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Lester shines in Sox win

Aug 20, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Sox 7-0 in San Fran. They noted that Lester appears to have gotten back on track.

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In good conscious I think conscience I think we should begin a public service announcement here before we get the last night's Red Sox game that most people -- Nazi. It text from the 617 says I'm Tony. Come back home. The plane leaves at six out well not 6 AM -- Tony will be on time. All it is a fine. Subway and -- legal seafood Johnny rockets center on there yeah go to Jerry Remy asked to look at that -- -- seventeen different kinds hot -- yes so so we're protected from the 617 Tony come back the plane leaves at 6 PM not premium. That resent that text of Tony as we got it that it Tony now. I would suggest to you that there are only two people. Who are happy we're pleased to are in fact ecstatic. The -- Bogart's did not make its way into the Red Sox starting lineup last night would you care to guess who those two people are. Well this a lot more than that because the Stephen Drew fan club of in the press box is -- -- Stephen -- is the one and there there and and is I would lump -- in club in with him yet Stephen -- and president of and his -- yes I don't want to be that he got got to play again for the second one. The -- it is that the man who looks like he had a good five hours sleep. Tonight. Had a 1015 last -- at a whole week right and I heard drew almost -- we did this almost said this out. That -- wasn't starting -- rule go four for five with two home runs. He went two for us. -- in a run average up to 48. It's not gonna go well with the media today when. John Ferrell tells the assembled press that. Their guy drew is sitting behind why Stephen Drew the golden. The -- which is Boston nice it is a nice guy -- -- a nice guy. I think you probably use their first name nicer than JD. Yet fixed so that budget he was not malevolent and I think he's nicer than GB at the keys. Property treats them like human beings and I would be the same way when they treat -- human yeah it kinda have an affection for them. And that they don't they wouldn't mind bogus but it could be exciting. Whenever DH it is no middle Brooks is nice of them -- drew was just the guy and I think who you gonna have to give -- Maloney -- today when it comes and YouTube but he's not gonna handle this well. That Stephen Drew -- I think August is gonna win did you think did you opt -- that's the job away. From -- I think Bogart's those -- we expect that to which will be. Get on base row walks. Spark this team play good defense. Doesn't do anything. Outs plus noticeable way he's good -- doesn't do anything outstanding -- -- -- know they got about ten days to trade him to. Pick a trade group is their -- with the -- Europe. Predecessors here in the peak in the so that's news to sign him by the trade and trade partner it so work on that -- That but that would be devastating I think that they would be Google with him. Complicated I'm sure there are some dissidents among the media members here are Red Sox beat -- Boston Herald Michael Silberman Wright's -- about Sandra Bullock carts. This is not a addition by subtraction it's the addition of a complete. Package. Who possesses every bit of talent smarts poise and maturity but homegrown stars such is no mark Dustin and Jacoby. Had when they got their calls and it's worth mentioning that it twenty Bogart's is three younger but three years younger than any one of those players when they arrived so there are some club there -- bowl oh I know. I know I'm I'm joking he loved drew but it's still Paloma with real quickly yeah I go back to that this scout. -- hold Gordon he'd simply was a couple weeks ago. He's nothing like in the room there's there's no he looks like him and he plays like him as -- -- total loans shortstop right handed but the high maintenance going up there but mentally yeah -- -- the whole package. Does not to worry people in the Red Sox organization with in the -- they were actual war keywords matured enough. And again who will I think it was an anonymous us go to anonymous. Executive -- -- -- and they don't worry they don't have the same stories about. About Bogart's. And you figured I mean. It's. Obviously not. Proof but the guy sounds mature -- sounds ready. And I laugh this morning reading the eighties the third you'll be the third youngest guy in the major leagues to fill. Still older than Bryce Harper. Harper slick -- around what eight years so I think he says free noticeable this year free agent and he's still. Older and Price -- Much I don't think he's up if not for -- -- many mission Mike Trout I mean I think. The game has changed -- Teams are more willing. To take a chance. To take chance on on the young guys especially when the and I can impact and it. Race to me the difference of what John Ferrell said in what we think he means Ferrell says good question the reason we brought Centre in was for a right handed bat to complement drew. And that was to point out that this is not going to be put out. Did not just described. A platoon can't put him cause he wouldn't play you know we wouldn't -- -- -- be what up to the ability of the Lipton it's. Bogart's job to lose would agree main. To rule. He's gonna have to hold. You know the they face some nasty bradys and the AM and the manager doesn't wanna put Bogart's tough spots say. This is one and I Vogel song. What that means is it right hander. And I'm sitting. What we think tomorrow Sanders starting with -- -- we think -- starting. Yeah that's not confirmed no no no no. How long can -- keep on the bench pelican he doesn't make a lot of sense at some point -- the play -- this year got to play him it's not like he says thirty year old journeyman right now or somebody come up deployment of the you have to play them. And when you do play him. I don't know I am I guess I'm just optimistic to think he plays that you see. Why he's here it's