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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question- 08/19/13

Aug 19, 2013|

You ask, we answer.

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It's. Time or answer the question jerk -- answer the question which saw -- how. Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. Hard every day but this time that we answer your questions we call it the question of Russia by air -- restoration specialist that your property. Where facilities manager or insurance pro call heiress to injury -- a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. We're gonna be our ambassador of dot com. Yes but I just update them yet or -- or course the NCAA listens to this program. They've decided to immediately makes even roads eligible that's great god that is great. Go for them I can't believe the -- of -- and even have the courage of their convictions how could not stand by -- they suspend they said this kid wasn't eligible and they won't even stand by what they said. Well what do you mean you wonder who got to them we got to -- what are they gonna heading BC news tonight he crazy 630. A watch ABC news all the time why can't my lawyer we're going to be on Diane Sawyer constantly. We hurting -- -- -- well maybe not specific and I -- -- Diana what -- says something about us you know. Bert nice headed back to -- -- perhaps they'll have to talk like that. That seems like a great shuttle launch I got Diane Sawyer should they came and filmed this earlier today so we should be an ABC news 630. I'll we'll see how it goes some answer the question questions would you rather have an awesome Friday. Followed by hang over the last Saturday in -- all weekend or or feel great all weekend but how to hang over. During the day on Monday at work. Well okay. So Monday hangovers the worst it's so awful that anything anyway I have a hang over work there's more of this is this is that's the answer any evidence that the issue. You're gonna have a hangover on Monday. Regardless whether it's an actual hangover right emotional hangover -- in my -- look so great all weekend the conduit to hang over now what would look at -- communities that depend but but if you have to go to work on Monday to wanted to work or worst. Now what what kind of job are we talking about any job out of Australia and it doesn't matter unless you have a -- they're they're -- Like Denzel in flight. But he was pegged hammered unless you have a job where you could do nothing but badge out and spirit of computer screen for four hours on the Monday morning yeah. I don't know it's tough with the younger than. Like we. It to themselves over the -- -- asking for a found that out before. Would you rather have more time or more money. Money or does it give more time just. That's more time you've been worried about not having any money and he got money. You can create situations where you can you can get Sinatra I totally agree when you have enough money you got everything you can buy things they basically give you your time that's right you ran their -- -- -- like double over thing that we're talking with the over -- from New York to the Hamptons. You have enough money you can buy that six hours of your life you don't have to wait traffic you can just buy it. By taking a helicopter to get that they have then -- to go -- to hang on the hand tries what do -- -- Well crap can limit questions please. What some baseball players or their batting gloves in their hands when their on base wanted to keep them on. That would seem odd to me -- difficult I can always take him off put him in a pocket. -- you wanna get out of there and it affects the grip when you put the -- post obviously different her gloves every time they get up. There be some rule you can you legislate this baseball not not what the difference baseball gloves and taken them off. But just -- last night just watching Soriano at the plate. Free time between every pitch. Loosening the gloves. Tightening the gloves again and you've got the only guy. This thing. Shorten a game. It's a major stop it to be an airtight fidgeting rule you can't fit your favorite city. Stop it can you. Couldn't get it. Like -- -- the kid every time -- -- the doubles on the table listening in the box you -- golfers doing this -- golfers -- glove throughout the entirety of an eighteen hole course or did you you can can you imagine -- before every shot a golfer took on and off his gloves as often as a baseball player does pornographic pop. Time to bring -- the six iron got a big kick off Michael off your back on picking up what about calling pick up we're back on again I won't even take off what was the pot -- again. Seriously given been given listen to him box next question people they keep you from jamming your fingers -- slide right now. Because your what your gripping it's that your fingers aren't extended. Is that the idea of but stupid reason fingers would -- get to the -- for -- failure costing yourself some time. On undermine our next question. They -- to make a film about your life who would you like to plea. Everybody about everything did -- -- everybody who say that Denzel. They can't get it. Well I'm going to be played by Denzel. Look to I would nothing like themselves but you and -- the player you know look how much Americans and if not then don't. And there's so much on my resume he's got up like a testicle I don't know. Quote they have ahead like it's -- -- probably not acted alone the -- -- -- -- You gotta go it's your favorite actors. So. Brazil is out there. Philip Seymour Hoffman. -- -- -- I want a big no no flight to great actor -- these maps I don't want nobody more hot -- himself publicly portrayed bringing out in for the fat salt and I think that's right today for the earlier part of my life soon after college. Now I can deal that -- me Don Cheadle. I Don Cheadle will be grip on channel girls I love that show housewives I really really like it. Collection Kevin's face now I mean probably Ed Norton along Norton I've likened playing very