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Rob Ninkovich, Patriots DE: Brady injury was "scary situation"

Aug 20, 2013|

Ninkovich joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the team's defense, the role of the young players, and how nervous he was when Brady went down last week.

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-- -- -- -- All the call on fox TV Friday night but -- -- 37 WE Allah give back to your phone calls that is a patriots Monday here to -- stadium and the guy who register that fourth sack. -- effort by the patriots as Rob Ninkovich joining us -- studio at some. -- what three the first three series as a first team defense it seem like that was aggressive. As our member you guys at the plan going -- be aggressive and try to attack that Tampa Bay front -- all week. Down you know I think when you come out as a defense the start fast like we did. -- it really helps you know costs at the temple game and so. Com and it's time as a defense you come out in him and third and long situations. In the -- on the first series. Series. Others yours comments that it's a good starts -- Right now pre season were still working through you know tighten everything. Do anything different this week and we fooled that you simply huge one you -- one battles that you guys all of the back -- yeah I mean. That's the that's the we're gonna win this these beaten bigger audience you know whatever position -- -- -- Not that that. Playing in Tampa we do a good job just. -- in one on ones and you know in person or it's -- -- that the work with them all week long -- -- yeah I -- the advantage of when your practice in some but he. You know obviously it's not -- -- likes Sebastian from going at him every day in the -- Beckham's new competition from another -- -- He in studies on the footwork stuff then. How they're gonna play is and then you plan and it actually does help me in a couple times you know exactly what others that is there and -- As -- watching tape and you know he delivers. A different as the approach and plan a team like -- Regis in the regular season vs Philadelphia he once in the pre season and sort of move on it to be careful with. How much are showing from a scheme -- well I mean. Obviously you are gonna go out there and you know shall implant out this Amir's plans for five weeks with a you know I think that we -- get a bigger job of going out there and display of football and I'm sure those guys are definitely thinking about it area please go -- -- five weeks now so. It's -- appearance in the film. You know which -- was going through your mind and I was going -- every single patriots fans mind when Tom Brady hit the ground account walk off the field. Dammit that's scary situation but you know that's that's pumping out a deal with the proposed. Things unexpectedly happen so. You know happily. You know he -- fund and everything turned out OK for me guys have that the next man up. Theory right every do the job and it's number twelve. I mean that the LA I can jump right there -- center and throwing strikes so. Did authorities. The best quarterback -- thirty wanna keep him -- Operate no case you've got experience coupled to protect training camps that type where you would put pads on you go to a days -- it if I practice in the morning and the afternoon smashing into each other. And now where it's I think Jonathan Kraft mentioned at like eleven patent practices all year and keep track of in the new ZBA. Protection how different. It's training camp now but it was a couple years ago well. I remember my rookie season like it was yesterday it was in Jackson Mississippi on that on old turf. All -- days. And the yeah a body feels a lot different Mecca for the needs all the although there are surfing the astronauts -- fun on your knees and elbows -- -- off with a no you know now it now with this the news he BA. It just helps your body count -- stay. Stronger. Pressure on an agreeable lift a little bit more and keep keep the stripe on the you gain an offseason as opposed you know practice and too hard. To -- practices with pads on and you know trying to lift in the morning before that are after it's it's kind of tough so. -- -- You definitely feel on better. Is as far as you know and -- in his veto. -- it doesn't matter of the west sees -- -- deep into the season as you I'm guessing your bicycle you beat -- one what you in the season I mean you just have to be Smart and you know realize that. Everything you know and attrition sleep -- comes in and then helping you stay you know fresher -- the years so it's it's. When the season starts no matter what you know camp was like yours you're gonna did you know your your bumps and bruises so. Again deceptive. He's got to do it and roll it. Can you explain. If there's any difference when a guy like Tommy Kelly -- alongside painful for him those two towers and build a defensive line there that makes your job easier. Well I mean I look a lot shorter that's coming up that's -- a few little kid out there on the phone because he's like succeed but. Not in those desert there have been doing a long time com you know -- in Oakland. You know he's he's he's he's done great things up there -- as an inside of the tackles so. I'm happy to have him next to me and you know I know it's going to be harder for teams. The wrong inside with those two