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Minor Details Ep. 65: Milestones for Deven Marrero, Brian Johnson

Aug 20, 2013|

This week's episode checks in with the Red Sox' first-round picks from 2012, Deven Marrero and Brian Johnson, on a pair of milestones they recently reached. Marrero discusses his promotion to Double-A Portland in his first full pro season, while Johnson discusses the one-year anniversary of taking a line drive off the head in the Futures at Fenway game, the complicated recovery process and the state of his first full professional season.

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We're gonna take stock of the seasons of a couple bless your top Red Sox draft picks. -- or -- and Brian Johnson this seemed like the perfect time to check in with both because both Johnson and Marrero have milestones that they've either achieved or are about to achieve. Where are just got promoted to double -- Portland from -- -- Salem after a season which is offensive totals were fairly modest but his overall game. Suggested a player who's ready to move forward. -- -- is milestone represents a clear step forward in his professional career the one that John and is fulfilling today in fact may be a more significant one. He was exactly one year ago today that Brian Johnson took the mound for the Red Sox the starting pitcher for the Lowell spinners. In the futures at Fenway game and fortunately the outing ended catastrophic -- Johnson took a line drive off the face against the first batter that he faced in that game. In had to be carted off the field. The event was an awful one for anyone who bore witness to it including his teammate with -- last year -- Marrero. So those scary that are -- to those organs socket. And it still aren't you really really scary you know it just happened -- so and the beginning of the game with a second pitch of the game and we'll go over these you know regain it on the floor and if there is little restraint as well and there's various areas -- certain. That brought his 2012 season to a sudden and unfortunate -- and set in motion. A very challenging off season Johnson has now been able to get back on the hill meanwhile he started out slowly while dealing with shoulder tonight -- early in the season. Returning to the mound for single a Greenville he's been pretty spectacular of late over and over his most recent couple weeks of starts. Since returning from the DL including his first career seven inning outing just last week so one year after that trifle incident. We check in with Johnson for his recollections. Of that horrible day end of the process that he's followed in order to move forward from it. -- you know -- up to us about. A -- week war. -- -- -- was back like in the -- that it is yours and I outside of air upgrade certain. Let it what did Oliver Stone and then that way struggle throughout. But experience -- the college experience but never like that and you know this early in my career open -- -- occurred -- about. But. -- crowd -- excited and a great opportunity. And I got there is like him. You've pitched on big stages before obviously you know you thought you'd be American you competed at the University of Florida in the college World Series. How how did that level of competition. And intensity compared to the idea of pitching in a big league ballpark like -- a storied one like Fenway. Arm you know. It would -- because you know it's called a series. There is an awesome experience partner accident report that cover. And with the got a group got out of order in the day our government has been -- out with your best friends it was unreal what. You know it's different what you said distort historic factors and -- in sports are Democrats are indebted and -- What an awful experience you know there are long. If you don't mind my asking did you have family and friends there at the game by virtue of the fact that it was this kind of unique opportunity. Are no I did not orbit. I had I been coveted breeders'. To ourselves but you know it's. And so he -- so bowling hand and then you know and then coming back to the box -- you what you were called you were called the incident I mean do you. You allow yourself to think back to it at this point or or have you do you kind of do your best. Compartmentalized that that kind of frightful experience. You know I don't like about it too much but not as scared about it is that in. I I remembered and I remember every moment that happened rebel process and so what spot but a lot about them out of that little bit about it much. That obviously ended your season how much how how long did it teach you just to recover physically from -- from the come backer. Bottom. It's. Three month. Totally. Well no doubt you -- in order not then. After that it would not be it would be awhile. While America. It is how to do it that regard they were asleep like rolled over and elevated as little. And that it might -- you'd better right around and instructs. And going out straight at my my -- got worried where I've -- me the blood that -- which greatly. You're about -- other factor albeit. It looked like this vertigo like started out with we've seen in the blood that's what matters back -- longer. In so you did not need surgery correct. -- And so is you know what when where you able to kind of resume normal athletic lifestyle late you know it was August 18 of last year -- -- that the injury occurred. Was it you know what around November or so that you were able to start. Start reintegrating NC -- you -- integrating you know being a professional athlete you know the training necessary -- into your routine. Yeah I mean I -- early -- I would say they have known that -- but I it was it was very mild it was like -- where. -- -- work not to get my -- -- up. Too hard but