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Yankee manager Joe Girardi asks "Won't somebody please think of the children"

Aug 20, 2013|

Joe Girardi wants to defend his player Alex Rodriguez at what he perceived to be a deliberate attempt to throw at and possibly injure his 3rd baseman. But has Girardi become a drama queen with his latest quotes about how bad this all was for children to see? We discuss and take your calls.

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Negativity -- be -- well here WEEI AM on WEEI. Dot com as well. Michael sorry you're saddled get to hear about a half hour you seem broken up today in arm -- -- -- I mean it's obviously something that announcement. Critic Herbert led to your undoing of feel bad about you think. And it. -- side. -- -- -- -- Our kids were wondering ravens' Sam was intern Sam was coming into an -- -- me just a little but that's a that's all right Michael tiger coming up and a half hour why he is that's at 230 today I'm all -- Reports coming out that looks like baseball's gonna suspend Ryan Dempster I don't get it Munich and again it. But I wouldn't do it you're joking. Like I -- it I'd I would defend my man Ryan kind of yes I'm in I'm I'm I'm on the in his corner you know what he avoids he would avoid suspension appear better location. I'm -- him to be kept a little lower hit -- -- -- -- -- god I don't tiger's tournament and you can make the case. But clearly. You miss him the first time and you go inside and come back and you hit them in and discount look around. In -- -- the blame on -- -- -- an establishment that position statement that it copies. Yet it feels like it the first army would be suspect may be one of those -- on the outside corner so that he could come back and it doesn't look like he tried four times. I don't think he tried four times I think he tried twice I think he tried in the first one of their stride in the middle -- and that I think he definitely tried on the final one which -- -- them. I guess if there's anything to suspend him for to me it's that -- and throw people for. Right I mean it like you can do once maybe twice I didn't really like twice Arnold you can do -- why did you really get you get your shot at it in the got to hit them. But. It's him in his own category of it's. I'm I'm willing to go to the mat to defend Ryan Dempster there's only one thing that's holding -- -- one other thing holding me back from it. And that's the fact that I don't think it really -- the Red Sox if he gets it and that's the missiles start if anything it might help him we were talking just a week or so ago beating McCarthy could use the start off. He needed he needs he needs about eight or nine days off then he's delegate parent of the gifts even -- for six games and it happened he's gonna get aren't so perfect so you know. If he wants to appeal it but maybe dragging out a little bit -- Buchholz is back here in September and have the columns may beacon. What's that the state college and they at this stage Saucony maybe it's not going to be the traditional. Again goal at the traditional rotation let's get a month from now -- So we're we're talking late September or mid September. And you have. You still have a gamer too and Tampa. Go to a four man rotation. Down the stretch. -- -- -- Just go with -- just throw guys out there because their turn and you're competing you're trying to lock down and division. The globe with reliable guys and he's not one of them don't have many stars left and in the season in the first anyway. I really don't believe that interstate you know I I I I know you're saying on the other hand I think that the people are so the egg and teams today are so careful with their starting pitchers to the point. Where I mean what's -- name Strasburg the pitching there last year because they were so careful about it now I don't really entirely understand why he's pitching this year. Now that they are out of it still pitching him every five days no big deal but last year when they are actually in competing. They took him out -- -- with an overdue G system in what that the dramatic jump in innings. A target I can appreciate but I think you're careful with pitchers in April may June July. So when you get you late August and get to September. UK and take them in take away those restrictions and let him go yeah. I I I I don't just I don't know they would do that or not but I would. I think it's a bomber. That at the end of this Dempster will be the one punished but I really don't care like it's fine it's still worth it if he ends up being suspended by the sent the message he sent. You'll still be a hero in my -- so good for him. I'm happy I'm happy for him steal on the fact that he was able to get this done now Joseph Girardi becomes sort of the antagonist in this now because he's the one comes line and out of the dugout as soon as it happens. He screaming Brian -- because he's angry. And I don't know whether he's just angry about the warnings or he's really angry that people are taking potshots broad product it's -- and of course all of -- sort of comes out of him at one time. We played his comments from right -- -- really have a huge problem with talking about the union and and and exactly the way they'd set this whole system. That was wrong. One thing that you can't do you can't start changing the system is made you don't mind. Ryan Dempster player. During all that he -- these guys this side. We'll just take your. Your candidacy and the came from upside. Not to know that something like. OK fine I mean you know I I still understand what Ryan Dempster threw -- -- but -- anybody's killing Joseph Girardi for those comments he's right. The union did set up a policy they do have a guideline for how they should go in and that's the way it is if you don't like it tough you have to live with it. But it goes beyond that and these comments surfaced today and heard these until earlier today I don't understand how he makes the leap from where he was after the game -- here. What is wrong people. You cheer when someone gets here. -- ominous thing again what if that was your son. You know what if what if your son got hit breaks and arm gets hit in the head as a concussion. And the impairs. The -- -- -- I feel little kids in this thing. When what's wrong with the world today. Seriously come on man you're talking about what is he talking about not I was with them. What he says it's not right you have to go through this process the you can disagree with Alex Rodriguez -- Kentucky's -- year. You don't like what he's doing but there's a process involved you have to respect the process and let them find and I think I think the umpires. Can't