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Would Ryan Dempster throw at A-Rod if this were a National League game?

Aug 20, 2013|

Intentional Pitch-gate continues. We discuss whether this would ever happen if Ryan Dempster had to step in the batter's box. and take your calls.

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You asked me the question -- Ryan Dempster have hit Iran if you're in the national. I obviously don't know the answer to the question I'm not Ryan Dempster and he has spoken about it and according to him it was an accident anyway he was just trying to throw inside. But I have to imagine the answer is. He pitched in the national league for most of his career whom I don't know how many times -- -- guys on purpose but he did pitch in the National League never had the entirety of his career until last year when he came over to Texas where he's been a National League guy. He's faced the music he's he's been he's been pitched to however many times. I have to imagine that it that he. He's a big enough man that he would have that's my opinion. Why was he it wasn't known as the guy who. Who just. Intentionally hit people in the nationally though but I don't know that much about promise not like I followed Ryan hamsters career and I don't know whether he's ever done it before Bernard is a Korean -- your average I would disorders like any time or is -- guy before varies slightly above -- -- it. In this case and how many times is Ryan Dempster. Is gone out in so obviously hit some. They just get hit in baseball and and that sometimes it really is you lose you don't have control and you really do. You know I don't have a grip on the baseball whatever you're losing and you try to throw it inside in it is kind of sales poignant that actually does happen. I know they always say. Say that when they intentionally -- someone. But Brian Dempster has I don't think he's ever been in this situation before where it's just so clear. Well I'm just looking here to Steve -- hit by pitches before he's never been hit by pitch in his career. So he's he's never actually been hit it. Looking at his years of bad he's been in the league since 1998. Almost -- hired the of those years in the National League all told -- trade deadline last year he's never been hit by pitch. It certainly makes it easier. It is easy Nazi but that doesn't mean he wouldn't it I don't know you know I don't think it's fair to say always -- was he did it the American -- not his -- on the national graphic it was pretty it's pretty determined to do it yeah. Probably would have done it you -- had a there's nothing about him that would make me think you would -- arts and while Ohio wal. Or our arts are. Hi guys -- certain a lot of allowed it to make it take you. Mister Dempster. Went out the most at -- thing I'd ever at a sporting. I've been around a lot a lot of you guys. This embarrassing moment a Red Sox -- what. They look -- Iraq as much everybody but this -- -- or a guy like that Beijing will stick it out. -- Shellfish. Struggle mobile. -- actually ketchup. I sort they brought it all right next time out. Really that aren't what. Around. -- jumper and around really it was -- -- -- -- -- he -- and now we're. -- -- -- Great or the. Like you understand what's led up to this right it's not like he took some random dude I decided to hit them. Like you understand the way a rod is right you understand about being a rat you understand about all the other I mean come out of nowhere you do understand. Right. Think you're right. -- -- -- -- -- I. Saw it but but aren't we -- this is being in good game for ever. What do you resent. Has reason to kill in. A better -- -- As a reason to do it first of all in my adult or what he needs no more reason and the fact that he -- -- in pinstripes anytime -- want to draw some Wear pinstripes that's fine with me that that's the first start but picked out a side because that's a separate. That's I mean whether it's because he thinks he's he's a cheater or whether he thinks he's a -- whether he thinks he sold out baseball whether he thinks he shouldn't be playing games right now I'm travesty -- -- whenever -- pick arguably that got that bad -- right well I don't know that he's got the ability to do after Iowa did what he was -- audio or you don't -- -- mr. justice the way he thought he -- is are you administer justice talk about. Talk about a it is is this is Boston. Very passionate about baseball. Pretty good media market you know top ten medium market. That your -- in you have the New York writers in as well and number one media market. Your message will be heard. Around the country and around the world and that's it that's what you want I mean that's all somebody or John -- talked about a few minutes on -- talked about it. Latest sound and John Lackey did some stuff than -- out a