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Vince Wilfork on Salk and Holley: The young guys are hungry and it shows in practice

Aug 19, 2013|

Vince Wilfork joins Mike Salk and Michael Holley for his weekly visit on Patriots Monday. Vince touches on the progression of the young players on defense after the preseason win against the Buccaneers.

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OK let's bring this guy and Vince Wilfork joins us as he is as he will do every Monday. For patriots Monday just coming off the practice field a few minutes ago this time we're -- stagger ruled that you have to wait for coach we appreciate -- doing that last week the banks that. Currency -- the -- but it's a -- to it is time is valuable for his committee hearing go first how. House Friday night. Com. Positive problem in -- and you don't use positive. -- far from where we want to be but we we showcase some things that. We definitely doable and you always kind of taken native was in the positive and available that we have a blood deposited it in you know last week. So over the week this week we can continue in the bill almost positive of an accurate those negative so. Read the book bear arms shall we force work. Will there be professionals there's three when you put it is very early so. Upcoming give gave fail western if you go some things what we wanna do in open court to be toward showcase a pretty good -- effort in -- column this week. What's it like practicing. With other teams and and is it. This something that you still like to hold him back something because. Especially when you play campus on the schedule. -- and maybe you're trying to get some information from you or did you think about any of those things we have -- I don't think about it tomorrow I'll play -- You play to win so as they can do. Something humor in there doing Lotto that you you this team gains but as far as the malls form that you are -- quality work. Some things that you needed you know work on certain years you do get a chance to. In the -- a break up the pregnancy -- -- break up camp for you because. Not only you know you get tired -- you know -- -- on Sunday giving the team means to the -- give give some three -- 42 days harming these days here you can press against and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Things you've seen apprentices. A few breakers here and there and in the gang were. It's always good work you can you know Redskins another team in the -- for three years now and that person -- you know it was a -- it. You know with the team we have another team come up in legal -- but. Probably one of the best things we -- done right here this changes that we made. You know. Then they would bring teams here we goes the other teams. Just to see how you know they do things. Com. And in just get a chance to work -- gets in the oval you know football team to return capsule. It always it works are forced. -- you see the film assistance Friday night you've got a chance go back and look at the film the sack early in the game. That that Jim Jones European spikes can. OK you guys are all seem to collide there together Tommy Kelly was there -- sense of getting him well what do you see a -- plan how to back down. News is good wrestler is from ever. We guess one thing we always -- -- so far. You can -- when I got to own doing their job X comes to our free would have to other guys that do what is supposed to. Ordered that way it's supposed to be -- could come become obese probably will be played outfield. For that particular play everybody it was actually in the in the right place him in quarterback had nowhere to go and we talk bar Russian and we are were rushing the passer. You know just because you nagging -- to quarterback you have an aside. Everybody have to be the same page in an error there was one who plays was all on the same page you look at the pitcher and drawn up you can -- -- -- better. -- with the pockets collapses from everywhere so. That's one of things you we -- or we recorded in the it was good to going to a game of put it all together and see the positives out of that. But I know they had a couple guys leniency Revis you know mixes out for a little bit -- anybody on that team. And practicing with them playing against them that surprised -- -- You know I just got a little better in that body was or I didn't realize that this guy was as strong that -- so -- so forgo. Think what -- -- film -- -- exactly what are part it was going to be. No -- and was we was office where exactly what I thought it was reseller wasn't anybody that actually. He domain in this guy's domain as Castro is I mean. We've claimed two years now in the and -- exactly what we've been our problem that there was going to be so very well coached team -- team that's physical team this itself. Exists cardinals football's football team this event will -- And earlier team. The makes -- that -- and when you've gone against in in training camp on your own team this year recent man. Back -- are better from last year this guy really surprised me newcomer just -- well I wasn't expecting that at all. -- Is. Sweet thing. Animals spores are always. Stressed it is accuse him stand. They gave them great moment compared with US -- Receivers we've worked waited. -- if we can do it is to you see him every day of the week. News. -- -- and we won't be. They've definitely -- for us from the ones -- there's only. Two -- news. We're all that we wears his views -- On community's success that he's. Put the work. Effort there in their home. Shall soon. So possibly he knows that there's nobody talks about bill Belichick's relationship with Cristiano. You no Greg you know pretty well there -- people. With the connections. A great ratio analysts. He recently. At that time he goes to defense coordinated. Universe knows him. 2000. -- -- -- So history -- -- the six month mark house first. For six months because upgrades. So in the -- should double with those bills game. It's. -- coach it's. As though. He knew he took off. She took off road. Which went. So. A lot of history. You know -- it was here it's Wednesday news. He. He he has -- It is -- Seen. -- so. You know guys who struggle we're recruiting budget the second problem. Are now about the not a lot of NFL -- there I am you know if it's too bad he only got a few players to the pros they noted. Bush especially at that time received you know exactly there you know hey we appreciate -- he has got a short week this week and then Detroit on Thursday night look -- talking units -- San -- aren't they got a proposal for kind of to take a few minutes -- here. Compatriot Monday here on WEEI every Monday will be talking events throughout this season looking forward to that Bill Belichick. We'll join us sometime in about an hour from now for 455 o'clock right around there in the meantime what more your calls Danny Amendola Alex Rodriguez Ryan Dempster on the table for you a -- at W --

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