to bring your personal agendas into it and if you don't like Alex Rodriguez and you see something happen. You've got to college just as if you were looking at a -- your favorite player and a guy who hasn't done anything. Quote unquote wrong. -- -- Supplement the kids. Supplement to kids because and sometimes my hitting people in baseball because we all know there's not a manager in baseball even on a terrible team. There's not one manager in baseball. Who hasn't ordered his pitchers or hasn't understood that his pitchers have to hit somebody because that other team is going that you. Every manager in baseball. Goes by that including Joseph Girardi took to sit here and act like you're not part of the. Process but the real problem is the fans cheering the fact that somebody got hit one dude seriously grow -- You wanna make the comments that he made the -- and Michael will be fine. Didn't we agree maybe we don't agree but they're perfectly legitimate comments to make after the game talking about the system in general what's happening have to abide by what you can't fine. -- is even comp for a and people. You cheer when someone gets here yeah in this case ominous thing again what if that was your son. What that was my let's let let but we're not talking about if it was nice sunny just may 25 million dollars a year and it turned study got drilled with a baseball at once and while in the arm. I'd be okay with. The seat ticket took it to the extreme or certainly kids who we were talking market determine grooming and tomorrow Major League Baseball and if I'm a Little League and -- high score -- somebody -- -- I might just want them to know. Even if you wanna focus on Alex Rodriguez and you don't think you should have been hit. Okay he would hit in the back he was not hit in the head he did not he was knocking -- he did not have a broken arm. So talk about what actually happened. Not what this whole speculation on what if this happened what if it would with -- each year if Alex Rodriguez had been being a problem. Probably two years he would be gone down -- -- -- initially and they realized. The seriousness of the everything -- -- you mean yeah I don't nobody would talk and I think people what do cheered at at first. That it wouldn't realize it's still in in the that he didn't move so little okay no nobody's cheering nobody -- nobody is that thirsty right. That the thing you coach your injuries nobody cheers injuries in Alex Rodriguez got her I would be -- Nobel Prize to Philadelphia Philadelphia's in their own special version of the universe it. I wouldn't expect anybody to cheer Alex Rodriguez getting hurt -- he popped ME running down the first base I would be shocked if the Fenway crowd was cheering. -- least cheering an injury that's coming you're right. Cheering guy getting drilled with a baseball which is part of the game and has been for you on this the same guys managed Joba Chamberlain for how long. How many times Chamberlain throw Kevin Youkilis because of whatever personal vendetta he's got against you close. Welcome to billion barrels Victoria. All. Are well her. Well that that early ones that the the puzzling ones is that what was going on without Joba Chamberlain in 2007 he did it. You know a few times. And it was the same situation where he's trying to. He threw one over his head and right navigate to another went over his head I think -- I think it was a may be -- last year but. But -- -- well taken -- he's a catcher he's a former catcher. Has played he played for a number of years he's he's managed in the National League in the American League it's the same time hopefully. Was -- time and managers have talked about this it especially when they're done I mean. Russa wasn't finished managing and he talked about it -- buzz but fingers sometimes. We talk about this time they hit the other team because they're coming after us we're not going to be pushed around. It's been happening in baseball for years it's just some are calling it soft like when you know Joseph Girardi I think of kind of a tough guy and and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has so far been Joseph Girardi. Who is put his arm around -- that he's my guy I can't control when he the other things but I want to go up their -- games from a managerial standpoint. Completely understand he's a guy caught in the middle who I think he's doing his job the best he can't. And even. After he gets thrown out of the game I got no problems and get tossed out of the game I really don't have a huge problem any of the comments he made after the game but this is this is just obnoxious it's sanctimonious. After shot up. What is wrong people. You cheer when someone gets hit. Ominous thing again what if that was your son. You know what if what if your son got hit breaks and arm gets hit in the head as a concussion. And I'd be impairs. The -- -- -- -- I'm embarrassed for a few little kids in this thing. What was wrong with the world today. You know people who -- little Q and wonder what's wrong with the world if it got up and -- they get excited when -- -- real -- a separate -- and Iraq and all the other things that Alex Rodriguez is but I don't what's wrong with -- world today -- Alex Rodriguez and I don't use the children and our world and Iran to -- the world I just I hate the saying testimony of anything about the -- yeah it's Arlington -- Voices crackling. On people a little people's questions. So what was that you hear when someone gets -- yeah in this case I do know -- sound like Andy's album right. Ochocinco and neo when he lost -- -- Ominous thing again what are your son. It was -- on who got drilled captors -- 25 million dollars in ill gotten gains. I mean I guess I'd be upset that my son got drilled people were happy about it but you know why that would be happening to my -- that you are. In this case because my -- a jerk not cheering because they drilled some random guy H -- because they drop the jerk. I just just for the record this is the same Fenway crowd that later in the same damn game she -- -- incredibly classy. Close there. I still don't like that I wouldn't do that which we don't tell me that the people are all screwed up. The people they are cheering -- closer because they think he's respectful dignified and great. And agreed on role model all these things and Roddick is he -- any jerk. A note this is not just -- like other just happy and bloodthirsty. And Iraq but. NS NS also have less amen let's look at it is still comes down to. -- your team is and if you if you reverse it obviously. If that's the Red Sox they have a player. And he gets hit by the Yankees pitcher. A Red Sox fans will be saying this guy has been