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Bill Belichick joins Salk and Holley for his weekly chat

Aug 19, 2013|

Coach Belichick joins Salk and Holley in studio to examine the victory over the Buccaneers this past Friday in Foxboro. Mike and Michael ask Coach Belichick about his plans for the third preseason game including how long he plans to keep Tom Brady in the game.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today coach I know by now you've had a chance to watch the film from Friday night. After after watching it meet with the guys what was your take away from the game. A lot -- was the end of over a good week force against Tampa we got a lot done in practice and we have an opportunity to play a lot of people in the game we and number situations called in the game like -- to miniature is and you know things like that. And of the game for Foreman and dolphins -- around the clock -- so. We analyze your situation play in and their team that's a lot different than we are their relatives in Philadelphia and so I think it was a good spirit experience for team our coaching staff. Work against them and I think we -- a lot of. When asked you about those joint practices and you've done it over the years here we just top -- a while ago he -- when you started. He wasn't sure what to expect but he likes it. Much -- what have you what have you learned from. When you first started doing it the joint practices and now. That you need to have a good relationship with a team are practicing against or. It's more troubled loans worth. But if you have that then I think he can be really productive. Have you what what is viewed. It and I don't know if you have -- if you taken anything from that. From the experience we've -- -- We we did this Atlanta and I like the way they do things so they will incorporate this where the bucks there anything that you have been able to. Incorporate that you saw another team do and he hadn't thought about before. Oh yeah sure absolutely I think. Probably every time we work with a team like that we find something and that. He is they do maybe a trailer where they do some food or their facility is the way there they're set up. That this is an idea or thought and improve our situation. And those teams have been very cooperative -- And we try to do the same. And mercifully with them when they've been appear scientists national facilities are they. These are weight rooms or meeting rooms or vice Versa deficit. Is necessary to facilitate the convenience of the practice and -- perhaps who do we learn for everything. You mentioned that -- Tampa does single bit differently than you do award from the way Philadelphia does I don't know exactly what that is all venture a guess that some of it. Hazard their determination to run the ball to -- power to to be more power team. Is that is that college general assessment. Yeah well short certainly. Movement Philadelphia there -- 314. And defensively and offensively they ran on a lot of shotgun. They weren't -- -- very much at all -- -- -- of the -- option package and things like that and Tampa is much more conventional long run and play action as he mentioned and defensively their for an line play a lot of under defense and they stunt and blitz slot so. Between the two teams we saw him on two different offenses two different defenses. And and a lot of things that we're gonna see during the course of the season. And that combined with working gets ourselves which were. It's a little different than both of them. You know we've had. Those experiences -- we'll -- kind of another one here with Detroit. I think their you know some combination of Boston. Philadelphia. Offensively and maybe Ellison Tampa defense Italy and so it's good for or are supposed to experience things like and that cause adjustments to place those adjustments to schemes that forces are coaches that thing. Differently because that's a different team with a different policies different ideas. On how we are gonna just too literal kind of calls are gonna make things like that so it's Michael let's go. I'm sort of planning will be different. And I'm -- to look a little different details coming to practice with them than to see them during the regular season. How much do you think is actually. Something you'll see during the regular season as he put in percentages 25% -- 75%. With with what they direction. During practice and in the game. You know I don't think you don't either Tampa or us. Did anything. Specifically for either team I think we just. -- what we round and I think they ran with the Iran and what we planned in the regular season. I'm sure the both painful specifically targets certain areas of strength and weakness and try to. Exploit those or or defend them if that's the other -- strengths so. This this practice at that wasn't relive. And trying to get an edge on the regular season as much as it was developed in our team. For the season and make him violations or players and training camp and that's that's really -- it was for. So and I think we accomplished. We -- use the full back a few times early in the game on Friday night. It's a position that that seems to have maybe gone out of style at times recently crossed the NFL. I was -- position evolved on your team or maybe even -- the NFL in general. Well I think there's. You know whatever you wanna call that person. Thinkers. A quite a few teams that employ two people in the backfield. At least a part of the time. And whether that of the persons that played -- another half or. A fullback -- could be. You know. A matter of semantics really but it's it's another person that there and and I think that affords. You some advantages offensively it also takes away some things that you could do. When your four receivers on warm clothes lines aren't so. They're -- on number of them around. And they've come in different. In shapes and sizes there's there's not a lot of true fullbacks in college football so that's one thing a lot of the fullbacks. That you see in the National Football League are conversions. From linebacker or. Some other position to fullback. Sometimes you get a bigger run back that's made as of the speed for around that. Conclude full -- so I'd say probably at least half of the truthful about an NFL or some type conversions and think again that release speaks to the black vote. The number -- in college football you have to find them. Somewhere other than there if the defense -- all our. Convert from a position or fear of multiple items on your roster than you can teach some guidance to play in the back field. With fullback type responsibilities but it you know when it would put that down the back field. He can go either way and he can create an extra gap to whichever side he goes to when to put on line discouraged and you pretty much to cleared. Where the extra gap is you