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John Farrell defends his decision not to pitch Uehara in blown game vs SF Giants

Aug 21, 2013|

An agitated John Farrell joined Salk and Holley after a tough late inning loss in San Francisco. John defends his pitching moves and explains futher what went down.

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-- whispering John Caroline in the conversation. Right off the bat today John how are. Your regular stereo done pretty well. Start with -- last night it's and a lot of questions that askew. We'll start Bogart start with the kid who we -- make his first first Major League appearance what did you think of the -- last night. Well one game three at bats that I came up -- in a couple of opportunities where. That we can broke the game open in that first and third inning didn't happen but -- key defensive play to keep the tying run from scoring on a bang bang play recharges and on the ground ball and I just thought overall to watch the body language the way he handled himself. You know. If you look it was a fine first game but in the end the outcome are probably means more than anything else. So he's not in the arid today in the lineup but what's the it was a logic behind that. Well first why I think one thing that needs to be cleared up -- -- because -- Bogart comes to -- does not mean we're gonna. Completely forget about Stephen Drew whose. But what -- hotter hitters of late. He's had very good success against Barry Zito. You know literally 340 clip for almost 48 back so. -- regular shortstop today and in addition they there was a late edition yesterday it is starting today and with. This series don't coming -- and and kind of mapped out the playing. Playing time for these three games for most every position player in -- -- -- shift off that in addition to Andrew's. Success against legal and -- You know Michael I were just talking about it in terms of frustration and frustrating ways to lose a game we -- talking about throughout sports in general but. I would think as a manager watching a pitcher walked in the winning run of the game. Would rank pretty high on the out on the frustration meter where is that for you. Well certainly any loss of a couple of good to see how that inning was what was unfolding. Here we're we're at a situation meant at first base two outs and the next two hitters were were in 02 counts and you -- a base on balls and and I -- -- -- -- That that you know you. You certainly kicked the door opened for them to be able to walk back through what no pun intended because that's how the -- the game ended up being decided on a four pitch walk. I'd like to think that there were some things long before that situation even emerged. That would have been a different to back game but unfortunately that's the focal point -- one that. Draws all the attention because it's right down to you know that does the deciding pitch that is thrown. Put -- you know Franklin was brought bought bought very well very good stuff with -- three appearances he's had since coming back and we're seeing the velocity. Back into the normal range was a year ago it was was very good and powerful. In the -- her about a seven pitch. Sequence seventy expand. You've lost his release point. Pretty drastically and it on the base -- situation you're kind of left with OK would you go to hear him and that decision was critical of the reality that worked. -- we do have a few questions about that inning with since you brought it up when you say are right as a manager I look at things that happened before the ninth inning. What should we be looking and I mean instead of having. Hourlong conversation just about the nine. From your perspective what should we be talking. Well we've got a -- -- situation in the first. Two -- -- position in the third of those things while in the early part of the game there is more readily forgotten I get that but. We we felt like we came -- against a pitcher that we would had very good success Sodom and unfortunately for five innings. We have one base runner and and so there was some opportunities government estimate and we recognize those. Imminent situations where it has it has been very good that. You know that they you're able to chip away a tying run. And and that. Puts us in a position to go to to Franklin. Otherwise -- the position where we're going oh you are so. You know just one of -- be careful that we balance out some things rather than just focusing on. -- -- -- -- -- But I do what I don't do -- faster but that though in the ninth inning because -- couple things that this that jump out to me. Why not go with you are in that situation and he's the guy who pavlik that is easy guy throws strikes in you got the bases loaded you need to strike thrower and there. Why not go with him in the ninth. Okay because we have doubles -- dealing with or -- and before we get our best defense on the field. The pitcher's spot was coming up fourth in the next inning and a tie game -- pinch hit for your heart -- and let him get. -- -- So so -- so you're you're looking at at the fact that if he does commanding gets the guy out you only have him potentially for that one now exactly. And so then and then when the worker and I saw you say after the game you and wanna use Workman. Three games three games in a row and that's why he wasn't an option. That's correct to the other someone who's now -- and for the first time in the regiment three consecutive days. That that's my responsibility to him and in making sure that this guy continues to develop most of them very good job in the role has been put in. Whether it's in the starting role or the ball on. And this month three consecutive days I think at this point there were orderly more than two -- -- relievers to to finish out this division. Title and to do that. We've got to have some of the guys contribute. I guess one of the questions that about -- would be you know how do you view him as -- high leverage guys -- lower leverage guy he comes in Monday night in -- seven nothing game. You know he had admitted Monday night that it would him in three times in a -- so how do you view him kind of a pitcher what is his role. He he's gaining responsibility but what would you