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Fantasy Football Podcast: Wide receiver rankings

Aug 21, 2013|

Pete Davidson, Chief Fantasy Football Writer from Rotobahn.com, sat down with WEEI's Jim Hackett once again to help get you prepared for your Fantasy Football Drafts. In this podcast, Pete and Jim review the Wide Receiver position top to bottom as it stands in week 3 of the pre-season. The guys break down the Wide Receivers by tier and offer strategic advice on how to best approach drafting the position.

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to the fourth edition of the WEI. Fantasy football podcast presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun. A world that play I'm Jim Hackett and I'm joined as always by. Pete Davidson chief Tennessee football writer for wrote a bond dot com that's the fast track to Tennessee football domination welcome back again date. Here we are we are approaching. Who have we are in week three of the pre season just. Recorded earlier in the week of Tennessee football podcast regarding running back rankings and we thought this would be a great opportunity to double down for our listeners and put together. The wide receiver rankings because they go. Piled together like peanut butter jelly -- both you need a bunch and as a tonic of insulting that we can talk about. Interest thing admire my daughter refused Joey the dependable since it's such -- she disagrees a few bright she's -- I think that he's had. She's feisty. But yeah I mean running the the receiver rankings. Something we've worked really hard on. And we're gonna have a receiver ranking article up on EEI. -- either later today there are I think early tomorrow to and obviously we got the receiver thinking about wrote about for months now. Such an allergic like start. Well I think what's up for the top yeah what's common about the wide receiver rankings in the running back rankings that there is a Lone Ranger at the top who merits is -- two year. And we would be remiss by not talking about. Mega -- Calvin Johnson. Yeah I should just named the make -- here says. It he he is that yeah I mean Calvin. A -- Peterson that this is the guy who seems that really have universal support as the first receiver off the board I've yet. To run into. Fantasy football rankings list that has somebody else. At the top and where not to try to essentially we're putting them up there too and it's not close I mean the guy's got the best ability. And he plays with Italy quarterback at least in terms of ability told to deliver the football sure I think some people might wanna pay Stafford may be into that Romo kind of category was a little bit of the gas said. Well that's -- predictable. It's fair or unfair it doesn't matter to me to the bottom line is that guy can -- the rock he can get the ball to Calvin. He can make any throw in the field from almost any position so from a fantasy perspective. You know I look at quote where we -- we talk about -- if you look at quarterbacks -- -- that is feeders what do talking about a receiver Kenny Kenny he'd. The receiver and you know Matt that's Stafford can flat out do it so you you. You've got everything you need there Johnson knock on wood just stayed remarkably healthy over the years. Easy to topped out and and and it's just it's his cheer to all themselves. And nobody to be said about him -- we know who he is and why is there what I think is interesting about Calvin Johnson and why conversation about him makes sense. It is about how and why and what opportunity presents itself best to draft him because we've talked a lot. About how important it is to enter your team with running backs and here's a guy. He's right up there he's in the top twelve in terms of Tennessee football talent. What's the ideal situation to go for Calvin Johnson and and why it's at all should you stay away from. Well the reason to stay away from Calvin Johnson is because you have to use a first round pick on him and ideally you're taking a running back in the first were right. That's the reason yeah. That the reason to hate Calvin Johnson is because he is a cut above any other receiver. And he gives you -- you know a huge advantage of the key positions. They held the trick. Is to make sure. Beyond all doubt that you land ARB. One level back. Alongside of Calvin didn't you come back around in the second round you're not taking. Like we set I in the running back podcasts you'll end up with. Calvin and David welfare Calvin and Crist doesn't even know Chris just we really like. We have some concerns about -- -- and so for me the key thing with getting Calvin is making sure. That after you get -- you end up with either Matt Forte. Steven Jackson. Steven Ridley something like that that's important. Apps you know and he's -- you know -- and they get -- PP ER it's a little bit different. It's -- a PP our league I'm not as worried about Chris Johnson's early scheduled to that you think. Even if they're getting smoked -- catch some passes course. OK so you know in -- PPR you're worried about charts with a little bit more at clarity about what Chris just -- they did a great player I think I think a lot of people give it way too much grief for effort. You are bullish on Chris Johnson. But then the second you know -- I should have been the sort of catapult the schedule goes through it -- decades but. You know. Seeking to make a truck. As much as I think it has merit when you do you have to understand what you don't -- yeah okay. Have a strategy in place important have to. We -- the guy who says metro. You throw the gauntlet down. Okay you you you you're just stuck your flag in the ground and -- -- you know -- committed to basically drafting backwards. A tagged so that means you're gonna be taking you know. Both of your running backs -- future starting running backs are being taken outside of route one. They'll no matter how cocky -- -- might be. It's a lot harder to do it that way. Students aren't all TJ spoke danger danger Will Robinson so you know you're you're putting yourself in the slightly this advantageous position as far as drafting running backs is concerned. So you have to really focus what you take Calvin Johnson. You know you'd basically you're giving yourself a challenge okay. She's got to make sure -- -- the count to fuel feel like your ability to draft running backs through the mid rounds if you if you never had a good feel for drafting running back. It might be better to not take Calvin Johnson that actually kind of person who's done real well -- -- -- -- we're running backs set to slip for some reason then you know that if it's a different story. So you really just have to know what you do and for me I generally don't look at cal until eleventh and twelfth fixed elicits a PPR format that might look animals that are. So I mean that's the basic deal you're just really understand. The risk you're taking. And you know and that's really ahead of the game he merits the choice. No respite from talent standpoint right absolutely it just doesn't always make. Perfect sense of fear for your draft format like that. Do you re setting the logistical Domino's if you will to -- suggest you don't just understand what you've done and ended. And here's the thing that I've seen this is what I guess the reason it sort of it'll warm windy here. And I didn't notice. If you hadn't let let me actually give you some examples I've seen in recent mock drafts besides I've -- -- to keep people take Calvin Johnson the first round. Maybe they take commit nine spot you don't like that and Tbilisi out of the next six -- five running backs to -- OK now they come up the second