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State of the Revolution - Kevin Alston

Aug 20, 2013|

Kevin joins me to talk about his journey to the MLS and his recent comeback from leukemia. Plus I have a surprise after the interview.

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Welcome into another session -- state resolution time and also the young and -- show W. It's who does say. Been here for -- today I have a very special guests on the podcast. Kevin -- Kevin. University of Indiana soccer player tenth overall pick 20092010. MLS all star. He's trained to the national team in one day we will see him out there with the national team. Provided his hamstring. Does not act up on him again. Kevin has very interesting year so far we're gonna talk to we're gonna get some his opinions on what has happened and what it's been like for him coming back and the long road to recovery. Kevin thank you very much for joining me. So Kevin what's start from the beginning of your life you're born in Washington DC were you raised there. I Israelis and silver spring -- how far is simple sorrow is up from decent. It. -- and I'm up practically lived on this northwest DC. OK so when you're growing up was soccer first -- did you play other sports and come back to soccer template. -- kind of split time between doctor and affable. You know. My blood battle about spoke -- -- cuddle -- that's quite a big Bullock and grow it out before they are the wizards and you know it was kind of you know about the past what he's about convinced -- you know perhaps both political and then when this was the -- -- -- you know. Until but from sport to stick with it you know it it got to that point potentially where others might apathetic because I think what in the and I think you know that it was all there. It'll be cut off well but it's definitely got. -- it's a pretty. Pretty good choice pretty astute being -- so your bullets fan does that mean you're elected George -- some fans. Yeah I -- I -- is is is life quote there might sort. How big your house is. I guess I had triple bottom a little bit maybe if you panic about that's the thing I. Yeah. A bunch of players go to. So growing up view you stop playing bass on favorite soccer which resumed in -- clearly very good choice for you because -- professional soccer player. But coming out of high school. You ended up going to the University of Indiana can tell me how that happened were you is that the first place you wanted to go to wanna go someplace else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I've got other big North Carolina payment -- -- -- And I had to put North Carolina and above. -- -- -- -- -- four hours ago and they had a good team at the time and you know like parliament a couple of unofficial visits. So it can't hurt recruiting you know -- -- just told them straight -- to do -- wouldn't be in this NRA and what are my first official visit to North Carolina -- can't get everything but on. You know after that I went on the visit that the way forward in Maryland out of BP and from Maryland but I got -- -- my match high school coach and it. And he told me that India had no interest it and you know at the time I knew nothing about India had not naive -- you know there at this. All the championship as they had anything about The Who allowed to do they edit a piece about well enough about it and you know it's -- -- -- but I had to look they're resurgent I think that was the year that date they want apologies go out that -- -- And that's that I it will -- -- and check it out I would -- -- -- prepared. Not allowed to do it it was. The campus to -- The coaches did the team everything just. Been offered and you know came out that India and Wake Forest and bill only real real decided -- -- you know -- you know bigger and that -- I don't wanna know everybody. My senior -- so that they did that. Oh right you like the right choice. Now going to Indiana you currently from January 2 time Big Ten player of the year or two time Big Ten Conference team. Yeah I. Can't imagine if you want to -- C that are UNC is a rivalry you would have had with Jay heaps are now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although our third year. So 201010. Overall pick. What were your thoughts when you realize where you're going and that you're drafted as high as you were who were you surprised were you. Did you think you should have been drafted higher did you not think -- him just that I. You know it's going to address -- is in. Here at -- -- -- things you know. From ages and is kind of a roller coaster -- not -- I don't really know what to expect but. You know I've told my -- but it's good at this point. You're gonna get drafted but it doesn't matter if your first -- last. You know everybody's in the same position you know he did it take to the pre season and everybody by her. That's what -- have a -- -- it you know. And and accommodate people. I was relieved and excited you know -- be -- that in the world or -- a rated. With a bunch of the players. -- it would or. Like before and you know abuse talked much about doing little about it and you know PX -- that they needed -- then -- -- you know it's funny actually and it appears. I was out excited. Even airports are open public dollars going to the final. -- that you that are exactly