what is being felt to recognize here is the previously used the two days prior who was available. Should I bring you a hard and seven running game. The -- -- two nights previous leading up to. The night before. And affect his -- you know we tacked on two runs in the ninth inning so while. Britain -- responsibility continues to grow. You know when we use fire relievers and -- organs New York. So. I I respect your questions but they're not presented in in a in a vacuum. But -- so I look John that's why we asked them to you and and wanna get the manager's perspective as we say right here at the beginning. It always seems like a manager has more in his mind that. Then than any radio host fan or media member would have been there isn't just trying to get the rest of the situation understand why he made the decision. -- -- -- -- let's talk about the the eighth inning Shane Victorino was asked after the game last night. About his decision in the eighth inning. He had a chance to let a foul ball drop or catch a foul ball and try to to run around at the plate obviously. That didn't happen. And he said he thought about it he was on offense but decided he'd and one buster -- -- Buster Posey up and hitting one in the gap what did you think of that situation that you made the right call. Yeah I do because here's the thing you know the the way the wind was carrying last night it was blown from right collapsed in Sheen is probably one stride within. The foul line. The one -- he doesn't have if vantage point of his of the umpires gonna signaled fair foul even on most plays -- that weather has made. He recognizes the situation obviously first and third one out in a one run game if that's a tie game there might be more willingness to let a ball drop. But the fact is -- we've got the lead. He felt like he can get behind that plate to make a strong and accurate throw but post and spot Atlanta was probably the most pressing thing here is that their best hitters at the plate. In and he I think you made the right decision I would say that would be the case given those same set of circumstances. Would have to take the out every single time. Knowing that we still we still have you know one more shot prominent place. Let's switch gears here and talk about the big story as we've been talking about here for a couple of days probably. A three days after we have finished talking with the people wanna talk about and that's Alex Rodriguez. And Ryan Dempster Ryan Dempster. I -- Alex Rodriguez and he suspended what was your dominant suspension. Well after a totally review it obviously would we respect what the decision was made pain. And clearly they they felt that there was intense. I still believe that Ryan. Have to pitch inside. And to say to sit here and say -- acknowledged that you know what he definitely threw him. I don't know what goes on in Ryan's mind but I I can only base my opinion on the way Ryan has pitched throughout the course of this year. And he gets right handed hitters he's got to establish his fastball in and it just so happens that in -- situation where you know -- Alex Rodriguez going to the things he has it draws attention to it and feels like he's directly going after him in had a -- I don't know Ryan don't shouldn't be that kind of -- don't know to be that kind of professional. Unfortunately. It brings some negative attention to us because of what's transpired. And I think that was the main reason -- Bryant -- you know what I need to serve the suspension move on and let's focus on the game to hand. But he did what I had them I mean I guess you couldn't come out and say it even if he told you a job I'm way ahead. Alex Rodriguez you couldn't you can tell us that any records in -- would you. No I wouldn't it if he had bad intention to do that. But certainly wouldn't acknowledge it. Look at it looked very odd to -- 330 pitch to understand why Ryan Dempster is saying what he's saying understand. Why you wouldn't acknowledge in bombing your position I would acknowledge either but. Four for Dempster. Is there ever it in your opinion is there ever an appropriate time to hit a guy who you ever do that your career where you can. And as a team that you protect your own teammates so if you felt like something transpired in the course of the game that was. May be perceived across the field was intentional. Do you look to stand up -- your teammate and maintain their the respect that you have in your own clubhouse. But that's partly under general rules of baseball and just the baseball etiquette the way it's carried out on the field and and I think typically. The game will take care of itself inside the lines and don't say it if that means we've got something coming at us when we go to New York will find out. Obviously every one of 462 games is going to be an important one how big is today's game -- for you. Are I think given where we are our guys will respond favorably I'm confident that. But. We find ourselves cities and in in this division and no teams are necessarily just going away given what New Yorkers. On a resurgence of so we put forward -- understand that in our division it's going to be a dog fight all the way here on out. And profitable that you can respond to a -- win would be -- really good thing going and Ellis. Did you did you pay attention any of Joseph Girardi comments the last couple days about the A-Rod Dempster situation. -- -- -- What do you think about the first volley he thinks the suspension is not long enough because Ryan Dempster was a pitcher not a position player and position players suspend for three games he's up three games with a victory dismisses a start what -- -- -- -- that it. I mean MLB. No no one called -- just a week we should say we should we think this is what these dispersants have been so. They handed down what they felt it was just for the situation and and it's except that. And also one I want to listen to something you know. You're Joseph Girardi was also talking about. How bad was -- Dempster hit Iraq and that it it set the it may be it's it's had a bad example he was -- was ranting about it and and this is what he had this. What is wrong people. You cheer when someone gets hit. Ominous thing again what if that was your son. You know