little bit this is 82 DA for our -- story. Drilling a guy is a huge story. Talking about it is a little story now leads you to much story and I'm talking about effective action. So is it more effective for Ryan Dempster to say what he thinks the body rod because if he thinks all those things. That's on that the front and back page of the New York Post front and back page of the Boston Herald front page of the Boston ought not. If he really is gonna say what he's been. And scared the -- Alex Rodriguez. Starter rally. The Yankees need and they lost again. Too bad if they'd won the game would you even be talking about that way though if they won the game would you have any problem what heated up. So the fact that Great Britain couldn't get out of trouble the fact that the Sox. Or one for nine with runners in scoring position all those things you're pinning it all on the fact that he drilled a run in the second inning of the game. Welcome starting pitcher got to be better now Max is in the car IMAX. Our guys thank -- to take my call course column. I was actually glad you brought up. That piece of Joseph Girardi post game interview. Because it. It struck me as as very melodramatic. The I saw. And I had to work very good sanctimonious and melodramatic and is -- -- -- generals melodramatic. Well I had a five. And it was hard. Sort of put together what he was described it. In in that clip what actually happened. I didn't I would agree I would agree to a -- if what had happened wise Dempster has gone out and throw it rods and or if in the -- similar and happened. And -- you just talked about. Dempster could have had any any number of motivations. But. I don't think that. He was trying to hurt A-Rod a -- -- -- India had hunter. Had to and so. Majority province in quite. Didn't quite match. Didn't quite -- what what actually happened. Yeah I understand I'm -- I am waiting on -- percent I -- he didn't hit him up -- he -- him under the -- -- he -- -- hundred miles an -- -- and like are you suggesting he's not capable of -- he hit him with an 88 mile an hour fastball low. I'm under the -- always well well but under the shall. In a safe area. You didn't want come up high over and I mean it didn't come whizzing at his base or anything like that this is and -- -- situation like was brought up yesterday kept it low enough. I just I don't know man it he hit one guy. He hit a rod and and I don't think they lost the game because of it and I love the fact that he -- guy owner John Ferrell says about this tomorrow will he actually saying anything though. But is he really uneasy really gonna talk about it -- -- -- -- with is ridiculous notion that. The hospital is under -- and -- -- -- again on the intro trying to establish the inside part of plate but. When asked about his pick on the suspension. Now let's see if he takes it that far he says you know this is this is outrageous -- Ryan was suspended our issue go off -- hi Joseph Girardi it -- the. Always got to get to a point -- guide for throwing good shot. And they get suspended. It could've been anybody got a hit granderson. Could hit the body just happened to hit iron off. What will the children thank what are we. Our children. About establishing the inside part of the equation pictures here of a Major League Baseball to prevent me from doing our job as a manager before particular. I always tell my guys the -- and start Ryan Dempster was doing what was -- and I wish to god we've really gotten to see the full scale as I said yesterday he has been didn't show us the all the whole -- but to see what everybody was doing -- you -- with John -- Like if things really start to go down -- barrel up there Obama. He was. -- pretty pretty fired up that Maryland Girardi Arabs square off what is it like a like that is aid out that's a legit about former catcher Joseph Girardi who's got a lot of passion a lot of energy against behemoth. John -- -- a fight I think John smarter finally. I don't know use that energy against usually have to go back and Casey use we have to go with a -- -- -- a real catcher. -- whoever's not what are these colonies. You know I'm really I can hit and I just happen again yen. Are really wanna be -- -- -- and I'm not a character he's kind of got the majority you have to crash Davis thing -- like long time. That would result the catcher not really good hitter I'd just sort of stuck around because the catcher with the -- about the crime is up. An arm gets hit -- had a concussion. That case you definitely go to on. Girl -- would you look it up. I'm mark from the car I'm mark. -- NATO and mark. And he I was just wondering if anybody who brought the way they decided that that is gonna work. I'm currently Joba Chamberlain hit Youkilis when you little -- We talked about that a whole bunch right. Now and I thought that that was I thought the Girardi