round and don't have. Right I think at the running back one at that Calvin Johnson and I don't have a good running back choice. -- the thing to do right there is to bite the bullet takes Steven -- -- but object. Okay that's the thing to do that situation but invariably what they see people doing good performance scoring leagues they'll take QB. Great and you can sit there and don't. Take Dez Bryant will take AG agreed to it chose something like that or even worse it can but you don't know you what are they usually say tests. The quarterback he fits exactly. You know challenger president drew free can bring you there to tell the tunnel that you know -- -- sit there with a expo that this well -- outsmarted people -- didn't. You know you bullet. You can deploy itself. Who you really think about what you're doing when you take Calvin Johnson you have committed. Again in the -- perform it's really up to taking a running back but that's tectonic -- gotta say so. Understand that it because we get into if you if you take Calvin Johnson and then I'm not running back for Google to take the trouble. You get into the third fourth and fifth rounds in -- trying to fill out to starting running back position you do it you could end up with Darren McFadden. You're gonna end up where Ryan that's usually end up with. Ahmad Bradshaw you're gonna end up with a bunch of guys are dangerous and you're going to be chasing running backs the rest of the draft giving -- good value yet but that's so anyway let's let's get back into the mixture. Yet hoops too much or dice -- so. The advice is stick with -- -- -- bond strategy get the running back that you need you heard in the last podcast that running -- two through nine they're all interchangeable that all great players. Good -- graduating and your team if you do that. And maybe even take another running back -- and set yourself up new foundation really strong you can look at some of these other right now receivers that are there and really around on your team itself. And I I happen to -- of going receiver in the second round I just don't like it when you went receiver in the first round but yeah and -- -- -- To meet the second tier receivers after Calvin are a lot like the first -- running backs. I almost don't care what order you predicament is -- yeah if you think Julio Jones is better than AJ green and doesn't -- it. I did I have been separated you know despite tiny little percentage points so absolutely hate Coolio -- but the key thing is that I want people realize is that. In the local Calvin in this but let's look at the top at least seven receivers Calvin Dez Bryant AJ green Julio Jones Brandon Marshall to various -- Larry FitzGerald. Those are special players great players and most of them have the added benefit of having a good quarterback. Okay you know the lowering quarterbacks would be dull moment and Carson Palmer private group okay you're dealing and even those guys are confident they can get the ball. Okay so you're talking about guys. -- all really fit that he -- mold you or getting these types of players in the different. You get a good receiver but your -- one of these guys so when you pass up. The elite receivers -- real too it would sure drafting really early -- broke free will -- still sniff of FitzGerald -- to various policy to get lucky. Most likely if you pass so those receivers and you go running back -- to that fit. You're not -- -- receiver what you get when the trade. The -- so it's it's important though is second in good weather changed and think if I could probably -- -- these things -- Q yeah. Tell me if you could tell you what the commonality UC not content forget the peripherals but just in terms of the players themselves to what's what's the common thing. Calvin Johnson Dez Bryant AJ green Julio Jones. Brandon Marshall the various Thomas register. And I felt OK that's good but -- that is the one thing they're huge. Yeah I was -- I was I was gonna say the big targets -- the end zone basically like I was saying. -- much as I'd like to say that it's a coincidence that these guys happen to be big receivers and there and that and that there's the lead and that there are no tiny guys in this group. -- -- I think these -- the prototypical. Receivers in the NFL today. They're special and if you can get one in the second round and you've got that's stud running back already at your team. I think going running back you lead receiver depth at running back again in the third round. That's a really good way to start the draft. That's the makes sense on it and throw a wrinkle in that that's what this view. Why. One it doesn't just it just a different I I liked and I agree with -- -- no not at all I think I think you're gonna listen right there is gonna throw something out there question. You go running back running back in the first couple rounds -- and you survives. Witness the tier three receivers one of them being a top. Top receivers the meaning absolutely the outlets say I have with let's say I. Jamaal Charles. And Frankel. And or Jamaal Charles and Stephen -- And I like -- -- better yup and Liu and that's license -- -- night that I come back with either Vincent Jackson Randall Cobb Andre Johnson Roddy White. Trick to crews are Colston you're all right that. I'd like -- earlier names and that receive competitive they don't but yeah I don't I think that's perfectly legit. That that obviously you have to make a decision around two and when you make that decision that's based on a couple factors. What do you project to -- air -- free yeah and what you actually looking at -- relatives so what is the running back and take. Verses what is the receive government to protect so if you're sitting there going all right do -- go earlier Reggie Bush or David Wilson or do I take Italy receiver. Particularly receivers and -- if you're sitting -- going do it takes Steven Ridley or do I take the elite receiver then I think it's a coin flip. Then I think it's make your decision they're both good decisions. But I understand the repercussions could take Ripley. You're gonna have a little bit and make it up to do at the receiver position and -- most likely. You're not gonna get one of those receivers in the third round you can have delicious that you can go to the next level with the -- -- -- you know Andre Johnson. Now here's here's where it gets tricky. If given early first OPEC. So that you believe second round pick of an early third. That's where. It would be makes it to me and I'm like at the 21 slot them. I think you know it's too quickly because I'm thinking I -- decent chance. That either marshaled Ameristar mr. FitzGerald squeaks around the bend to me. It's not you may be looking at Vincent Jackson -- -- course. Scenario I stood at Ridley and I can still get a good receiver or maybe pitiful actually. I'll get real radical since I can't use my third draft spot totally receiver. Maybe a pick a running back since -- my draft running back running back running back there's no -- all do that EU. Attack again if you reflect pleaded you can start all three backs. That's it's a meet up to outlook for sure the alternative -- taking the best player. Make sense and cents so you said something interesting in that scenario so while it's gonna recap for the listeners. You you best bet to Yankee bat and pick your team. With one of the top ten running backs and then come back and look at the tier two the only reason he's a tier two receivers is because we said -- try and stands on an island by himself right Bryant green Julio Jones Brandon Marshall Tamara Thomas. It's not a small sheer wonder receivers I would never. Yeah yes a one