the doctor and I would say end of October early November as well I started charming you go back away every day. Running everything spread all that everything was back to normal. In terms of the recovery process from it like was this an incident from which you torture had to kind of talk with Bob took very you know about or you know or kind of think about. Ways of I mean you know it's it's a hazard of being a pitcher that they're going to become backers hit -- towards you. Or did you find that you know bid. You never had any kind of sigh and any any kind of lingering aftermath or acts of of of that come backer. You know as first reverse happens it's funny I have my -- -- means in more the first question you have word. Are you feel about pitching -- and -- that's what some politics it is about. It's all out if I don't do right now. It is still fresh fuel not about. What happened and then after all of you and you know if you're talking about it this bat. When I got back to restrict a lot of -- last year and not Bob spears. You know it was it was tough on me in my first outing. Burst -- populist economy. I'd be out the other notable going allies is it wasn't. My mind that will be different it wasn't going to the -- About a moment -- economists -- don't know about sitting out in the street. And it was -- -- -- you know like I was brokerage. And I'd love how much -- negro scored but I thought -- And that's how it kind of started slowly slowly than it was it was right message isn't getting in my next step ones. When it I would don't swing and the next step on contact and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All based on. And other that I idol was -- to -- more. When were you able to feel like you know feel an encumbered as a pitcher you know where did you feel as if you could you know act as if this wasn't you know and in terms of the lead up to a pitch. Something that was you know that was kind of present. I would say that the district council race I didn't I didn't do it it was bother me at all. I mean my first outing in spring training next page -- that it really. Got kind of work things work. The first burst burst in her -- great pride in. This market and go out to pitch in. I don't what he would be honest Guerrero about. Abuse what sort. And -- not bad for a period. Rezko then we talked about on -- one out. No doubt about -- I had no idea. Sometimes it's sometimes better to find these things -- after the fact as pros. -- is so your father ask you about about pitching that it's an interest in question which you in particular because you were a you were a two way player you were the John Olerud award winner when you're in college because you race stand -- as both -- position player. And as a pitcher. Did that thought ever cross your mind -- you know if this if this is an uncomfortable existence for me. I could think about going to position player out. Actually no it didn't I'd never vote but absolutely right now but you know I. You know they're like you're not -- It's ultimately what satellite that experience like disturbed by lightning it's. -- those things so yell -- -- I mean I got into some very real news out just the whole mental side of an I've ever thought about. Going back -- after it happened because. You know right out of our pitching out of pocket at the -- and. Have there been any cut any any adjustments you made for instance Brendan McCarthy obviously has a special fitted cap that is meant to offer. Greater protection in case there's ever another instance he had. A far more and a far more traumatic serious injury. Than yours when the required you know surgery to save his life essentially. And -- have you had to do anything whether it's wearing glasses or. Or whether it is it's wearing any kind of like protection and auditor capped. In order in deference to what you went through. Yes I do where. Specially -- Very plastic. Org or operative -- those. Are my allies deserted the weird optic material. That goes inside the mine has -- been in there -- my past. It just strange things for me to think about from -- obviously I didn't experience it but you know that ends up being your last pitch of the season and you only had that opportunity to get like that initial. Small taste of professional baseball right things you've thrown fewer than six innings by the time. By the time that injury happened one year ago. What was your offseason like how much were you able to focus on just thinking about OK this is what I have to do in order prepare for my first professional season. I'm into kind of think forward. -- You know in the beginning. I'm beyond I would religious. Market go up -- And try to get my weight back in all the way. A guy that sense and -- -- October or November. It is really just not must demonstrate respect and getting our -- After words it was people go out work out 56 state region. And dot com and art and you know and I outdoor or myers' spot once every two weeks to check out in. And stop like oh. It was. A different side of the troops velocity and I I didn't -- -- A bright of course you're from and stated that it hadn't even occurred to me to -- that you could commute to and from Fort Myers is you soffit. Yeah I have it. -- How much weight did you lose over the course because you said you couldn't eat when did when were you able to start eating again and how much weight did you lose me an arm. It way up to 38 to worry about -- on the audio out and well. Idea as part of low and shape and in LA like modern military but to keep that laid out. And its commitment like Audi achieved -- about an hour as well not -- I was caught up every piece in this as we saw it. And then. It was a little things like. Like right toward you right. And in a bottom about five weeks in artery sushi are just small pieces -- -- pretty much. And. It better be well prepared usually if that's the case. Yeah. It was it was a little little bits and pieces of things like that stuff like that I didn't have my first. Date period ended up. We're still about. Christmastime. In in terms of but in terms of what's that process you know where that process put you in terms of your career. You know did it it seems like a really early time to ask questions about gaining perspective and outlook cut enough. You know kind of bigger picture stuff with regards to your professional career nonetheless like. Who was -- this kind of a enix did this change the way in which you've looked at were approached being a professional pitcher. Now they are so -- every day in other actors. Much mergers and I don't I don't let that affect the way out about the game the other. That is what it is and in the past sobero. It's like and in order. Conversely though it is did this sort of thing for instance to make you you know to make you even more eager about about your involvement in the gamer kind of you know recognize that you know the third and things that are well beyond anyone's control. They can take it away from you so you know so it can offer the opposite perspective mainly you know permitting you perhaps to enjoy things more. Yeah you know that was a big -- You know this could -- your everyday but you'll but it ended right. Littered the sector did it last. And an identity with that but the outlook on the way to go about their. You know and what they abuses. And I'd I'd focus more what -- it been -- spoke while on the mound. Where fumble it away and go away my spot I'm not going to an area they're not the one bad chip about. Talk with Brian Johnson Red Sox pitcher currently in single a Greenville. At the start of this year you know you were you were assigned to you you said that you were pitching for against high -- for a good there for a good amount to spring training I presume. You were assigned to. To single a Greenville probably because your season last year. Was shortened to you know I think that you knew -- based on your college experience there would have probably been a case for you to be a high a pitcher at least a consideration but. Given how little you were able to -- last year probably makes sense that you know you acclimate to the five day routine in Greenville. Was that wooten weren't you were you comfortable that was there and sense of -- man like I was really hoping to me to break with Salem. No I did not know or -- patrol is going out there Saturday were. Were as part of like and everything ended. An upbeat spirit well you know I I have all they've been productive but that they know what's best in credit and -- To what degree do you feel like you're kind of because of Europe because you have got the pass the background of being a two way player. How drastic an adjustment has it been to being a full time pitcher. On a five day routine. -- It's different you know -- really helped me a -- that you because in college I would go ordered oh. My apple then like such ordered every -- later in the day but not I wouldn't grow and expand it now. Where like -- awkward for some data we -- what it's a debate ought Yates. He had. -- Yeah now now now that I'm in Davis Cup from -- abused. It is normal soreness and a -- there and everything in the pocket. But now I feel I feel I would we're going back now my -- on -- now. And so was that something that you were kind of feeling where you working through through just you know an issue of strength maintenance in those first couple months of the season because. From from my vantage point from afar not having seen in person. It seemed like your junior a really good job of competing. And you know finding ways of you know of kind of holding down opponent you have you have a couple of excellent outings he knows a couple of which he didn't allow money and run summon what you allowed one or two but. Not necessarily not necessarily overpowering opponents in terms of swings and mr. and -- in volume. In that sort of thing where was that just a physical that physical adjustment that you're talking about. That you're going through an April and may. Yeah -- you know it was it was is being able to its true. Gem premier partner I mean. -- out of what was sort of about -- in the region in. When we went with a that they probably thought about use the other eat your best yet and you've got to do but yet the -- was. You talked about. But it's a greater -- we gotta you gotta it would look what you got you know I've -- -- criticism -- added suggesting that in. No like is just you know while -- not good article which is now it. I -- you know a lot better -- like which is good. Flacco a lot better now then I -- navigator go over comparable. Billboard dot. And act and act -- -- -- So you well you got to -- dignified irritation to the first couple months of the season then you had at about six weeks or so mature in which are shut down for a bu what was being described I think his shoulder tendinitis is that right. Yeah it was is that that's orders and basically -- in both older. In so since then you know you said that you you said that your feeling better now how is is this kind of a night and day scenario since you've been able to get back onto the mound first in the -- yellen now. In green colors are the differences subtle. I would it would be so. As fuel I'm recovering -- record I'm not have been that -- Now that orders I've bought it. You know I'm out of your -- feel. All right -- -- -- truck truck much sectors. Everything just a minute but in our connector you know. And you go back you thought you've now had. You know a few appearances in which you've you've you've been performing quite well first four appearances back I think -- like a one ERA