was the manager Michael said it was it was Joseph Torre. All right I don't know I Adobe. -- I feel like it went on aloft. Yeah I have is that what what it started it was it was stories he was on Torre's watch when he started in the in 07 I think it was. Yankee Stadium. And remember it was like it was a ridiculously hot like 95 degrees stuff like that in and job two or three times. Was going after I was going after Kevin Youkilis and eventually got to figure two game suspension. For he's here -- -- mention them and 08. Bush a majority -- and examine how it went went when Joba started right Joba started the whole thing with -- is starting nose he didn't comedies hit him a few times its price tenured I don't that's it I'm a whole bunch of times since then. Or maybe it wasn't the time that he or -- over and over and over again whose job you tell -- I mean for the last few years they -- you Klestil Girardi was the manager I didn't see him whining about the children at that point in -- children think about Kevin Youkilis getting -- is that kind of like a -- skill erupting needs them like they didn't like him for no reason he's bottle -- He's not like there's a horrible guy that Iran does it thinks so I guess. I funny John's in the car my job. -- days. John hello John John John lash out O Jon Benet Jon was -- The government. Umpire Eric that -- react yeah suspension -- yeah important time by. We'll be really get that answered in a Hewlett. And through there yet and that you know I'm taking my pension like a man. Ended apartheid policies. -- -- -- I I know exactly exactly sort of being sharp contrast to juxtapose what he did what he's doing with one out Rodriguez to. Be pretty good I totally agree that would that would tell you what if he did that many would have done both things Michael that it would have drilled them and made the point verbal. Yeah I mean that's -- that's that's one way of looking at an end -- is another. Talk. Where -- Joseph Girardi talking about children and kids. Particularly acute. It's not apply to him to I I you know what I enjoyed more than more than a robbing him. -- like sorry candy ride denies he didn't have trouble but I really like Joseph Girardi storming out of the dugout. Think going up to the umpire and has really didn't angry and -- in his hands down and being thrown out of the game. How to explain it to the -- that justified. That data that just and getting all upset over the fact that he had said someone else can get help right so there's so many things happen. I guess the easy answer across the borders. We play Wii Wii Wii Wii play along like these games are for kids. Are now. -- Until about family friendly atmosphere. And we could talk about it some acne gain here in this ward or. You can. It's been way you can run on the field with your cues. In basketball we have this going in hockey regional you know throwing things to the kids in the stands T shirts. Tom -- pro sports. Are not for kids that's not the target audience. So that's what you got us. You know I've been doing the show and again about four months I don't think there is one thing you've said that I agree with you more on -- -- I completely agree with like 150%. I think you were a hundred -- yourself right. It's not for kids and every time they try to make it for kids it kind of ruins it for everybody a little. I remember being an acute regular -- -- -- from that point 100 years oh okay were both in car bomb in my thirties or early. -- what did you law. Most of it and did you love things that were for kids or did you love things that you could one day -- sort -- -- did you want the likely offbeat take. Or did you -- the wealthy boy tape that you weren't allowed to have yet you -- the stuff that was for adults that you could you could kind of get. But he couldn't understand all the yet you wanted it more than anything. Every time they try to appeal to kids. By making baseball football hockey any other game more family friendly my guess is they turn off more kids than they actually turn on the game. Every time they -- And it and it already hate the late games -- I hate him too because I I have a stamp for them right but I remember as a kid when I stayed up late for a special special -- -- and you fall asleep anywhere -- but your parents say you know this is a special night stepped Lola -- 86 World Series -- -- You can -- up and nearly eight years old is a big NBA final sale starting at 9 o'clock tackling is all right you can stay up for go to sleep I'll wake you up is going to be that big deal. That's how you make these things special to kids that's -- you end up making it out a lifelong memory they'll have forever. Dumbed down for them. They get mature make it what it's supposed to be and the kids will wanna be a part of it. No but it comes down to the dollar even even if you even if you