discussion be suspended right this every yankees fans saying Ryan Dempster should be suspended should be. So I understand Joseph Girardi looking at it one way because it's his guy. He's in John -- position he probably didn't say anything John Ferrell. May be out of there would have gone as far as Girardi did the -- would have. The compound to put a star at the beginning I have no problem with this just the thick of the children crap it's a sanctimonious 61777. And what does your -- got hit. 79237. Gonna go jays and Boston hijacked. -- -- -- -- -- Are -- kind of struck exactly. It's not too short but. It's unbelievable that -- try to spin it that way what is it what do pitchers on. We're talking about a who is making millions of dollars -- and every. Getting everyone out to -- And ratting out at a -- a guy who -- although the people in each each right there on national TV the guy who do you find out. Charity. Giving an incredibly low percentage of money actually to a charitable foundation. This is a terrible person. There are outstanding. Those people whether you like Arafat the same respective. It's hard playing -- -- player you respect. The dark -- guys. Who in any other profession. Would never -- never been employed he thought it's terrible -- -- didn't try to try to spin it that way at all. Well but he asked you. I do this they like to have talked about the cute enough to do this anywhere he went. Above and beyond two to defend his player because you think about his position. Got to be very strange we talked about -- a -- yesterday. This is going to be straight with Alex Rodriguez you've got the general manager who clearly can't stand them. You've got the president of the team that can't -- enemies of a Major League Baseball against him a Major League Baseball against them they want about fertility in eleven games rightfully so but. Major League baseball's against Alex Rodriguez to try to make the case against so if you're Joseph Girardi you have the player coming back. You still it still comes down to winning games for you and you have to do something you have to be you have to be that guy. Who pretends. Like you've got to players back even if you don't I mean I feel the same way as Levine and -- we can't allow. -- to think that he's got to maintain. Maintain some type of normalcy in his -- Editor I have no -- and I came -- I was upset at all nor was anybody also the comments about the union or why you shouldn't be able to just hit guys I -- other comments today. I've read them in the globe saying that if you if they don't suspend Ryan Dempster and it looks like they will. If they don't suspend Dempster and essentially they're declaring open -- ARA rod right where everybody to know him which again and sounds kind of fun for me account like the idea that every time -- steps -- the box is a decent speed at somebody's gonna come. But whatever. I get you can't do that you've sort of sent the message now and I've got to punish and sort let all go forth from there. I think people understand -- all those comments he's trying to do what's best first team this isn't this just become one pitch. This is just that -- to mow me and why need -- that it is completely. On the feeding of a Major League manager for yes on befitting of him. He's -- love him or of anybody and anybody -- better -- Joseph Girardi. All your other comments up until now fine I mean pretty classy guy by all by all accounts has dealt with a New York media incredibly well for tenure there has come in and found a way to replace the legendary Joseph Torre. Won a championship has kept the circus to a minimum. I mean there's all kinds of reasons to respect Joseph Girardi. Breaks and arm gets -- they had a concussion. Yeah I'd be impaired. -- a little bit like Kevin Costner and JFK was kind of going through all the things -- the -- David ferry and everything and you bear. -- an add -- to bring to agree upon and AT&T -- on some sort Girardi played as a catcher. You never called for. Each BP right he's the same right and of course by cheering for the bloodthirsty. Here as part is part of not only is -- part of the game and at times that monitor and understand how makes people uncomfortable because. There's some -- in the game and can be very dangerous. If you are trying to. You're trying to hit somebody in the -- really does get away from -- And you hit them above the shoulders and -- problem are you are. And that you have kids you have kids enrolled in the months or Avery or at this point is not quite old enough to understand if she were at that game she's not old enough to understand what would happen a concession I I still don't know I. I haven't had to deal this myself your kids are. Just getting into the age where they would sort of be able ask -- question right so you're you've got them with you with the game their you know 45 years old. IDA rod gets drilled the entire crowd cheers. And year old or some audiences that why they chair but he sent. Mean is it got harder question to answer. -- but I mean I've met. In my my son does not count the oldest is not at that position yet. But he will be soon yeah -- -- -- the way have pretty soon pretty soon. I mean this is how they think he's he's about. -- season that they think he's a bad guy and and they are and they are they are cheering for who they think they think there's a good good got a bad guy and his habit. Isn't that the same thing you tell your children when you're watching wrestling in the -- guy gets hit in the head with a chair is like out sometimes bad things happen about people and that's what happened here sorry Joseph. Sometimes bad things happen to bad people and there was just sense of justice and when you cheat other people get angry. And vacated. Is that what happens when you cheat you (%expletive) off everybody and -- -- come back now maybe maybe forest to too young to to make this distinction but I think it at a certain certain point people don't give kids enough credit. We're figuring -- out. It's like you know you have me eight or nine year old everything you know eight or nine -- Adults really they don't understand what's happening here but I. I know what's happened at a time like third or fourth grade I don't know what's got -- -- exposed to so much so it was like everything that a kid -- these children that makes you more comfortable. You'll be able to explain -- kindergarten wanna I wanna go out and do it. -- kids are like this all lesbian semi -- give some credit all that being said I don't know what you're gonna say to your kids after what happened last night after what we all saw last night. I don't know what you did too -- and how to Diane Sawyer I don't know what you did to her. But I don't know what you're possibly gonna say to your kids to explain what happened to you -- to do with the 132 pound and may have are two different Charlotte get develop later. You'll hear this coming up next post warrior call 61777979837. Why did Ali (%expletive) off Diane Sawyer it's alcoholic WB. 617779. 