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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 08/20/13

Aug 20, 2013|

We discuss four topics we haven't touched upon today... Maria Sugarpova... Best athlete commercials ever and best sports rants revisited.

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I now word excel -- Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun cleaning. -- Lowell -- I'll get -- and Sports Radio WDE. Do agree about. Maria Sharapova is changing her name to shook Harpo. The change from Sharapova to sugar. Promote her brand of law -- He's one of the same wall is really and so it's like a lollipop when our law and order a candy what are always been they're suckers. Three future efforts. Sales schoolhouse rock our doctor about it. Pitcher in his tourniquet it'll understand exactly how old he has not it is what are your thoughts on the super sexy -- sugar sugar program. Sounds like somebody's -- Twitter account. You know fake Maria you're going up at sugar panel's order Palma. I got through -- all the knowledge you want all night long -- on the volley like a spam -- yeah definitely stop spamming me add sugar poll found thirty why this -- memorable and it sounds like yet so it's a battle sooner -- Shorter shorter ball I -- -- It's also domino. Changing your name is part of an advertising campaign for sure about John argument that it. While there. That's that's what convinced me oh Joseph -- did it that was fine and his name with these many users of my guys to win the -- and Tony Dorsett. -- -- -- -- Why he -- endorsement sounds cool. Isn't that change your names -- coolers or purple I guess I -- Anadarko. Well and this is. Actually college but that in my. Maria Sharapova she called me up with what -- -- -- -- or maybe your last name to say it's Marie and area there I play tennis network and any team. -- Yes -- week has been having a stellar season for the Dodgers but there have been times when his immaturity shows up. Like last night Miami when he old -- the media that you believe me that we. We asked before but what is the greatest player first medium moment. Still player vs media -- go -- they can always go our our stare bias is Carl Everett. Vs no right is that there are every Monday. We get to find out every Monday of that just player outlets aren't but -- could go coach of their a lot of coaches we played one -- hired Jim Calhoun vs the get some facts guys pretty. A I'm a man I'm forty yeah let's get -- that's a great one. I don't in my book that has told -- in a -- blow your. Mind is still the my favorite is still the album. Division one football. -- big twelve or. -- football. Problem. And -- The players enters the media about Ryan leaf. -- -- enemy Randy Johnson that was but the player vs the photographer and gentler soul don't hardly any monster or Joba. You don't -- you -- right and. Learned so much about Ryan leaf and that's what you like at least completely out of your mind now right right you're out there. Like he immediately went to jail after a couple of your but it is she was around he'd come into the studio -- like. Improper like a big rival was -- he'd beaten to go to the apple cup. So he's like a big thing out there and you meet tons of people who knew him when he was outlaws who no one. Now one person says anything possible -- they Needham and they hated him then. Broken houses installed computers Scutaro. Little girls and answers but they are all the wrong answer because -- greatest player burst media ranked. Is Goose Gossage 1982. I'm glad to eliminate them and good in everybody else -- You -- there and volume there and whether. And and every corner you can -- and pick it up there. Go to bed. Okay. And negative. And -- Everything that you guys read it big and really dumb. You this agree and yeah I read everything that you've. We had to say and I didn't mean. Negative and yeah and up and that and and I went up. Yeah. I'd never heard that. We are hurt our fourth outside of 100 ever heard that was great while it probably hurt that -- probably at the runaway number one but it. After a Texas has brought up what I forgot about couple here. Mike Tyson. Telling a female reporters. That he only those interviews with these elite of the interviews with -- -- that he. He's at forty case -- Did you saw it it was like so old. What's it going to be enough and I. -- fighting it was. It was uncomfortable -- spices and others like America's sweetheart drastically data by I don't buy anything Mike Tyson America's sweetheart there's a -- we have forgot about that that was that. Public Jim Everett. I normally do and who in the left -- farm and -- with them. Condition called him. If you -- and awful I'd never heard that before -- there. I never that I never heard the Goose Gossage didn't going to be pretty fairly -- -- you like a weapon. He's in favor -- back in a bullet broke. History. Any -- -- to end up with Pepsi and made an instant classic commercial check of the commercial on FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. But that got me thinking of what the best athlete commercial -- That's obvious. There's an obvious -- there's a lot of -- is it -- knows those good is it Michael Jordan and Larry Bird also good plan horse. My personal favorite. Gotta go way back. Tom Brady in the offensive linemen like now I told you know much like Corey Dylan for -- easier for my house not to -- -- pretty well. -- receivers with more rounded Cubans the branch movement. No I don't -- them around world he says it's an accent or series commercially right John -- This is when you hear receive broad area. Stanford team you receive. Poems are here are very different united way commercials on on the listed below -- a thing go about Peyton Manning got that big. Stuff and you love the outlawed are you must take off the top -- -- each other you like that one right. -- About. US and or you'll get the key. They can't -- that -- can -- really -- indicators like loosening up is -- but I was gonna take and not my favorite to all the way back. Is the great commerce -- commercial -- with all of the basketball players all the -- -- Assumed that messages do what he would only do we may be filled with that that led video they'd like within feet tall kinda moves that never fails selected the growth of Kevin McHale. It was time for more -- is well -- weapons I want by what you know weapons duplicating black dude just. Yeah yards and no it did remain well I