what if what if your son got hit breaks and arm gets hit in the head -- a concussion. And I'd be impairs. Your client I -- there. I see little kids in this thing. When it was wrong with the world that it. -- -- Well again. He's seeing his his comments are based on the assumption that it was. Directly intentional. And that's in my opinion is completely different IC -- is having to meet the needs to pitch him. And then when you see their reaction from -- I mean some of -- thing he seems upset at the crowd for cheering about it. Is that the type of thing you'd even notice -- out there on the field. No because I think just thinking back my own career. When you're on the mound you you hear a -- homer or -- or just constant noise certainly eager to spike up. When something happens but to save that was done to to cheer on someone being hit or. The fact that was targeted directly at Alex. I don't I don't know -- -- you even notice that at the time or being in the moment as a competitor I don't even -- When your on the bench as a manager and and that happens someone's been hit in the benches are starting to clear a little bit the bullpen to start and -- out. Let's see adrenaline like for you as a manager that situation. Well I mean it it it's spikes up I think human nature gives you get into an emotional moment there there's coalition partners like okay what what's next stand in you. In my role you look to defuse it as best you can. You know. He he. Out of -- on the bubble that. It in you know I can understand that you know it it wouldn't want but it -- -- flip -- around here is that if that's if that's David Ortiz against -- behind. And that ultimately gets hit. I can understand the antenna going out and I can understand the reaction. To what's been. What's just transpired so that's saying what would do authority is dead or their reaction was wrong not by once stretched. What to take it for take it further and assume that some of the patent law on their hands and then becoming a judge jury and excuse there hasn't been described. I wouldn't go that four but as far as on the field yet we're gonna protect our own much like they did in our respective. Yeah I -- out -- that we would talk about this yesterday with Girardi I mean he's a former catcher in the game you are a former pitcher. And it is an and then the history of baseball you know that they catcher at times says OK we got hit this guy is sometimes a pitcher you have to hit them. I mean it's just part of that you can't be the self righteous about it and say well we don't believe in hitting people don't hear it has been part of baseball for for years and years. Well I I think this is wolf if it goes without saying it's well publicized event not only this but everything leading up to what. With Alex's situation. And and -- I don't know that just general public are taking. Gratification and what's playing out on the field mean. The place and as we were asked before the series what do we think about like she's being able to play. And I'm on record as saying that he's got a process and what she has the right to do we agree with all of all the second place no. But you know what that's his right to personal and and we move on. I think the general public does enjoy watching Alex Rodriguez get hit I think Red Sox fans were upset. If if Dempster did do it on his own. I think the majority of Red Sox fans we've heard from and after the same way. He did it on his own that is felt it was misplaced -- -- you know as to zip in that situation. You know try to get them out instead of trying to cinema message. Well you know what Michael hit it in that. Description right there and and and I don't know -- -- and so on and I all I can go by is is watching on the guys but. It was you know the guy and how he's pitched. We have all we have tried to establish a a environment in here that it's about us as a team not any one great team and and by hitting someone -- we don't condone it. In at the same time. We're trying to win every day we walk on the field and -- that took away from that then. You know what -- that wasn't that's not a good thing if in fact it was solely his purpose or or intent to try to hit tomorrow. Our job -- -- time now for Mohegan son's dinner with John -- contest today's question for the manager comes from John called he's from Worcester he wants to know. Are you a fan of the decision to expand instant replay next season how do you think it will affect. The yeah. Yes fan. Game is ready for. To just get the -- just get -- right. I like the idea that there's a central. Person in New York that's that's available on phone I think it keeps on pars on the field. In a matter of fact I think in this scenario it might keep the game moving along rather than. There reviewed it takes I think. Maybe longer than a call Michael and a New York to do that. What the ultimate format. Becomes it becomes I think is still to be determined because I think there's some still approval that's going to be Apple's list. But the fact -- expanded replay is going to be used is not a good thing. Like -- a challenge like you can throw out there. But I don't know we're gonna get a flag Awad put what should they didn't walk out you know that that's to determine but. You know what I like -- said I think every intent is being made it all the calls right I think this is the next step. Well John we certainly appreciate it good luck this afternoon John Ferrell is brought to you by a -- insurance town fair tire MI -- hockey we'll talk connects Wednesday. All right John is John Farrell and clearly hear a guy today Michael who. Well a year yeah lady here pillage your version of John Farrell and I think we're used to hearing every Wednesday on the Asia. I think you also hear a lot of the explanation. For what happened last night the ninth inning and as you're sort of saying he jumps on it you know like to be questioned on at that doesn't make him unique. As a manager but here's some of the explanation. -- -- -- You know what and I got to admit this I gotta admit to I'll admitted after -- -- -- that come out hard compression after the break a confession a huge confession from Michael hall. Rockaholic Iberia.

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