something like that. How you know how how much how much different do you -- in your stuff at this point. So I've -- other up while -- while -- -- other returning as the -- here bendable actually. The charter and well it didn't select and -- still had a lot morbid and it's -- been delivered in around water or water. And I would I would have finally. -- truck and myself I'm not going batboy and out he bought out of them popped collar -- Beijing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello I have please describe your mix at this point you know what god you know what what do you -- now that you have the cutter in the mix of what what is your arsenal. Our best ball. -- what are herbal. That's a pretty expensive -- Friday you know at a at a young age lower level do you find it. Do you do you find that with is it difficult to kind of develop individual pitches -- that make. I've given given the number of them or do you have. Do you go to approach outings saying okay today -- -- going to emphasized the cutter to really just try to get the feel Florida how to use it you know. And in what the release needs to be electronic. I did entry trading. You are not so much like up there to win in my main goal win. And to do whatever I care about this do for the -- -- the women. They are at the brickyard in development a lot more -- changeup but don't know a lot more and not let. About what he would do it not the dorms. And as a as a as a first round pick you know from the 2012 draft do you ever feel any any kind of internally created pressure to. To live up to expectations that you -- for yourself four to live up to to your idea of what a first round pick -- -- be doing at this stage of his career. As a player and a person so you know. I mean -- -- -- express ourselves you know I thought they would do that for every day. -- vulnerable and are playing on -- Or part of the game I. I'd I'd I'd Hewitt internally just battled it out as pressure -- that is still that is more drive back at within itself. In terms of how the year is gone then you know do you feel as if do you feel as if -- -- what you've been able to accomplish in the snow on the first extended professional season. Has been has has been success has been satisfying. You know based not only on on what you've done on the field but you know. Be given given what you did go through a year ago and to you know how far you've come from that. -- You're you're in the you know sport's first -- he's and I. Pilot just by their position in the worked out between yeah. And you know it's different result -- I'll play the read out of the region here every day and it's just it's a different you know you figured you'd think when -- -- -- got in the public view and the region you're if you're really -- And now I've -- I feel like. Of -- -- and your Ratko so great for. What -- -- now. It's interesting to me to think about you know to think about how Europe for years gone. In the context of someone like a Brandon Workman who obviously has made. I -- has really made considerable strides and you know to me he had. He had a college pitching career that was a similar to yours and in the kind of competition that he was facing. Among the level which he was competing he obviously the University of Texas not so. In a tremendous baseball program. You at University of Florida. And he'd like you spent the first you know world. You to this point at least spent his first full pro season entirely in Greenville and then. Use that as a springboard to you know to he started then all of a sudden accelerating through every subsequent level. Argue patients about the whole nature of like of moving up the latter and when it's going to be your time to kind of advance. -- you don't -- -- effort and reward. The Evelyn. And -- approach and everyone. You know -- in things that you know. -- -- -- about it you know he's patient has been happening you know I got better I might be. Work hard good thing happened I thought every day it all -- -- You know back where it happened about art. Brian Johnson Red Sox pitcher in Greenville thank you so much for joining really appreciate the time. -- the numbers that ever put up in high Salem. Weren't exactly jump off the page stuff. He hit 256 had a 341 on base percentage in the 334 slugging mark. Over the course of 85 game and get the Red Sox in this past week felt that it was the right time for him to move up the latter. New -- from high Salem to double A Portland on Tuesday. The reason. He's viewed as a player who's all around skill sets. Is perhaps one of the most impressive of any position playing prospect in the red our estimate guy who not only has the chance to hit for average with. With a level that path to table a -- through the strikes him for quite a bit. In the ability to have good pitch recognition that permits him to work walks not to have too -- of the volume of strikeouts but also who plays spectacular defense. A really good base runner who steals a lot of bases. Based in no small part on his on his feel for the game. In two overall she is just terrific team acumen though he still projects as being a potential future everyday starting shortstop. In the big -- The Red Sox -- it was appropriate to challenge him to see how he would hold up. In double play that's a pretty significant marker for a player -- his first full professional season just about thirteen or so months after he signed to turn pro. -- Marrero on what the Russian meant to him. Those critical vote so it. It doesn't it won't work was supported and injuring -- What is gonna do that for a long time and this is another step closer and effective that's such saw one mile or two. Change in the that there -- in the field so. They don't -- it is so it was pretty cool known. I was sources -- on my heart predictor. I