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Tom Verducci: "I would suspend Ryan Dempster"

Aug 20, 2013|

The great Tom Verducci joined the show to discuss the latest with Alex Rodriguez. Tom said he would suspend Ryan Dempster for intentionally hitting Arod.

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-- 3-D NC. In less than an hour we're going to give away 8000 dollars so don't go away 6177797937. The AT&T text like 37937. Moments away from looking up -- the -- hombre Gucci from Sports Illustrated is a better baseball writer in the land now. And Gucci not a better writer yeah I think these -- sold short. -- -- Typecast as they base all libraries via great writer great reporter. The whole package. Is on better and five tool guy I'm not sure if he makes more money than -- -- earlier Bill Simmons yet but but he -- while they were. There and just in this world but. I think the best thing that happened in -- since on the put us on. Is. Zander Bogart's in the lineup tonight because a lot of people that had fifteen start saying should I win. I think a lot of people are gonna -- least a couple of innings to at least seizing and double August 1 at bat at a place this. Energy Sports Illustrated agree when are you excited about the X Arab beginning tonight in San Francisco top. Yeah I am I'm excited to see how often John -- can write his name the lineup. You know on the Rangers brought up -- some pro far. And it take a while and that the shake out I can get a little bit awkward but I think this kid who kidnapped or you can make it difficult to find -- to keep them out of the lineup. If he beats out a Stephen Drew and I think he will com. Did do the Red Sox trade drew did they keep on the bench as he suddenly ten million dollar utility guy do you think is a market for. Rule. In the -- before the August 31 deadline. You know I guess it seemed like Saint Louis and running -- out of out there would have interest in him. I'm not sure they'd be able to get through waivers registering questioned Larry you know if you look at Bogart's over the next. They just the next week in the road trip. You're convinced that -- that sort of sample that injured guys they can move through. You go -- do that's a pretty bold move to make it short period of time I wouldn't expect it to happen. Talk IE never thought in a million years we would see something supersede the embarrassment and humiliation and the dark days of bonds and McGwire and Sosa and Paul Merrill. Is the A-Rod soap opera. Ascending to that or be sending that level of blood demise for Major League Baseball and embarrassment and himself. Yeah unfortunately it may be time that I can't believe that. We haven't really hit anywhere near the bottom of the debt that we're gonna hit I think that you -- dog for a very long time I think. The possibility of legal action is definitely out there we talked about Alex Rodriguez you're talking about years so. You know I sat there on Monday and you -- As sick of the whole thing in the morning how low credit goes to wait you can get your answers because that they're now I think close to resolution here -- Gary got the Yankees got -- -- Alex Rodriguez all had great resources to drag this thing out and make this even. I took longer but I I think unclear about never heard of the charges that that is what era people are saying that the Yankees know. That it -- was injured and kept running him out there and worked -- lawyer -- -- invalid. You know that would seem to -- He any -- they have won the World Series of it sounds like a primary motivation to make sure that Natalie they -- the data -- work I can't leave our -- close to bet in professional sports. Talk is not clear that Major League Baseball has adjusted its tactics to gone rogue and black ops in terms of leaking information to outside the lines and ESP and and Matt Lauer and what does that say to you that they they are going thinking outside the blocks in terms of of of exposing this guy and and getting as much stuff out there as they possibly can that help their side of the story. Well first of all about the league not -- not such a big deal happens all the time I'm not sure -- planning all these leaked to the right sources anyway I mean. But vacuum leaks from the Balco case and I can't comparing -- the camps. And everybody was -- that -- -- -- ML -- The district attorney out there who is making it. -- -- -- also literature from MLB in terms some of the leaks that are coming out there. But I do agree that the you know using Matt Lauer -- -- -- Here ML. I got a good old I think it's just based on the fact that Howell I get frustrated that the right word they are in terms of dealing with the ever changing inner circle and burial lawyer did it right trotting out there they keep the assembling the truth they keep trying to do anything. To avoid -- at one question implies witches and Alex rightly accused. PD over a period a year at a record but one question out to people just don't answer at all and -- a threat and he'd prefer to -- other issues I think -- I pick out a lot stairway to be honest with you in terms that that that aren't they hold. I looked it was great GP a lawyer as we had a lot although he only missed and the Brit I called that it definitely six on the lockers are. Well yeah I ate it that would make decay at that should not a matter of MLB playbook got stronger and disliked player and all that evidence. I want to go back to the charged that -- and his lawyers are made against Randy Levine in the Yankees is that that they watched the surgery. That they hid the MRI. Well come as any party of Tom and you men in New York for a long time around these people. And you around when the you know Steinbrenner was a that is things. Any party you who that believes that charge. Watch how about believing it I mean we haven't seen any evidence of it so far in just a claim but. Look there at -- that. To keep your paper up there and attorneys for our interpreter and you're throwing these things out there and you're threatened a lawsuit against. Yankees and and the medical people. It is holding -- you know a -- uses in your hand you must have something to keep you confident. Leave that there's something there. He that's a lot to play a lot he's got to have something there to make believe that you can expand -- and -- play out in this regard so. I don't know that I totally only but I believe that they think that perhaps something there. And I think right now Alex Rodriguez is just so dangerous as an opponent or enemy -- MLB. Endorse yankees. Because I don't think you play again want to suspension served as he knows. Is not a lot to say at this point so. What is the end at the -- -- to -- other people out wit and. If not the case he'd give him more dangerous than the Yankees and an obvious first. And you talk about people with the case a civil case about the doctor. The doctor the surgeon who allegedly. Under orders from the Yankees I assume watched the hip surgery. Yeah I mean I -- it and apparently you wanna connect dot yankees should challenge that doctor make sure that there is no comments feel content. -- mutations that the Yankees in doctor -- -- intentionally or not the original MRI that was done last October. Yeah I -- that this is not just name calling remotely you're talking about professional reputation that are being put into question. And that's why I can't ever caught anything like yeah I mean I know Bronx though you -- -- and Reggie in. You know does Steinberg spirit I -- really really big deal out -- our baseball but. I want professional reputation now being tossed around include play it it's on a whole other level. About piranha is almost got lost in this erupting at least round here the last couple of days amend the idea he's calling a bunch of veteran players. Ask for support and and and saying you know news -- anti somatic he's cubs fans. You know what's bronze and explain to hear from him here do you think in the next couple weeks. I think we have to hear from him I'm not sure about the timing of their I think originally thought well let's wait till. The appeals regarding our chance -- cases either. Have all got away shortly -- scheduled on the docket now looks like it could be a long time for. Alex and can get their. So -- longer he waits for commodities. You know managed. Apology or explanation that you well. The longer you wait a lot district so I think he does need to get out there sooner rather than later apparently -- to look into the camera -- -- a lot of people. -- -- -- -- are not my nose but a lot of explanation and and apologies at that these people out there by Ryan Prague and yeah I think he's better up to me -- sooner rather than later and again you believe quote note that it's all right but -- both are. And again as a baseball player did that pretty explosive Circuit City actually. Has. Calling other players to seek out of my -- -- the guys' accounts and an anti semite and that I'm basically being frontier that the unbelievable. Talk from what you're able to glean is the format going to be Andy Pettitte in front of millions of cameras and microphones or Lance Armstrong sitting down and crying with Oprah. With -- I probably more the latter I think he hand picks some sort of state landing controlled -- well. You know who that is what medium -- I'm not sure I don't think he'll -- the mass appeal. What -- yankees. Feel like they're in the pennant race do you Tom. Yeah they do I mean look at this gentleman -- all these games against teams in front of them and think that's good and I can argue I think it's a bad thing because those are all good teams are trying to grab that and heart are all routine on the basis at the same time. But yeah I mean that dare hope is that the harder side is very different team right now you know getting Soriano -- done incredible high street. Alex Rodriguez say what you want about him but. He is dangerous to the plate right now he looks really good he's clearly LC is at -- torture and Laura apps now they did not have last year. -- Jeter