- a quarterback by definition in round one or two was reached a class a -- Now. That this saying it's. Here's what sort of exception to the rule when it comes to reach. It's early running backs attacked there are times where you need to take the running back early even though. He might not actually be the best player of the board. And it's counterintuitive because we're always told people value value value but when you get back now again I'm not saying take a running back that's not worthy of the pick right. But you know it's let's just say on once 112100. Scale have got an 85 back. -- 88 receiver. OK. If you're taking back the -- Pete Best available player you would take the receiver. But in a fantasy football draft. Knowing that I need to have running back -- and knowing that a couple picks later I can still get a good receiver. -- the go a little bit out of order -- to take the slightly lower ranked back yeah. It appears Petit. Because it goes directly to what reaching is an -- -- you by taking that running back having to in my pocket early. I don't and a preaching in round three. 4567. All the way through the middle of that draft I need to be in position to draft any player. That's a great idea and if you have every. Fantasy football position still open. Mean I don't have my quarterback play tight and I haven't sold out my. Receivership and -- -- legal right to draft a third running back. That means we come back in the -- so to say in a mercenary like took the running back first round that I took these slightly less value quarterback's second round. Went receiver third round protect. -- I come back -- the fourth round. I don't have to everybody else in the board as cynical and these techniques I need just got to get completely just make it one more sticky little bit there for you don't independent people out there right out don't why. Yeah I did download and accomplishing it right now and -- to right. We you'd do it the way we're talking about you not do with that you -- out -- -- which one of these guys -- would -- yeah. That your attitude -- you know that the best available player on the board is a guy you can take. You know maybe maybe you make a similar decision maybe take a guy -- fractionally different because you think the best available players gonna make it -- on the bench you. There are tactical decisions you make sure depict the key thing to do agencies cannot reach. -- an end in. We reported to cover draft strategy I think in -- up to that podcast but the podcasts after that so we'll definitely get into a lot of the stuff -- but yeah. Duke -- the -- about trap play keeps you in that sweet spot -- you keep your options open. And we talked about it with QBs in was our first podcast I think act. You know it's that's why look at quarterback of the bailout position its its like a bullet I like to keep in my guts here in real and what you fire it. You know you can't by the bullet put it back to -- -- forecast. And always have always advised on this land is because plate yeah it's it's at this part of of the running back T aware. This is the first time you are kind of confronting that. Yeah no it's it's so -- -- very around basic terms what we really want people to do is yet if at all possible -- running back at around one. The reason you go awful running back in round one is because you've gotten deep enough into the round -- you got control. You can estimate. Accurately what you'll be able to get in the next round so hypothetically by the eleventh selection. OK and their three running backs of the board that I like. On the pick Calvin Johnson. Because it is on the right okay cleaning out -- take to another to get certain eyewitness -- now. It's one of those backs Chris just that I worry a little bit. But it just it's it's McCoy -- and Stephen Jackson -- throughout connect. Exactly that is now -- it now. Egypt to the twelfth position now it's completely different because I know I'm taking two players it doesn't matter what order they take the government take Alvin and the highest ranked running back and that's easy. You know I would never let Calvin Johnson out of round one. He belongs in round one but the spot at which he goes as a hard to do with how effective the trickiest and adhered to actually not an irony. It's sometimes easier draft Calvin in the top two or three. The reason it is you get early third round pick. And that early Serb -- pick almost always just wallet back yeah. So it's actually it's less risky to take Elton I don't I the obvious cost to doing that surpassing the one of the truly running. That's why you shouldn't do it. But completing the Calvin Johnson drafted way is actually easier wouldn't it earlier first round because that earlier that there -- -- helps out. But anyway it's. Getting getting back to these two years. -- here we sort of look that. It's in the fourth -- right now. I want you to curse word because. It's it's. It's a cluster -- I mean you know. You go it was 21234567. We get eight guys in the cheer up Kurds are possible. Yeah well he did order and again you can reorder these very easily. David Wilson Reggie Bush Eddie lacy Frank Gore Lamar Miller DeMarco Murray reached Jones-Drew let you know -- Now. -- -- -- I still have over the fourth here. But he took place -- right now I don't want people drafting could hurt but I don't we don't know what's cooler with this foot thing. I