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Butch Stearns Sports Sunday - Tom Brady on Fire in Preseason Game 2

Aug 18, 2013|

Butch Opens the show discuss the Patriots and how well the first team played against Tampa Friday night. Tom Brady was dialed in showing no signs of injurying his knee earlier in the week. Butch discusses the impact of Danny Amendola, the running game and the young wide receiving core.

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Happy Sunday evening to all of you here on this middle of August Sunday August 18. On WEEI hi everybody I'm what Stearns. Christian arcane given the sports flashes Dan -- out taking your phone calls. -- waning handling all the logistics over here at Fenway and that's where we are we are alive at Fenway Park. Four hours before game time of the Red Sox. And the Yankees. Are doing out there everybody. Sunday night for clock winding down your weekend. This part of the weekend is always Sunday nights for us nine to fibers. And -- wasn't kind of fiber but now I am it's always a depressing isn't it. Because you turn the page trying to squeeze the last. Fun out of the weekend. -- debt Monday morning wake up call looming. Some earlier than others for some of us. For those of you like to get up to work out early which -- Get in the habit of doing now lately don't know why. Actually I do no -- you can Alter but anyway -- it got that Sunday night healing and then with it being August. Whether we like it or not and you can debate on this would love you to debate me on this. But if you're a Memorial Day to Labor Day new Englander. Here's -- I mean the unofficial or official start of summer his Memorial Day -- might have better weather before that in April rarely. Are beginning in May rarely. But Memorial Day starts the summer well Labor Day -- Okay Labor Day and you got a boat you think your shrink wrapped and you got to pull you think gonna cover and it he might try to milk it. Right through Thanksgiving cause we're gonna have an Indian summer. He might play golf all the way through to December because he had an Indian summer native American summer to be politically correct. But. Let's face it there -- two weeks left in this summer so what does that mean from a sports perspective. Well for those of you been hanging -- -- cook out -- and Ellis Stanley had a big family cook out yesterday. My good friend Marianne Longo invited the entire Stearns -- Donna -- beach constituents have no idea. Why she invited our entire -- she's not to do that. But we are gracious that she did and now I think she's rethinking it -- be left. -- the dog our dog big black lab and everybody went down to her place we had a blast thank you Marianne. But it shouldn't have met a lot of different people I had met a foreign of course that. The talk came to the Red Sox and patriots. Who were playing. On Friday night and about new England sports and so a couple of things came to the forefront here. I think everybody. Is waiting for the other shoe to drop with a Red Sox and I think I've been hearing it more and more for the last month. So my question -- -- tonight to start everything off his back. Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop -- these Red Sox and if so why. Because if you are you're one of two kinds of people you're a long time Red Sox fan that despite all the success. Since feeling the trio took over. And now abandoned and John Farrow elect at the Helm since all the successes to two World Series championships since all of it. You're still can't get you the little kid to putting him on the fire. You're waiting for the ball to go through partners legs the pudge -- home run is great is it was is not one -- -- defining moments in Red Sox history. So you just can't change even though we saw those two parades. Even though we saw them win those World Series you just can't change. If you're in another category you're one of those people waiting for the shooter drop we just don't really believe in this team. He'll look at these teaming you say. Or seven a career year. Ortiz -- haven't really good year Pedroia. No haven't really good -- -- not career year. Any of the pitchers having a career year. Buchholz was still he was out. Lester no -- well we're just getting to know yet Lackey -- by the way I agree with Steve Buckley line in his column today he has redefined the term. And I -- common front and it was some to the effect of redefined the term. I've deceptive according to his record -- pitching better than his record and that is so true -- and an ERA under four. A losing record with 810. But last night the latest example. Of that if you needed an -- right now -- your race. So no he's having a career year so when you have to wait for that other shoe to drop -- considerate on my chest. As -- here in center field at Fenway as the buzz start to pick up for the latest Red Sox yankees drama. And there is drama yankees not so much involved -- standings perspective we'll get to that. But if