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Love it or hate it, Ryan Dempster issued vigilante justice last night

Aug 19, 2013|

Salk and Holley react to Ryan Dempster’s decision to throw at Alex Rodriguez during the second inning of last night’s game. Salk is ready to anoint Dempster as a hero in Red Sox Nation but Holley isn’t as excited about the hurler’s attempt at justice.

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Like Christmas morning for me today Michael like Christmas morning is like anything I ever wanted in life. All those things seem to becoming true over the last few days starting with -- triumphant return triumphant I'll miss you so dearly and finally you return probably. But I just don't believe Kendall I missed you here and I loved dearly and I'll cabinet department and -- they've got an exaggeration but it's good to have you back good to be back rested. Mr. everybody you -- nothing is just a normal average every day we all man everything's happening with everything's happening that vacation hit the links a few times caught up -- -- being. Went out to dinner five. Well you didn't do any offence to that. Your kids don't you lifted and I talked and they. That's right building mr. Dan castles -- reading this one read this book at you from a dinosaur on and on did you find the guys. I know that's the name of the book -- at the moment and inaudible I don't know that poignant as a dominating northern get. That's they love it. You have -- rented several to. Including the fat while Bork from these two more analysts are all out wild boar -- -- very very exciting we don't know -- not on Japan. Today is Christmas morning for me essentially like everything that I am calling for for the last couple weeks is coming your Zander Bogart's is coming up to play with the Red Sox it's about time I think this is about two weeks too late but good glad they're finally getting it done again waking up saw Alex -- have this first great job reporting by him in the guys WEEI dot com. Glad to -- -- Bogart's coming up and glad that Ryan Dempster is a hero a national hero today. Plunking Alex Rodriguez as he should -- last night and I know it didn't end up working out the way Red Sox fans wanted to do. But you know what so what. Good for him that you know almost the limit. We remain good for them good for him because you can't stand Alex Rodriguez hit them yes well if that's what it takes to be a national hero. There's more that come there's more backing from because that's gonna happen with Alex Rodriguez and tell. Until he is suspended. Eventually. But. Are you mad -- Ryan Dempster. Are you Matt Ryan Dempster for doing what he did. To Alex Rodriguez in that situation. Now a matter Ryan Dempster for not pitching well afterwards I'm mad that Ryan Dempster isn't better at backing up what he had done that he put himself on the line -- -- to do it then. I was like came up that's when you send them on like it's so much like first -- first time he's out second inning double and nobody uncle drill that's soccer ago. There's an idea what you gonna have another opportunity to do it -- -- -- had some pretty bad starts here. In the last month month and a half. But you don't have to do it right and you can have you could have come back and in yet another opportunity. Even Ryan Dempster who doesn't always give you five any given Ryan Dempster was gonna have another. You don't know that you might the next couple times you might come up with men on base -- -- you honey nobody on nobody out situation for Alex Rodriguez. I was shooting at him with the first pitch instead of missing it and I think the second and third pitches -- are trying to establish that he's pretending to throw inside it and then finally on the fourth pitch he trails them or under the -- right in the ribs I thought it was great and and I just salute him for doing what so many of us would have wanted to do we were -- -- I'm sure his teammates thought it was great. Look at them look at Alex Rodriguez they can't stand -- we know he's a -- The best paid player in baseball. One of the more unpopular players in baseball on its on shore -- his teammates accredited certificate thing. But the I think about it it was fine. Short term immediate gratification. But look at the big picture. -- If you wanna what you wanna win that game and establish yourself and game. Ryan Dempster wanted to do a lot of people wanted to do. The job have to be -- to Dempster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's cheap to hit them anyway. -- -- -- So why not do you have control again I like to I think this is actually a little balls a year you do it now you do all the games -- our. -- that work out in the blues in the game but they didn't lose the game in my opinion because he hit Alex Rodriguez and in those two things both happened on the same night. But Alex Rodriguez getting drilled to make the Red Sox go one for nine with runners in scoring position -- -- plenty of opportunities to win that game it didn't caused Great Britain to give up -- three run triple at the end to Brett