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Merloni vs. Almonte

Aug 21, 2013|

Former Yankee infielder Eric Almonte went on Twitter and called Lou Merloni a coward and accused him of making racist comments. After countless attempts, the Mut and Merloni Show finally got Almonte to agree to come on the radio with them and debate about ARod getting hit and the biogenesis situation. Listen in as Merloni defends his pal Nomar when Almonte accuses him of PED use.

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You were getting treated at by Eric -- -- Who played Major League Baseball had three different shots at the big league level brewers yankees eccentric. Who was apparently very critical view. And by virtue was -- are not -- he's he's in the dominicans who was listening to our show. But he must have been he -- -- a story that Yahoo! and hardball talk poster where you -- on Comcast he basically said it was a good thing Iran got hit. -- people around baseball like the fact. That A-Rod got hit that he was doing -- up in the -- garnered him respect amongst the game and from what I can read from his tweets here. At that Eric Gabriel junior Eric with a K Gabriel junior. He was offended by the what you had to say and Yahoo! piece that got posted up on Yahoo! Sports dot -- -- that right. Like I said I'm just I was just really confused more than anything I think you just dumb. He read the piece. Apparently. Called me stupid coward and earlier in his timeline to it made racist comments call me ignorant. And -- -- get any solution or just looking for answers of why use the I was ignorant and racist and stupid. And I never got out of my I don't know I think it just misunderstood with the curly red. Which -- -- by Genesis and A rods and everybody that got suspended served. Serve the suspension of cricket test the other get involved in -- there was certain suspension thirteen guys -- -- serve of an era. I just don't know to be perfectly honestly I would like -- cleared up. That's that's the question wanna clear up but I I guess might like to polyps to be why you -- hash -- stupid Howard. Because they got questions still lingering he -- hash tag that damaged and hash tag and -- hash tag your main point and if so you're trending in the Dominican. For a little while yesterday. What about any of your comments on this show or on Yahoo! or Comcast. It anywhere are racist but that that's the part I guess I don't -- what what is racist about saying that amongst players Iran does this -- I believe that I am not against you should be suspended against -- -- -- and boarded the other night but. Like the cities -- based on what he gated -- and at anywhere remotely racist I don't get it I just want to know. What's race about as you heard of what the what some black -- has nothing racist -- black little but it doesn't. It's one thing that a black was at a white black blue right there breaking it down very critical but what's your black leukemia really make the comment he said race of the I don't know that's unfair -- and I think he wanted -- cubic Carty you talk now I think he wanted me when I was playing. I guess. To just start out players left and right. -- a fan of -- I don't know I want -- be Iraq. I have no idea. We'll find out hopefully I hope so that's an -- and say this -- and talking about this now because he's scheduled to join us in just a mannered -- I'm not convinced he's gonna call but he's apparently agreed to call in and talk on our show. -- we -- Oden said that he couldn't color largely because it was in the Dominican Republic Germany couldn't use the you know the money for -- long distance phone call. So we told we give -- toll free number. And her expression in the -- minutes. -- I'm not adding Jolie did an unbelievable job in tracking down Erica -- that it again Marshall and you listeners. Who pleaded Erick Almonte -- and you did by the I don't looks like hundred year. I thank you for doing it I'm skeptical is gonna call -- based on his -- is tweets and based on his a level of intelligence of Reading what you were saying. In a story I'm not sure I want to call -- talk today. I think he's funny any probable quality call someone like races. And then just vehicle LA you know when it's so cool good document a -- -- a -- look at me and of it says in a strange kind of bipolar conversation you can't my batteries -- No I bet you really can't take that back a bent and energetic if they just Josh and I didn't Spanish. -- you just finish. -- -- -- Coach it's not that hard really Rasheed -- -- their caller stupid though that it they are OK I mean so. Now that's what video which won an old. Where it was going it was headed and why if he wanted you to call players now know was he was he fired up the call out though -- brought back in 2011. 