did it. If you like they're good they -- I was just excited you know Monday it was finally you know on the board at a buried just tired. So you mentioned a total was that that was after here retired because of the concussion issues cracked. Before you -- it was before -- retired. Just before yet I -- first Q and was well and T you've got ahead and now he I think he played. One game against New York in court order to hold them. That out of the last -- -- Here I wanna go back a little bit too when you're a kid again because I've I've missed discussion I really want basket. Who did you as a soccer player who were you looking up to who was your. Who did you wanna be like if you're on the field could you translate like. In the -- I -- a huge -- united. Really big just eight Britain made. -- -- -- -- -- going outside is kind of you know out of nowhere but it 11 random thing regional content I ended up platelet back. Read that they like they paid just needed a spot to donate to heal while we just in effect on there and let that before. And but I -- him I -- defended in an attack. And it's -- taking that out immediately played and other players like -- -- -- Eddie Pope. And then it'd actually out on the -- in. The picnic out and you know what he was armed. And a member of it would promote peace. He was in the violent threat of Milan but. I can make -- there really watched. How is -- a game. Is I don't opinions you have. Play I used to be a huge people swear that I just had to outplay that they a lot of that is typical -- -- -- -- -- There was concerned women just didn't get a game -- some time for the -- -- -- can beat an athlete in -- things video games. So at least that we are so I want to move along over to this year. It's your -- And in the last couple of months you've had a very uninteresting goes. You've been diagnosed. Leukemia I will not try to prevent pretend to be of pronounce. The official. Form of leukemia that was -- it was but treatable form. But what are your thoughts when you were diagnosed. -- -- She notices when you you know hey you think you -- geniuses. The word the word of what my head start you know I don't know much about -- go -- -- -- a lot of its attic or not. -- -- potentially very very people and and I just I'd just assume that. You know that the word he knows his body Novartis you know. I don't really know much about it so it's like added note that the back. You know as the decent against a Bob overrated or not but it -- The little things don't -- economic -- record deficit -- -- the ball. Did you speak to any. Athletes' current reformer who had gone through something similar. Not really. I mean it's a couple as a result met with them from a Columbus and he had. How can I. Looked almost let out. You know he date failed that this support what about it I didn't really. Populated. So many other former athlete -- you know who -- gone through anything from it that and I've gone through it. Arm back -- just. Just try to get all the details from the dot. You know what people -- -- it was the what I gonna have to go to -- kinda just. Tried to you know -- it just. You know keep my mind somewhere else not him I'd like to think about it to questions because. -- The eldest. Surely surely it is did you did you just assume you're never gonna play soccer again. Well why are others who met you know -- that. From her -- that I got -- at a hospital that vodka and they're not a bit at first I didn't they conducted. You know it. Did their very -- ignore all the right things to say there are no variation and you know it's gonna be okay no no wary. In at no point did I think I would have played ten -- denies that but that would compete for a while. If it's up to what they're saying our belief that ultimately again. I don't give up that -- I did pick out -- wiedmeyer. We're all glad you didn't. Because you very nice set of hair. I will be freely admit that I'm jealous of your hair I've got a long hair my -- kind of like it myself it looks like crap. You get some really kick -- there. Period. It's slightly reminiscent of telling me. I. Mean it looks of the -- that little space that it. So you're going through treatments. What what was that like for you emotionally and physically. I mean -- it wasn't too bad you know it than just our limitation you know initially you know is -- the budget medication. And notepad and whatnot. And effort Hispanic you know. We did an obstacle after that does at all and now. And I wanted to a typical you know I I added fuel terrible. And him the medicine didn't make me feel too bad you know I -- there's I would expect. -- it was a it was -- two straight emotionally. By the cup apart just enough. As purses and arts. You know we. You know just. I guess I just everything that happened you know some of them still don't believe it is not up -- like a delicate. He does it's it's it's solid you know it's available back to back and think about it this is part. Of the deal would let out. That the physical side it was -- the use your part. When did you when did you get back on the fields are playing them. I mean from like a practicing standpoint we just can back out there and kind of mess around before it really. That. Not -- acknowledge it is tough because I've heard. You know they did you know based sum up where -- corrected or