watched that game I watched all by the destruction is five times each. I didn't see the injury. That doesn't mean it's not bad. But it wasn't one of these things -- somebody landed on its foot crushed you know like Frank Gore a couple of years ago are so. My instinct says. He's probably going to be okay he may even be back for week one. Until we have really accurate medical information. -- he's the guy pitched you know he's sort of like Foster right now probably best to let somebody else take him if he slips -- the -- the -- or something that hasn't -- and then maybe take it upside play on the but there's enough good players around. You let. -- you really should be potentially have to draft belt where we have Emmerich currently. To any situation should be resolved particular next 2448 hours. But but right now he's a little bit of blank spot I would -- went. Now so we recovered at the unfortunately this whole year has stores like. Say there's a story for every player in this -- Lamar Miller out all the sudden they're talking about David. You know. Why do I think David Thomas on their -- I'm getting my name's. Daniel Thompson. It's gonna be easily in the next two teams and it's probably because I have juggling 500. Since two players in my head but doesn't yet Daniel Thomas. Is apparently making a surge now what this surge actually. -- -- -- We don't know -- an average -- about 35 -- carry. Has really looked spectacular the two big release that preceded it works like all you can driven a truck through it -- not exactly sure what's gone on down there. Probably a motivational ploy but Miller isn't the lock that he was a week ago. I mean I still like to where we have ranked. You know there's you know there's a little bit of a downside there that we did have before. The one thing -- definitely have to do now if you draft Lamar Miller. Got to understand you gotta get Thomas and you probably don't wanna wait until the last round. You know you probably go a little bit early you don't know weeks from now he might -- like now you get Thomas and you get them but right now until they say make an announcement. You know you gotta be careful -- -- Eddie lacy is a guy who's -- well -- yeah you know first of all. But in his -- but anybody who actually should think about not discuss Scott's stature -- big guy talented he's got you know. The first can do a lot of things do a lot of things well. They'll I don't know if you saw -- pre season action and you know watched a couple times we talked about it that night he he looked like what we want it to look like so we're pretty. Pretty bullish on regulation right now he's moving up. Reggie Bush. You get the traditional cancer. But everything's looking pretty good right now. It's a patient's own I think he's. You know with the exception hideous play on turf. But he everything's great. And so -- -- -- feel good about bush and obviously PP our bushes were considerably more than but it would sure schools have. That we can we talked about gore Gore's injury history the fact that they -- you know ease up on in the season goes along because they have so many good backs to preserve. As doing -- on that a factor for two years. They got the Michael James yet -- even you know Kathleen Dixon Dixon could get into our broader absolutely are and we get to DeMarco Murray. And -- just -- Can't leave Jones-Drew is still. On draft boards it's just as much -- and I I feel like this conversation has gone on for decades with them and on exaggerating but. Yeah I -- these junctures Acosta good example if you're risk taker. I mean he can we -- yearly. You know I mean for me Hubble risk averse what it comes to running backs what was frank injuries. And down offenses. You know I would be I could forgive the bad offense if you so exceptional we're dedicated to those blowout games and you know just had a couple screen passes and you know to -- GB of space and you know but the thing is. You know he played couple -- the jet game he told tapped on the sideline one time. I don't know I didn't see enough. It's Ike is you know if he gets in the game next week we see him making authority to cut. I moved mobile portal but look right now. Donna got a look at -- roll the dice yeah and DeMarco Murray. Is a guy we. We'd really like DiMarco there we love the way he wrote the football is concerned -- mentality really always trying to make the play didn't -- out of bounds and -- He's got to push hard now that's part and parcel way he gets nicked up it's a little bit like Amendola. Where actually -- this kid he's taught you know you look it's you know -- looking to get hit -- -- -- fearless player that you know that leads to -- it's sometimes. So it's that kind of thing and it's. Did you have to factor in the you know Dallas. They tried to improve their offensive line this year but it's still -- work in progress. So. I love -- talent I love the fact he's got the job. But dallas' line in his injury history art in other red flag she can't just ignore. These are all guys that would likely end up as you two back that you would be very very excited they were you there -- You know but you look at him and it's really happened -- rights are gonna happen you look at them and it's who you just you wishing you had a two plus. Yeah it's this thing with these taxes. Depending on the when you take. You really have to protect yourself let's take Reggie Bush right