33 years old his last cup of coffee at the brewers. Late night year at 29 at bats in the know. Ryan brought you call them out at that. Some questions to update -- seat to former major leaguers yelling each other on Twitter I get curious and want answers. And joining us on the AT&T hotline the guy who played for the Yankees and the brewers during its current major leagues it was all over Twitter at Lou. Is Eric Belmont -- markets Mike and Lou here in Boston power you. You guys how are you. Good Erica would you just try to clarify will go -- last night. That is to this moment I had the conversations or I still don't know where you're going. So what part Norton won't play at a ballpark now are probably -- wrong prominently -- -- went to go I'd check what I -- -- What do you say it is not while Liam GA growth. And it probably. Then he probably didn't want it to end because they were. Everybody that fence -- it is those. You know actually included toward. You -- -- that they showed its potential writers I tried going whoa. Well you know I know you don't talking about bio Genesis right like when we -- their their conversation story Royce at thirteen guys. Got suspended and twelve serve their time. All we know Obama -- your network all the guys you never got popular. Don't follow through your credit they're all the guys debuted a little bit of offense that's popular is -- talk. He put another -- agent of change and not being. Well all but what it will be competitive. And I will pray do that right there -- people who I I invoke it they -- to suddenly -- they have full. I have been held to prove to suspend the guys. Elbow what I play is. I'm and other local field. And -- who are living like operating like a guy like a lot of players do. That otherwise could feel about -- no doubt true all deductibles well did. Did you -- when you when you when you said dash -- epic coward needs to talk now did you what do you want me to do to drop me when I was client. Call out guys that played with. While -- you know and I would play a lot of guys -- Yeah well I play well other guys -- know fourth straight big blue book follow party. You tell a joke like you'll probably go until. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know who I don't like let's go right to appropriate public. Well I soprano from me is that I want them on radio and TV in. These subjects come up in India after -- to -- here it's great record Caribbean Dominican Republic. So when someone asked you want to radio TV. About the steroids situation you just don't comment. No I don't I Adori these days he barely get the president then you -- -- your -- improbable. I got up into the trap and I can't I can't even -- Miguel -- with a -- did a bloody days. -- I'm I'm not -- I look at a record -- your birds are where you're -- a bit. My bet their New York Times betrayed their people why Eric is they -- -- -- -- -- -- right there to -- -- I still think let's. -- I still think it was. No. They would be federally. You don't I don't -- -- what it should get there. Is that road -- -- -- will let me ask you this is that why you felt that did you feel that that was a racist comment that that the white -- at the Latin -- definitely called my -- recent. -- -- go out we're political theater -- outside lighting guy. And I think I'll thank you I think I know that didn't look like it racist comment. And -- little -- to look and don't really care effort. Let alone maybe fight would turn all the people here hate a guy battered -- go to appearance of a myriad of -- wolves by racist comment owner. Well I'll look what I tell you I would go to war the -- what they know what I'd probably make a long common. Along the way between grew older and mean for you to tell you -- greater -- or your trio that right group Abu for a pitcher to beat a guy that what do Larry Wright a litigator but has. Would've been good I was hit my head I don't know -- I was -- -- Eric that's why my career ended. So I I I I know I know about it but. Well. The value put all of our -- our little party and nobody want to get hit a bad bank probably I'll tell you -- like -- -- -- building you know. Maybe twenty people. And Australia Oregon New York all the money people make -- I can't worry about guys and everybody hated every and the award a -- everybody had him. I don't feel bad right Gertrude who don't fear of people would admit to go to get a bottle of Ramallah try -- now -- W which -- You used the the hash tag the stupid -- hash tag and say -- -- you played with. Guys you knew were on driving. Well when the idiot in years Nomar is an example he tweeted a picture of Nomar Lewis and I he would he would Nomar was on drugs in your opinion -- -- -- come out say something you played. With the Yankees and brewers and I don't think EU just said to Los. You play with guys who were on it why did you during your playing career Eric come out there and I know this guys on this -- on if Lou is your opinion a coward. We're not doing that did you ever do. Well a lot about what you're playing what used to play well at large Bogart would negotiate. Well let me Erica are you ever seen having it via -- and he you've listened to play the game missing guys do it intentionally did you. You always disagree with -- or their times are you agreed with -- Well they have however I don't -- that covered a little bit but Welker. Well what you're gonna battle -- -- comebacks in place what Hitler didn't present you can donate every credit goes. Not a -- you are. I'm brawn took a suspension Iraq Ryan brawn took the suspension and Barley rye -- abroad to disaster to music. He's as bad as they -- is for what's on the stump that he said about that the test collector but he took a suspension is not appealing -- because. He wants fewer games here it's a little bit different. On -- I'll -- right popular. A popular figure in your view from the older. Everybody's. At