assailant then. And every parent out there better and you know also. About the incident -- that you this year and the government that most of these last few weeks. Are you Biden by nature an impatient person or where you were you starting to kind of like to get its chief for the possibility of a promotion -- were you during a pretty good job of just remaining focused on the day today. I was working out this video phone or person that at least in the truck so. You know just trust in the process is going out there and do my best kitchen every day in and around whatever happens with promotions so but -- -- out of my control. Motion controls it was good on the field and and home and they did they know that they are ready for us that's when they move me out from. And third job that -- -- my -- disciplined themselves -- this make those decisions so I trust them. With the decision and -- -- -- is a few weeks. What does that mean trust the process from your vantage point what is the process that you're trusting. Process at a better level you know what for the mightily just sort of I mean every other sport. -- -- don't have a minor league system and -- -- my system because it's a process you know. You'd better at every level and even more and get stronger. You know it is an opportunity to know the -- or. At home adjustment process is what it is such -- -- -- it exists let it happen actually. One of the things about that -- that interest would be you know one of the verbs that you chose us learn you know learn more. You are by by many accounts someone who. Someone who really relishes that aspect of the game and really you know and really beyond that so I wanna I wanna kind of touch on that on and a couple ways -- You complete your college degree this year correct. What -- what what was the you know first of all congratulations that's amazing and you know really quite rare I think for. For someone who was a what -- that one of the top amateur talent in the country. -- to continue to pursue his his degree. During the season I mean it's extraordinary if anyone does benefit Jackie Bradley for instance. Was taking courses in the off season at South Carolina the fact that you stayed with that during the season to me is amazing. Was that difficult to find the way to balance. It's a balance balance of various responsibilities in order to conclude your degree. Reports that there is physical. What. And uncertainties. And -- take a break -- that issue until about the issues that provides a class and took classes and options to I finished. On the passenger. So I mean it was. It was supposed just over the involved in the sentencing that was because I was playing every day over content every day so it's it was -- that. Why did why was that such an important thing for you to do. Well because that's such a pressure thing can the people in control to realize we. A possible bomb I get that degree for her and that's what you want from -- so. A little bit. -- -- -- -- I don't assume you got that you do you didn't get to attend graduation -- anything to do. No stupid to think at. Well as -- that's a good preoccupation -- you know I guess I guess the related well what did you study by the way what was your major. -- -- What was the last thing that you had to do was there like a final project that you heads into the you have to work on volume we're in Salem in order to in order to finish her degree. Two. At a deal went through these final exams so. Third trip to -- -- decided to. Those the end of my college career. It didn't there there was no day where you're like oh man I have to -- to -- I can get tomorrow off. Now now the veteran I'm not a at a good routine or itself is innocent it's that it didn't score and and this is usually usually comes out of that reaching ever since I got this year and I've had no comment so -- so persons. What kind of feedback did you get from your teammates they must have what do you like you're from another planet. -- Guys in the they have the judicial. Well look I realize what you need your degree your provincial it was. I told them you know. It's so fresher than we've ever known candidate in the noon. And had a degree is the public. The safe well go to another career. Well so again you know I think that that speaks to who you are as as a person more broadly but I think that also has implications for. Could you are as a baseball player and one of the things I've heard about you. Is that on the field. You and in terms of in terms of how you go about that process you're dedicated to the idea of learning of getting better. And you ask a lot of questions some thought of instructors could questions. And it is that some think that you had to learn to it to be comfortable asking questions. Rather than you know rather than just kind of conducting yourself someone who knows what he's doing on the field or is that something that you've always been pretty open about. I've been very open about that worldwide -- Lenovo is. As a -- -- -- was guys over two years older than me so -- color and I would be comfortable and feel them that question for Lori known. It is there's never really bad question -- In other social order in what the game -- -- positions is the leader on the field than we should know everybody used to be national going on. And -- that's that's on the bases. Basic. This is my content trillion. We'll tell me a little bit more about that I find that. That idea interest in you know is is being a shortstop -- reflection more of to your mind of a player's physical attributes on the field or is it more a reflection of his baseball intelligence. -- it doesn't both you know. When you have a lot of importance of -- enters -- game known. -- accountant says. And under my proposal that separates them alone and that's not a -- in