want to comes down to the dollars. We're about a start off NFL's in the football season for real. And we need to see this Sunday at one you watched those commercials. You see who's putting money who's investing money in the NFL. Lot of QV commercials I go now. Now off Fisher Price -- that's not what it's about that exactly right Michael you and I -- 100% on the same page on that. Unfortunately ABC is called they don't like you're taken -- -- going to be cutting that out of the show Ferrell set with that out we actually found our intern Sam. -- found what you were starting to say thanks there and ABC to cut you off last night in the evening news on -- played for you next plus salon earlier call salt -- on WB on. Ryan Dempster is a hero. -- national heroes today. -- -- Alex Rodriguez as each of the last night in Boston the incident was a hot topic on WEEI sports talk radio. I thought it was great and and I just salute him for doing what so many of us would have wanted to do we were and that's it on the movie like Mary mixes with Armstrong and Odom questions haven't. I'm never gonna get tired of hearing that on. It's very -- The question is that was last night on ABC world news Diane Sawyer allowing me to talk but not on on -- I want to know what you were saying -- I wanted to know what the point is that they ABC was so powerless they how -- we just cut you off on. What was -- -- -- found what was I thought it was great and and I just salute him for doing which so many Abbas would have wanted to do we were -- that. I'm sure his teammates thought it was great. Look at them look at Alex Rodriguez they can't stand -- we know he's a cheater. The best paid player in baseball. One of the more unpopular players in baseball on its -- his teammates accredited certificate thing. But the I think about it it was fine. Now anyone can -- If you hit the microphones back. There flag over the them. That's all it smashing into the micro and site development national persona that would have been so something -- -- -- bit of yours. Don't go out and cut another part of the heap on Anthony's. That was great I think it's really funny what's up man. I have a question for us all. You match earlier that you don't think that. -- not -- had anything to do the outcome of the game. Not any I mean obviously a little to do but I don't think it it was the primary reason they lost the game. He said that they went one for nine with runners started position he did do you think any are battered and go back it up a bat at in the back -- -- mind. I'm not -- With runners in scoring position trying to. -- not now I don't think -- -- runners in scoring position they thought CC was gonna Jerusalem with runners in scoring position. Well I don't think they get him back. I don't think so a lot of letters and. -- -- have redacted I can't imagine a guy saying. It is going to be retaliation from CC but your point about runners in scoring position is not good baseball -- -- right to hamster MM because -- dumpsters wasn't good base I don't think there's any chance they were worried about. I don't think Brian and it is decision at that party and Smart and helping. It -- point is the Yankees are basically. Disparity rates. The other thing he -- at that point that he gave up. Stewart in honor. I don't know I don't know it is still yes I do they get -- I don't I think CC sabathia is an incredible competitor absolutely would yeah you got to remember this you know effort overall I -- -- point. Not wasn't wild about Dempster hitting A-Rod but. No ours is professional athletes -- just look at things -- everything. -- differently than we do so. The fact that the Yankees. Are are gonna win the division doesn't mean. That you just suddenly as a professional athlete as competitors right competitors they would doesn't matter is trying to -- -- for your teammates. And so as a teammate. This is what's gonna happen I guarantee next time next time they play may not be -- to be something else someone is getting hit. It's probably going to be majority it's probably going to be. David Ortiz a big a big hitter for the red sock and you -- -- -- there will be -- -- -- -- my guess is they'll trot on down the first base and they know end of the day no -- quite frankly what I hope -- action is. I hope that there's a brawl but I. But not right not this year. The problem is you -- now you're already in August but I'm a -- again September and then you know you lose a guy suspended during the crucial part of the year. It can't happen so it to get drilled unfortunately at this point. You got a rundown first based database and forget about it. But Michael talked about and I like the bribery aspect of it in the Red Sox yankees is better when there's that element of tension when there's that worry that there can be a little bit of violence out there that the two sides