contract become in the back in the lineup later in the week so. The lineup looks totally different than it did three weeks ago and I think I've given them. Compton and so I wouldn't say they're -- I just think it's going to be extremely difficult. The make up ground and -- some eighteen. -- you suspend Dempster if you're if you're Major League Baseball. I would especially based on May force fellow president Wasilla not ejected from the game ready yet. And don't -- and a lot talked -- from Jim Leyland met. The tigers would retaliate for Cabrera getting hadn't -- that. It seemed obvious to anybody watching McCain of course relative on purpose I don't know why you look at projected -- without protection that still stand it. So I think the same would apply here problem. On the Ryan Dempster Kate I've heard anybody -- also say they did not think it was intentional I heard the Red Sox obviously they have to do that after again. -- -- in your estimation what's the key to the Red Sox sustained success into and through the playoffs is it is a -- -- of Specter return is Lester pitch like he did last night. Is it the closer you are holding up but not breaking down or something else. I think it was starting pitching. And you mentioned laughter that certainly was that big break came for the Red Sox and now he's like that you and consolidate debt that a couple starred together. I thought all law buckles was a key especially if they get in the post season have any kind of Iran but maybe now -- couldn't get an error. And -- got to -- their pyramid. Sort of -- -- it. You know they're not and so we had Eric excitement -- that start Sunday night with a -- Impact on the ballot very much -- I think he's got a split they need to throw in the strike zone and get people out and not much more. And outlook catalog and all that is the only thing to think about when he threw it Rodriguez on the fourth pitch. -- understand that he was. He was threatening has placed in the game and each had expected to be crown as the king world that -- -- he probably should be suspended. Well into eight the site that pro repeatedly hit Alex Rodriguez currently going in -- think -- -- chance of getting our game. And I'm living Bible and that he didn't pick up all white -- doing what he's threatening even your position in the game at that point. I lack of confidence and you're stopped is that because you think you stand up to detainment. You'll get a bigger occasion that you walk up field I just thought I -- interest saying that he won after so early in -- This probably qualifies as minutia as we wrap this up -- I'm looking at the standings and looking under the columns streak. And his you know 1212. Only one streak in Major League Baseball. Is longer than three games that's -- Minnesota Twins have lost four in a row does that say anything does that indicate anything to do Tom. Yes look at that I would say this for a couple years. You know we never hear those that are competitive balance anymore yeah it -- The distribution of talent and has a lot more equal ability to -- years ago that. We don't hate seems wedding -- is very much anymore Masada a lot and years ago and that's why -- perch in that. You know that great today there's sixteen on somebody awhile hard crime or five other teams. I it's hard to figure out all the routine because they're all pretty -- and you know you -- dispute scheduled that. Immigrants are the Yankees -- teams with records over 500 well. You know what American League in time the elite replay each other -- -- -- -- basically. And Asia trying to beat each other and I don't think -- changer in the last few months. Our spies tell us that fox is giving you a major promotion and a major raise this Saturday will be not on the field. But in the -- for the Red Sox Dodgers game. While value of the raid or that moment and entertainment group apart the last couple years. I think this -- maybe the first -- and -- Red Sox you know it's had a -- box but yes that. And look I don't know there's -- bigger game this year in terms of interest but from my hand and that's the -- I want to say I'm glad to be in the go to -- I will be the biggest some World Series meant to for the best. We asked. For a national perspective brits -- to the original re sure of course. Yeah I think Detroit LA is just the Big -- got our -- -- Cabrera and I think on paper who is probably your best team. Right now it is unfair to say wait is this and well guess feel weak I mean I know what's it's it's a small sample size here but it is does this qualify as a million dollar talent ten cent head. How he plays the game -- refused to get the cut off man by walking does that -- the -- walked out yesterday it sounds like this Thursday a lot about ready to boil. I like cute little leeway writing basically just keep running until but he -- throughout -- -- and I'll say it many Hitler I think it will order five. Players that you most want a lot to you never know you're the manager I'm sure attorney crazy. But tell you know what I love watching