such a young age do you think. If we see Bogart's tonight and he runs in the its fields in DC and you see the lettuce is and you see the ability can -- well a right -- tomorrow doctor drew. Don't know he's going to be him until they take about an inning of a bunch of the guys who withdrew on a plane from separates us from Saint Louis because he's found the car needs assures that the cardinals still in -- shortstop the two -- of -- the end of the year how -- -- just here to stay there really is no point right if and and rule. Is I mean he beat Agassi could be utility guide we think he can place second and third now. On the drew complicit in the third bush why would go for the steam went to -- second. Because you need the utility guy on the team you don't need utility guy at second base and doing it Pretoria would have been killed. Porsche OK there's no utility you know I'm utility -- to be the first team in Major League history that need to leave it utility guy but he till we got it would never -- second -- hey what if we're Pedroia gets hurt outlets and victory in a play at second base and able. -- yesterday yes -- back a second baseman right. You -- is the only other guy on the -- whose belly up Thursday at second base. Ever than we should back a third baseman. Boortz. Well it's true spoke to she -- fine now and I'm fine you stand up little game tonight and restarting I am see this is much. Shocked at the -- last 1015 you were very happy. That Bogart was bottom line is you admitted deal with a double -- -- for awhile he would watch the entire nine innings -- if indeed over it was in the lineup. Attempt fifteen you exhausted I was tired and you were not -- ago what was -- three hours the district of what fifty. 114. When there was an -- and one and or -- -- and I don't know honestly I'll bet that I be true and we did you have the Pepsi rated go to -- back tonight the glass of -- and collapse of -- outlook. And -- -- into what form Pepsi can get a can of Pepsi John. You have got to Atlanta all widget to make a special trip to the school and -- never done this percentage put ice and glass and put the drink at an injury is that right for a guy that's that's. It's been done. And how to do it -- capture in Detroit about a beer or soda and I know you don't drink beer right do you take the extra step of getting a glass of its old place and put -- on top of extras. Now counsel to its like thirty ultimately purchased an attitude that it's still legal -- earlier seraguso things off the whistle. This bathroom and was in and out of the TV -- -- and anonymous entity that later that tired you know you -- so you're in tonight the deal is still on. Good question -- I'll do I -- I think it. And when they won and we heard that he was not starting said. -- and who's not in control groups are clearly they have no influence. Because this was the chance to get people -- they opened -- game at least the first couple hours. 1015 start people. And guess most people didn't stamp for any of that if you had to work in the morning Alexander we're starting Zander were playing. Whole different deal here's the flaw in your argument I think I'm much I'm not suggesting that NASA has any control the lineup John Henry -- Bobby Valentine or maybe still -- with John Farrell. But don't you think they looked at this if indeed it did have control and Red Sox by the way as well. This is probably game. Based on the bitching and moaning. That they have to get an airplane yesterday morning at 1015 fly to San Francisco play the game last night -- they're going to lose that most people expect would be sort of a guess -- even effort by the Red Sox last night when I got beat we give you would excuse shall take it routine of the trans continental flight or. I thought it would lose and were you surprised when you go to and click on yes in and got on the and that's in there there was seven office on the ice first thing that's I was the score. But that loss so that's one reason not to start Zander last night -- -- to lose this game it's not in there and say oh well Sanders and he didn't provide that kind of spark. -- impulse that we need -- we lost the game and -- the perfect anything what the team. Was laws that would Daniel -- -- could have. Along with Lester and Ross and TV. Book early to get their wrist but he flew with the team. And -- obviously drew. Drew his wrist can -- went two for five -- not not pick in the slightly McClintock his benching. That's. Opposing of this shortstop this quality image which was stalled peace. Content team upon yes you do this a median of the team that he's not -- older brother brother wouldn't say he -- -- -- and his -- what does it mean they love them right that probably think he's the capital they need in shorts as a while does -- passionate about anybody named Andrew. I don't know I was a big name -- drew fan but let's Drew -- I definitely had -- supporters yeah puts coastal that you you know ugly -- and you may -- admitted yet that. Wrong and -- scum and around. First of pumps -- first of pre season game is pretty impressive well he had to incompletion one more suitable and I think there's bad reads about a quarter. This. Simultaneously. I was impressed and then. Realize some things don't change John Farrell. You know what we should back up a second good because. Personable -- truth be told how many innings did you watch monetary none. John how many innings did you watch last night that -- won I -- myself after no I don't amateur one got to find -- -- third answer here. I set myself self after the first inning was like 78 pitches from western a system can get any better than Matt right. What's the point -- some fading fast here at 1040. Or whatever the case maybe. -- myself. Soul. Again about what's in the second -- was -- the -- the for a commitment could not -- watched the entire game. Source that get up and watch and double -- what's the highlights. Mr. Mr. Rip Van Winkle bright how many innings. -- watch the whole game twice a state of it into the bottom of the second bottom