intense -- But with a less -- side I'm not I hope we don't you know who can play your fellow. What Jimmy Kimmel younger -- is that if there's like a biography you'll -- to be -- hundred and well look at that fountain but. I don't have the 112 year old Michael I do have the sixty year old -- -- sixty year old myself sixty year old mikes off. Alec Baldwin. A great you know I'd rather be twenty year old Alec Baldwin back when he was like with -- -- -- guess -- seems like a leading man of Hollywood scene has life she maybe pregnant right now which she smoked really. Absolutely. Alan Ball -- was younger he was like this heartthrob in Hollywood and now it's like. About to be the the regular people to do something with MSNBC. Like he's completely changed yeah Hui is he's gonna be like the cool guy and MSNBC. This has -- in America -- act on and we. -- -- Like the number one who would say the number one actor -- right now my vote for for for a man. But I didn't really emotionally we're likely would be leading man actor in in Hollywood as it DiCaprio to Damon. See if the question is. Knowing that this person is in the film won't give me the most chance of wanting to go see him that -- in its prime -- him. Like you might know nothing about the film about they had this actor is in it Matt -- probably the averages you. How I was at it would have to be that the number one guy out there would have to be Matt -- -- court or DiCaprio. The -- won't make me go see a movie. He like I won't go sieve like unfortunately as it unveiled OC I would -- if you -- movies that Matt Damon is making a movie got more now more locals see it not just because him no but I'll give it more consideration. Like that will be -- Matt -- they can move that's probably pretty good he chooses Scripps well as fund he's good movies. -- -- -- I don't know about a lot of questions please somebody else thinkers from -- no not Peter north of the area. What is more useless -- year old sorority house for Tim Tebow on the patriot. I you've got to make it little all team if your third corner back. Don't tell me it kid anybody out there right now without pujols went off the Google's. Opinion name. Or war third string quarterbacks. In NFL now -- -- -- third -- -- the guy unfortunately the pain. Some of Atlanta play in the other day I couldn't even in their second stringer well I. I had two or three guys and there's watch them a hard knocks. I didn't know any of their backup quarterbacks were they better hope to hell now Ryan stays upright the entire season because I'd never heard of anybody I wrote a book about it and I don't even include packer quarterback they are they got -- -- from east Carolina on only two guys I've never seen or heard from before. Next question. If it ever -- to order a diet soda even after super sizing your big Mac -- It's okay. You prefer the taste of dives on -- but why why are you ordering it died sort of person because they went -- for there are people who prefer the text. The taste yeah you've come to a point where you prefer the taste of -- was different. An academic pace completely the norms they have been a diet what what are you. Because does nodded and I'd just about a diet -- kind of person right so what is it that -- is sweeter but just -- different I mean it's it's just a good -- sort of person I don't drink too much -- what I do I try to drink diet soda but I I don't drink that much of it. I mean just a different case that's all it's weird to come to like it Bloomberg in New York shut outs how law. Uncertain -- it's legal some odd. Hospital for you or give law in. There was smoking in my class so we can not so bad New York because we're a city that's not about access and call to -- -- not at all. Finally today have you ever fallen asleep in an embarrassing place. Beautiful yes. Okay. It was. It's an embarrassing place that I get an embarrassing thing. Our policy but I went on a plane half ultimately -- -- is drool able -- -- juicy thing goes back there's only do you wake up. If people around you you just know they saw some nasty stuff that you -- doing them so yes. My thing is -- also the most embarrassing as I once took. But to Dramamine to go on a whale watching Boston Harbor when I was an ice middle schooler I just don't like that. And I didn't realize just how much it would knock me out so I get out there I fall asleep on the deck on the upper deck of the of the whale watching -- Sleep for the entire 45 hours in the hot sun burnt to a -- I've had thank you. I don't have to walk to harvest personal mile and a half from school and take the -- all the way out to the and like from the Red Line in departure and and all the way of the Green Line was fast asleep. Drooling the entire way and I just remember wake -- and these women looking at me like that is disgusting. To roll all -- -- It's like. The -- I can do about this like I'm I'm so tired. I can you wake myself up to deal with the fact that there's drool over me and I've fallen asleep at a restaurant before haven't relieved yes where interviewing somebody what's. As I swear -- got a lot for what what are your books. To -- the bad. But then do so well you know you have a blocking. And -- fell asleep. All brands as well Jack I know I was so tired and who looked. I can't think what do you mean if I K I can't tell you -- you know it's embarrassing but I would her book I was trying so I can feel like if you're going to be. -- -- -- -- Drifting a little bit -- lap and -- solved and ordering coffee. Going to the bathroom -- public thought I was doing -- or something going through the first is a little sleep at a stoplight that's pretty bad. Never done that I have falsely in my car but not always actually driving. All right we'll be back out tomorrow at 2 o'clock Red Sox got the late game tonight you can look for -- about a half hour. On ABC news as you can look force him enough I may or may not actually do guys say 630 death for us this. So we're obviously seven women delegates who were in the 656 slot.

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