could bring them back across on a co -- plays like that he doesn't have the same kind of blocking angles that he has come from that field so. That's the -- advantage. -- askew. Another -- not about another aspect of the game on Friday. About Tim Tebow was out there I didn't. Didn't look particularly comfortable. And he said after the game said he has improved. Do you agree with that and if so where where have you seen improvement with them. Well again I'd I'd looked at last week is kind of a three. Three days that I nation. Not just the game -- our practices on Tuesday and Wednesday introvert competitive against Tampa. So the entire body of work for all the players. Was pretty significant. Some as practice more and play atlas on as part useless and played more. On but the bottom line is we get to see a lot of on competition. Against Tampa as we solely before and Philadelphia and I think. Really all players on our team proved he certainly on the category. And every every player still has room to slow. They don't care or do but it what do you think he's done well so far -- I think he's definitely picked -- the offense and Japan has you know been able to function efficiently and that and the nineties you know obviously has some skills that are unique relative to quarterbacks. And -- think it he'll roll and so prosecution in the passing game has improved. Definitely of course training camp. When you guys and your team who were undrafted who are getting some legitimate reps in practice of -- -- at -- -- Tompkins etc. guys that that you clearly taken a pretty good look at. -- do you consider a draft position when you're thinking about a player we've got some guys were draft in the second round play in the same position may be even competing. Against somebody who went undrafted do you block all that out does play a role we think about. On it that are simply it doesn't matter how you get here it's what you do in your career -- one dollars. So when you see a guy you'd completely forget about any of his history it's just what he what you're seeing on practice film game film -- Yeah for the most I mean you know certainly it players that. You know established history you. That you take that someone and consideration vote on the ultimately each team has to be. Bill each year from training camp or in the spring but particularly from training camp into the the start of the regular season and through the season and some players improve some players decline some players. Performance is pretty consistent from what was the year before but each year you have to go through the process fund these events. That's what we're doing this year it's a regular feature that we're not as concerned about how person gets here with a lead draft them trade forum wasn't drafted. Was here before was you know that's that's not as important as what they do when they're here and what their due in this year because that's. With competition is and that's will be decided how the players perform in their opportunities this year not what they did and now 1109. -- We can't worry about. Does it take any longer to be convinced if that's the case and if you look at a guy who's never play in the league went undrafted that you and 31 other teams passed on him seven times. The flash is a little bit early does it he may be able more before you recognize that -- mean. You just bright off the -- say he's got just as good a shot as everybody as everybody else. Yeah I think everybody has that that same type opportunity at the beginning. The hard part. Because again how -- player plays for some college team and their system. Doesn't really. Hold too much weight here we recognize hidden but you know it was all a good college players that. -- pro players and a lot of you know does it didn't do much in college the match castles in the Steve -- so the world were real to players. Professionally and for us so. I think we evaluate what we see the hard part is for players that you don't have much history on. In the National Football League when they don't have a lot of opportunity. They get injured or something happens and then -- China anyway on the very small sample. That's that's always heard him. You mentioned a word process a couple of minutes ago and -- there's a process in the rhythm to to training camp as you lead after the season. What are you looking for right now as you go into game three. Where are we in this stage. In terms of a value waiting. There's going to be some cuts coming up here. Where do you feel like. That -- should be right now what exactly. -- for the team to build on on where were there still some things that we need to. To do that we haven't done or haven't done a follow up to this point. We have to. Start. Start the process of preparing for a team. Tampa and Philadelphia were easy to prepare for because we practice against -- for three days you can't get a better preparation than that. We're we're certainly not in that situation this week's -- Scout reports films -- the practice tape we've we have. Try to replicate how that's the game's gonna go out there gonna play we can't have that firsthand experience that we've had. In the last two weeks of practices so were at and a transition into that workers haven't learned how to work against each other out of Cairo on the other teams plays we have been doing that all year we can run our plays against ourselves or against an opponent so. That's that's something that we have to learn how to do so we can be efficient with a and I think the whole process which training camp. It is. Is Geithner -- get a team ready for the regular season and that's. The continuation. Activity. Scanner reports game plans practices treatments fleets. Another day another day another day play again. And and start over again so think we're starting get into the it's a little delivery team it's also a little bit of grind. And I think that the players hopefully. You know learned over these past three weeks how to maximize. The time they have. Here at the stadium. In their preparations. Their treatments. There weight lift in get on schedule skin so get enough rest and proper nutrition. Doing all the things that enable them to reach their peak performance the one -- one that's called on so I think it's all all those things come in the we moved out of hotel. We're not in that training camp mode now where an in a different type of daily routine and set so there's little that the transition there I mean I think all those things. How strong is the competition for playing time -- your secondary right now. I think we have a lot of competition a lot of spots on team. And I think that's one of the things that we have to do in the next couple weeks is kind of figure out. Not only individually what's this for each individual player vote what's our best combination of players. And we've worked players in multiple