day and one day's ride so that that's option one option two is if you think you can get. You know the definite to top them. RB one and a really higher end to you could wait depending upon where you position in the drafting get one of these tier three guys that may be Vincent Jackson Randall Cobb. -- Andre Johnson but what you said during. Scenario two it was interesting but I rattled -- The receivers that you ranked in tier three Vincent Jackson Randall -- Andre Johnson Roddy White Victor Cruz Marcus Colston you said. I like the first guys you mentioned a lot better but what is it about those first guys where do you draw the line that you like better about -- Well actually this is just current information right now currently Roddy White Victor Cruz and Marcus Colston all have -- and they have little bumps and bruises right -- -- it's been a slight neat thing not a big deal deprive you back the distance -- deal of pride is back for weakland. Colston has been -- you know he's been banged up in camp so right now. Those guys I beat it beat I would like the more they were all practicing -- -- right now without any nicks or cuts. And an exit and Colston. You know Colston for me is a guy I can almost pushing into the forced here. The reason I have over the third cheers to register I'm trying to impress upon people how underrated -- -- but I just always produces so you know. That the third -- definitely has to apps to it. And it's -- you know the whole second -- Vincent Jackson's okay but you know. -- been banged up like the banged up cruises now banged up colts as a bank itself you know. Preceded this. Time it's it's sometimes it's tough to know what's real and what you know just you know typical. Just crud that's gonna go away that day you'd and so he would react overreact. To stop in the precinct and I mean I was reading about it. And trying to call on the web site makes fun of somebody -- -- they're actually getting into preceded targets. And -- -- We're talking about it's a relevant to retreat series in one game a quarter and another we're talking about target. Total Yankee go all Allen Iverson on the -- tiger cup practice sets crazy. -- -- like you know me I just crazy I -- people who think they've. Actually you know it's funny did you did you happen to catch the Belichick quotes are not pro football talk a couple days ago. In that op Ed was the -- Belichick I'd hope for the -- pulled this thing up but is it. Why here why -- doing that was going to be weighing in on something which is. Part of -- bonds strategy. He is literally watching the games I use this reference and a couple of the podcast but you know while other sites are talking about targets how many times somebody wasn't targeted. When she watches the games embraced on the film he might see something that isn't being accounted for in those other sites analysis or lack -- of him what he does. Is it'll count the number times of persons on the field was he mixed into the action hey maybe Brady Brees -- -- didn't look his way. In terms of a quote unquote what -- I wrote him in terms of a corporate target but he may have looked it up a receiver a few times which tells you. That there are involved in the offense in need someone to target. In the waiver wire for instance. Well said and I just on the Belichick think it's a -- -- -- it's what you do and I was -- jokes come displaced right into what you're talking about him Belichick then he just nailed it. I was just encouraged my team's ability. Piece of fruit and Smart. Anyway here's here's via -- it's an article appeared to be for people find and it's it's just a short little thing. -- but it's -- to the academic and the pro football talk. A -- but basically there's a quote well read it's something Belichick says that when you watch a football game. Even when you're watching the all 22 coaches tape which is what I try to watch as much as possible. It's -- this is it's what he says and so the 2% correct it's difficult to know which players did their jobs in less. You know the team's playbook well enough to be aware every -- assignment on every play. And it's funny again when I talked to coach turner we talk every week about what we're seeing on the tape. And we're always saying yeah you know it's hard to tell because we don't know we don't know whether -- was supposed to be. Even if you don't build Justine in the play call and what they're trying to do on every play you're guessing. And a lot of people on these analyst talk as if they're not guessing they talk like they have it all figured out and the truth of the matter is that none of -- do we're all guessing. Now the more you watch and the more you are accepting of what you don't know. The more rational. Your -- is going to be. The more meaningful. To take aways can be sure but if you're sitting there trying to you know be authoritative and you know -- I've got this stone cold. Quite honestly probably full. Of trouble yet -- here's and here's the Belichick quote that I you know this is ballot checks saying that's okay he says. I don't know how you can build that it would sure really part of the team. And know exactly. What was supposed to happen on that play. That's Belichick I know this is quote I know there are a lot of experts out there that had it all figured out but I definitely don't. It is static that's critical that's a pretty clear the estimates until both from Bill Belichick out there you -- gonna say I've watched. Plenty of pre season games this time of year. And you're looking at all the other teams in the league and try to evaluate players -- watching the teams and we're going to play them into watching -- we're gonna play early in the season and are played guys where I have no idea what went wrong. But spell check. So when you're sitting in your listening to guys who are saying -- -- you know I watched this a lot still 22 and you know. This guy was in the wrong place here this goes in the wrong place there look at these guys they may be sport they may be informed they may be making -- good solid educated guess. But you have to be respectful to think you don't know. It's important otherwise you -- the drawing. -- conclusions that. I think that's well said well. Anyway I think bag that goes to art thing which is what people just say well Italy has -- targets. -- gosh you could watch -- targets you talking about it not be able to completely figured out. So how much further from the truth or are we if we just think -- target right. So that's the point you really want to get as much context just can't and you wanna be respectful of the things that you don't have inside information. That's a great point it's -- -- -- and and in net that it's totally. Exactly perfect I think it lends itself to the next portion of the podcasts on a couple -- In this position the receiver position that we're talking about today it's -- and it -- a lot of talent there and you can elect yeah. At that do -- you wanna get the top guys that we guys they helped -- your team and helped give you points a week to week basis but you know as you move down tier two tier to tier. This talent and some of its talent that we've seen before -- talent that is changed its laundry. Other talent is our rookies that are making an impact in -- goes on and on and I'm looking through the list. And get down to you know people the -- ranked in the hundreds stake could make an impact on your roster so we have. If I'm not mistaken -- it 200 receivers in our players universe. Certainly certainly coast. -- it changed kind of goes up and down every day -- -- -- we are moving. Guys like unfortunately that's so bad for Dustin Keller. You know