now really look at. Actually spell yeah you know look for -- -- the fourteenth round don't let them go to the seventeen to whatever you're you know me personally I think he's he's past -- sure. At this point for me. You know with Wilson. You know the issue with Wilson is untrue -- not and cut prices. He's a guy you actually use like 67 maybe if you're lucky any traffic details -- yesterday he's in the band -- area anything. But hey you know so if you go back but I'll -- that -- and they're -- you don't Ben Tate has had some injury issues but -- also been able to hold up a couple years as well we've never seen under battle yeah but it looked like it is. He did his Achilles tendon his rookie year before even got into a regular season game. He broke his -- last year after just a couple of games. You know these could be freak injuries. You know he may end up being healthy for the next three years but right now the track record says this -- -- the so she's a tough guy the value. But if I've got Wilson and underground slips to be eight. Pop culture. Interest and so now. And as we move down and you look at tier five little lumps him together -- five to six -- seven. Into a man and zone tiers -- eight. These guys are all. Starting running backs on NFL teams up then you start to get into people -- and it's shared that fields -- handcuffs again a larger share. So what these facts -- it it starts at Darren Sproles. And ends with Mark Ingram. His interest in on the same team around but as I look through the list in in analyzed it myself in books and these are guys that. You know could be in the starting backfield on any given Sunday. Once you get past these guys it changes a little to him or not but definitively there a couple other guys you know on the board that. So where does that play in your mind in terms of value in your draft in which these guys could -- and should fit. But you know what the tricky thing with these facts is just figuring out who to pick when to take them and an end. Well it's it's interesting when you get into this part of the board. These guys can move a lot. The some of them just based on information you know -- -- off. You know he's a guy had -- about fifteen slots -- -- just couple weeks ago yeah. But once it was clear that he was gonna practice before the season. And that they are pretty much typical mark Bradshaw Britain -- Merkel you know long slow and he was -- out of practice the other day. What about his license. Any people look at Brad chose an injury risk. But to -- -- more complex than that used to -- who. Is nicked up a lot. But he place yeah just you know he's a gamer you'll go out there play with that injury. And to me I like that as a fantasy owner of willing a -- but more willing to roll the -- them then you know people who -- sit now with nicks and bruises. So you know -- to a commuter school is taking especially if it is ADP -- up at all and he's at 62 these days. Even if he moves in the you know mid fifties but still like especially if I need -- back at that point of the -- for some. I mean for me would have been up for the draft very likely -- -- -- -- back right. But if you get stuck reaching for a second package that part of the draft you know -- to -- choice I think just in any other benefit about taking Bradshaw. Is you can get Vick Ballard as a as a backup for him I think -- you don't have to do it in his seven parade route usually get him in the tenth. Yep he was he he comes up with high pedigree in the showed that a little bit last year and that was cults. These diagnosis you know he -- Kevin Becker but he gets it done you know yeah. This is an interesting in the next few -- in -- five it's Darren Sproles ball out of Denver. Then you go to Brad -- whom you just speaking about myself. All the nutrition guy we should talk about yeah it does but it just real quick note while I have break probably -- at any justifiably should be ranked. But we just feel that -- sometimes you just have to read the situation and make a call live -- it in for our money ball as the guy on that team. Who's gonna hold up physically over the course of the season. And I know it was talked about the one play where he got Peyton Manning planted -- he did that -- he -- stop debate bidding got it. And that's absolutely bad. But it's not like -- and -- great pass protection and stuff like social realist ever -- also -- for -- -- like 45 consecutive weeks. So to me over the course of the sixteen -- season. I think all the most likely guy to be the back. On that team and they would you look at Denver's schedule. I mean. They put so many bad defense. And they're gonna blow teams out some of those of those of those games. I get two games it's all those AFC west and the smoke -- to. But there is gonna absolutely and totally -- so. But they're gonna be rolled the ball in the second half a lot of these games. You know my body is that you know. All of the guys are gonna always wanted to experience force so I just feel like the upside. Of monkey ball even though we had a really want the job. It's worth taking into that area it's a risk that people definitely understand the risks but to me. Risk has to be balanced with upside and his upside because of the key plays in the schedule they have. This causes significant. That's a -- got to keep an eye on if if you if you draft late. You know coming into the third -- -- with pre season