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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

Aug 19, 2013|

John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

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Okay John thank you very much the Red Sox have made it and John it was a long cross country flight but it. As you sit here right now and as we look at your clock it's 10 until 4 Pacific time deal like this move was at the right move to make to head to fly out today while given. Last night's game and how long it took we didn't go to the ballpark until after 1 o'clock in the morning so if we -- takeoff at 2 AM. And get out here probably at 6 Pacific time this morning. Given how. Just kind of go around and talk and guys as there clubhouse guys who have more fresh and if we have flown all night so. Yeah. Almost that decision was made -- pretty much just because of the start time last night's game and certainly the length of a typical yankees Red Sox. There one guy looks awfully freshen it Zander Bogart's he's got a smile on his face -- will not come off for awhile. Talk about this decision when it was reach to bring him to San Francisco -- begin his Major League career. What we have been having conversations throughout the early part of August -- on when he would arrive here and obviously -- books proceeded him coming back up and playing third base was swinging the bat very well right now. But over the past probably 45 days. In my case and myself start to talk about. Sanders' arrival in trying to get a day every now and then for Stephen Drew a shortstop. -- -- hero was left handed hitter we felt like the best position it was standard because of not only his abilities. But his ability to hit right handed bat to compliment. Stephen somewhat so I'm. Sanders coming to us with the thought that he would rotate in that left side of the infield than others not a prescribed number of days per week that he's. Past a player were were looking at but where the best matchups are. Getting guys off their feet just try to keep them fresh as we go through these final 56 weeks of the season. Get a great innocence about it we've already toes couple anecdotes about how ready he is and how much he wants to be involved in this thing. Well I I think you know one he's very Smart kid and he doesn't want to leave anything to chance he doesn't -- be in the wrong place at the right wrong time or vice Versa and not to his credit he's not afraid to ask that question as innocent as they might be. You know that there's nothing hidden about -- people are gonna find that this is that is a young guy with a lot of charisma he lights up the room when he walks in. He's an extremely talented guy and -- world were really excited about his big league career getting started on this road trip. So over those last you know five to seven days this became more of a reality and here we are today. And gives some right handed power that you could really use well for sure and if it matches up best against a left him the starter it's been well documented some of them the recent struggles that we've kind of late but. Encouraging last night with -- little -- home run to right center fielder doubled on the left field line. He is. Re emergence throws could really give us a shot in the arm and then we'll see housing -- -- filters into this as well. Accomplice there at will and you're seeing at Tulane no that was not their when he was sent down a couple of months ago. Well without a doubt you know he looks in the box right now like -- little more at ease with himself not having to make up for maybe some previous at bats and over swinging the swinging the bat and pull off some pitches away. In the outside part of the plate form so. You know he went down he had to make some adjustments is a little bit more squared up in the box with a set up. That allows him to have better plate coverage and I think he's he's come back he's contributed right away so that is also -- you a boost -- confidence initially. This is big time bearing the lead did Gillis -- journalism school a lot of people wanna know the answers to questions -- from last night. Ryan Dempster Alex arias -- stand on that how do you feel about how little played out well. Given the events that transpired you know he hits with a 30 pitch that gets away from them but I can tell you from the dugout standpoint. To me it didn't seem intentional. Ryan Dempster house to establish his fastball he Cassel establishes fastball inside to right and -- -- -- whether it's a middle lineup type of guy or whether it's a guy in the bottom of the order. Or Ryan Dempster is gonna live in the idea on his split split finger and his slider when most pitchers are on the outside part of the plate. He's got to keep guys honest and and maybe open up the outside part of the -- to allow those pitchers to be effective and by doing that he'd attempted three times in there and and you know what the 30 pitch got away so. The only one that knows if this is intentional as Ryan Dempster himself and when he says he he hasn't. That that I -- -- -- work. If I'm on the other side of the field and I can understand Joseph Girardi is reaction to all because of we have a player that is. -- seemingly thrown while we're probably respond the same way to protect your own guys. Our Mercedes-Benz question of the day ties right into this and are you surprised because you've been watching on a fly aid in since you've got near San Francisco. The national reaction to it has that surprised you caught off guard and anyway or confirmed how you felt to begin. Hasn't caught us off guard given me the events leading up to. You know Alex's return to the Yankees. All that has been publicized with that the fact that were on. A national game last night maybe than the biggest stage either in Boston or New York that the game has often asked not to -- anybody else but. Now all eyes on that and when you see it's a situation like that unfold. While everyone is gonna take that -- run with that so the amount of problems publicity it's received the amount of debate that is being generated not surprising at all. John thanks good looking game one and San Francisco tonight. Thanks they appreciate our question with a manager is brought you by Mercedes-Benz the Mercedes-Benz C class sophisticated elegance with sporting style. Top rated safety with thoroughbred performance visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for more details John.

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