79837. Nixon -- in my -- what's going on. Hey Mike might think things like -- sound. I want -- about two different things one news you know the idea that Eric users today can like at an influence on younger kids. 23 years old now and so you know I was nine and 1990 kinder. I was I was you know and that influential age. Land. You know that steroids are really -- -- and I think it's just. If you -- to think that anybody. It's a little decision and their care and make sure. People like you know Barry Bonds backed -- Mark McGwire or not their children's role model once it came out that they were using steroids. It's not -- that you don't need you like. A genius to figure out that steroids aren't and you know when you're fourteen years old are impacting your body when you take when you're an adult at your decision and if you ever it would be configured but they're actually not as -- unit people you know make an increasingly significant -- now you've described a. He says yeah your sources Jose Canseco that steroids are bad for him. I mean not who I mean. It. Brought in low doses prescribed by doctor. I think what we can. I think you think Jose Canseco used. -- steroids that were prescribed by doctor in -- dosages and I. Yeah your -- let's stick your first point I like where you're going your first point shot or Joseph Girardi let's just stay there. Charity yet she should not have. You diplomat and said you know it's my responsibility. For -- he's been. Our player got hit and there's no reason that I should have been warned -- -- -- -- And it's been workers the Red Sox I don't think he. Right and and know there -- him with him -- any of that stuff just think of the children sanctimonious. Horse. It's -- horse to horse -- It's horse hockey -- excuse not Michael. -- not as bad as the best when -- -- like skiers not yet -- on his own fortune on it and explain about. Major league baseball players you know steroid users being role models for kids. I guess you can hear it depends on how old your kids are and what they know -- if you. If use today. At the ten year old or eleven year old says in San Cisco at the times that Barry Bonds is my favorite player. It's okay Barry Bonds your favorite player and don't know all the stuff that's going on about a man. You don't need to get into that conversation. Aren't you wanna be exactly like Barry Bonds you just -- -- young baseball fan like the Barry Bonds hit home runs. And we all know has grown ups that we know that he's and dirty he's doing this and these assault in the home run record but if if you're -- says. I'm entertained by Barry Bonds. Is okay are I think it is I mean you don't really have to go heavy into this stuff until the questions come up. Now -- -- you have. If you have reason to believe that your -- Is more than entertained by Barry Bonds. And knows all about Balco. And we want to do all -- of the their -- and don't get different maybe -- time for you have a conversation with you can about it step up and be apparent and not worry about whether -- not cheering at Fenway Park about -- get -- 61777979237. -- In Boston I'm. Okay. We are and aren't rockets into generated well parent saying about. At decade -- -- -- it -- it. -- parents really don't hurt children like you can order it like unique and it parent and you think that their kids. Are perfect it'll just rent their real annual audit report all in there and I heard about well I think they know everything. Listening to the can can actually look at company. It can't act like like they're so directed by Peter right there by real kill someone -- -- -- it sure. That this person mark like. You -- and what you need to remember that look like. You can't because all of -- right now in her secret and Mark McGwire used at -- -- just. Just let kids -- -- they know everything they talk about everything. Yeah -- -- -- -- and especially if you don't like -- the figurative and Mike -- you. There are a 32. Gives value and no -- don't -- that you know of Adams and -- you you'd go back 22 years when you're a kid you know you were ten years old. He's now are smarter. They're smarter than we weren't there there they -- they're more oh era where so much more. Apple walking home from school that it happened Google. I can't get it all need to know anything Elliott you now I hit the and it. And they shoot edit and mortified because they. -- they actually know how you steroids lead. It even an agreement but it that wrote it because you don't know what that they hear it like the kids are smarter than you think. Injured shut up about rewarding to. -- Smart than Joseph Girardi in this case appreciate the phone call my you can -- here any time travel more Kenny Kaymer Titanic. How are you guys that. Okay I you know. -- act like it is we can switch the perspective here. Might you can you can do you used to sanctimonious probably 15% less -- an hour. Just learned a word it is -- it's a result by word of the day toilet paper this morning vocabulary test and it worldly wise. Not. I think that you guys at ten. And that's that's what rope around first of all. As much but it's like -- -- You guys are aware of the it's. Real epidemic. In some high schools and colleges. It's getting prescriptions for at a rural. You know I think when the patriots to one of those kind of redolent anyway -- -- so focused until some -- right now. My guess is it is we you're kids you're probably wouldn't. He talked in that in his thirties cedars. Because they're doing and basically. Everybody in every walk of life which is they do everything they can. To get ahead I don't care what job it and that's what we do. Here. Yet these radical -- -- -- but it's Sally you know you are pretty old school you know -- with reverend. Those guys sure that there's so much better prepare appeared Rankin. There -- -- getting. And that helping the team produced what in Iraq and every one of these steroids guys. -- -- -- -- -- But what are what what did you like a logic professor some one of the special pleasure what's your out what would you. What's the bottom line in Iraq cares about baseball more than making -- is that to bottom line -- My point is if these guys had been doing something -- help them produce. Help them better on the CEO they would then you know they wouldn't pay it -- -- -- if along the way it was the -- this. However -- owners who you think