of the second that's by what John that's my one concern tonight that ending ending ending we have a -- a much -- and happening on the cat nap time did take a -- yesterday I didn't I've television tonight. All going to be tired -- in the later on you'll want to. Let's talk about what's right ash to your run today. And happens -- it can't one -- -- days it's a rehab they mean either gets. Runs torturing or. Back she mass public -- an ambush in my son around us cigarettes simple correlation. And just like -- it's either shoot -- blood run -- crystal math yet it's one of the other. And that if you proceed some of these long distance runners they leave -- dean yeah. -- the fight they're running from there they all run I tried to -- and so far so good habit -- -- -- -- -- the -- what would happen if you did not run today. I mean it's physically and psychologically -- -- me it's my scheduled day so gonna run out -- this what this -- -- -- thing about oh how about say that was like a death in the family you're out there rock -- yeah. And let your house burn down my multilateralism he died fans. -- since you have to. It's a matter of a -- it's a matter of priorities. How would you Entrust your is that -- besotted I. I can take what happens by don't do it it's in my head all day I get frustrated that -- -- after -- it's like I feel bloated yes I did I feel -- -- Happens with if you so it's that anorexic Medarex Ian McLaren anorexia what happens if you step up -- and break an ankle can't run that that's gonna be that's a concern of the day you're going to be injured that's a concern I'll find other ways to exercise I've thought I've thought about that yes. I have to a good friend who has a street going to -- those people like 800 straight days of running yeah he's similar. And recovering so not recovered but definitely needs to channel has that side has no energy chip could run some melt some bat well and yeah. Action -- who recovering -- -- of what -- out and ice and get the surgery he had a scope. Listen I have had that you can't run because yeah I I -- on treadmill ago you break and the date of the surgery and the day after -- he ran for like ten minutes just the hat to them and that doesn't it in the good you'd get ahead -- doctor said go ahead to ahead. -- yeah I'll tell us. Care for the bosses this until about ten years -- about them about ten years ago as we want full disclosure no tears of crap here. You know my first daughters adopted. So we -- before that was born seem like there was going to be trouble conceiving a child. Because -- meet my there was that's why I blame there was there was problems with the count of like I was shooting blanks and Stewart tried happens we tried to figure out a million ways to million doctors call the you know finally one I didn't know what you with -- -- that went. Finally wanted doctors came and said it. You have veins are basically tied in one -- testicles. Why they're going to have a name for that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I was really running way more than now in the front twice a day all that stuff twice a day yeah it was it was a two with these -- issues -- -- do that anymore. So does seduction it's going to be a couple weeks and he can't do anything that was laid out after three parties sunscreens are going to him the help enough sex I went down and I ran it was the most painful thing of resentment -- -- five minutes on the treadmill I felt better about myself but there was discharge it was a -- -- us. This -- not obviously this is not a physical department it's they select a lot yes. So of course yeah it could not run for -- a -- but it changed physically but -- needs that you would feel bloated after dinner but physically you would do witness -- -- 165. -- it that way you'll really just feel like a failure -- -- -- scheduled don't. Exercise tomorrow's scheduled day off his face like David Ortiz who today often because he's body sore. After flying across the country that play first and play for -- at first base loophole should do that the Lou Gehrig didn't play action. Are we should that we should catch ups and Jerry did no winnings and I get one and corrected to. -- when sort -- in many view I didn't see very much of it at all Red Sox had lost seven of ten going in the last night's game. Lester. If a tree falls in the forest. The old adage asks. Does it make -- sound and the answer unequivocally is no it does not we can debate this later on by scientific definition of works out it does not make -- noise. If Jon Lester -- in a quality gem of a baseball game. And nobody is up to watch it doesn't count in baseball it does count because somebody was in this role bundled up in woods and yet. Jackets and gloves that puts the whole thing was that -- -- -- -- Anyway Lester eight in the third no runs six hits three strikeouts to walks his third consecutive quality start. Red Sox win seven nothing there now 74 and 53 on pace for 94 point four wins the maintain their one game lead over Tampa Bay. That's in and not chat. Was very well Gundy -- continue to do that because -- game ended at 1:15 in the morning. Text -- says who gives a crap about what you guys doing your off time Sports Radio remember asked Jason. About having a permanent summer vacation CU going to 95. They just dues but they didn't -- it goes straight sports. Or make four. We got a 1777. Seven I'd -- threes that we'll try to increase the quality here and have a question now a question. An observation I was at once are now. -- hearts and and then disappointed all within about a five minute span and it has to deal with. On an airplane yesterday morning in Boston at 1015 and lying to the West Coast are public -- Nothing if not voluminous and complete in his. Examination. Of what the hell -- rod and his attorneys are thinking we'll talk with him -- a -- five of Red Sox tickets to giveaway in the 7 o'clock hour. A thousand bucks somewhere right around 9 o'clock fault lines hope we'll talk reviewed.

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