games usually big week he's a good talent maybe to. -- -- By any motive for all we know -- have been named the starter the pack up and the dynamic and change but right now with the things up in the air he's diabetic. Very good I'm actually take back what I said you don't need to watch it is did not lots of people to get the good analysis on the exodus of back. Movement that we get it now yes you could. Moving moving down so those strolls into a ball out of Denver the -- five fax to six Rancho we spoke about the sad heartbreaker Ryan Mathews. Heartbreaker. You did an article and that -- we we did a blog post that that fuse and run DMC and bend at all. And saying how we like all -- at -- all these guys have great -- But if you look at injury history injury last year. Coming off poor performance -- and playing for teams that don't help them very much. The terms of what blocking. It's just you know. Stewart -- -- yet having their their good names their -- apps have been in these guys definitely have the ability to outperform. There ATP. But to do we really -- bet on it. It from me I'm not going to about it. I don't either and -- because there's other people on the -- They can help you view that the rookie Geovany Bernard and six. Bird -- now you're getting into really interest area -- talking about guys who have jobs but have other problems vs guys who maybe don't totally have the job yet. But they've got a lot of blinking green aspects to them like Bernard -- If he does get the job of that offense poor. He could just east of some really amazing things in Connecticut got half a -- and you know. The -- with that with the patriots while I mean I welcome to. But I think people were jumping in feet first she's read this I mean he's movie is ADT's seventieth it was a 120 a couple is a month or so ago. Our so he's the guy with the media coverage of the patriots and shot his values through the roof. So we've got to ranked. Ahead -- ADT's. But and so you know we like it too but people who do take Shane -- especially in -- PPR formats. You know be prepared maybe -- you know it might not happen right away it might that be as much as quickly as -- think. Off weeks do you could have you know some high production weeks and some. Helter skelter off production -- Then there's you know -- -- As a state held yet. You know so there there's some risk refereeing but we love the upside diligence and an interest in -- If he pops on the page of some calmly if you're if you're counting if you're playing that keyed up. He's CDT is 89 his position -- is 31 upon as a ranked as the 64 overall flare up as a guy has got the job. The big dog is out of town Stephen Jackson talked about him earlier in Atlanta. An emerging offense good young quarterback of a lot of weapons. Very very interesting potential third. Tennessee running back for. Yeah I mean look Richardson. Is about that we really like he's the guy we actually very I think very few outlets realize this guy was a challenger Pete. That we we actually predicted it back there rookie year we sit you know people second round pick we don't Richardson the guy had Abilene Christian Bible school seventh rounder we get that. But on film. He's good. And you know. You know coach turner is the guy found them you know we -- he's been our best out for years. And you know coach K the things that you gotta look at this Richardson did you know because I'll be honest that we first because they've publicly to people the second -- locked themselves. And I watched the -- -- gosh. -- complex and you know so this is not some guy who has just sort of it's not to -- kids do it. So much as this kid getting it done. And they love the fact that he works his tail off -- you know the playbook and you know as a rookie picked up shot -- -- which is not easy to do yeah. We just look at all the jet Baxter who struggled with the -- -- rookies and Schottenheimer but there's a lot of precedence for itself. Richardson -- good back. The big issue. Is that Pete is also -- back right actually got mortality. And in the other thing is nobody's talking about sex -- anymore and I realize you know it hasn't exactly. Lifted joined up -- you -- you know he says some soreness issues such practices which -- needs to sit -- apparently not to be a big factor early on. But I still thinking maybe the most. You know the closest thing we have to a prototypical NFL back. So. There's a complexity and impact feel that bothers me but I have sort of treatment to the value trap that -- if you call. In our first podcast which is which the last guy is on the board and take -- guy you. It's I think it's pretty clear at this point you've got a week -- suspension for Pete you've got station a little banged up. So you're gonna get some bang for your buck had a Richardson early on so he definitely is worth taking. The question is what are you passing up to take -- CU so for me. You know. I'm definitely looking to draft him. But what do I wanna pass up. You know so for example. And I get a pass Mike Wallace take direction and now. Okay well I passed out Reggie Wayne to take Bill Richardson yeah I would. Interest that that that's well said. Think that's well said. We've got about ten minutes left for the running back podcast you don't I try to get sore back yet we could -- that one of a couple ways you can slice it you can roll through a couple different acts as one I would