the Yankees -- affected -- was. -- -- Now but when he first started you better believe they didn't they all looked the other way. I have to agree -- part of McKinney and and and I don't I don't think here. I know are there any sort of sounds crazy what the bottom line I don't understand how would it give you the bottom line hitting bottom line. -- -- -- You know. Talk about a week air okay. New York it's that the game. And it might stop at you what would you tell your son went guess it is through it and it -- well. At things happen to bad -- Not and strategize and edit it getting Kenny Kenny outlets this operator okay. There is -- enough that I don't. Let's listen I want to get from mr. electric and electric continue. What I wanna set the terms here when we can't set these terms and we can continue the conversation. There is enough about me as a Sports Radio host that you can make fun. Can you can you can make fun of but physical characteristic can talk about the stupid things that I say. Do not call me don't don't try to question my parenting okay it was a hypothetical. My son has never been to a baseball showed up. What sort of government to a baseball game. He's four years old so it's hypothetical now you wanna talk about A-Rod. You wanna talk about steroids that's fair game to not bring a parent to intuit. We clearly that are OK good I'll get. Continues right. We're making it important. You know to be honest with that you what you -- saying -- Well you know we don't like this guy and you know even -- -- -- -- -- -- expel. You have the right to appeal and -- -- -- -- -- I don't like immediately took you know what I what I tell my kid okay. That -- -- Hitler and broke all night but -- now at a particular. And I think at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it it's been happening in baseball for as long as baseball has been happening. And -- to freak out about it now. MAB I've used the word sanctimonious too many times but it's the guy perfectly it's alcoholic or your calls next here W -- People. You cheer when someone gets hit. Ominous thing again what if that was your son. What if what if your son get hit it breaks and arm gets hit in the head -- -- concussion. And he -- If I mean Beers. -- -- little kids in this in. What was wrong with the world that it. Curl up Joseph Girardi. A text -- call them up into waste. When you said. -- -- Skiers not yours it's it's not yours now yeah yeah it's almost confused -- not with moose knuckle. Yeah I have to -- you. Don't worry about that and it. Expressed -- and where it's where you about that I just I mean. All the things man people while the whole hole. Children at any time anyone not happy about something in the world you have to think about that right right and I don't get I mean I I think about my child all the time I am a father Michael respect Wheatley. Your point of view about not to on other people how to parent I mean my god and he you know very little about somebody -- how they behave. Your parenting advice from my parents I definitely don't wanna hear you don't via -- -- Usually know. It's like things I don't know you go our way but -- ask them. You're asking why there ashore overnight discount us today you know -- -- -- do you want no mart. You know pretty Avery down. You know 1230. Years in different for a -- -- -- Your effort is on the part -- that go all. All handled it apparently wanted from my wife magic from her spot should be really pack that. They call them back yeah I do wanna promote. My wife took only what exactly what to -- -- -- Tell me exactly what to do when I'm confused them left in charge -- kind of. But it takes any any debate to the extreme right. Any -- any debate where you can just you can read -- children did you originally go back and forward on on whatever the topic is whatever the whatever the big right. Whatever the big divisive issue but the -- genre usually shorter hair I think it's a point where you know you're not going to be on this point because I have brought up something. That is just unassailable is right far beyond what we're talking about. Drilling -- has nothing to do with children let's just put that out there right -- gel sort of nothing to do what the future of this country -- -- believe in drilling in A-Rod you also Rachel yes exactly well you know parts for the troops Johnson Newport national. What's up John. Am I doing -- great children by the way do you. Absolutely. That the Ryan Dempster hitting -- normal it's intentional like -- agreement. Generally no question he's returners you mean intentionally trying to establish the inside part of the -- -- Guerrero question. LA deputy bureau he'd be there'll be no problem with the current Don. When he got to steroids and lying to -- partnering up this -- arguing that an open senate legitimate paper and it. And that is who I mean we all know why he did everything else by a dumpster that I didn't get them. Patent opposite Spencer and maybe yeah I know who's gonna get it's been an anyway I think every content. -- maybe it's. It's a five game suspension that -- -- know what -- -- -- -- I don't know he wants to their shot at us look at the good point you can and you can get the guy out. Not hit them. And then. Talk about a afterward and I'll be suspended or of Ryan Dempster will go this route because it is going to be suspended. So what she suspended he can say yeah. Once now okay I'm suspended now frustrate what happened materials -- let me tell you what I think that I can add four more games to figure if I give my opinion. I don't need to be a contrite now. Can't say what it is I would hope I hope he does do that I think that would. I think that would serve him well I think it would do me good look for him I hope he does do it quits and he -- cyclist. And top. Although. Well but I -- about Norway which is doing -- Zurich if you want to jump in zealots. I don't want to do column but I agree with all I would look at your every single -- it will place. What about the children. I don't know but I predict he'll get over explain my daughter back -- -- lap later on American and allow the replay. Would you tell. You meter commit to quite a lot of I. And how old's your daughter that's great. She's so your eight year old daughter was not the room they drilled a -- and you said in regard they're getting here you've got to see us. What she's out of the conversation what did you wanted to see it. I'd. Well I hated rather small -- -- Yankee hitter overall lifestyle. I'm a Yankee gets -- differently than last. Good for you I love that Clift think of the children I appreciated that takes Joseph Girardi -- completely. Out at the is that -- and now. Forget about not wanting my kids to see it I dragged my daughter and from the other room to shoulder she saw a rod get his due season and -- playing you know. Dancers come here. Picture I think -- right -- Editor playwright and DVR let's go back a little bit what is the iron is there. Remember we talked about that that -- I got it that is great things on 7779. 