you're waiting for the other shoe to drop that maybe just don't believe in this team and maybe it's because. That despite their 21 games over 500 record 73 and 52. Okay. Despite their lead in the American League east for those BR. Of -- down the stretch there two games up. With 37 to go to games -- Tampa Bay Rays and by the way since the rays lit. The world on fire they've had trouble maintaining it they're riding a roller coaster right now. Christian -- -- keep you updated on the scores from today in -- it's going -- that the red sucked at 37 games to go or two games up. A lot of you'll wait for the other shoe to drop could you just don't believe in this team and again I'm not gonna criticize you. I think you do have to decide as a Red Sox and for your own sanity do you believe or do you not. But if you don't. Let's just talk since the all star break. They have played 28 games since the all star break any good 21 games over 500. They're pretty ordinary team since the all star break -- fifteen and thirteen. They're two games over 500. Very late in their last sixteen. I mentioned the numbers by month because I've been saying this all summer what's been remarkable about this team is its resiliency. And it's consistency. It's resiliency latest example John Lackey and this team yesterday. They are the only team in baseball who is not lost more than three in a row -- -- say that again. They are the only team in the major leagues today. As great as the tigers look right now the Dodgers look unbeatable but cardinals about a magical year. The Boston Red Sox are the only team in baseball who have not lost more than three in a row they could've done yesterday. Lackey went to the mound spawn a gem did not plunking Iraq in the air like we all wanted him to do. And the Red Sox still have not lost more than three in a row. They were eighteen and eight and April 10 over they play 500 ball and made it was six games over about a 500 June at seventeen and eleven. They were fifteen and ten in July and right now and August with twelve games to go very Nate. So. What's it gonna be the last 37 games I've always said the magic number of 95 in my mind. -- -- the Red Sox to be -- get in the playoffs and ideally when the division and not played that one game playoff they don't win 95 games wolf I'm right. They get to 22 and fifteen down the stretch they -- play seven games over 500 shall get a -- one of those people waiting for the other shoe to drop. When -- played seven games over 500 right now. They're two games over 500 since the all star break. Yet -- picked up Jake Peavy -- made me happy and a lot of other people happy I still like it I think it'll be. Key factor down the stretch not the factor. But the Detroit Tigers are the best team in the American League. And there are other good teams in the American League to the the Red Sox have faced upstarts down the stretch Oakland a's might be one of the best to. So where are you -- the Red Sox as summer has two weeks left are you expecting. An Indian summer swarmed I didn't play under 500 baseball with 37 games left to play. Because right now Tampa Bay Baltimore and certainly not the Yankees none of -- overwhelming them. An overwhelming the Red Sox on tonight's game. He's a good one as a matter of perspective because think about it he always we always has Red Sox fans add weight to what significance every game. But here we are with the Red Sox about to finish a little spot. A layover if you will at Fenway. Before they came off a long road trip. And underwhelming road trip they went -- six and about to head out on another road trip. That goes to separate Cisco and LA with the Dodgers six games out west. Against two really good pitching staffs and gets the hottest team in baseball again they'll beyond next Sunday night I'll be back here at 4 o'clock next Sunday. As they take on the Dodgers so where are you with a Red Sox if they win tonight. They're nine and eight in August their game more or 500 there you go there's a consistency. They just keep winning baseball game winning series the other thing is they win this series to go to eight and four against the Yankees went another series against the Yankees. For whatever that means in -- 2013 season always means something for bragging rights and his longtime rivalry. So it is a significant game tonight it's also significant because Ryan Dempster. Is the one guy that everybody says well he he's got to correct rotation. You know when Buchholz comes back Dempster goals well. -- all the guys in a picture up and down by the way do Bronson too bad start tomorrow. Lester continues to be roller coaster ride who knows he's gonna get from Bockwoldt all the signs are good he'll be back soon. Peavy too good outing one bad. Bomb again Dempster has pitched pretty well pretty consistent. He won a good effort tonight going against a better picture. CC sabathia just -- better pitcher in his -- not sure about this year so it's a big game tonight so your thoughts about tonight