positions. In in a lot of areas on the team and you know we're gonna have to start to sudden. How. How to utilize the players that's best for the team and there can be a lot of answers to that question. One thing in the secondary that we have to considers just. Are different defensive packages. You know an offensive line you have five guys that says he never really had more than you know really have less than that in the secondary. You have. For defensive backs unified defense -- that she could have sixty cents of tax. And those could come in different percentages depending on the situations and the opponents that your plan so. The playing time in and -- breaks down. Schematic Lian with a different personnel groupings that's all part of the converse. Does -- -- by combinations of guys or some of the is it chemistry that they would have together or is it just how many rolls. In that spot they could -- Well both yeah both it's sometimes it's combinations -- this. For example an offensive lines sometimes. In your five best guys. Don't all play by different positions. So the one move the guys -- your five discuss -- plan by -- different positions or. Do you feel you're better off even though when your players is its. Maybe a fifth that the six player plays a position that you need better than the fifth guy does that that new position and things like that so. But he can when you get away from the offensive line Mary get away from quarterback -- get away from the specialists. Partner snapper and kicker and things like that there there are different combinations based on an -- him in jail on the field on the TV Asia and linebackers the and so. There's there's there's a lot of like your conversations. Because you don't just have one group -- have multiple groups and then you have to start. Thinking about. Special teams. Who's gonna played zone all the teams with what their responsibilities on offense and defense whether projectors possibilities and special teams who's gonna back them -- because again as a player in the kicking game. Sometimes you lose them off every team and so maximum on punt punt return kickoff kickoff return. Fuel so. Does. Then again there's a lot of moving parts and we we -- taken consideration what we need with -- players have performed and ultimately. What's best for the team and soul you know haven't. You know have in the right. Mix on offense nicely combinations you know have in the players that the -- -- coaches want mayor may not fit into what we -- in the kicking game. Players that the our special teams coaches want. And it might not enable us to have the right mix on defense especially when we start talking about nickel and dime packages and you know things like that so. It's that's. There there are a lot of -- a lot of combinations and each guy's got his strengths one guy might be good in one area not so good and another vice Versa and Monica might be. Not as good in either area that kind of better than -- you know another guy in two areas but not so. It's it's all those things. And build read the transcript from our earlier press conference -- that we can surmise that Tom Brady is in good condition. In the surprises -- Were were. Is just a game. Is most teams and we have identified that third game. The game where your starters can play two quarters or some teams go three quarters is it fair to say that that's what it is for you. This is with them most. Is it is it fair to speculate is the most we gonna see Brady. The pre season and probably not for game four. We'll see how it goes something like that you know it's it's always hard to tell last week we ran almost fifty plays on offense in the first half. Then. Maybe half that on defense or whatever was -- it was a you know the game was told it and play time. Towards the offensive first half and then towards the defense in the second half so you know really no -- -- ago I think. Our goals going into the games or to get accomplish the things we wanted to accomplish them. When that happens -- I don't know might be at halftime might be in the middle second quarter might be in in the third quarter that's just. Hard to tell -- Tenneco. And what are -- and he's going to be about I think we. Who will Cohen with an idea of these -- the things we we feel like we need to get done for this group where this individual player and will do -- we can't try to accomplish. From a fan watching at home and I'm excited to see how Brady is jelling with his new receivers or even specifically Danny Amendola he's out there. Other than the obvious how many catches does he make over the course of the game what else what I look for to see how that's going. Well it. I think that that type of chemistry and -- timing and execution comes on a daily basis I don't think it just shows opening game. And that's -- set -- secular the practices against Tampa three practices against Tampa three practices -- Philadelphia. Not everything in the game. Was replicated in practice and has got a lot more opportunism products that in the game vice Versa so. But I think over the course of training camp all the practices we've had in the pre season games split but -- -- we look at us the entire -- work and certainly the trend is important. From. Better as this training camp goes on that's the idea. You know in the in some when you look back on some guys get more opportunities. Maybe in the first game in the third game and necessarily mean that that their better than somebody who. They are they're not better than somebody to more opportunities and their game on the not necessarily. So. I'd say to evaluate you kind need to see. Practices. Essentially -- can't there's nothing I can do from pitching the -- is really good to see what you would see over the whole body of the -- I think that's significant I mean we look at that you know again we've had motorist when some practices. And two games oh. You know I think that there's a lot to be seen in those practices there and if there wasn't one to. I think Mike's trying to ask you if he can come to practice and -- practices have been open all training camp. And -- -- a lot of people out there decorate. You know fans and the the repeat with Kampman -- -- inherited most 6000 people out there and it's wonderful heels -- it's it's it's great environment practice and. No we appreciate you coming in every Monday we'll do it again next week thanks so much I would talk to -- all right sounds good are there you -- there's there's Bill Belichick who joins us every single Monday. Brought you by SB ally do a Teddy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable like insurance from SP ally. The company that is protected over one million family since 1907 and SP allied dot com today for four coming up and if you just a little late today it's -- -- and W --

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