upwards and their. -- -- there there's a guy that I personally Taiwan that's. And I accept it and I felt so bad precinct who we are saying this guy's vehicle for drafted I didn't wanna say that I want his talent. He's such a great example of you just keep working. I think 99 out of a hundred guys -- said that Barry auditors. Career never would've been on the field San Diego last year they would give it up or -- -- But this guy like but birdies -- surgery they'll probably rehab at -- practice. But you know -- robot we've followed -- Alexander you know intimately for years that we eat it for -- shocked that he was on the field at all -- -- -- you know I thought it was. It was amazing that we care about senate before even I think I think after the first game that he was active we said. -- got to pick up. Just ought to just be ready to get a ticket last 45 minutes -- -- 45 days it could last year but. This Connecticut has so many things go wrong with it means. So it you know but he did the funny thing is after what he did last year you saw a lot of people buy it and hold it wide receiver to now. Now is. Obviously but. He's a good example of guys where. He is injury risk the real thing or is it proceeds to tighten. You know you know with some guys you know have -- the big guy this year reflect a lot of people saying no it's just perceived risk it's it's they were random injuries. And that's possible that a ball I I happen to think his final play leads to. Big -- He's plays tough and is not a big guy. Right got to give them a couple of what I say I'm indicate displays a tremendous heart and he's fearless up. But you know part of being -- as to -- -- troublesome time. So anyway you know would think that what we look at injuries. I'll make this quick but what we look at injuries we always we don't just say this guys this 36 games the last five years we don't do that we look at each injury. We look at. First of all he was hurt is that injury still a factor or is it thought if it's -- we clean the slate on that. But if you're looking at the guys' -- soft tissue injuries in this tie fighters in a row. While we got fact that it. Yeah absolutely. You know it's not as. Yeah I mean any any hey if you are wrong that I stayed healthy good for at. But you know -- you know we just didn't wanna take the risk. But to your point about the depth at receiver. It's like the quarterback position if you go to understand the depth at receiver this year you're not gonna draft position. Because there's a point. In the draft where you get to and it's support we say you could start picking quarterbacks. That point where the receivers you look up -- go yeah that's Connecticut they're a good third receiver when you shouldn't be drafting him -- short cornerback. Because you can get those third receivers for another five perhaps. When you look at these tiers of you have the right. Yeah definitely -- -- when you have these tears he -- the tier for receivers stats and Eric Decker James Jones Torrey Smith. Too involved in in until. -- Grasso at all then you get into your size doesn't Mike Wallace can -- went up Reggie Wayne. Tears. And I diverge addiction -- is the guy but actually a lot -- is game. Yeah that's -- and that he's -- there -- -- -- you know he's another guy where -- hopefully some intakes of -- I don't have to make. -- I I hear he would sit this habit as it moved in a lot of is gonna you know. Throw some names of TI don't Cecil shorts the -- sevens these -- yet. My question is. When you're in the draft of the people -- listening and trying to figure out like you know what round equates what average draft position -- where these guys are ranked chart you know. What now I've followed your strategy correctly and -- drafted a running back at the top and I kind of come out of the top three rounds -- the in the -- receiver. And only running back had a good strong number two field. Witness this is the time -- I can start either you know loading up on receiver a lot of money back maybe get in my quarterback how deep does it go in terms of the tears. When you can sign these. Number three why it's. Okay did you not too I mean it was the first of all I can -- -- to try to give people an an example where I see you know where I perceive the drop -- to be sure. But before you get down the list -- the -- really matter that much more important up in the top 5060 players. That the key thing to know is. And at a lot of it's gonna have to do with -- -- -- put together now -- there's some teams are after seven rounds of thinking OK I like this team here's what I need. Took down a little look at my list of certain guys are gonna move up my portable that is that's what -- -- -- sometimes a look at -- even go look at this perfect and that steps. I don't have any injury risk. I'm considered the next three rounds and maybe say around. -- -- I think it's psychiatry kind of aboard -- I would increase my overall -- level increased retreat ability it's -- it can have you know what you want to gauge between you have as you move through the draft. So you know that can be a real factor. And we rank the players. Are that -- -- according to art. Assessment of their work we don't take their ATP into account what we rank the very so let me give you probably. We give you really good example. -- I've been critical ranked I can't imagine anybody got a ranked higher than they have been at 118 I got an editor at Dobson attacks. Am I gonna take Greg Little. With a 118 pick in the draft. All of her life and -- and that's why it's important for people. Don't just grab -- Chichi. Okay because our -- it's gonna tell you take Greg Little early if you just she just look at the cheat -- Read the skinny for context where it's safe to -- -- is ADP it was 75 overall. So the key thing for you to -- after his go KP thinks this guy's got a 120 value project making value. I would get him before his GDP but I wanna get a bit late as they can't sure you know you looking to get him based on my info -- -- whatever I -- fifty. The numbers. You -- say it's so you wanna you wanna give context to these players. And and and that's one of the tough things when you're doing what we do is how do you explain to people how valuable he is but put it in -- context. -- where he should actually be taken. Because when you when you take a guy. -- you have a guy ranked -- stood when he -- that you get and that 16150. Back home run -- sure you know so we want our people understand that context and listening to this podcast. And going through and not just looking at our rankings but reading the -- Is gonna give you that context you need to maximize the value of these players. And you can apply the example of Greg Little that eighty 175. -- a -- ranking money team. Dropped the draft. To lots of positions -- players so I mean. He's an extreme example but yes they're up and -- the board I mean a couple spots later. You know that's also a Jeffrey we have just a couple -- GDP. So when you look at Russia -- Jeffrey have gotten awards when he wanted GDP soared 24. And you know he's got a lot of upside everything looks good if you know he's a guy we're looking if you take it right about there. You know. I couldn't take great little move him back and -- -- With the idea that people take in the right spot but did I haven't told them how valuable he. You know so it's it's -- give and take it the more time you put in oversight the more. The more of the 3-D look you're -- get the rankings and listen to deal. But anyway. But -- you've made the key point which is receiver depth. You know it's so I've got Greg Little and went between November and hang it over the trying to