Gardner in those things happened regardless of whether or not -- got drilled. And by the way Alex Rodriguez hit home runs off guys like Ryan Dempster when they missed their location whether he's been hit earlier in the game or not and we would like I don't I just not. Our -- it's great nobody. The year. Will come to the defensive. A-Rod is that guy he's a scapegoat I don't always Twitter was not like that tomorrow lot of people came to it was not a lot of New Yorkers do some hit their bottom or neutral and a lot of just angry Red Sox fans as the Dempster who lost the -- If you look at Ryan Dempster he couldn't even hit it right. They couldn't even so of you're that guy. Who you you get your mind you are going to go out there and hit Alex Rodriguez right and you can't do it if you can't execute that. Maybe you're not that -- be hitting Alex right yeah I happen to agree the amount I don't like the fact that he had to do it that he had to take two shots and it reminded me. What was the Tampa Bay Rays catch him doing that years ago it was it was a Ryan Rupe who just kept throwing emperors like dude. If you have -- you know analogy to get them you know you don't get infinite. Shots at the yet the apple you get a couple of bites and atoms are really should only get 11 -- -- -- off. After a few times maybe the -- -- to go to the very personable articulate hey here's the ball. Which are trying to build -- check the numbers. Hit me on here. But this is what you need to do not want to try to -- don't you like I can imagine the batter taking the ball throwing it back after the third one -- get the situation like you have in the naked gun with the umpires -- Just went in the off each other back and forth -- look I understand if if -- matter Ryan Dempster today we'll take returning your phone call 61777979837. I understand if you're mad because he didn't deliver after the bean ball and quite frankly I'm mad at him for that wrote about it this morning WEEI dot com I think he should have pitched better. But I am not mad at him for doing what I wanted to do. While we talked about let him have a -- fuel I don't rescue I don't but I'm not matter. Right but but he's -- but you have a different job than he does I don't -- I want -- your your job your job is to hate Alex Rodriguez -- job is to -- Alex Rodriguez be mad dog Alex Rodriguez hope that he suspended. I -- this for 211 games but for the rest of his life for you know ban him from baseball I understand that. But right Dempster overall beyond not being able to execute. This this mission he had to hit era. Really disappointed about disappointing things in this Red Sox season. And I know their first place we wouldn't expect to be about the beat a team a little better but not together and win ninety games. That they'll be better and ethnic. But Ryan Dempster was a good citing. A body would be pretty decent for the Red Sox. And he usually guy. You've got to be at the top the disappointing list because I thought. I thought he could give you number legitimate number three or even number four starter stuff packed and it looks like you didn't belong in the rotation. This is worth the thirteen million for me just go -- a million dollars worth of thirteen million dollars is the guy stepped up the other 26 million ally and I sort of -- -- listeners how much money that -- John Henry's problem to deal. I don't know exactly like them. -- you hear a lot of rumor some people think he hit him for something had nothing to do it all this that he's always disliked A-Rod efforts some rumblings that. -- it's been a long standing joining -- between them right in critical but has nothing to do with the steroids -- being a rat. Maybe he hates all guys who use droids I doubt it there's enough other guys out there who have who don't get drilled every time. Maybe like Jon Lester he's upset at the fact that Iran is using union dues he's been a union guy and accuse the player rep for awhile maybe he's upset. That the union dues are going to support Iran's appeal process -- obviously what he's a rap artists there. Number -- I think is very simple he's a guy. Who most players don't like most players don't like -- baseball and this is the right time to get the crowd on your side. The national -- yeah I'm not talking about Red Sox fans I think most people in the country. Are okay on Sunday night baseball is great theater to see -- get hit while so I talk to my liking it too late to the crowd. -- -- -- like Pannemon you know I I like the glad it orioles' side of it it does it it it appeals to me. I wrote about again I like violence and sports I like a little bit of violence like some brawls in baseball this -- didn't get overall Iceland didn't get all the way to that point. But I do love the drama and the next time these two teams play against each other. That drama just continues to ratchet up it was there all -- edge of your couch action there I got waiting to see what the next step in the process I love. -- thing is strange on so many levels and strange where even before the start and before -- -- -- -- play. He had Brian