really -- -- as satellite -- so what was the tension between Iran and David Ortiz -- dinner didn't seem like it was gonna -- who's gonna pick up the check -- -- -- pregnant I don't -- attention that would -- you get the appetizers -- the entrees. You know maybe we can get this on the house and have to worry about it wouldn't go to dinner I don't know. Don't know restaurant they went to know that respect we show by that -- measure -- goes out there and somebody. Incite trouble imagining them going to like cheaters strategic got to like the Jesus they are shaking. -- Went out to Brookline and waited in line at this shake shack. -- -- hour and a half an hour to get Fries and a burger we'll have one comment about my life. Afterwards the distinction Tom's of -- hi Tom I want a -- street circuit what's up man. The biggest biggest -- Apple's Larry earning dead or Iran -- -- -- -- corner and I can't yeah they're out there it's a real idea but the issue for me years. That if you -- I drove all the but those seem to be for injustices on the field. Now that's the much larger argument debate -- issue the so much larger base ball issue in which are you ready I'll pay. But that's a -- as an attack on Iraq for something that Dempster has gotten them to do it and capital -- that night. You're right about you you're right in the I think there are reaching that I mean if he now of course we don't know. Now hold -- what if what if Dempster believes that the fact that he on the field at all. Is part of the right now. I mean I appreciate that but I mean I got that got itself. I just don't know in my spirit of the baseball and of course as -- that we don't know what goes on the field there we don't know I think. I'm not I gets pretty or I'm not aware to situation in the past where players have black surrogate other players or urged active justice on players. For our field our larger than on the field events I'm not aware. Yes maybe something. That. Happen for the reasons that I think is something that may be unique however took on the next point. I'll kill me about this thing is so Iran -- on the umpire comes out -- -- -- and -- -- big declaration that ball -- award you know break. Now all our viewers and I think that's -- I'm with -- dumbed down and opened lower as well have opened Torres is when you meet up again our market not put one in the optically it your all the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know thrown at his story that is head as one Dennis is something did. Made a career out of it meant everything -- yeah. And it and -- still talking about it and to talk about it happened in the 1960s here we are. In 2013. You still talking about him. You know let it hit the heads hit. -- devil I don't -- the people said that's I mean that that's a pretty big difference of what he's certainly trying to. -- take it upon himself the exact revenge for social issue in the overall you know maybe a federal crime does not yield I -- -- But what I don't look into these on the field it was not a social issue it's not. I have a player taking performance enhancing drugs. Is that's an. Who you are it doesn't tackle Ryan Dempster even got what do you think. I'm you know better than that on the tracks -- they -- on top -- -- and you start off I understand where you're gallon but now the Yankee -- news coming out. How many can -- and Thomas the train what are you don't like he was ultimately he will -- promise of may not come -- strike. Politics he does he did bring up a point that it's interesting is really. Brings the focus back to Iraq and how unpopular. Because this is not a commentary about forms enhancing drugs lose your cheater and we don't like it. Mark McGuire everybody knew he was cheating Raikkonen had no Barry Bonds they knew. Sammy Sosa they might even just this year we've had all year that cruise and -- and all these other guys were were caught this year so there are guys that you either know. That they're cheaters are you suspect that they're cheaters. And there wasn't this whole thing -- players coming out saying a discussion in the game right -- that they should do is we shouldn't have to play against him. They're doing this not because they have gotten religion about performance enhancing drugs -- doing this because it. You know what -- -- that's not uncommon in baseball why did why did Joba throw Kevin Youkilis a thousand times didn't break any unwritten code. Didn't like Kevin Youkilis I -- he tried to grow at a why did why they've been throwing Bryce Harper in the National League. Because he's too young to -- whatever I mean yet those guys for laughs. And then Ryan Dempster decided to throw -- -- for -- is an embarrassment to baseball. Bryce Harper's and exciting young player that everybody wants to watch Iran as a pariah. But but but it's fine to throw -- it's. And harper but not a