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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question 08/20/13

Aug 20, 2013|

You inquire, we perspire.

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Silk and Sports Radio 93 point seven WE. -- -- -- It's time for answer the question jerk answer the question which sergeant Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question -- You know that means the triumphant return of a man that I feel like I haven't talked to Mikey Adams. I -- I haven't talked to. Potentially you know -- any argument cut off Michael today die -- slower style. We don't need to kind of radio voice well. Hi how it is a good man and I might. Outside of rested here late last minute alcohol you know running the station. If somebody has dipped into the question brought you -- restoration specialist. If you were a property or facilities manager insurance broke call -- I don't have a disaster -- original game plan and play that I step on you you're doing terrible job running things -- call 877. Fireworks thinks that uncle of little men who are -- area serve dot com. It's because you're you're such a terrorist buddies you guys have started as a great sponsor your program don't go to a golf tournament the tournament where they raise so much money for breast cancer in this is over the -- country club by the way I played like a -- in team drills where crushing it might what is what issue. When we and it's a scramble accountable we were for a spot on about how personally so officially I would it looks like based on how you know you were playing what do you think would have shot eighty. I was on fire a serious but your own family and we had a good I would after the Eid reader it's well auctioneers pitch I was going to review -- and Richard hills country. Rich can pitch. Daily -- tremendous bunch of people just really had -- both for the note should his his daughters and his son and a great family there yeah maybe it's just let it. I have a bush freaks and my idea I believe that Steve was again it was brought me I think that's a good tournament. And by the way this Friday the WEI a term of eighteen holes for cause from Jimmy Fund Friday down -- country people should get involved. Aren't with the answer the question we got lots of stuff. And this hard and I think to start -- the answer that would sound obvious at the beginning but not as obvious as it sounds heartless or The Beatles. Beatles. You know it's that obvious -- -- -- -- off while we yet know what you're you're not you're dry I don't art sound audio and noise sounds -- it goes up your drastically out on the sound out is because. -- is what Elvis lives did you really that's how old I -- actually saw him play year before he died -- now and I you know I know all the Elvis songs on that -- -- a look at it is what they did for music overall rating -- to write much. Beatles did they have classics and thousands -- -- Williams and everybody pattern or -- ever on Elvis did it for us all to him he's always all our. What he did in terms of bringing it to that it does -- mean all the -- -- the a -- they make him popular a popular topic again L. This was that your remote part of -- never have -- to me straight out racist. Race discipline platinum kotsay who was the better person. I'm just saying that Elvis meant a whole lot more than they -- -- Arlington think of this week to The Beatles can still pull. Next question next question next question. If you ever said anything inappropriate -- on speakerphone. Who doesn't you know a guy like that some -- super. I'm sure -- 900 number at you like her hands free device I've never done that but I have been caught by accidentally replied all. Are like you know I mean you replied to an email. Old old political consulting job. I wrote back to my boss in the client and rolled back some but about 180 the client was like a two week until we put this line is complete more. At the end to what sort of opened the boss my -- What about the decline it was a -- -- seem to kind of understand he was a strip a strip club lawyer. For the client was or wasn't more yeah I mean I -- like -- yet we are just expanding our capital problems in Los Angeles we were hired. By the like federation of strip clubs to defend the right -- them in. Crystal here's your settlement sorry it's on one exactly right we have to at some point we had to bring in a couple of strippers. To calm to testify in front of -- City Council and like coach ma oh yeah I get a that I liked. Not be complete more on the front of the council did not work at all about polls is holding up the building right but it could -- that -- mean there's so those that are very serious students that mean they were part. Because it points what was there. -- -- -- Curt Schilling -- form mystic and aura. What you're sort of run. Next question. That's all you look like nick parole I've never seen them but that's I've never seen new but that's -- -- parole. Crawls an actor. Comedic actors and he's in -- -- in the ye get. An awful voices on shows and yes let's turn our Michael good are open. Is went to George Foreman best friends are common -- something is. -- People that show. -- lead league in three agrees. A better look -- -- Howard I