walked away with the MVP but congress -- number one weapon in the -- C'mon man the best but he and perhaps also why has Bernard king and there. But his sort of the random one at the end. Are geared solely against Canada in the dark I remember seeing that as a -- Indian like -- and I'll come -- now -- I knew everyone else than -- -- Bernard King. Are -- acquired in a week to an -- of Bernard -- when he was healthy. I know with the other guys are like -- of of basketball the time Magic Johnson Kevin McHale Larry Bird Isiah Thomas. I was kind of nice too good player and not -- the market wire but he does not quite in the league with those other guys he's not trains and and -- field. In return department commercials. I'm not a role model. Now he sits -- -- right carries it Narnia horse. Mrs. This funeral and leave you with flaky white stuff people -- What was your fare well you know we're going. And others might emeritus Pargo and that's what. He isn't. All you gotta go it. It's a major head for the rest of the way I guarantee it. You -- -- about this. I normally don't do anything when I found fun OK with this. That's different. With a background singer was the person who hit the high notes that commercial. What you think she got paid for that. That was good stuff yeah royalties off that commercials like you we just played out as somewhere she discovered others say original check -- manager for play it. And Obama. Yeah. AT&T question of the day of the Cleveland Indians have released. -- -- it is doubtful that nice -- and another gate here in the states. So the Dice-K experience in the US has been -- -- sure he won't let another -- Somebody will give it a shot somebody will try a and at least think about Daisuke he's won enough games in professional baseball in MLB that somebody will at least kick the tires I would guess on eyes. When I think of Daisuke do you remember the beginning I don't I mean our American arm of according. The court it was funny underserved but I was that work -- -- that the short lived 890 time BP as the Red Sox reporter. And I remember we are also that the studio together following John Henry's plane. Right now aren't right on the -- her site we found the plane is John Henry and talk -- -- -- like dry out and -- air force base. I drove out there without them I don't even know why me and talk to anybody but to report back. On what was how the hands of air force guys that got the plane ride was. But to some car he's waving at the cameras wearing like -- part I would like horror further -- like that was just that this was before kind of became the thing latest news this goal through the man he's got to park it was packed -- mean it was -- there was a rock star. And I remember being at Fenway Park for the first gain that he pitched it that way. And each -- with the very first taste of course the irony it would be Ichiro for the very first time at -- all of the Japanese media that was there which holds off. As that -- being thrown and it was. All of them feel like you remember one of -- -- -- -- you know from a lot of that was not a lot of games without him here was -- of your life and dive a lot of games that the book forever. To a Daisuke game query. I'm dual Mac team won nothing shows a great game wise but overall -- experience was pretty that was the most. But. The thing about Daisuke is that. If you -- -- it separated from cancer in the hyper partisans won't -- He missed one of them that general -- the Japanese and addicts on and on about learning for the first time that wasn't Daisuke. But for like a year before he came here it was -- game ought to get it on up that was wrong I was pretty Daisuke. Overall get -- controversial. -- -- a World Series so right there decades in my heart on it that not an app. Definitely hopefully by the -- -- bad scouting report on on who was what you gonna -- the table. Never that. It was his first game against Kansas City the first part of his career by the -- the road was against it mr. Hatcher took him -- bought his first home game was against the Yankees -- the back to back to back to back. -- game and Red Sox -- album. I was J. D. Drew. Varitek -- as -- -- barbecue it was. It was a game the the played Detroit who I think it was in early may be second start third start somewhere in there. And the scouting report they got guys in Detroit was saying. -- a lot of hype about him. What he's really not that special he's average isn't -- a pretty good decent pitcher. But this guy is not great. And that's what it was he was not. He was never flat out terrible against the Cleveland Indians disagree right now in the -- is. But. He's been Tripoli for me has yet -- guys that this year it's averaged I think you know it just doesn't want the five -- games every time comes up to the decline obviously get a lot. Good yet ever so slightly above -- over bills and to go now. And -- you that you particularly doctor will open ice yet -- no no way. Now after releasing them up on its outward about it. Audrey you want Daisuke you know all -- -- Not really. Like my games to finish in less than three hours so 05 and -- good host. Next year. Thank you for the memory. His wife's nickname dollars rock course. How I forget about it as a rock star product forget about what it was the exit derogatory term goal is restrict you gotta run. He and I don't know when can we had when he first came Italian Japanese reporter on our preferred -- rockets -- and he was. He civil and it's a very. The rest of them so really you can -- you said it in English. How he got very offended by the base -- -- the interview because for there was rockets I remember when he was first coming I was thinking about trying to learn Japanese to be able optimal Lipman -- and I -- product that there's no way maybe some cursory Japanese to sort of -- a couple of things. -- And a lot of techsters Europeans in the tumbled rumors. That was pretty -- that's kind of like. You know what you could put Michael's ABC news thing on that kind of tumbled do you. Last night on ABC and that's you put up or discussed some ought to like dumbo and that's fine because that commercial solar equipment that -- back commercialism whale with a tape which. -- -- It's less -- retirement Dunlap library. Went over the accusing him last night when you got rejected by -- so here and -- -- think news if you're miserable aperture and we'll play it next it's off Somalia. --

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