Cashman telling him. To shut the bleep in general manager says the letter -- the bleep up. Randy -- the president of the Yankees. Is getting into this fight with a rod into -- into -- he got a doctor the last name my man I have -- Cashman again saying. Well I -- Felt comfortable saying. Let's A-Rod beyond hello and goodbye because they're litigation with player so it's bizarre look on on. On many many levels. But you have to look at this. May actually debate the Major League Baseball has an appeals process -- I disagree with and I think he should be suspended I think he's guilty and everybody knows. But you have to respect the process -- respect the process. What are we doing here it this goes back what is it about. If you're not gonna respect that there's an appeal and he's like any other player until he is sitting on the sidelines for 211 games. If you're not gonna do that has come in and say you're not gonna play Alex. Otherwise you have a situation. That wouldn't happen with any other player in baseball. He clearly Dempster was clearly trying to hit a -- last night why he wasn't drive of the game is beyond me. Why do you think well let's -- some satellite thing I don't like out of countries bright and -- neither Palin or they don't like him either no but that's not your job. In that situation and that's not what your job. Your job paid -- yes. Don't they -- nobody does still get short hatred but you still have to call the game the -- Are you are you are mocking the game. At that point I don't know I think that games argument pretty well marked as well but your house. It brought to mock the gay marriage and everything I Don is among you -- the game. And but there's a process involved now he's he's appealing he's probably gonna lose the appeal I don't know I don't like vigilante justice in general but it's kind of fun when it happens in baseball right and if you flip that around. If if if any other player Ryan Dempster doing that the Curtis Granderson Ryan Dempster Dempster is doing that the Robinson can no. -- I don't. Because they are vivid weird sort of have a completely different category he's he he's in purgatory he is in baseball purgatory right now. It was surreal watching him interviewed at the end of the game. I mean first of all I love you bring up the -- and or stop a thought I love the emphasis -- -- -- -- pitches like it was the biggest thing that ever happened he knows he's on Sunday night baseball the huge warning to both benches and then eventually get punched in the face. And and throws Girardi out of the game five but then at the end pollster Willie has to do this interview first when he doesn't John Farrell -- Ferrell is completely fold it. You know which is fine good for enemy just completely lying always trying to establish the inside part of the way you know we all know he has to say that fine whenever. And then you're interviewing -- at the end it. As if it's totally normal and Alex Rodriguez is there and playing in games getting drilled in getting booted turning into this is wrestling -- morning but what are the possibilities of her editorially czar of what. What is any reporter suppose you know what do everything right there we're talking about this earlier the only guy if you think that. No one in an interview setting should approach Alex Rodriguez like he's normal. Then he should do all future interviews. All his interviews should be with Jim -- That's still -- guy can interview Jim great as you say that the master of the observed the the the the reporter for all absurd things. And I mean that you bring it up every time. I give Jim great -- -- my -- was that aren't Alex that big hit there and game that went for the Yankees and the following Alex admit right. I admit are you ready to -- to the crimes that you have on your caused. Crimes against baseball crimes against humanity and crimes against your fellow players being asked. Alex is rated player in sports. By his -- by other players -- his game he would seek the -- great wouldn't let ago. Every game he would come back and asked -- -- questions that would have an even more real what are you supposed to do now now cover the Yankees. There's always something every day to bring up but you just keep asking the same questions over and over hoping that there are some kind of break through six once. They'd like to. I must admit watching game when he -- came out and he -- in him. -- -- -- And that was a little bears might help that Dempster. Took it upon himself to. Speak on -- all of the major league baseball players and jeopardize. Became the Red Sox and you're in the debate obviously. Dempster didn't the single handedly. Caused the loss -- the game I am eating it up I get help and I would bears. For the Red Sox and -- currency -- not retaliating. And and. I crowd -- -- it happened or tallies didn't have a good spot to do it and plus -- warned. Well now. As I -- but it is Willie -- here's the thing that ago one I don't think. Only Ryan Dempster was acting on behalf of all major league baseball players problems he thought he was acting on behalf of his teammates