get better value and let's just say. He goes you know and -- pass -- Greg Little. In saying what was the -- would be you know what eighteen you're looking around late round head yet. Tagged so let's say I pass Greg Little and he -- or 22 before they expect. And I would take over an expert either but I don't care. The because I'll take -- take also Jeffrey I'll take brittle -- of the group and are able. You know. If I really feel and so she'll take replicating still and you insist it is physically -- -- up to cook who you know who I have ranked I think he's still going to be drafted. And -- being taken. Rookie receiver from New Orleans for those that don't know. That had been at -- they -- we're really high out of our scouting report says that he is where is -- our rankings but you don't need to take it there you should be taking him in you know. 151617. Thrilled he's not a -- right because he's he's been around 45. So. Again put the context of the wreckage if you build on road Obama. You know how we feel about stills we're trying to make a point where we recommend how to run -- you know we're trying to make a point there. But you're jobless to laughter it's try to get maximum value and Kenny stills so if you can get in at 190 instead what 38 that's great. There. In any anybody else who would go through terms of value. Yeah o'clock I don't know which currently. Kelly Gruber group we've got about just under thirty minutes so okay great some of the some of the bigger. More familiar names for people that impacted their rosters in the past. Appear in tears for five. 67. I don't I didn't feel like hey you know -- so there's a bunch of it -- One older people like that Agnes and in this you know as the couple was a couple of names here than just their interest you know. Trust two years ago Jordy Nelson. Well outperformed his. Pre draft position also a guy we moved out at me right right so so but two years ago in 2011. Key. Killed his his -- -- production well before where anyone had forecast as -- George. Nelson was a guy that we had in drafting a reverse yes he was -- going undrafted. That we said this is ridiculous this guy has to be taken. And I believe that you're scored fifteen power. UN boss and then what what happened last year is he became drafted as a wide receiver want. The Nissan and rightfully so I am you know how to people early and Eric -- and he got hurt of course is production slipped so he played hurt all your pretty yeah into. That's a big -- stretch in the middle and he produced at a three touchdown game right. Yeah multiple multiple production touched on so. So a guy like him she jumps up the page another one who's just below him during that same -- year but just below -- here's Steve Smith Steve Smith. Is what these guys I joke like sometimes there of their players year after year when we review this stuff. And when you go and you draft to get running back DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart -- My Maurice Jones-Drew had what is this guy like he does. I know I think that it is a great player. But he's one of these guys it's been out there for a long time he's a little bit carried out there the last appears as they haven't had. -- a great team. In terms of wins and losses but great quarterback there but. Yeah he's someone. In tier five that I look at you know the top it's -- fact that. She's you know fight if I wanted to load up on running Patrick Steve Smith's -- okay. Absolutely Steve Smith as a guy who I mean when you look when I look at him and I say allow 57 overall that's my ranking and Steve Smith that's lower than his ATP. He might be one of those rare examples of baby DP has just a speech to do with wherever -- yeah by the media. It would exit the reason I say that is because they have got into ADP been on the rise -- piece of distorting each episode ago. Brazen -- just crazy. Are -- a great clarity it's a great -- -- -- and it's absolutely inexperienced at this touchdown yet. Okay the reason he's got touchdown probably can double -- equipment any any small -- -- targets. Smaller receivers in the red -- The reason it is slipping as -- the guys get into his 35 year but the -- for a cup as. Arms asserted that you in the league with thirty side exits and its feels like well placed into. But you know they're -- even for me -- a big believer -- Steve Smith. But you never know when a guy's gonna have backed. Year where do well well this -- -- here that he goes over -- so you've got that risk with you know it looks Stephen Jackson terrible that a risk like that Reggie Wayne carries a little bit looked like that -- there are you know. And in it and Roddy White carried a little bit of that hundred Johnson as a little bit of that Red Square we haven't seen the decline certainly not a precipitous decline. It's come like yeah I like I mean if you dislike already that it would like what butch told sub -- in. You know Redford and Newman it's everybody gets every year you get older that's a law and -- You know we can't sit there and ignore that so -- Steve Smith if you -- 28. He'd be -- when he served well and so he's he's definitely a guy I feel like -- -- value. We got him ranked. Conservatively. So public -- I think Steve Smith is real -- kind of crap if you can get him Asia's third receiver. And it's 57 you might be able to what's just -- it -- ADP. It's 63. If he just slips a couple -- he can be your third receiver. So the way I like to play this Steve Smith game is I look at the the consumer behavior out of the market and isolation. I can just be patient. What this -- all today yeah I can end up. You know Dez Bryant. Eric Decker. Steve Smith. Just -- that's right yeah and I and I still took a running back in the first broke yup so. Yet feel pretty good about things. All right so stick on on this track will -- -- digress too -- younger. Players of the upside at some point children into Iowa but before then there's a couple of names its intrigue me. -- on in this area you know -- fourth through cook teary. Sure puppet DeSean Jackson on DeSean Jackson. Is the cement had you know this. He's some little. Well you tell a lot and I had to tell Agile development atom a couple of teams are true effect. But you know he's the guy that a couple of years ago was just. What it's like a real slash of upside and you get a guy get excited about potentially having. Has sent some some rough times on the football field that impacted his son. And off that impacted his production in terms of football and Tennessee football. But now -- Mac ones out and chip Kelly's there is offensive coordinator I'm curious to know. How you feel about what he might be able to -- music got its overvalued but he guided. Is current rank position is GDP in where you have rank is -- -- value. Question I personally have him ranked higher than it GDP but don't do not like humidity deeply. But I've got to -- Of the eleven -- slow he's at 67 I've got to -- 78. You detail I think talent -- really good football player exciting. But the truth of the matter is she hasn't held to contact very well. Yeah he's awaits his small guy to yeah. He's he's a guy he played the game really hard is a little bit like him mentally willing to throw his body in there he's got an alpha attitude which I like. But it's it's gotten into trouble in the that he -- he doesn't take shots to lead well. And you know I just. I don't feel like his upside in a -- and heavy system merits the risk yeah. But nobody has nothing to do with -- an absolutely dealt -- player so you know here's integrate with hit it off that's titled. -- a guy who if you read our ranking on it last year we said this guy's a