79837. -- or your phone calls on this do wanna get into -- Some more on the field Red -- stuffed into Bogart's gonna get his first start tonight. And maybe there's a spot. To get Dustin Pedroia a day off the -- it looks like axle Ali WB. Everybody's thinking of the children today phone lines jammed for the last hour plus. Joseph Girardi in his. Use the word again I don't care they can use that too many times sanctimonious tell -- what else that is. What else is better seen in him for sanctimonious feel for. Hollywood Joseph Girardi is being held in the -- Well I liked him Q is that the one he is being -- a anyways. When he's not a little. Because he he would be if he actually believe what he was sent. I'll see you on the evil is -- oh no don't like people I know I know it's a he's a good actor he's in New York a lot of good actors in New York. He's saying this because he has to what he feels like he has to -- trying to. Say to Alex Rodriguez. Okay somebody's on your side right many threw everything about it if they do in the club house what the rest of the Yankees have done. He's he's lost his team a team is forget -- a -- the Yankees aren't that good anyway. But they still have a shot. At the wildcard and the players that enter too far but I isn't in the division. I don't think that there there is good as -- as the Red Sox in the race but he has to -- the manager. He has to let Alex Rodriguez no -- are safe haven somewhere. In this organization for you otherwise he allows the distraction deter them right so he's got to he's got to stand up for Iran even if he doesn't really wanna do it. And he's going out there and he's confusing the issues on purpose. And I'm fine with it until this on the children thing just went up under my skin it's easy in order allowing by the way it will -- this one more time we can we can really listen -- The Steve we configure whether he means it -- not Ryan Dempster it's come down -- a five game suspension from Major League Baseball following as well. I'm so that is the punishment for -- will be fine essentially miss one start. And he will be fine the bad news for the Red Sox probably not if anything maybe it's good news for them is gonna let them. Oscars is good news or Ryan Dempster good news for the Red Sox goodness for the -- starts because Ryan Dempster. There really hasn't been effective as a starter for the most part for about a month month and a half. Good news for Dempster has been effective so maybe needs a rest. This -- I think that's exactly what it is and maybe understand that because of his age but. It seems like. It seems like he's tired. Is is just. Fatigue. On the that he's hurt. It's like sometimes he pitches. And you know -- pointed out last night when. As he was talking about Lincecum. If you know just like Ryan -- times the splitter is splitters still be -- nasty and other times just kind of -- out there. So I think it's floating because of the day. -- be consistent to be going to be a Major League starters and -- -- there right now he's anything but. -- how we -- Disease you mean just the league -- made that rocket that the bulk baucus here. He just tripped right. Equus at first they thought that he got frightened molester to -- All that was weird strange guy. He's a -- he's from he's from the -- to Washington so it's a big thing in CO ATM. Gonna draft them right there in their backyard university Washington in the city of Seattle. And instead they drafted Brandon Morrow. Who now with your. Game is -- add him to award the big deal there. But he is here if invited them pack for being members which law. As he's gonna show a lot and he doesn't show law and the whole stuff that passive aggressive out which had not surprising for that area of the world and sort of what everybody is in the northwest. Passive aggressiveness is like in their one who's mad at Wednesday's band and write new things that. I'll be there are not and they won't show water again and it tables passive partner. On 67779. Sounded out -- To that of users that is the all the things about that area that was the thing -- could not. Passive aggressiveness. People ask how do you like. Pretending not to be mad about it but actually being handed out actually like it all comes your letter -- in the -- Hamas can you imagine living your life -- that that ago it would be it would be I couldn't I just simply could not do. An area that traffic -- -- -- and you hear now -- somebody off in traffic and not know everything is passive aggressive on the map that you. Comment if they run off and applicants and I took it didn't do that because our John go ahead what's up man. -- with them. All right I had to take a quick on Girardi on the burials. I -- on the worker's right to vote and finally what is Richard Cole do you check at least the way I don't know why call. But everybody is kind of tactic work because to -- a -- And -- All I can become sort at all telling -- -- I coached Little League from my boys. And I I believe that -- -- -- really get you know all pointing out -- sportsmanship. And Al. And of course about a little bit and what impact quite feel the on sportsmanship. For our you know children could. I hit about zero Oscars ever give -- Pakistan wants baseball. All right then I say is until late and I couldn't even see it happened then happened around 8459 o'clock. -- So tell nobody saw what Darrell -- -- senior editor at -- gonna keep -- announced a baseball too slow for the kids or not it just it it just didn't you know. Video games -- music whatever being on the Internet something they don't care about I don't care about baseball which has one advantage to. It. Now zero I guess your Olympic double what it was at -- sportsmanship sure it was for sportsmanship and arrived absurd. Ryan Dempster could have gotten about instead of hitting them but. But that has nothing to do with. You know some some ten year old in the morning I mean if you wanna start doing that mean the problem with the children argument. Is it easier to forever you keep backing up a -- against it is something to upset the children may be but they did a rod do something to upset the children. Okay fine and just keep packing up like. Oh man don't go right to go to the children seems to be a pretty big league which go to Joseph Girardi. Players in your team to tobacco. A threat because. It