that's one in the -- -- -- that and -- -- maybe but I think using his teammates for. Probably and then to what CC to warn. Once there's a warning OK so too easy. Throws Adam he risk. Getting that game you know it and -- give his team a chance to -- urgently planned out multiple times last night. CC is not happy with the line score today but but to feel pretty good you'll leave with it leads to give your team an opportunity to win the game which they did. If he retaliates. Immediately. Maybe the Yankees may -- that it out. A twelve to ten game who knows Bryant and that the Red Sox when that thing like maybe. I don't know I'm sorry that that he was embarrassed or nervous I wasn't either of those things is not that are specifically proud but. I like to Ryan Dempster did he did what I would have liked to have done that. I don't get a chance to go play Major League Baseball he does I'm a fan he's a player and he got to do what I was a fan would've loved to assist job. But is number one coming into this doesn't affect someone's job just I don't think it doesn't have. And he should not pick it up because I gotta tell him Mike it and this is not. I don't feel this way across the Wharton. It's a case by case thing for example. John -- talked trash about A-Rod. Both for the series started he shouldn't be playing anywhere not he backed that up. And if you've thrown an erotic probably would have been suspended because it's too obvious is this government is well documented. And then you put to a two togethers they of course and they -- you playing the Eagles on pitches against them in the -- -- -- -- -- -- and they need him I mean they need him happily but if I look at. -- look at Jake Peavy. Who doesn't walk anybody. Who generally who generally has very good control -- John Lackey this year generally pretty good control and delicate starter for the Red Sox. It gives me. Hitting A-Rod that situation and still being able to get yourself under control. I just don't trust Ryan Dempster to do that Jordan not good enough to do that right now I don't. First thought hey I only he thinks of it that way and I think he in his mind plays -- but beyond that. I think -- the fact that he didn't pitch all that well on the game I just don't see them as being related at all. I just I don't I don't see how the fact me was already 30 when he -- them at a watts of heat if he'd walked on the -- than everything would have been completely different. As a man Pedro says. -- -- Who are you could run through the Dempster. Aren't true you torn Ryan Dempster in this case is the representative. Of me represented of all the fans hate Alex Rodriguez for myriad reasons and took matters into his own and quite frankly I thought he spoke for me last night 617779. 7937. Dawn is in active. I don't. Care who -- I don't know what people all game. A year -- organization. And in 08. You know will not trying to yeah yeah. Paper while you -- on the -- and -- -- and they're going and they're playing in the -- gonna do -- -- don't want war. You know a leader -- -- here. You're going on in an armed they're all markets are not an easy. And Bob oral. On Donald Bartlett era got situation or all the you don't want to get -- -- EU. Hopefully it will indicate. True. And then it -- probably really grateful. -- -- -- about your point Ellison is this is everybody just point you saying. The Red Sox she's been the Yankees you like the Yankees shouldn't be playing A-Rod because they're -- down yet they are they're taking advantage album. They take advantage of his talent to help them win. I think you are clear they're using and it. You look at -- Yeah I don't know it. I don't they can do crossing I don't know what can I do we talked about this on Friday in -- spears pretty clear you're not allowed to do not play him I mean that. He should be in the lineup by right by Bible who -- is. You're not allowed to just see them in order to prove that -- -- literally he it would be a grievance that the players association would -- file against the I don't think you can do the old school Jimy Williams manager's decision. And had to be believable. And -- you know who can do that. Jimmy not the only guy could really do that is the guys give -- your 5 o'clock. Bill Belichick you -- the manager of the Yankees like the one guy who would be able to do that because he would have kept everybody so apart from his decision making process in the past. That he would have used manager's decision so many times do what was best for the he's exactly right and eventually we don't give -- and not even ask him any question about tank that's really what it thinks is best for the team what he can do is go through compelling that it will join -- -- -- -- -- to report comes out on where -- -- fix what -- after -- 77979837. I wanna play -- sound from Joseph Girardi coming up next if you caught any of him last -- you heard this but. He was impassioned in his defense of Alex Rodriguez I thought he made some great points and I still don't care coming up talk and -- a W media.

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