all the time. Tyrod -- a is a great victory for humanity of a common good column but there's the people as the people who don't want anybody thrown. That just that they're calling the bill but there Heidi you know what we're about baseball again -- -- -- past that word in the world to something else regarding your browser to bella and way in the past. After Belichick -- of our Reynolds and -- we're already moving on to something else body in a car bombing. Thank you was going on. Might -- thanks thanks -- proposed Iran who has. Well oh. 201. Game. -- wasn't that I was there remembered. Derek Jeter left the game and who was it was Soriano still there was one more guy. Let's and before the game before the in the style that I remember them interview on Pedro this year. But he we're constantly Red Sox and that's the one question I remember the mansion in Los. That you -- -- represented at recent one. I got I got a -- thank -- a couple things military record off season ticket -- since 2000. It's been real let's watch and Belichick when I mean 85 cents a Malacca state in the election which is emitted. But I was one hour and a hot Walpole -- Robin -- up 102 closer Iraq right now. All he's had a Paula. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You think it if it is though it's probably -- are optional and equipment. I'm Brian typically lean body but don't -- Hey -- And -- did your coverage at all politically if -- he canister it's still would like five different directions and you know I don't know if you. Okay brush and -- the sport I think. But I thought I just wanted to on you know everybody out. You know just. I used to pitch at this in college and whatnot and you know -- -- -- you know -- these pictures are important control of one -- not. -- -- -- The white Marty that first pitch go find a ride. If you certainly -- -- I think I -- and thank you lose. -- -- your turn their -- will allow it. I would shoot her Waterloo and every time out there -- -- I can't stand LA QL in order. You know. -- a -- people abide document that -- -- but -- you know Egypt extreme though and so it worked out my. My head -- now. Yeah no I I think we've pretty well gone over that thanks Brian appreciate the phone calls go to Ivan in Bedford I -- And -- a -- question is that -- -- -- water it could -- be able and like civil lawsuit against Iran and the other question is. Is that a have been -- war meant being taken a position of pastor -- that started -- Yes sure I mean definitely answer would be yes let's what's -- civil let's get back in the civil lawsuit against Iraq don't want ground. Well on the ground put somebody's -- some equipment unit yank it and I feel that elevate it by A-Rod. The cards. -- -- is not a part of the actual circumstances. An interesting point but they just think it's a hot except award deceived. You are here now you were -- because he gave you he gave you what you paid for now how he gave it to you is was deceptive. But you -- to -- -- hit home runs anyone what to MVPs for the Yankees. -- a couple of eventually I'll tell you want so he did perform. And so you -- you're paying for performance. The Yankees. Yeah I'm afraid it's -- about. These are rough -- tell us that though I think I'm not afraid at some of the fans brag that I was deceived I was expecting to see guys doing something that I wouldn't you know it wasn't I think a judge entered -- of course it. Because you don't you're not paying -- up including. You determine -- -- your -- paying for entertainment. And OK you know do the job off some people I mean I -- -- -- he may believe that you only want to see if it's clean it looked. It would never happen it would never fly in right judgment -- sit down immediately. But I do like the one -- I think that's into a riding the course the idea at all of the people -- really brought it brought on the witness the people vs Iran that. You imagine. Bringing character witnesses like Cameron Diaz of Madonna. And all the other people may -- Is there and a witness stand Cameron Diaz mistreatment popcorn like she did at the Super Bowl hole -- My -- still try to do it all of them pursing his lips after every question doing his little year like lip thing that he does. Everything about it be pretty voted for the courtroom where no -- goes blonde the blonde. The government mask reward Toronto -- -- with the cliff stripper just on the other lawyers trying to get something done he's screaming and easier to try to distract not what. Two great play. Just try to distract you think about it a brilliant it's a prototypical -- a brilliant you know Iraq will be great. Answer the question while we will do that coming up here in just a moment any question you got. Text 379. 37 we Judy questions as Texas 37937. Points among ex alcoholic W media on.

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