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Buster Olney, ESPN: Dempster deserved longer suspension

Aug 21, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Dempster suspension, the Yankees reaction, and the AL East.

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Like shut our model or not -- three point seven WEEI an hour from now your chance to win a thousand bucks wanna state and get locked in for that Michael Fabiano. Our fantasy football guy from nfl.com. Will be here every Friday drop football season get your roster set Kenya. Ready to help win your league here at the ready to help when his leagues -- But you'll join us today as we get set for draft weekend which I think -- be this weekend we through the pre season. Patriots Lions a course on Thursday night. What you get -- their pre season game and started playing that third quarter you feel better about your picks least tied the terrible picks -- it sucked anyway. Convince myself their little bit better. Wanna wait until after week theory soap -- Arnold join us later on a sour at about 1245. Talked to buster only here -- second -- it has taken a bunch of baseball issues including the Ryan Dempster suspension talk about. And Joseph Girardi -- fundamental that ridiculous comment. Set about what's the world coming through. The -- I agree with his five games and the baseball's got to find a way to look at. You know positional players and pitchers you know is there a way to look at their suspensions -- make them you'll feel more even. His at bats vs starting pitchers who barely missed a start with an off day. And areas right now our -- from ESPN's buster only. -- -- -- let's start there he gets five games Ryan Dempster does was that enough in your mind for Major League Baseball the suspension. Now. I -- I am thinking about it you know overnight after it was an outside but you know we pretty much know the low end of the scale if you. Getting due retaliation situation and you throw somebody you're gonna get five games they wanted it very least initially. Upset your next start. Although it doesn't in this case in on the high end. Started ten games that Ian Kennedy got and the big streak and MLB game in ten games is because he threw -- -- Ed. They really see are concerned about the head hunting it's Ian Kennedy hit into the body probably what got -- -- seven games. And I think when you look back what Dempster did. You know he's trying to sort it -- that -- by it and gains. Was it more and it simple retaliation hit some kind of but yet what Padilla intent. And he did it multiple times and on the other hand the ever put -- in physical jeopardy from my head now. So I think he probably should've gotten somewhere in the 8:19 am really surprised to the Major League Baseball which is an and it shouldn't enter into the equation but we know it. You know where they're concerned about the public relation -- all list. We know that there's this segment and that are wondering it is so personal. Vendetta against Alex Rodriguez. And by giving him up by gate suspension he just fuel that. And in a position to where -- they could easily give -- more and it wouldn't actually affected Dempster Rhett got in the way the schedule it. Yeah and we talked before it's is almost like a -- shaken awake -- we'll give you five grind you know because. As you dismissed him with a day off Thursday it day off on Monday deal -- give Ryan Dempster. Really like at twelve. Day suspension to affect this rotation one bit and it was gonna work on on on regular rest so it would have affected the team. But I don't think it would have sent a message you know it and that I I wasn't. I just that in mind to be honest with you the best pinch hit in a rut. But you can't open it up by giving -- say this that worked up the Sox 'cause of the schedule but it's not gonna work out for you on your team so you do what you're gay content. Exactly and they pretty giving -- nine and it would mean it would have been that big deal but it would. It would have been something it would have been remembered by some of the teams and players and -- -- diet high in the more I thought about what happened and it or economy and a comfortable position of Orion and it's dead -- did well I was pitching inside and we're assuming. What his intent -- at all for those pitches but to me if he wanted to send a message I thought it was the first pitch. I putted it left handed bat if he throws a ball behind Alex Rodriguez our national television. An end yet. Let that statement and everybody in the world would have gotten him. And he think about it you handled that way and you would've had a situation where he complicates. You know gamer Europe facts. Potentially or create a rally for the Yankees and he would've put himself in jeopardy of being suspended. But handling it the way that he did in taking that next step. To be honest I don't blame Joseph Girardi could be in -- I do think there's something. And William stood in that box in a way to not too gutless to against -- died in 95 miles per hour. It's not as simple thing to have a guy throwing repeatedly fastballs and that -- target to make. When he says things like what's the world coming to about a guy again our own and over and it's it's a little bit hypocritical for got -- for fifteen years that they act like it's never happened before that