the it's right on the -- Edward. Talking to Red Sox shortstop prospect of Marrero freshly promoted to double -- Portland. And to belabor the point people describe you as being a very mature player to your mind what does that mean. Loan matured in my you know as someone -- who -- that again -- in the right way. And doesn't let his emotions affect and so as play now on the field. And that's such as your -- that's very little depression -- and Trevor Immelman now. Once -- for now is over. But the present and future. Or in the past it's although. About the balance. The legal -- now. One of one of the interesting things to me is that you know you that description is so mature than that description of mature quote unquote. You know is there would often be assumed to be businesslike. One of the things that I really enjoyed watching about you throughout spring training was that it always seemed like you had a smile on your face on the field. Is that something that is that an important attribute of a shortstop just you know just having that that visible love of the game and is that something that you. That that has always been present for you or. You know team's slump in periods of prolonged struggle. Do you find that it's more difficult to maintain that kind of demeanor. When where it is going to be you know I consulted. There's your characters is testament where did you go bad you know. And the nausea -- -- young players you know pinnacle of that it that -- in eventually put my foot and then circuitry so. Well when it is -- -- -- separate. This move on you know you can you can't fix what just happened so. Shortstop computers have little look at you and -- -- -- -- -- down Europe's I mean they're going to be it's we. And what about that I have far worse in the game. Although in a couple of words and underground from the -- when all on the normal. -- -- -- -- In terms of how this season has gone I I think that you you know you've you've explored both of those aspects you've had period where you've been. Really seemingly locked in at the -- for an extended period of time other periods where. Perhaps the result didn't come. As regularly as perhaps -- -- wants or as they did in those hot stretches. How would you describe where your season has been from the standpoint of your offense. You know it's as they -- -- like he's. That's sort of try to work on being more consistent with the play you know I don't try to minimize those slopes. It's about economics -- You know the -- in -- in the sponsored. And learn from responsible Muslims come back to global shortening that's so presidential -- do. It's been a long fear and in some of the other things -- I definitely will in the -- on the next season. Opener what other solutions. What are the -- fundamental most important aspect of your offensive game what are what are the attributes that you feel. Are the most important ones for -- to demonstrate on a consistent basis. In order to be an -- in order become an impact -- I just just just because it was with one or -- -- -- -- will. Our home about a dentures or much or multiple that's in the doubles in there under the under. Get runners -- them. If they got behind me to get other RBIs so that's -- even the sedition act my answer as smooth and lies the biggest entry will. It's the fact that you did get promoted you know it's if people -- purely endure offensive your offensive stat line right literacy is a guy who was hitting. You know who -- sitting. Who was having a solid first season you know -- around 250 to sixty trying his walks to get that on base percentage. Which is obviously very important to any organization especially the Red Sox you know up into the kind of mid 300. But without a lot of power. Did you feel -- did you ever. But you know ever become concerned that you know perhaps you know perhaps the offensive numbers are not going to be. Moving fast enough in order to in order to keep me on that on that. To the fast development track that we'll get you promotion here. -- I know my game you know not. And America a goat in his home on solitary word about -- Because -- sort of what has been consistent known. There's there's there's a questionable origin and are not going to do what agent you can't. At controllable for the event so you know. Like numbers is that yeah of course doesn't want it was regrettable but the other consistent approach and -- sort interleukin you know. Your approach at the plate and home. And the legal budget does. You talked about how this promotion represents something it's important to you in terms of career goals namely getting you one step closer to the big league. You did have exposure in in a way to the big -- environment this spring it was you know for the first time that that I can remember in quite some time. As as a guy who had it not even one full season of professional experience you're invited. Two Red Sox camp as a has an invitation as an entity to big league camp. I'm a non roster -- what was that experience like of just having that exposure to the Major League environment. So -- an awful experience will open. On the -- to rule on. We just couldn't get a look at what it's like to do that you're and I just. Artists amazed by -- just watching those guys and Washington. I would go about their business and there's really impressive and that's something. That I wanted to do wanted to be alone and the -- Anyone in particular who you gravitated to and you know whether it was whether it was a guy in the big leagues or in the minor league side. Have been excited that they that this particular what is it got everybody gravitate to you know now. And on the on the minority side is Zander and and Bradley will also kind of trust that sit together. And that's where we're always in the same city group -- them on the