him play I'd much rather garlic I am trying to dial somebody up in. -- and play hard not Charlie not -- at that I think you can -- find it really do. And there's no doubting the talent at this point. And I hope you understand that referencing -- funds in any conversation dates you automatically. I know I shoot perimeter parenthetically kitty is Google aren't aren't figure out that apart from. I stop you from Boston Sports Illustrated always appreciate the comments -- the time Tom and talk in baseball would you talk down the road. You got a guy from Iran and of course -- watching him with the yeah. Red Sox Dodgers on Saturday 617 what Ortiz still be -- then I mean how long what does the soreness lasts depends if he gets a second deep -- missed it for graphics again mr. Brad -- -- out our first big spotlight tonight rising gonna get tonight on the state pushed more -- tonight or Napoli. Carpet comics and I -- kidnapped in nice long break the others and that's foot heal all the company can hit -- like -- tonight like this fire. He threw a tantrum yet not like the fact he did just like woo key. You know. It I could slow game without that we got the -- the other day when it that tantrum but I think you -- -- -- -- I think he goes. You know 24 drives and a couple runs and then you worry about the next day the next day but right now it's all about X-Men X man we believe. Who's starting at shortstop hitting eight. And the Red Sox are going to be forced to trees Stephen Drew you said at first man to be credit I don't know what else you can do a true. I mean here's -- a dollar utility is Derek ring anywhere you want it jarring to hear from Lou. Do you hear from some of the guys. This in the second half of the year drew so PS has over 800. So BP's about 37 he's pretty good shortstop while -- but -- -- that I could play my point is why mess with that make parts that utility guy for a month and of the -- players. Don't ever bring up a twenty year old phenom to be utility -- doesn't -- to -- of course but -- with the Red -- which we're making this decision today before he plays and making it tomorrow the night after he -- we're going to see a little body of work you can bring a -- weeks is -- Have contingency plans to activists. -- is good right we think Jesus very talented guy he's he's patient at the plate which we took it -- walks and a good OBP we think he's a good fielder. We think he's a great athlete and yes so what could go wrong come up just the mass -- the -- because it over. The first time up for this guy on possible leads to ten for among what's more likely to ten at 310. It's a -- -- on the -- -- 55 280 Tutan. To -- -- to -- good enough to stay in line at every day he's he's tried gently as part of -- argument in April about a different player we're talking about he's actually man now said the same thing right wrong men so it's not impossible. I is about possible. And -- it was impossible but he comes up and plays well. You have to trade drew -- -- I'm more likely he plays -- -- any kind of uneven mediocre pace and I don't think in two weeks when the deadline arrives -- -- will have enough information to say. You can do without. Not gonna do what is right ED you can just -- -- -- as a figure of ten days to make this trade we're talking about how many times he gonna play. Electorate is gonna have a bench yes it is everyday features aside about a big play five games in the next ten days yes I think he played five I have I think he has to sort. And withdrew its 330 S so it's okay what -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- double last night as would have through I think I noticed and -- really likes true everybody likes to reelect him as a player and click the table I don't -- -- to lose -- for a month. We get a chance to make the post season. Just shooting you know I have a that a body had just people my -- you know exit the dog's behavior in dogs and their Bogart's. Is not a utility got you don't -- twenty year old phenom up if you -- on the play him every day you -- Tripoli right. So you print print them up with the intention of having him take the job just seized the joke and they bring a -- is up a sort of a utility guy at the beginning of the season withdrew about the job. -- we thought it was going to be your way yet to elixir that. But -- is hitter Iglesias is not. It's different deal that places better with a bowl appearances to -- if you're in your world can't just sit through the whole month to keep around just in case that he might have to. Right but that won't sit well with people. -- -- We move and Abraham Lincoln law criminal matter much of it is really good it won't matter are -- I'm sure you don't utility guy which is what I -- at the beginning he would be your utility -- -- -- We could learn the other players that you say nobody is a joint notre placed second right now for -- industry would be -- looks -- -- -- a second base. 6177797937. It's like 37937. Your phone -- expediency.

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