he not in any clubhouse worth and talked about happening before. -- -- and now I I agree with you I think that was rhetoric what but I on the other hand I work. REE spyware in uniform. And out and never will be. If I were in a position I can understand why players cannot be -- from there guys on the team who don't like Alex retreat they don't like situation. But he made them angry. That in there I had a pitcher on the other eighteen. And it just didn't throw one pitch behind guys need to repeat each shot to Adam. And so after the game that's why. They were still angry and Joseph Girardi was still angry and I and I told the story earlier in the week mean I covered -- player. -- not. Used profanity. Even casual conversation. And I didn't let that drop -- beat -- -- the earth and we could run at eight. A lot of down from the field during the course that it -- -- hadn't gotten that much because he was hot and I think it's that. First thing he can adapt yet I think. Whether you agree with him or not I think he'd put words to that feeling that a lot of people like. You know what goes Ryan Dempster -- be -- want to decide and I don't know I agree with that. But I -- negative point of view. You know that the Yankees had the other night. I've most of their played pretty good baseball anyways coming into that series at the Reynolds to pick up even -- to twelfth. Would you -- football nobody it's nine home runs it's gonna help that bench Soriano A-Rod is back. Granderson is back. That maybe this brings it even closer together but they were playing good baseball coming into it are you taken them they for real right now. I think they're for real at the other teams played count them I don't think there and -- close to a great scene there's no question Alex. Make them better. I don't know how in the world -- functions and all the stuff swirling around that night. In between out in the ninth in the game and he really should be special -- when the baseball that is available on the next two years. This -- just relishes that and -- seem so relaxed. It's sort oddities that make them better. I think it's really gonna come down to what it's easy to bat he would give them -- actually think that these. The rolling better as well in terms of these -- stop at any point this year at all a lot city. It is not commanding the ball at all innate talent the other day into part time it's spotting the ball especially inside the left handed hitters. Are and what they'll use gives them because that they don't get production from those two guys I don't see him catching up but your idols. -- and our only game in front of them and seeing the Red Sox regret I mean let's face it the Red Sox. Playoff spot to lose I still I think right now can debate the best team in the division. But the Red -- gonna have to come back to the Yankees and I don't think you could not good to jump ball well that way up by the so. Our weekly conversation in Basra only hear of ESPN he's would not lose the you mentioned the race for second we've talked about. There schedule buster and I view it as a real detriment when they were gonna have an off they -- to the rest the way they're gonna play at one point. Utley 37 games in 38 days that we talked to. Joseph Maddon talked to people on the team how to gonna manage all these games the Red Sox and have. Two off days this week and then really three off days in the final two weeks of the regular season. When I get a story at the all star break and I had. Here this city as having the worst schedule in the second half in baseball got a call from someone with a -- it. Really you really think. That there are scheduled stubborn little heart because we play all these American League east in. Yeah I did no question that if you were to do the -- -- the content to win the division their schedules the topic but I -- -- -- they're the best suited to handle it. It's a rotation right now in the best shape of any team in the division. Especially. If in fact they get Matt Moore back at some point. It would David Price the other night even on a bad night he'd find a way to battle throughout -- back. Dad duty at the underrated part of the race this year compared to create each years they've got a lot more depth in their lineup and the pitching staff and I haven't read it. I -- fourteenth kinda outside kind of looking and and chase and here. Notice sent to get Cleveland Kansas City any of Baltimore in New York any it would one of those four would you say it would make -- the most interest. I think Cleveland is gonna be back maintain. To watch because it's again to go back to strike schedule and a couple days and -- general manager you know quoting different number say we have. X number of games against teams over 500 let -- schedule. Cleveland last 23 games now in Cleveland the great team by any stretch. But their last 23 games guys are against teams under 523. Consecutive games. Are and they get to play teams like the Mets and I think we get the Astros. Eating ugly. And so while the American League east teams are going about their steel cage match -- beat the heck out of each other. Every game feeling like a playoff atmosphere and you go into Baltimore at night. Pretty Orioles it must win. The Indians for all their flaws. They do have a really deep line up in terms of making pitchers work a lot that way the Red Sox