fourth rounder. And we think you DeSean Jackson. And pretty much that's what -- Yeah exciting player he could throw up the block to. In this year we've got -- I had to -- Jack -- why do we have to similar players have any spots about. So. He'll lose that 27 -- drag bobcat Jackson's 31. So why do what why is there that separation. Believes it is the surrounding stuff in DeSean Jackson injured so I think -- -- a -- guy who get picked up to that. So far he's got less dead in the frame if you will hear a -- so right now I feel like itself situations it's still. On a percentage basis or better but that would be offensive. If he can sit there talk about wanting to be run -- all they want. But it it's a Andrew Luck number one -- Similar skin articulate too tight end three yards to the pilot dust off that this what yeah I mean let's let's you know -- -- it used to be there could at least keep balanced. Affect so I look at title that I say yeah I would rather have titled it that Andrew Luck. Balanced offense maybe even past said he as the year wears on. Vs DeSean Jackson in the run heavy offense where he may have to do more blocking and you know in any hasn't held up that little contact over the last couple years and that yet let's look extremely tell the players. Look at one point one more veteran. I wanna I wanna talk but no one out. Switch to receivers who are higher ADP's. Total bond has ranked significantly lower there are -- good values to talk about. And these are guys are gonna be coming out -- wrote about in the next week as were going to be we're gonna be starting drafting in reverse. Which is really our signature columns to start the year I played to get that out tomorrow or Friday. -- that drops this week. -- excellent. What'd it starts this week it probably -- middle of next week with a three part series. We're going to be a bit though you can -- that we cancel the -- little bit of a gap and. L season it and those that doesn't listen I mean. That normally we wait until we're talking about this I think it'll last podcast normally I wait for the third pre season game to start this column because. Things haven't -- the ATP becomes more accurate. But I think get emails from people are committed to drafting reversed early so over the -- do the first part of it. Patrolling the -- part. We're right we do our best deep sleepers are our biggest group of deep sleepers that should be coming out no later than Friday news notes and. That's good that's fun stuff. Garbage -- none -- that looked at that does it -- people listening that's an article that really defines. The philosophy you know. Sort of died in two. Players that we see that are well worth taking before their eighty. Where once upon a time a lot higher on ranking list that your are intriguing -- another Alamo yeah another one that Cuomo's DeSean Jackson we talked about. About Miles Austin eighty 87. You literally death. I think Miles Austin as you know the door I think is sort of swung back the other way out of them. You know he was the number one receiver there you know that he gets he said he injuries two years in a row. But now he's clearly the third option in the offensive you know obviously Bryant is. The first year does Bryant and obviously I think you know it -- equity for the slight bump at a hospital the pecking order but the thing is that still leaves plenty of balls from -- Yeah and he can make it to make plays. Right in the fact that he's an injury risk it doesn't hurt me as much I can get -- in the eighties and so you know I think he's. You know if if you're looking to draft your third receiver in the eighties. He's he's a solid safe play if you wanna make -- C play but it. My -- probably are not gonna take my Austin yeah but I do think he's an under appreciated asset write they'll keep. You know is he he was banged up last year we did manage to play. -- sit out and I think the key point to make with everything else. It is you know if you're sitting aggression like by tomorrow lasted a few reasonable got to take I think he is the reason why it is. Look at what doubt is done they drafted Darrent Williams this year yeah and we -- look at miles off the contract. -- the about a body debt to pay a mixture I think is a really good chance to cap casualty next year offseason just so it's not technically a contract here. But I think if you look at the contract. Team knows it really. Is the de facto. Contractor for -- he needs to make -- happen -- so this is this the money a year from Miles Austin. -- says -- are always good players to target. Yeah I think if if you can't play he's gonna play so he's I think you know considering that he's got an eight and 87 overall EDT. If you can get -- at eighty K. I had no problem that at all. Interest. OK so more more of the veterans don't talk about this as it did this that attack. It's a little sore but I watched ought to get a date moved pretty well. Good much important when you can't keep keeping track of -- pre seasons actual critical. Now. So -- -- a very SA stick with upside -- Austin on -- riskier guy in this kind of plays into. Come from what I've you know learned to view over the years and in -- in through this partnership. Kind of plays into your ideology that -- Kenny Britt. -- -- that he is a lightning rod as an insurance. The he's the -- looking to -- believe it or not I thought you see even though we actually have a ranked below is a deeply I mean if if I skateboard -- -- -- probably not taking them. NASCAR and AP is ninety's gonna close it got to 96. But but again this is what I said earlier about what kind of team do I have. No I have a team where I feel really solid like my running backs I've got three backs a calculator injury risks -- son audition night right I've got I've got my quarterback in my pocket. And you know grew -- comfortable with the receivers I have. But maybe. You know maybe I don't feel like I have an upside at receiver. You know maybe have got graduate or someone -- -- maybe -- little different you know they promoted him to hold road and I feel like I hope I can afford the risk. Of all consider Kenny Britt -- such -- ridiculous it is now here's the key at this is why have so wrapped up with GDP. -- it's not the only guy like Kenny Britt in that area of the draft yeah like. It's a Republican Kenny Britt in Josh Gordon is still on the board. -- -- -- -- Yeah good young player. Just -- -- ahead of them right. And loaded but it's only 82 game suspension and here's -- but it here's the kicker like Gordon Brett. I don't know if you can separate the -- that much to both of the politics yeah obviously but it's got to help saying that -- scored an expert Gordon got. The suspension they would make it evident a lot of both off the field disasters -- -- historic -- but that did differentiating factors weak person lockyer. A lot like we -- the guy that you know we backed. Ever since he got in the league I quite frankly didn't understand how that he gets criticism question which it did make -- He agreed to these games most recently you know while having to -- system that -- -- I think he's gonna I think hopefully better this year but. As a rookie who started all the games last year. I -- -- that we represented itself very well yeah. But it was a perfect not a political a lot like a rookie quarterback yet but I think you know guys like Griffin at rocket -- to sort of -- -- occur. For how we judge these rookie quarterbacks -- -- today -- if if a rookie of the field it was a press right. Now it's like you know keep up clearly Drew Brees bye week for. Eagle -- -- gets. Mad at another guy at at a much -- -- -- here but another guys Blaine Gabbert. No