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Salk and Holley's Four at Four- 08/19/13

Aug 19, 2013|

We dive into some topics we haven't covered yet. On this edition we look at the heartless NCAA, the rash of NFL injuries, Paul Pierce's longevity and more.

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-- And now word excel and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun cleaning. Mean -- -- I do question number one but I -- -- Monica steroids and number two we're we're and noted there's a number on the great question I'm -- NCAA. Is added again and this and that is being. The former marine and -- freshman Middle Tennessee State Stephen roads will not be eligible to play this year because the NCAA ruling him ineligible because he played in a military. Only league while act. Active in the Marines. Is the NCAA the most heated go -- -- audience. Our -- the NCAA hates our armed forces next. I'm trying to think of a group that would even come close. Roger Goodell like by himself may -- -- what are what other enforcing body is there -- NHL. Many of the justice he'd blown just -- Bettman is capable -- but let me know most part they get it right stuff like this you say how do you look at it -- -- logical looking at a military only -- and saying not. Now you're playing instead you're playing out -- your fellow marine I -- yeah who has eligibility left right there for you and I thought early -- was competitors out young and -- were they thinking that because he was paid as a marine. That he was somehow not an amateur. I -- but I wasn't a reason Bill Clinton was. -- rituals and. The league so we can't being just a couple what's the biggest hypocrisy in in the NCAA. Likeable I would dumb things they do that make no sense what's the -- this is dumb but does not with the dumbest is. So you're making money off these up -- and athletes can make -- and I hate that the other when the comes up to me is the transfer rules. Coach can transfer -- and I came to this school because -- -- coaches here and now he's leaving and you won't let me leave I am here don't bound by that commitment I think that is the most preposterous idea that I came to go play for this coach now he's gone and you won't let me out of my contract -- If injuries are starting to take their whole NFL teams and pre season games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So like injuries and so -- I think you're trolling you it sound like your muffled get him. Somebody if somebody holding you against her will and several gunmen. Okay -- -- is -- Belichick's camp has gotten to bend back and just sort of holding them hostage. That Monday that will happen then they'll reduce it to two that will happen soon. And when that does happen there will be eighteen regular season games instead of sixteen -- they just want that I got to get about twenty game. That that Tony game combo that they have they'll split it anyway you want seventeen regular season games three pre season. 13 season nineteen regulars in the biggest they have they have a way of looking at the game and it's -- -- twenty games. So if the patriots just kind of hang out and wait for the season to start with the entire rest of their division just this just completely crumble around them. Well wolf the dolphins jets and bills just disintegrated by the time the season is ready to begin the and the -- can just bull their way to an AFC east championship Dustin -- heard EJ Manuel -- the jets -- dumpster fire like is there is there any positive news to take out of any of the three teams in this division other than them. I'm trying to think as bad as the patriots offseason has been with Hernandez -- and all that. It's still better than what's going on with the other three -- and I'll mess I don't know about it considering where they started much better. Three. Paul Pierce at the Boston Globe that he wants to quote outlast Duncan Kobe Durkin KG. Will Paul Pierce outlast any or all of these players. Out of that group you're the first one to retire her -- I. Go all out Tim Duncan won't play until he's forty something. -- KG. Forever and why they're bigger and especially Duncan let Duncan. If if Tim Duncan comes you at the age of forty who says that Coke salt. I can give you like to sign -- if you seventeen minutes again. Take it. They not only that you only have to playing 65 games a year that's right and and you come to practice would you feel like after practice you get the Tony Gonzales schedule I I think those guys are still Tim Duncan is not the same thing was put. Pretty pretty damn good first team all all NBA this year at the age of 37. KG not the same pretty good. I don't know how Kobe's gonna respond to a very significant injury and injury that would. That has killed some careers. But Paul Pierce still good. But he asked him. He has he has had to change his game more than the other guy. Argument to yeah I mean he's a slasher and now part of his game I'll play -- much right or not and he's not a good enough shooter to just sit at the three point land three point line and has bombed threes. So I think his game would be most effectively. -- Personal rumblings about HGH testing in the NBA do you think that would have a profound effect on that -- If there's a lot of initiate an image. It's an interest in question yes I think would have an effect. I think what goes into having the -- effect because HGH allows you to feel fresher right bounced back to eliminate some of the aging process. It just got to figure that we are talking about Duncan playing well into his forties well guys who look like LeBron just -- like that wouldn't quit our I want to but wouldn't but we have to wonder about all the torture why does -- but I do. They're gonna look at the base of the reason to a baseball brutal schedule right every day. You have an off day you know once a month. Twice a month if you're lucky. Well basketball 82 games this the the effect on your knees on the travel. Yeah I mean I think every sport you can make your case -- tiring to play basketball every -- exhaust -- you -- -- make a case for every sport of why you would do yeah. Don't have a basketball yet -- in a -- across -- Well. The agency question of the day Saturday night David Ortiz was joined for dinner by none other than Alex Rodriguez. You miss the days -- players hated each other especially when there are teams that rivaling each other. Obviously if you're asking me this question you know my answer to and I still hated the fact. That they were cheering for Rivera once again last night at Fenway Park anything that increases rivalry between two rivals is a good thing in my book yet another reason I love Dempster throwing and Alex Rodriguez last night as for Ortiz and -- that. I as much as I like that stuff I recognize that in 2013. He isn't the way it used to -- I recognize the players have friends on other teams especially guys who were the superstar level like that. They may actually like each other more and be able to relate to each other better than they can with some of their teammates. All that being said I'm not going out with -- Alex Rodriguez this weekend. Just not right now. Probably A-Rod is that the that the focus of everybody -- angry in baseball while he's a -- while he's a steroid user while he's appealing while he's a writer for the game. This weekend saying don't banks. They can I catch you later. Maybe the next time -- town maybe sometime after -- suspended I'm trying to avoid the perception. That I'd used PG EDs as well so can we did not hang out in public this weekend is that too much fast well. -- young redshirt do I miss the days yet but those days where let's see that the number one dance was the Charleston. Cars got about five miles per gallon -- David about the seven with a little -- it that I like I got it's got its -- long time no I. Even even when you thought they hated each other. How much or they really hated each other as much as it was made out to be on it. It gets your attention -- I'm with you -- on this. David Ortiz going out to dinner with Alex Rodriguez. I know they were friends. Just don't do that and it's -- so much of that. I don't know but if that's your born radio guy's gonna he's he's so I'll invite a moment we don't have to note public just don't do that now what. Don't do it they don't know what A-Rod right now going on -- -- one of their friends and you sort of bottom over the house. Just like -- Russell Wilt Chamberlain. Over the how are we ought -- let me just say this diplomatic. They -- married anymore right now. I don't think they -- what happened and I didn't expect. You can they could get some girls. I think I think you're looking for a little snow -- Some different. That's just that's just my read or write a number from just publicly about Iraq only for chicks -- the purple lips and to grow I know that's just outrageous. Since Sidney Crosby had they both -- -- -- Sidney Crosby -- -- -- the purple. The weird cut into we're group look at it -- that's sort Hornaday. Give back to to the two bigger stories of the day wanna I wanna you know it's more than Danny Amendola. Who Michaels being very nice and not pointing out that he -- practice I am -- on the other hand and looking forward that practices in the past. We're moving on to the future will be practicing tomorrow I would assume -- a while to start looking forward to the future instead of thinking about the past it works for coaches who works for athletes to work for me -- well. But I also wanna you know what did happen in the past last night Ryan Dempster. Drilling Alex Rodriguez in my mind hero and it's gonna make us famous Michael talk at all at W media.

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