do. And you could see him absolutely queuing up on the mediocre teams -- played -- -- that is good need to me to watch down the stretch. -- that Tigers team you know in terms of their bullpen how this thing is going to be set up the I don't think that the best team in baseball the run had been on his great TV that is a fatal flaw at some point their bullpen just collapsing on itself buster Detroit. I think they're OK I think you're gonna get into the post -- I don't think many questions you know they're gonna go and with some heat in the postseason and it's gonna come down. Did their group work you know who's throwing well it's gonna be a lot like last year where. They were able to overcome some of the bullpen issues but the bottom line is up -- he just wasn't very good. And in one when he got to the postseason and it caught up in the World Series. All we can get a chance talking about it you were away. Now that baseball's come through with the instant replay Basra Alexei from Lu and myself we all wanted replay but three challenges. Her side no way it's set up one of the first six innings and and two more and then if you don't. You don't lose the challenges you win you get to keep them seek could have a limited and at some stuff is. Is challenge a ball lay it just seems like eight. They're doing too much what what's the response been from the people you talked to around baseball on the proposed instant replay for 2014. Team -- I talked to are appalled. They cannot believe that after all the hand wringing in the pocket where we're working on a system working on it that this is what they came up with. First thought and this is my own opinion and and I've had some baseball -- -- -- -- I totally agree -- that. The idea that you would develop -- system. Through which it's still possible that egregious calls. Will not be corrected in other words the manager mistakenly. Argues challenge views and ran out of them and and he -- -- the thirteenth inning of a playoff game. And there was no way to overturn a call. Is unbelievable to me I can't believe that they -- going to the whole process and let Tampa working mantra being get be getting many calls right as we possibly can the second thing is -- his mind boggling to me when you're talking about. You know Tony -- and he managed for how many years and Joseph Torre and it's for how many years and John Schuerholz -- watching games. If they would develop a system. Which clearly when you talk about energy challenge is he's just right for delayed because it. The weak -- like coach's challenge work in the NFL is there to play clock. Our our coaches have to decide within like 35 seconds forty seconds whether or not to throw it swagger call time out -- weakness that. Whether or not he challenged in baseball. Is a play clock so and -- -- sent me over the weekend. No manager is gonna challenge in let nobody writes -- what's gonna happen. Big hitters are hitters could be like -- but in my side wait I got a good doctor at third base coach. You know the pitcher and a catcher gonna have a conversation. And they're gonna wait into the clubhouse kid. Runs down from the club out into the dugout and they'd go and challenge or don't challenge. And that's when the manager will do it. There's no mechanism to force the action along that's why manager's challenge in baseball is a terrible idea. Couldn't agree more and Woolsey with against change at all between 2014. Of the players in team speak up before the owners. Ratified as buster rates up is always reported talk the next week. Our bus early BSP and joining us here on the eighteenth the hotline eighteenth in the nation's fastest. Now the most reliable forgy LTE network and of course -- a buster. Is brought -- you by our friends at Toyota of Nashua Bob Draper record -- entire crew visit the all new Toyota Nashua megaplex you're the hot deals. During their summer -- -- going on now. YE a RS restoration specialist and by -- space in other check mark. For Alou in terms of predicting the Red Sox lineup it is out for today. You thought to be no. Zander Bogart's you're correct. -- very Victorino. Pedroia Ortiz back in their first against the lefty Gomes a left Saltalamacchia catching. Drew was it short. Middle Brooks at third -- brought as the starting pitcher so you have. Going up against the righty last night Bogart's battle lefty we supposed to play against a strange last minute set up there. The saying yeah. But -- it's switching -- -- he's in a row when you can do whatever you want me -- bullets and against the -- -- you want to get him in there if you knew lefty was coming game three went to twelve miles straight at the scrap them last night and put drew and Ortiz was drew told an off day the -- -- crazy like Stephen -- does just electoral. Have a couple pixie sticks and really crazy -- not shower. As they go -- very victory -- Pedroia Ortiz Gomes Saltalamacchia drew. Middle Brooks and do brought later on this hour we will talk to -- Michael fancy football we come back. On the folks any sports marketing firm channel argument credit channel media and market research today thirteen thousand person. Survey of new England and asked you what you liked about England sports. It's a very interesting answers including answers on the Boston Red Sox would get to that next.

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