an airport got a right to appeal to. But do you think Iran ordered a record. Eric do you think our -- that -- -- gonna when his appeal. I don't know I'm not I'm not a -- I don't know I don't know. See here's -- alert dumbing you know you. You're saying -- set that I was. But there accusing guys and they should be suspended all -- everything else that you you to read a pitcher Nomar NC and it you know when you play with this guy is the biggest cheater out there. And it is -- thing that bothered me because Eric you know you you were suspended fifty games you appeal the new one that appeal. -- the B sample came back negative -- fifty days you falsely. Accused of taking steroids use such a problem with that but yet you accuse Nomar doing. You know what that's like. Yeah and -- -- but you don't you'll want them to twelve before we all look right. I was married people are born here and never got never gonna remember got better remembered that the target price. Our I agreed that you'll falsely accuse you one of the few people in the game. 2011 that actually won your PO you know the living hell that you went through because people look at you as a PED user. And yet you still come out and ball and accuse I say falsely accuse others. All. Calamity polygamy guys third. Being here looking toward employment Obama -- Utah I'm Taylor about it. But I know guys use I area I -- it before I've admitted -- on these greens back in the day. You know before and there are. I can debate -- -- we oh well you're going to -- to have it come true I don't -- guys they're. They feel whatever the woman who. Our I'm like -- play I don't follow through idea eight Ryder I don't feel about the World Cup till. A lot better I never got Saturday night but I clear that he and I don't come into -- and it's certainly not a quote it's long ago -- It -- what is -- immediately went appalling. And my country. Well -- you Cabrera. I don't dwell on -- and he's going to try and control our legal Bartolo where all the site. My don't -- We'll bring it to -- on a popular dude I got an idiot because -- They would do in the wrong. No I I agree I just I just a matter I don't think you know for sure that no more. It took steroids. And given your history of being falsely accused in the hell you went through because of it. I -- young -- thought it was interesting that you would to falsely accuse him I mean you know we took steroids. You know that know mark took steroids Aminu -- order. What triggered it a -- will go only. What I'm bogey or not he won't feel. What your country -- -- -- -- -- -- The problem -- the current don't go -- green card to work. And you know that. Test in 2000 and everywhere and be -- what you can. Get him to report according putrid. Well everybody but there were some well not you know Margaret looked like a great group or no wasn't. You have to work. No wasn't. It actually was no no it actually was not that was a that was a fake -- that came out the head like tech on it and a bunch of names he was not on that list. -- really really. I'm pretty sure they -- the medical I I I checked -- so. And that was a fatalistic came on early that dug a lot of people got some with giving attention to. He was not awful. Oh checked baggage would -- I -- that that they're a little. Well I'm probably pretty dictate our ability but it. OK but he wasn't we saw the first picture you get you sent us another picture and a basically. -- work or getting the circle back to first second you you really feel like ending Lucent was was racist do you take that back in the feel like you probably should've said that you aren't. Our current revenue the united I think about it -- and the beginning it's. -- I've probably made the wrong. I probably felt the long -- be a -- -- -- Butler entered into. Or appreciate taken -- -- -- ideals -- -- -- has been a fun conversation appreciate you giving your side of the story we're watching on Twitter gone back and forth I want you to guys who both played baseball to get along. Couple guys who played on color. Detail right -- on tell. -- -- -- -- -- I read all all well let's -- and -- -- and no more brittle. I want I want my utility infielders to be okay with each other on to -- that's what I want. That's what I wanna be -- Eric Eric thanks a time -- appreciated. I don't place you guys. I don't place off budget Leo I'm baseball games you spoke with. Tomorrow night -- by the way you're forget about the softball if tomorrow and I think -- field. -- -- yeah it's happened 7 o'clock -- what I don't know what the hell. Just like another win for the -- -- doesn't like gay rub it you would not go public with the thought of the but -- if you're wondering yeah how we did get Eric Belmont day I don't you think why can't I local radio show land a stunt like Eric Belmont today. On Tuesday. We did it. And -- -- say Joey Erick -- it was on the AT&T hotline at eight DC the nation's fastest now the most reliable Ford GL TE. Networks are salt and holing. Sorry DNC sorry Mikey we got Erick Almonte made today are Dan Patrick. So our friends NASA. Are mad dog Belmont it was on the show. Breaking it down. Get a cup break a break come back -- you maybe talk a little old time baseball games -- your planet. Tomorrow here on Sports Radio WB yeah. I don't have to happen.

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