then what do I think elect throughout there. Phone lines are lit up before we go to the calls. Is the football part of it and here's what I mean by that football. NFL. And patriots. Why is it in my opinion football has taken over baseball and every other sport in this country as the number one. Sport the NFL might be one of professional football might be one of the best run industries in this entire country. We continue to see increased attendance. May not -- increased enthusiasm increased. Following. Increased revenue streams and and it just gets more popular and then the patriots so why is it that. We love football so much why we love the NFL so much and what is it -- our affection with the patriots -- in my 31 word answers in all of it. Football. Because it's easy to -- It's just easy left the game is easy to love you can picture yourself what your man -- a woman. What he played the game or not you pick yourself -- on -- helmet stick in your chest your face in somebody's chest she just can't. The violence of a controlled violence is something. There's something. What's the word -- romantic about. Or are hypnotic about it if you played the game you know what I mean the NFL while fantasy football. I have not been to a diner. A lunch place get gas. Without somebody in one or two of those places every single time bringing up a fantasy football draft army bringing it up and somebody biting. By doing anybody have a number one pick in not taking Adrian Peterson really -- so busy NFL and then the patriots what was there's one simple answer Tom Brady. Tom Brady is Bobby -- is Larry Bird is special and with Tom Brady everything is possible I am having more fun. Watching him rise to the next challenge with no gronkowski and three rookie receivers. This is behind the can we stop taking this for granted if we do I think we bill. We shouldn't so your thoughts about all this let's hear from some of the combatants before we go to the calls for example John Lackey. At the Red Sox need an ace down the stretch who is -- right now but John Lackey here's Lackey after yesterday's game. Yeah those big big game for sure we need to and it went kind of a tough stretch of schedule right now heading back out -- West Coast after tomorrow also. There was time to get -- -- -- moved. -- can't -- to your report. And so that's John Lackey and now let's hear from what's going on fox borrow how out quick check on the patriots right now you wonder what the Brady should have played. Good article today by John Tomas he's saying he can't afford not to play. Tom Brady's got rookie receivers where do you worry about his health or not but it is a chicken and the egg -- Belichick last year -- Adam some pre season games here's Belichick after the game Friday. Talking about the patriots first units. You know growing out wolf that look terrible closely -- government bills to -- movable man. Could see him you know -- production access we have a lot of plays on offense and first. -- -- first group and then quite a few plays and those two minute drives at the end that we kind of 22 minute Dresser in the second quarter. So you know where they get a lot of most snaps with the whole second unit. And then you get Tom Brady who. Was eleven of twelve. After we had this scared led every newscast at 6 o'clock Brady went down Brady went down. Probably leaders -- red ribbon Brady's down I mean it was a low one goal lead story and all the newscasts right. So he had all that but -- Eagles eleven to twelve -- 106 yards candidate. For those of us who loved Wes Welker. We're starting to not worry so much about as Wes Welker because of a guy named Danny Amendola here's Amendola on Brady. And works really hard it's you know -- the job done by the time and a place of good and you know I guess and we got a lot of frustrations here in -- and are receiving room and we're just now turning on the same page. And then Amendola with the six catches. Talking about fitting in with -- -- -- talking about what makes Brady special keep in mind now. In Mandela and Brady worked out all off season together. They're joined at the -- Brady did his part in solidity Amendola to try less and all the history the -- and Wes Welker had which is going to be hard. But we're starting to see some of the fruits of the -- his Amendola in his opinion what makes Tom Brady special. Tell each other in the field you know we notice every intricacies of the offense in he else you guys analyze and you know he's a leader. So there you -- table is set. Now Walter Bob and Costa you guys are up first we're gonna take a quick break to -- able to enjoy Alice taking your phone calls Christian art came leaving the sports flashes. We're at Fenway Park -- getting ready for Red Sox and yankees' CC sabathia. And Ryan Dempster on the mound tonight. Game. Number 126. For the Red Sox and for those of you cross and it off the list on your frigid later. We're back with more after this.

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