would third non from the command to crow when he was first -- -- breaking and had to deal for being -- It like a big commercial thing and that's when and new products products. -- jail or all of the US open V commercials. Where the wrote the entire US open and it's your loss in the first us open so they killed in higher commercial com. Campaign broadway's lost all of this. On TV it was next in my view the big bruise is. If you Wear glass eyes if you ask just how hard but it a couple of the Nicole really. He was -- that statement for awhile based on the Geico cave and missed it next question. Chris Cornell or any better. There's a day and now it's -- completely different ceremonies political views. Don't want to get the run down again and there's that here's a rundown there's problem -- there's likes to use. An Internet even there's Robert Frost -- Alice Walker. And then there's and event. -- Robert Penn State. -- bought equipment but there -- at a brother Michael. Eric Hayes -- against each other in hunger strike in Cornell just to stop at Cornell managers enrollees him in that. Literary. Anything in like himself and daily show Robert that you re -- irregular I'll always an acute askew askew. You -- ranged. Good for him. Some conservatory -- actually your -- Eddie bettors like road testing has been. Any any better should be at Boston University you need a higher. -- better should be teaching poetry classes after universe now because -- he could get him to extract. And there's critical. Israeli and other names what are you even talk. Politics now great writers that lit me don't know problem no problem. However. Whose last when you said -- Rebecca. Former poet laureate right I spent some of the public. We don't they say in this on the. Who is your favorite character witness. I go about -- And -- I don't know I don't know I was ready mad but any lead then -- was my favorite character -- And George Steinbrenner says it stands. -- -- the world yes you know again. What explains what food do you not like that everyone else seems. Being a better. -- sushi choices come with. Local fishermen. Alike aren't as. Orange juice especially. Is that don't work or -- -- Jews have been ignored today. Got to sort of activated from bad. For for a prayer group you guys in the moderator org isn't it correlates with -- Amy Poehler. And -- realize that he's moving up among the polar. -- -- -- A jerk you got the number one pick in the fantasy draft three got. While I would suggest questions that you come down and join us on Friday apple he can someone with Tedy Bruschi. The big fantasy football draft after the shows 79 at Mohegan Sun and he'll tell you exactly who to draft and really took to the next question in again Ellsbury is kneecap for a week. This is for Andy that's irreparable harm the best rap album all time. It's people have to over rappers TI don't go. Mr. muse oh you're not a it was. Dialogue. Everything is on his birthday okay does get an automatic right to -- -- one. That's her vulnerable time -- you know Bob -- So he's up there. Album in this. Next question. This is easy game one front row seat for game seven standard room. Next question gates standing really. Want for Rosie images be -- game seven yet take it says Russia is on court. It's important matter any sport all of the front row seat had a game. That's pretty it's tough to pass in 790 the Italian children exit question is behind that -- that obstructed view -- -- they had about a destructive view you just today any remotely well. Well I mean you can't see -- you're standing holds Arctic. Of those obstructed -- -- -- like blind people. Just to be nice I serious on May not to be 92 for free office because of people paid formal always. I'm happy for. You ever think about the children indoor wonder what's wrong with the world. My own children think about you know our children you think about the children just in general do. -- You -- Joseph Girardi do you open to the children to the -- so sometimes. I -- -- Girardi could he -- It doesn't. He's a fool to do today I was can be forever for traded as opposed winkle. Once pretty complete opposites it -- water we're done we're done all right -- Got four shelves do you really crazy -- read in very huge night that is nowhere huge over year you're gonna keep this up. We have twenty share tonight for three hours you care to do we get twenty you're at a frenetic pace right now -- right now -- -- -- -- -- of one liners we donated 20 am resign by 615 Mike he's going to be passed out exhausted from all the jokes is that the last five minutes hey we get a short show tomorrow -- -- goes long tonight. Tomorrow night we're gonna only be off about an hour have to -- not to Red Sox baseball the John Farrell. Will join us tomorrow are at about 230 so looking forward that we a lot of questions for him and tonight the -- -- Michael. Sander -- I've heard the ex man come off I really like what what's Osman said. This and -- be very resilient demand that it. Zandi all right hand out to sandy man can. Can forward to seeing Zander tonight hopefully goes three for three with a couple home run and I law means that it. We've got tomorrow to stick around for Mikey by.

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