I don't war bullying Gabbert. I don't think he's an I'll delete NFL quarterback. But that it has been picked apart is not a west of the bonus. And if you used -- thing is increased playing. You know he's been hurt you to play by the terrible offensive line that is true -- -- there's been a lot of problems -- there -- -- all the rookie quarterback of the week. And I think it's you know I know I I want to check it last week. And I don't ever really looked as good as she looked as a pro and I'm not a bad ugly -- naked -- but people people put these people we need to send EU. Waitresses and AJ Jenkins and -- bullets were talking about receivers don't they just swat teams and everybody's saying all these injured. You know this is is -- desperation move whatever. You know I -- Delicate part of me is gonna defend. Our scouting report to these guys just. You know we won't jump ball. Yeah and we like AJ Jenkins -- -- what they took a little early. But people people it's funny how people Deutsche eject people for -- picnic while it looked at thirtieth. It's -- people to fifty. And there are a position to gambled it. Rick yeah exactly exactly so. Is it to be AJ -- a -- question that he was taken the first round I was excited that he was capable of 49ers. -- that you might be hooked up with cap predicted we dirty we dirty decided capita group long term QB there before actually got it right so. You know. You gotta take this stuff with a grain of salt and that the fact that they treated these receivers doesn't mean they're trying to certainly get out from under these guys as much as. All would probably better fit for Frisco. And Jenkins is probably a better fit for any read yet so so to get on ripe for me these guys were -- real flyers. Probably not Jenkins but but in either they're still worked so but they're still tells the players and people forget about the there's -- three -- curve -- wide receivers. People forget. It's just like quarterbacks keep people -- bread and we blasters -- rookie quarterbacks and people rip that I Jenkins. To be -- -- for the 49ers need multiple look at their line up. It took a crap Tomas it's that I can do it it's not easy to get into that lineup so. These people have to remember that receivers more than any other position. Take on it. And it's it's. You know -- -- bust after one year I just think dispassionately force lenders to sort of silly. It anywhere or will we get to value. And that the group because you're talking about I was bringing up Gordon in relation to -- yeah. There's other guys in that same group table and Austin yeah that's it on us then you're looking at a different kind of risk in putting together a rookie receiver we don't know how I mean. I have a lot of confidence -- Taylor and Austin. But I can't predict his curve. You know I mean it meets eBay -- hit the ground running in its first game. He may get a little bit better each game and hit it and really explode somewhere during the season sure you know it's it's hard to predict that with a rookie. So you know he's a volatile guy with a but he's got a ton upside -- -- -- Austin public from now could easily be -- a second receiver. That's just that's nonsense like to but yeah anyway and I'd also like to do more. Brought down offense can hurt him because you'd like me you like Chris -- -- want to -- -- -- Jessica brought to him. And I like quick but he outside at a lake Stedman Bailey they took this year the draft and I like they're running backs and -- Table hostage so we're all going yeah you could have a little bit of an issue there. -- -- -- maybe slip over to a guy like my god quarter -- Paris. -- who I have ranked. You may be a little high. You know the guy who may be too hard but again I'll try to make a point with them and trying to beat you tell people -- simply -- these raw and he's actually the fourth receiver -- the depth chart. And those are -- -- -- true effects. But as I said in his original scouting report that I think we -- April you know way back -- for the draft. I can teach routes. To a guy with a try to tell it right I can't take it -- intelligent route guys teach and tell so. You know for me I'm willing to take you got a quarter of Paterson has -- just receiver. -- -- Yeah it is because if you hit its peak in agreement to receive. You know so there's a lot of those guys Gordon. Well obviously we're more than Paterson but seem kind of thing. Record we're gonna wait to be suspended and we expect and at the ground and comes back -- another guy that's -- this same area same basic concept Michael Floyd. Yeah on Arizona he was yeah he's a highly touted right. Draft pick last year started. You dwell on them -- -- have a good rookie year I doubt we wrote a column I wrote a -- Michael Floyd. Gosh maybe four months ago saying this is crazy discuss it EDT was like once said the public people wake up. They have -- -- moved these moved it up significantly from 170. We haven't -- you a little yeah you don't wanna wait so obviously Floyd is now no longer is huge value. But I still think he's a reasonable -- that number and and -- pick for upside so you know if you sit there and. As we were saying you're getting through the second level receivers once you get past guys who in your mind or locked starters. And once you start looking up and say well this guy is good I like him. But boy you looks an awful lot like the receiver -- spot down on the list. You know how much the difference between. DeSean Jackson and the country opted judicial and Jackson -- -- vehicle standards yet. It might be a negative difference but it could be. This year sure you know so that's where I'd say -- you don't have to hold off and Sheila Jackson a little look at the other position -- -- look at running back into the habit of sticking out of running -- -- quarterback. Or is it a -- look at the quarterbacks is there anybody there's -- out you know. So that's where I'm looking to really get. The best available player in the really hit home runs in that part of the draft verses saying all right well in the third receivers DeSean Jackson. Smart. Very Smart -- hope. No one wanted to play wanna throw out just as I hate to spank them enamored. But the Seattle Seahawks offense -- with Percy -- situation. I personally little detail lot yeah yeah. Other big -- to -- these -- that we were a -- last year if you call liberal are we were told people at. You know he's as I think everybody should discredited him because of that played -- probably wasn't a touchdown. Yeah I think he might pay a little bit of a fantasy price for that today. I I don't -- the little kooky but it refused just he was -- golden athletes. He played really well last year I. From my money he's come into his -- and we have been aggressively ranked. But it's interesting we moved him up about a month ago. But it ADP -- caught up in the ATP developed a lot of six and rising up. So by the time our drafting in a week or two that you are they only have so -- slot so that they can take yeah. You know but I still think he's -- that I think he's good -- Both of those who are drafting before the you know this weekend or by this week annually grab him. -- point Lila you can't. So moving on let's look at the cup we've got a couple more minutes left great and I think. What would you probably could use of that is to them that time is to just look at some people that. Maybe some of our listeners aren't so familiar with or maybe don't have the in sight at this stage to know if they actually might be a factor in the offense is that there in South Carolina yet had a couple guys to. We got stuff five minutes. Beautiful -- Was just going to have