is tough to see that he's practicing you're you're you're you're promoting. -- promoted to back. He used right here that Doug Roberts hit a joke the pet sitting right next Hewitt ran away. Tell your players to stop doing that. I don't know whether he chews tobacco -- -- maybe he does he certainly wouldn't be alone in baseball or among managers who do so cute little kids in this thing and you -- him. Aussie took its franks and some volume though was automatically reports and I disingenuous that's a good -- -- he's been decent status that debt. That better than sanctimonious you don't you think it is is -- both as disingenuous because that is not really the truth. And pass the -- got a hot. Stuff right. -- The two part question guidance. I hate the Yankees to elect a Iran but I'm wondering. But why the Red Sox felt we with a team that needed to it A-Rod and and -- You'd think that we're putting one of our guys in danger because you know. I'm gonna come out to our top guys. You have nurture it and -- -- -- -- -- wider you know what we -- another well we don't know that the Red Sox felt that -- in general we know Ryan -- felt Ryan Dempster actually felt like -- we just the right -- it was his responsibility and you know what if someone's gonna drill the most obnoxious Yankee should not be either of talks. -- seriously -- if it is somebody's point it is somebody's job to do it to drill the most obnoxious Yankee of the mall. It is kind of the Red Sox responsibility do that that's that's playing their part. The arrival regular problems but you don't -- your -- do I like your other point though as something to watch out for. There will be revenge I know Joseph Girardi is talking about -- like cheering guys being -- but he's -- manager of the Yankees and they hit a rod. You know what's gonna happen. When they play again there's going to be a red sock you know let me Red Sox player who gets -- I hope nobody Yankee Stadium cheers because -- just had such a horrible message. All of the children so what but I'm disarmament for the players using think that the Red Sox -- gonna win this division. It's something that you get a little nervous about. Down the stretch your team preparing for the playoffs. And I was a guy was Al Reyes. There's name the guy hit Nomar who had Nomar how is this one and those things it just freaks you about that you're getting ready for meaningful games. As some -- focus gonna hit when your players is gonna affect the post season yet. Do not get more than nanometer affected no more -- -- is essentially never as good a player again right after he heard is one of the reasons we've talked about a before. I think wrist injuries last a lot longer -- after the guy actually comes back and away. That may be one will middle Brooks is playing a lot better now than it was earlier in the year the risk may be known that. Now Dustin Pedroia had a lot on the injury right that's what bothered him and heard it again game one -- days ago he's been deal -- all season long you look at the numbers for him. They haven't been pretty knowing it was kind of got past. Any deserves what he's Dustin Pedroia you know we gonna turn back around you know he's got a track record your Boston that goes back all the way to 20067. At 7000. That's you know that that did. Fine right now he's -- he's been worse than Mike Napoli has been since the all star break you look at they're number side by side Pedroia has like I seventy. OPS and the all star break. Apple is at least in the seven hundreds now I'm not saying Mike Napoli has been great since then -- hasn't been out there and and he's gotten killed four and I understand in a majority has been good he's he's been hit you hit off the watch it and hit to a couple of double plays last night flailing it yeah she is I mean it's like he's taking pitches in the zone. Flailing at pitches outside the zone looks completely in between he's yelling at umpires it feels like almost every single night he's upset with the call and usually go back and look at it and they're not at bat I mean they're borderline at best. And he just seems completely out of sort. -- -- passed on to get past enemy. I think he deserves the -- getting right now based on his track record Lou and Mike Napoli doesn't. Not just on his track record in Boston but his track record as a player in there. Dustin Pedroia is a superior player no doubt to to Mike Napoli and there's nothing. You Consuelo can nepalese look at his body work was Bob Hebert tells me that. He's never been a full time players know what to expect -- but the expectation is that Pedroia should be that right I mean well -- right. Pedroia is a better player than Mike Napoli OK so that's what I -- think it is that you you you know what's gonna come around for. -- are right but also you don't know what's gonna come out but it also means when he slumping like this for as long as he's now been slumping. It effects the team even more than like when Mike Napoli slumps like it's easy to get mad at applicants don't have anything invested in. Yemen watching him for the last six years -- -- -- Pedroia you don't have his Jersey year kids don't have his shirt I mean you haven't been watching him and invested in him for his long. So it's easy to just say. Jump Mike Napoli bench they got the bad debt ridden -- but my carpet every night I don't see the guy again which is dumb because Mike apple is a guy you need in order to win this year but with drivable. I can't say anything like Albert I don't wanna be upset about why -- you withdraw economic -- did it that you wouldn't say anything we should -- about either one of -- quite frank I don't know I don't know I. Actress I guess he's saying about Mike Napoli is a part time player for his entire career. And who is not quite lived up to expectations he had a great first month of the season. In terms of production but he has been tough to watch already hit his career high in strikeouts. You don't know what's gonna happen with with Mike Napoli in three weeks to a month. Afterwards Obama pretty come out comfortable saying doesn't -- and pretty good life and I've -- the -- if he gets the biggest three or four hits. Tonight would you be surprised no team brown texts -- tweeted me last night I think he'll say about it is cold as he has right now that's as hot as he's going to be -- agree. This conversation is not to kill dostum -- our -- But right now is that he's -- -- east Timorese helping at the -- right now -- fantastic. Defensively is such a great defensive player and so I just want somebody in the days. Coming back and watching him play every -- that's actually the one of the things I've taken away more than anything else