same field so. And you know -- -- was was pretty awesome Vista is she you know how great those -- those -- the very talented. There's some political but the that we could fit into the -- -- and go to the stroke are spoken. First to see them out of the business critical. How how much and kind of similarity do you feel to a guy like Jackie just because. He's someone who -- Who -- he was described as having just tremendous baseball instincts. A terrific intelligence at a very young age. And someone that whose college pedigree allowed him to move relatively quickly in that first full professional season. Yeah I mean. Authorities comparing me and that is also -- is because. And this special page. This one went in knowing that once and I believe there's not -- I thought it doesn't impose in a -- counter in a post on a stretcher and and so -- blown -- about how great it was. -- Is -- -- he's a great -- -- even a better person you know. And people you know want to be in the military exceptional agreeable person as well good argued. And assists which is ultimately she is a likable guy that would -- attitudes towards. Talking to Red Sox shortstop prospect of Marrero you said that the other person we hung out with in spring training. But -- was Zander Bogart's how mind boggling is that you. It just that you know he's you're young right here twenty years old during your first full professional season you turn 23 shortly so happy birthday in advance but. You know Zander Bogut is is twenty years old hands you know and he's he's a level -- of view how. How amazing is -- important just to take stock of of that kind of thought of that kind of skill set at such young age. -- is unbelievable. Attendance. Record -- specimens. Can be very young to be temperature. This is very special and Annika has power and also -- you know -- broke into -- With maturity. And the way actions to interact with insulin is -- Like a grown man in that place so successful this game as. Also it's great out there there's no word or shall. All right but you said that your guy who trust the process and but you know your friends into -- -- shortstop -- so. How do you get both of you guys on to the same Major League roster. Well we've just got to keep playing you know -- -- pictures so he can keep going and only keep playing and hopefully it works out or on the same field and let -- play next and then forward as was tremendous watch him play his. It together. That that's your -- -- that you -- because of their talent then and the way that yet known. And we were desperate boat is gonna work -- it. Hopefully we're comfortable of -- were both in the big -- known enough. And that's just opened I mean I'm not sure what goes to -- -- excellent time in congress should keep working and keep playing them and let it happen. Now Jackie is has already been in the big leagues a couple of times this year Zander is clearly knocking on the door he's also up to be added to the forty man roster. Which makes have a simpler equation for him. You know to do that opportunity to participate in big league camp. And you -- and I should say you you carried yourself really well he made it very favorable impression on those who saw you just in terms of the fact that you know it didn't look like the game. Was you know it was moving at a speed beyond what you're capable of keeping up with. Even against that advance competition. Did that experience of being in big league camp kind of gives you some kind of -- -- hey you know maybe I am I might not just -- might not just be that I'm going to be a big leaguer. They could happen for -- pretty soon. Such -- -- You know I was worried about just -- and when I get drugs it's you know -- -- Directed at a time line that -- -- Discipline that is true for many many years not to get their -- in. To go up and down up and down I don't mr. I go to get there and stayed there for a long period of time and so. Let's a -- my mindset. I'm just curious who also got a play with Jose Iglesias obviously in in spring training Stephen Drew as well but he was injured for. A -- for a decent amount of the time that you were there after -- that can that unfortunate concussion. And just in terms of thought what what was it like to see Jose Iglesias at the short supposition what did you draw from the opportunity to work with him and be. I'm in terms about you know just from the vantage point of of there having been. A kind of crowd at shortstop in the organization. But when you see someone who's ahead of you getting treated as he did at the deadline for Jake Peavy you know is there a sense of like okay cool like you know that's. You know that's that that is a potential obstacle that is you know my opportunity that my path to the big leagues with the Red Sox just became perhaps a little to clear. -- definitely you know and I'm happy tree you know -- quieter day in Detroit in. In the special Larry. As it's -- -- and the constant currencies are so good innocent and it's unbelievable and he's a sort of that you are so. Not that it gives you a little sense of of of the view that the regional. That -- I think it's there you know America was in my mind saying I haven't. Our worry about players from me here there's you know the whereabouts of myself and my game and again also that he didn't he didn't. My thanks to both -- Guerrero and Brian Johnson for joining this week's episode of down on the farm sponsored by being one advantage tire and service dealers. When did you -- you add the one advantage dot com. Thanks also to producer Saturday if you'd like to hear the complete interviews with both -- and Johnson in there is putting more. Visit WEEI dot com slash podcast. Thanks so much for listening look -- being back in touch next week.

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