I'd definitely do -- -- down on which is Mark Ingram the deep interest me are number reasons. If you wanted to dig into either. Players. In the middle to the end of the drafted about side or get into handcuffs I'll leave that to you we bought it more important. You know next week with the way we did we begin this terrier and I know some people draft early which you shouldn't do. I come but I don't that the reality is it's some people draft early why we have our players universe ready and cheat sheets were ready for the last couple weeks but. You know real good fantasy football draft occur after the third pre season game not before it right on the which is why we will you know. I I do my article 32 backfield and becoming out sometime next week. You know once they start announcing that you know the completion of some of these position -- That somebody's position battles are for starting -- therefore. Back a picture and that's what they had counselors so next week we'll that we have a pretty comprehensive and -- article coming out scored 32 backfield. And obviously there's position battles article one wrote about if you go to this section a robot from -- home -- just -- the road Obama the top. You'll go down and you'll see deposition battles article and that'll definitely give you our take on a lot of these and -- situations. If there's any -- you are sort of interest about. And I can knock them -- right California. As for Ingram. I'm wondering if this has -- don't you -- -- yeah I wonder if this is coming out here. Yeah that's what I'm wondering. I don't know to date I don't know what -- person knows -- this is Peyton yeah. But here's where I am living room and it's it's it's a little bit like Spiller last year. He was -- drafted his rookie year. He was over drafted his second year and down all the people who've been -- touch with a ten foot pole. Now to the irony is that wrote about we never actually like big girls you know anybody -- okay we started we thought it was overdraft but the same couldn't be used for rather. Like we thought it was a sector they're better though are good solid back. So working dividend being drafted in the -- anymore is going to be trapped in the forties anymore he's always go to -- yeah. So we actually like it better than that so we're out we're about I mean are the pirate market commissioner if he gets community -- You know as far as arcing the odds and you know how -- discussion out. That your fantasy football back yet I don't I don't have to sit here and tell you about the seat back field over the last five or six years. Cluster you know like you know that Mike -- the back do. You know at this big guy with very little wiggle very little ability but he was all you know is sort of the BenJarvus green Alastair and I just didn't trouble hit the hole. Protect the quarterback to keep my job. Seated after you know everybody -- up Peter -- could be a great mistake and then they brought in Lake Bell and they could get Pierre Thomas back of the field you know. So there we're referring back to sort it's sort of like doing what you think you know it also ruled out. I don't know about that but. I will help you know go out Olympics forceful. Isn't gonna change a whole lot right. The -- the role that is in existence. Apart from schools role. For me to say. Is that early Dell back goal line back. Clock killing when you have a lead back. Yeah that's pretty good for a third excellent -- in Tennessee roster. It in -- here's the big kicker is that the states play in a -- or this year so early in the game there should be more first secondary roads. This. And the saints are probably gonna be a better team this year. More -- yeah. And you know. The deceit like to be -- -- team they'd like to run before. They were smoked -- last year so they you know there are a lot of danger they just had put the run. You know. In the truck so. You know I my anticipation is that -- brings back. A little bit more swagger to the team in general I like Rob Ryan on that defense. I think it's always -- Bryant when you're under talented he could actually be better. Because he can actually get some stuff done with this team. And I think if you know the scheme that will both of the Wright Brothers like to run very effective when you look at offense. Because you get some leads and all the sudden you know they're gonna pass and that starts sending people from everywhere rattling quarterbacks and you know this is all that's significant for the NFL. -- someone else decide that politicos defensive football. When you look at matchup with the states this year you might go play their defense which I know it outrageous actually a couple of years but you know you can you -- the states in the game where they're gonna win. Rubber all right we'll put up some stat numbers. It's -- turnover numbers that defense so they're not they're not a cut a by no means huge draft saints defense but they can be a match up what for yet what you see. But anyway. As far as it goes. I just don't see how he doesn't get more carries this year that he got the first agreement I think is -- -- have to get up over 200. Somewhere between 200 to fifty I would think. I think -- charge for carry target it's gonna get a little bit better I think it's the key point was being driven by opinion. Is how well he played for the second half. And the fact that they say he's committed such great