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Jarrod Saltalamacchia postgame after Jon Lester pitched into the ninth in San Francisco

Aug 20, 2013|

Jarrod Saltalamacchia talked to Joe Castiglione and Sean Grande after the Sox won the first game of the series in San Francisco.

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Okay thanks very much that's off the beautiful performance up by Jon -- you support him with your back there and -- receiving it looked like you guys just had a nice game -- pitch and catch. Yes and he did a great I mean we've been really you -- in the past few -- about first the strikes you know just. Really kind of pound the strike zone and then -- ahead of hitters and -- his stuff so good that you know once he gets ahead of guys its you know and it's hard for -- you know. Really put and about together really got to work horse for -- with all the stuff he's got. Six pitch first inning for him when the you know we've caught -- so many times now you guys have suggested had a go between you win you know it's gonna be one of these really good Jon Lester nights. You know that the first inning is is really big for him to you know it's important to go out there -- first inning just throw strikes and really. You know just get ahead of hitters and once he does then it's the first inning over with -- feel like that builds confidence in them. You know every inning after that just keep going more more so you know I think that first inning proved crucial pitching in this ballpark -- that boost the confidence of any pitcher doesn't it. He had units that is a big ballpark in the wind swirled everywhere blood you know watching valley effects and both -- flied out to left field and you know. They got some guys are -- they can do some damage -- all parts of the fields and really just got to you know get these guys really just worked accountant. You know. There -- strikes last month or two it's been catching big games after night games 3000 miles away thank games national TV open down how much pride do you take it the fact that. You have been as durable as you event. In it's it's a -- run that because that's you know so develop develop the play this game in. You know we got a great group of guys over here and she is so so much -- player announcer was going to catch these pitchers that. You know I don't wanna take any days off you know one viewed these guys on about these guys and you know he hasn't had -- You know one day off this whole year and he's out there running away and you know guys like that I really just kind of you know push everybody else. I -- -- at that so many big hits lately especially with two option grade at bats and now 34 doubles your third in the league in doubles and had acquired you know -- Philly years ago I was first in triples after opening day I don't -- Those I -- I think Brian put the good about together. You know voice that he you're paid to go up there and in you know like just behind the play. You know my can do about whoever -- just trying to focus on but the good. Recoup that fits him play in you know -- the guys in the injured he would have they got to do -- so far so good on the day of game 3000 miles traveled would what did you think of the attention to. You know it's something new good you know never -- season is -- it all of these guys do mean. Johnny come in the night before but all these guys played hard last night long game -- on a plane early this morning lot of guys -- the velocity this morning so. Been a long long day that's in the guys can sleep on the plane and you know they they came out tonight. Alright Garrett -- to get in there and did. You rest a little bit -- -- path and get used to Pacific coast time exactly are right congratulations great job tonight.

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