trouble just get over Dobson -- -- -- -- I think. Are listening audience doesn't does pretty well that's. Yet another reason actually out of that real quick the reason I have the Dobson at a time and even know I realize content. You're getting more snaps right now he's played better in camp and what stops and a touchdown. High draft pick to they've got expectations for what it. That -- -- look we'd love stops draft so he's he's one of my guys that I really really like. But the reason I've got to that's can even though maybe -- -- is ahead of him in some ways is if Dobson does hit the touchdown guy -- that's just -- a lot. That it that's quick explanation other guys that like in that area culture and Jeffrey yeah. Like challenger for a lot lot of new system like Cutler's quarterback who can feed to the receiver. I think she if she stays healthy and have a big year. Armed Justin Blackmon. Now the key here is yet to taken it upon the draft that you can stomach the 48 suspension and that's studying to do you can't take just the back in the eighties okay. Utility yourself. But if he makes it -- say eight. You know the thirteenth for a twelfth for maybe in the eleventh if you keep Israel solid. And that's yeah I think he's a guy could explode when he comes back fidelity to achieve these are underrated even if they would -- I think their underrated you another guy law. Against is ADP Rubin rebels yeah us off and -- just got -- of the Gil and -- still little banged up. Big hitter -- Randall. So hall of fame name to let's be honest it's like watching the Kentucky Derby -- I don't know anything about horses by stealth I see a good name -- it. What city could be -- like parties Finkelstein. I think I just don't want okay it's. If we doubt -- -- down the list a little bit. Let's get to. Let's get to Riley Cooper. And neglect under the take a job for a second I can tell you gonna talk to him about the what does -- -- -- -- helpless. Heyward-Bey is a guy -- foreign government taken into the -- block gives him some upside. But the thing people need to remember -- day forget about the fact that you know drops balls and you know maybe a little bit like between years. He gets hurt. Could I I have some doubts as to whether he's been holed up. There's a bill -- tropical. -- -- name the sites but there's some people are freaking out over the fact that. You know tactically David Hayward -- starter. They're worried that you know title music and get the ball enough of these third receiver. Yeah a typical political area that. First off they can start Hayward that what they're trying to do is limit the amount and it's titled take -- OK if you play title every step of every game he -- the last. -- -- Hundreds and hundreds of you know power of the collect these weapons. Eddie is a huge weapon any one of the most important players of that team so they're getting used title tactically. He's not gonna play every step but it doesn't matter because look at last year he did he was rotated in and out all -- Donnie Avery played more steps title. But look at the production. So they're gonna isolate till they're gonna get into the -- -- they wanted to change is gonna get more than enough snaps no matter what happens -- -- say Wednesday. OK I saw adjust if people worried about Darrius -- basically it's -- so I would worry about it. Is he kind of like the Donnie Avery of this year. Well I think the -- should get a little bit of credit to reduce ticket upgrade for -- for a couple reasons because of the red -- guy. Because you know dictate what they've got size to -- and you know Donnie Avery the guy who hasn't been able to help at all EU so I you know it. The astute analysis and your parties. There's a lot of similarities. The bargain basement guys sort of got to scrap heap yet but I do think DHB's got some upside. -- -- Now let's go to Cooper humor and I mean you were you're eager to talk about them. Yet Cooper was you know he's really pissed -- What's the the Adams trailer that he but not me until it was gonna but let me just the you know could we I wrote an article. Did -- this whole crazy Kenny Chesney they have about how loud this guy under rated but that's the and boy -- boy was I surprised that afternoon with where -- -- what can Twitter started blowing out to. But -- That the bottom Riley -- -- he's probably gonna start. He's got the skill set for chip Kelly's offense. And if he stays healthy. He -- in the developing into a third receiver for fantasy he's got that much of the people don't realize until the road -- You know and as it's queasy as what comes out of the smell it is he's that talented -- So you know. If people unavoidable moral grounds I convention. But for me and try to an offensive football league Celtic production anywhere can get it on. Yeah a couple of other guys I would mention I know we're running -- -- time. And he's a deep sleepers but Robert Woods on the bills I think that. Standing talent -- -- really good player doesn't happen this year. I don't know that's slightly flier but the -- with -- upside similarly in the late flyer to he -- gotten any action at all equipment patent. But on the 49ers that you keep your head injury hasn't been able to catch the ball well but. -- at very least keep and I -- quit packed. -- -- stood with another kind of guy Nicole flash could -- the fastest I've become bored colossal. He's got a lot of upside for the bills. I really like these guys and I here's a guy probably get a move up ahead of some of the men need to just mention. Markus -- and Pittsburgh he's a guy we really like pre draft. Now for -- draft leagues he probably needs an injury to become a major factor. Just got -- Antonio Branyan got. In the angels this gender should page which tried to steal. We can probably play by those guys most of the year but he's got to keep an eye out if you make some moves. You're gonna want my team to and it's some other guys Utley who I like even though the got to keep. It's two of them say to the guy who could do some things like plot lines and here's a really deep sleeper. Who I like a lot Minnesota coach turner felt forced Brice Butler. All right a little what you waxed poetic on Brice Butler in the -- have to wrap it up he's okay. Real quick he's the guy who got stuck behind some clients out at USC transferred to San Diego State. Took a little bit of time to learn their system but we really like what we saw a missile from San Diego State if you end up starting for the raiders. How. Obama says -- at least on the bench. He's got to watch. Well said we'll put a wrap on the -- -- that's rap on the wide receiver. Pre season rankings edition of the WEEI Tennessee football podcast and W yeah dot com. It teaches is always our weekly conversation. Without Tennessee football expert Pete Davidson who's the chief Tennessee football writer for Radovan dot com you hear all about it if you've been listening. So make sure your perfectly ready for the tennis football drafts the ongoing and to do that. The best way to do it is a visit roto -- dot com it's got all the updated its national rankings you heard today about the wide receiver rankings where Pete thinks people. Rankin and citing some great players running back podcast happened earlier in the week check out wrote a bond that wrote a -- dot com RO TL. DA HN dot com. And as always can check out W yeah I don't come each and every week as you prepped for your fantasy football stressed throughout the season check back for player roster updates rankings free agents. We've wire targets -- -- all there. It's all employees so thanks for tuning in again. 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