guys in the. In Georgia offensive linemen they enjoy when they run the ball right it's. It's something that they they feel better about regain some confidence from what you in the outside you just look at Humana just go after this guy that's just. Let's just attack it looked like you guys did the India last year and it was a -- showing up or not but. We saw that again like a lot of fun is that something is defensive and you just like this and let's just go get this guy. Yeah I'm not I would I really -- -- stop the run and didn't have the core rack I mean. You gotta be able doable in this league especially now it's changing so. You know I think that you know tight end their retirement I incomes or my way I want and the thing going man -- really don't want after fifty that are making me so. And I just. You meant the go -- mentality of you know OK gonna turn on the ball stop the run. You know they can do let him throw balls and -- -- core -- were thrown so. You know as a defender. Yes it's a great feeling in the you can kind of get after people -- that. Are your coaches talked about that difference. Between year one in year two you know that that did the the experience you get is maybe the biggest jump you make from the rookie year do you second you get two guys in his defense and -- Jones Donta hightower a lot of people were expecting a lot. Out of those guys can you speak to that first year to second year how different it is and is it easier that second year when you've had a training camp on your bill. Yes definitely -- their rookie years pretty -- you know these guys go from. And -- other college career to you know going off you know train somewhere and you know players' owner someplace in the go to the Columbine and have all these meetings that you know. You know with these different teams and travel around and get to the team and yet many camps in recant and go to training camp -- really don't know what to expect. You know so. Now that they've kind of had their first year under their belt of -- felt on this not to make some plays you know they made plays on the -- confidence. Com. Been there done that so now it's you know we had a nice offseason talent to their minds right you know. And then start you know and strong and get back into football so now with the with the second year they know to expect. And you know sixteen game season plus playoffs flood different than college. But if this week -- -- guys at their pre season game Detroit maybe start planning a little bit more than you have the first to do you attack this game differently being -- -- game. Well I mean every -- the same really do we want to regain relentlessly yeah of course -- it was game plan on for anybody that your plan. But really you just -- -- mountain. Really in the preceding games -- fundamentally sound you know anyone and everyone in the right spots -- home you know doing their job so. You know the the better that we can all do the defense to get on the same page. She's gonna continue to go into -- you know week or regular season. Right now -- there's a spectator or future fighter Saturday night for on the budget I can you do that why not. That is have you guys -- -- -- rotten rotten Robbie Rob Ninkovich valley executives there other -- taken by other I don't you know. I you know but the -- fighting -- those guys. You know there. -- justice different breed you know it. They go on there and you know other come out their faces and mingled with the same person anymore now we do as a football player a year capping quarterback was all right -- the same effort might have left and -- -- -- face mask on the life in recognizing and at home you know. You know with. They are a wrestled in high school. You know it's it's definitely not easy with those guys are doing so. On the respect to they're -- and it gives you his brother -- in the Manila -- teach you some -- rescue goes up at the climate awfully -- is like bonobos that people can't do that. And solid. And noble and a helmet that is a few days ago and it and the refs are looking for that but you know it. You know it's it was a great experience. To be there and you know -- and with those guys are doing in. You know it's it's that impressive. A lot of -- your -- teammates UFC fans become a supplement I mean talk about specially -- brother you know bones Jones being the champ is about it he's he's he's decent you know. I was messed with talent like him you know grapple will be determined by your brother legislation I don't do. But the region next week if it weren't and you know arm -- you know this the kiddo but you know. Again it's it's it's it when you're that close. And -- and you know other. Religion after each other and then afterwards they just poke each other and you know -- a great fight you know it's -- to -- idea ailment while they just beat up each other -- you know. 33 minute rounds you know and it's this it's impressive until eminent football for now is stick football -- yeah okay after an odd and a take enough it's you know clip of blind and did -- -- to patriots money Rob Ninkovich joining us brought you by Toshiba business solutions rob appreciate the time -- Iraqis to run interference deals get a break welcome back we'll continue. Are patriots Monday Kyle Arrington will join us here live Angeles today.

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