immunity any note. Is that the most I could do it he told me a brisk walk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know having that feeling like you're injured somehow just because she couldn't do any thing. Apart -- You know it is -- finally upgraded from brisk -- you know like forty minutes on that a little bit better than. Light body body weight exercises. And then I think. Maybe after a month or do I have it -- what I really you know this but -- -- -- a -- I'd go out maybe. Do -- -- outside. And maybe some like like pat you know something like that but it's a little out to his -- You know ability in real substance. So he went through all that. And yes to leukemia. Sorts come back your blood levels start to balance out. And you know you're gonna return. And it just happens to be. That you return in Washington DC at rfk stadium 84 minute. What was the thoughts going through your mind your hometown. Friends family. And included it was there a better scenario for you to come back onto the field. I don't think so out of our doubled its it was. -- -- It was perfect not about it even though log in and make it did you know he patriot but he -- you know where are they Obama paired. I told my parents to make page -- told friends apparently what got to take it because I got to tailgate together and they he thought. Was able to -- to give -- -- expect again and again you know. Close game did you know. Come announced that the final minutes -- defending it's like. Not which has recorded are to blame but you know stadiums and people and -- -- -- and you know -- culminated. It's -- is parenthood. That as soon. You know -- -- -- the Cuomo by well I can't -- because we need these points that it. It's still close game and or is that going to be. IPad that that outlook but -- exploited the impetus is that with -- would you know that's that's evolved the real emotions that you know just. You know so I didn't want to back on the field that you know that my parents and everybody is they're -- it. It's such a good story and then when you I mean it's not. Not what happened to you but the fact -- to come back. And you train really hard to get back on the field you finally get back on the field in her hometown it's almost. -- if it was a movie you wouldn't believe you'd say our system -- some guy wrote that script but it's really I mean just does it feel surreal -- even now. It does it. -- once. It's. It does amid jump out -- bill they're happy to be back you know at this. Committed to the longest I didn't know win I would be -- knows just how much unknown what everything. And I think what was concrete you know whether it like kind of a bit. It went like right after this amount -- -- this is what you did back in those candidates traded K based. Duck out of recovery -- -- now that the test would alma well lulls where it was just all those things but all complacent. You know that happens. -- -- Currency as the fighting for playoff spot -- and you because had a pretty good July. And you've had a rough start to the beginning of August. You dropped -- game to Toronto. At home he -- to get it came to Kansas City on the road we came back home and beat Chicago to know. How confident are -- that these guys that you guys are going to. Make that final pushing get into the playoffs. Prepared. There have been I think we have all the -- in the world and I think it's really. All of us you know it's it's is that if we come you know I feel like there's been a lot of games where we came into the game and the I don't know what it was but we just you know. It's a good -- First thirty minutes wake up and release -- play and I think they'll get like Chicago a that we start playing from the start. Absolutely that's when we usually have a pretty good outcome. And you know our continent never gonna find their groove now it never really got to put it together and I think we play our game I think it. I'll stop there. I think you guys are as good as anyone out there when you guys play game and when you do. Your defense is unreal it's probably the best in the league right now do you agree. It yes actually I'd give out hate. I absolutely agree I think we have absolute best defender in the Beckel -- and they've been chosen it and in. Is -- the numbers in those people themselves I think it did so lovable bunch -- -- and wish you know. I can't say we play -- its -- up -- It certainly is I wanna move onto a little bit I mentioned earlier unit spent some time training with the national team unfortunately. Twice your training with them and you weren't able to make it to a game because you. -- to hamstring injury do you perceive yourself training with him again. And they're trying to make a push to get on the national team and in some games. It. I think that's what a lot of people coal -- especially you know. No word. Spiller going back champion you know those opportunities I had. They're kind of spoiled you know -- injury and vote. I think that's that's sort of thing that tries you know we -- Output and a lot of work -- -- close -- and nobody is watching you know whether it's going to the gym. On -- -- there or alert after practice just. Trying get better and and I don't know how to answer that your little while ago template -- -- -- and vote. I think the next that this is played consistent and