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John Farrell postgame press conference

Aug 20, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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It. John was exactly what we knew we knew we -- a strong pitching performance and on the night when we could -- -- got to go deep in the game and he gave us just that it's you know he wanted to reach. Potential to finish out that game but to. You know we we have agreed that it wasn't gonna go out and grind through than the ninth inning just just to get through a complete game so. But he's an outstanding effort on his part lot of strikes. Throws fastballs was sharper was powerful. In any mixed in some breaking balls particularly his -- that that was powerful and yeah I think anytime you have these long troubled as you always look to the starting pitchers to keep the game under control and not knowing how you're gonna come out physically -- from an offensive standpoint. How many. Different times you can push -- to get an offense started. He gave us just that but offensively. Just a very good night open I -- a lot of quality at bats. Salty once again you know he's hitting for power you know the doubles that is accumulating is is outstanding. -- novel victory you know Jake just to some good at bats of them. There. Well if his ball was coming up in the lineup we're gonna pinch -- for me get another but to them when it didn't. You know I'm Susan. And I think the one thing we talked before the game was to -- to not make a big issue out of it the travel you know we took a morning flight rather than my flight and it in the and that's -- orders. You're totally different. -- -- you know. He's doing some things right now that are pretty common you know for us what you have to stay on the right side of the plate. A lot of good swings and gets hit by pitch again I think that's him on the fifth of six times and hit. From right hander but he -- on a plate so. When he went on the top targets on the we have the bill creates -- Looks like he's got his legs back underneath them and I and I mean that by a you know we -- a few days down to regroup physically. And Q when he gets fatigued you see the swing get a little bit long -- -- in the case you know over the last five to seven games has been in there and a lot of us a lot of hard contact. Well coming out of the all star break. You know he's been back to close to the form that -- start the season with and we're gonna need that from them. You know every time he takes the mound which we've looked at him or or look like you were peavy were. Whoever might be we look to them to lead the way in that given night and for the most part the second half is gonna. -- continued on the board however it happens. Is -- I think. You know when we score first. I think it has. Had the ability to give us a chance to take a breath a little bit we've had so many games where we've come out at first or second inning and who left. You know multiple men in scoring position. Analysts say can be deflating but then you can you can sense that that's a missed opportunity it to it to get the first turn on the board as a good thing.

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