shape and that he helped you this year than he's ever been before I I just think. Overall that arrows are pointing in the right direction and and he's a good -- thank you know you just to do -- but but you know the -- don't reach. You know. That's sort -- saying when people get excited about player so again you know I think it was a bust out this year but he -- on this guy and did psychologically that order. Or sort of mentally commit to getting in my name and build a certain -- saying well ability DP 88 if you don't like. -- taking its 72 to that would get him. Well that's good that's where you get yourself in trouble. Like Mark Ingram the ball like him -- -- -- -- Right dad takes medication to flee drought included you -- South -- but I don't have not dedicated most of the time I had to act. Since I hate you very much but. We politicos say Ingram when you reach up. Here's what you do to pass currencies short pass and a title. About sort of like Williams Reggie Wayne Wes Welker you know so -- just have to be careful and let the the players -- Think it's great advice and Gannett TV blitz let's take on the left little less -- a time that we have pick a running back we have uncovered. And that she -- that you liked it's worth keeping an eye on that right now might not have the starting job could be in a money back field to the court a court handcuffed he's a guy. Dad -- beyond having the back in front of them you -- avenue roster. Good question made you make me think ideologue a little -- deep let's go to one of this -- we talked about. Levy on -- Right now John Dwyer is not being drafted in twenty team. The twelve team Twitter at least now I know that's gonna change because -- been hurt. So all the other shows -- -- gonna move up the board but even if he moves up. Eighty slots eight -- sixty. -- -- So John Dwyer is a guy that I -- looking at right now as the late value pick you know who you -- it's it's not out of the question you get overlooked Erica. Just did it mean if some map of the -- but it's gonna keep -- for extended period. I you know I I tweeted this the other night there's just no way they're gonna have -- -- the feature back. Yeah and you -- a prostitute to I was gonna keep an -- on. And as it turned out he was the guy -- let him in Russian -- yeah they just they really should have. -- to him earlier and more often. And as you listen -- you're -- running through the rankings on -- -- -- you can find him he's the 166. Ranked player eighty. 48 is positioned rank is 56 and that's the kind of thing that people come -- four to look for those. Late sleepers everyone loves -- -- Black targets within a quick point -- that do okay. When you go to -- nobody here in the players universe or really in any of our rankings list where you've got the rankings. One really really excellent things in this something you can use if you're out there in -- in a lot of draft. But I do it all the time when a black drafting -- keep the -- page open. And to be a player universe page specifically if you use our search function on that page. If searches as you type. Okay extra cash sitting there in the fifteenth round and you're like -- will they didn't take over who this guy. Let tedious Marie areas. Just start typing in which it is very in our search field it has been operated the top two seconds. In that example I would I would search Marie -- Batavia systems. I actually looked well that's true but it just went in LA CAV -- about it and that's the thing you generally what -- player in the did you try to make airport and the odds constantly go to work on that. But yet but sincerely for people who are using wrote about it's it's it's. It's almost better than -- sometimes. Because you you can locate people you know -- got a 500 playlist and you locate players -- second. You know it's not like when you Google web -- get the type in the name get it exactly right and then renewable page. It's searches instantly as you type it's an excellent tool for getting information at your fingertips quickly as you draft. Great stuff. All right -- that's a great way to close it out this was the running back rankings addition. Pre draft of the WB EI fantasy football podcast and WEEI dot com who wanna thank Pete Davidson. The Tennessee football expert for WEEI dot com and achieve Tennessee football writer for -- on dot com so thank you Pete. Make sure. Europe perfectly ready -- fantasy football drafts that are ongoing in to do that does it roto bond dot com for all the updated positional rankings that he just told you about. It's a 400 plus where draft universe and you can use that search function and narrow it down to anyone that you wanna find -- are you ready. Check out wrote a bond ROT. I'll be any HNN dot com -- -- -- dot com. And always check out WEEI dot com each and every week. As a -- few drafts throughout the season and check back for player roster updates rankings free agents waiver -- targets we have you all covered. All season long. So thanks for tuning in and -- -- are presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun. And it's coming up -- Friday this Friday the 23 there's a live broadcast by -- can -- WEEI afternoon drive show and fantasy football draft. Advice session and draft party falling at Mohegan Sun so thank you Mohegan Sun. And we hope to see you there fixed date. Thank you.

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