I forgot what Greek defense player got a better he has a second baseman who changes the game from that position and you notice it when you watch him every great based on her trip but the expectation is that Dustin Pedroia is number three year. He's like he's one of the two players in York on most in your lineup night in night out. And when he isn't going well you really see the effect I -- higher Red Sox well play in and I think he is. And we've we've had this conversation before about those views you great players you superstar planning superstar department that easy to switch pops. Are out and. Called rational long -- I think we had this conversation -- but does that where there's a superstar not going to hit the number three hitter. The number three hitter only because they don't have either a three or four so let's say David Ortiz is therefore. Detroit is that three because they don't have because he has to -- Probably he was too. Is -- one of the two listeners and team yes maybe three along with Jacoby Ellsbury I mean he's -- the two or three hardest hitters on the team and and they are expecting him did he. A foundation piece for that he has so any any -- but when he's in a slump like this really EC. I don't know exactly you can do about one of the as much as I'm excited about -- Bogart's coming up to the team. It does sort of -- -- little bit at second base you don't now how anybody on the roster other than Pedroia who's played second base you could move will middle Brooks over there. I don't think you wanna do anything to mess with him right now if I'm the manager I wanna get Dustin Pedroia and night off. Oddly I think what I have to do with I've got to play -- that short. I got to play -- Brooks at third and Schiff Stephen Drew over to second base for night because of anybody he's the only one is not essentially a rookie. But at least I think he can handle moving over to second base for night I definitely don't -- mess -- Bogart's over -- I don't have to do and I'd rather -- this went. Shark I've got a good little. -- just -- original that actually -- get home and yeah. I don't know maybe we could the bell Bogart's short -- Stephen Drew Weatherford -- takes on 777979. 37 -- in east long. I'm -- Editorial comment. I called because I would panic out due out Friday telling -- ridiculous sounded. Allen Lackey that he -- -- Iraq and I was right as it turns out you're right talking about. Will -- wait -- -- calling because it didn't do anything quite accurate to edit -- Dempster and I mean it was good enough somebody and I wish it than I am glad it was dams to. Well again -- -- -- -- I can't believe what you said a minute ago about this wouldn't act regular. I mean you what you want to take them out what that was -- we're too which. I don't know you said that it was an acting -- part of what you write it was going to do to it'll let Iraq. -- -- got I don't know I don't know everybody feels that way about the kids I'd be surprised if he does because. That he feels that way maybe he's gotten religion after his career is over as the as a terrific teammate and a catcher with the with the Yankees in the cubs and he was on some it was on a World Series team with some World Series teams. I find it hard to believe in and you probably due to Mike my -- believe that a catcher on a championship team. Has never said OK this guy needs to be of course or what I don't along with my my what -- the political -- efforts by what you -- you think Joseph Girardi. In his career as a player or manager has ever call for somebody to be hit. Absolutely but can't run it front of the kids in front of the children all of the carousel every bite that's one said he talked about the kids -- what. I understand. What it. Is getting. Like that I think I know you're the context in the big head comedy but Mike let's -- on -- the -- ahead. Joseph Girardi is not acting right is that he really about your original. He doesn't -- we. -- I'm not -- not. It certainly played -- -- we're not talking about that indicate play in the market we -- talking about just it's just we're on the same page we're talking about Joseph Girardi saying that hold on a second migrant is not likely to sound idiotic and we can continue the conversation. There. Any any planes. And say you blame this on the -- with. You cheer when someone gets hit. An ominous thing again what if that was your son. You know what it what is your son got hit breaks and arm gets hit in the head as a concussion. And the impairs. The cardiac onion Beers. I feel little kids in this thing. When what's wrong with the world took off. Yeah. I think my -- my your docket do you think. -- No I don't want it looked like doesn't and that's what he should take that out of that I don't believe that he believes that my -- why. Regular major leaguer getting hit with a -- with the threat of either breaking -- -- getting hit in rural giving it in the and hopefully -- YouTube app. What told Georgia and if you think Joseph Girardi ever I tell you did he ever call for that from his pitching staff you think he ever does it as a manager. He absolutely. Under different circumstances. That. Do either light. You either say hitting somebody with a baseball is bad for the can't or it's not bad for the kids. Can't say this is good for the kids right now because kids understand the circumstances they started until we had to hit that one that didn't. Want to give me. My hearing is longer and how far is that from stores Connecticut how far you from stores Connecticut. -- -- probably aren't go overseas Jim Calhoun and he'll give you the exact right expression to use in this case get some facts and come back and Simi. -- Absolutely right but it's a. Talking about Joseph Girardi talking about the kids we said what we look what he said the night before as he's talking about the union and whether or not it's appropriate. Aren't we understand that we understand that he's trying to do the right by his team fine. Please spare me. The disingenuous sanctimonious bull crap Steelers not when it comes to the garbage. About the children not sanctimonious distancing plots all that's the word I say both. What I say. Sanctimonious about -- a disingenuous and there's not a fair at all in their model it's all including -- -- ways to -- To -- your little upset about what happened last night the embarrassment to her. In the -- home fact that Diane Sawyer and ABC news don't or. You're in some rates really rates company. When Diane Sawyer is ABC world news tonight gets a hold some of the great moments in history who knows who they -- cut off its axle canal at W re bringing her -- her.

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