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Ryan Dempster's comments after the loss to the Yankees

Aug 19, 2013|

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Nice trip which means that. I think he's done it already and -- so but it. Are watching it. -- just. I'm more disappointed in the fact that I could almost 66 really. Does that that's the bigger story is gonna be a beamer there that it and it went in -- do very good -- make pitches in the sixth inning connects you better. You know because both parents were much runs off of -- a -- sabathia you get a book turned and make your pitches and -- and I and I didn't do that. I guess there's an appeal process for -- pick but. -- won the first one got go our way. That maybe there would be. You know and escalated pretty early but then you know Bryan did an unbelievable job throughout the rest the game for -- more guys take guys pitch inside both teams. And and he did really good job of controlling the game back there. -- His sinker down and watch a lot of video on a lot of guys there have been successful -- them. I mean no mean -- Why I was just trying to get focusing defectors trying to make pitches so. You know I didn't really. Trick too confident in his you know obviously. -- upset but I just try to get back and try to make my -- Now you don't want to get a good pitch to granderson. Just cup by not a doubles. A foot to the right and we're talking and go play ball in and different situations thought that. The -- news it was able to calming down enough and then nine pitch well until the sixth inning. And like it's that just. To make enough quality pitches in the sixth inning and that's that's really the story of the game and you when you sit there and you. You you know them creep back in it especially the bottom line up that's the time we have to close the door. And then now and then and the ball over to it to somebody to expect them together bases loaded that's a lot to ask him. Tom I just didn't do my job and I mean and that's the most frustrating part that's probably have the part the most dangerous. Even when. I just wish that I were around that are the fans and and put their performance on. No I knew -- got a when he hit it so. You know I'm sure. I'm sure any time any hitter gets hit by pitch you know when the next time up and -- it feels good. This is reality. So you know so. It was unfortunate -- you start off the inning with a run in try to the -- up there. Yeah actually pitched houses was down I was just over the middle a little bit flexible down. And then Nunez had a good pitches slider up the dirt for for single off the wall. And then I didn't excuse and an excuse to. Overbay. And walk Stewart and that's that's a situation where that bat that bat was the biggest at bat of the game in my mind and and a and analyze and me I didn't do very good job when you first second you're trying to get a ground ball you auditor or purchases. It's really like my mind and unacceptable. William and hopefully we scored there when it's our turn to pitch and make pitches against where we're faced him get and get doubts whether it's Alex for. You know -- know were Rivers in their lineup and you know I was tough series we. We had a chance to win and win that game tonight and got away from us and was -- But now one behind us going for instance is sort of more when it came.

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