you know hopefully hopefully and then it's that's who we go to get back on the national -- involved. Have you been keeping up with is what's been going on with them in terms. -- -- in the the winning streak to -- Oh -- every. And what what is it about I mean it's pretty is that assumption would have been doing right now what do you what do you think about. I think they're dole I think acknowledge they got a lot of no I think they're they're fighting in a group I think in. A lot of a lot of you know lately given opportunities. And -- there is there. Chinese I think they're making the most of it. Like did they got from volatile -- jovial -- I think people don't believe we let. I think you're Reagan got it got him include former. Did you mentioned don't -- standard Port Orchard. Back there -- that was just about to bring up and she is doing serious serious work bring them back. In the last skin. You know he's an interesting career in terms of bouncing around internationally and then now ending up in the Premier League. Do you see yourself at some point leaving -- in the states and going internationally to play some club soccer over there. Yeah I mean I had I think that's nautical mile and I liked it. I liked it you know kind of feel like it would be complete -- tribe played overseas at some point. And I mean it had considerable amount to Italy before. Our play professionally. I've I have played. Players like Joseph would be Michael Bradley pretty but it looked at it -- pull it out of Brady -- he did not. One not try it and -- knows where it. Omar wrote will be that it would deter it from. If you could choose and club in the world any club you want Clinton motivate and it's really tough question. We got a port you -- have one. -- -- It's my favorite team is a Milan. I don't think ethical about Jews the -- -- -- -- -- -- any club -- or. Yeah. You need to young guys lowly -- Syria contact. Her -- who -- EPO. It sits at this sacred territory salary commitments in the play -- I'm a big -- you okay. Let's put it at that you would play for Chelsea Chelsea called tomorrow you'd say. Think about it. -- -- But I do see usually brings into the end where I would I wanna get I -- several and so far their thoughts on. Next summer's World Cup and who their predictions so who is who do you predict will win the World Cup next summer. But I am writing all of these down and whoever gets it right. I don't know what a new developments to some good. -- today. But I like -- I like it like you've been hanging out of Kansas our image is that he's. I like I had that it. They're good they're good and and there are going to be even better so that'll. And I think Kevin. Thank you very much for joining me -- really appreciated it's been upon times talked to you and very enlightening and very interesting to hear borrow what you went through this year and it's really only been a short period of time and it seems to be complete turnaround for you and it's quite an amazing story. And I'm really grateful to have the chance to talk to thank you very much. Appreciated. Kevin have a wonderful thing to -- Sunday personally. Big thank you to Kevin -- again it was very fun to talk to very enlightening to hear what his story has been over the last several months. It's been an interesting ride for him and it was very good for me to get some insight. And it's a very interest -- very wonderful story it's one of those stories that. They're just makes you feel good and it's the good side of sports stuff like that when we hear so much crap about. He ED use in baseball and stuff that's been going on in the NFL and labor disputes in hockey and it's really nice and refreshing to hear stories like that and it's kind of a shame that that story is not. Highlighted more on the news and on sports center and stuff like that because. That's the stuff file on here I don't wanna hear the dark and devious and evil side of sports on or near the good side of sports. I wanna here what makes me love sports in the first place and Kevin -- is one of those players who. Inspires me it's just fun to watch him and know what to struggle has been for him. And say cheese he thought his ass off he's back on the field doing exactly what he loves. And it's just fun for me too much. So the revs. Asked me before this interview if a piece of trivia. And giveaways and tickets to an upcoming game so I'm gonna ask attribute question all you have to do you. Is be the first person to answer me on Twitter young Ben WEEI young Ben W the guys -- handle. First person answers a question. Get spare tickets the next Redskins -- an upcoming roast him so the question is. Who scored the first goal in New England Revolution. History. -- -- Who scored the first goal in New England Revolution history. Be the first person to send me an answer on Twitter young -- WEI and you will receive a pair of tickets to an upcoming reds game. Thank you guys were listening again there's been another edition of state of the revolution podcast I'm Darren Kitchen also known as young -- consultant Holley show. Tune in at 4 o'clock to hear forge forward me. I will try and bring up some soccer like they're trying to every day usually aren't rebuffed but it is the sport -- -- -- talk about thank you very much -- -- --

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