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Mustard & Johnson Sunday Edition - Does Anyone What Arod in Baseball

Aug 18, 2013|

The Red Sox take on the Yankees again tonight at Fenway Park to wrap up this three game series. Alex Rodriguez has not received a warm welcome here in Boston or across the country in fact. Mustard and Johnson discuss the impact of Arod's impending suspension on the league and it's fans.

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Here comes a run. Number thirteen. Alex. Rodriguez. Last night we'll see if this trend continues. The -- persisted throughout his at bats. All night long. Dave O'Brien on the call. As they -- I came to bat in the second inning on was the second of the first that he was the second inning. Yesterday afternoon a 61 Red Sox win and Iran and the Yankees go one at a in my acumen is he rod can be hero. In the twisted way of looking -- you why you should -- she can't -- you -- a run on all supporting. -- if you're a true Red Sox I kinda like -- turmoil that's occurring on the -- at the Yankees I really don't matter affected -- during the five -- as the Red Sox and you have to re -- that's simple fact it's grows the -- longer a -- time accurate -- -- are exactly -- attacks -- down in Connecticut says. I want baseball to win I just want A-Rod off the field for ever. He's a disgrace. To America is. Past nine Yankee fan so I've actually you know what you're right disease will operate in that until both agree is way down and I every committee and I want this guy. Golf actually you know what you write about our Red Sox -- and stretch it out maybe you know I'm keep having the infighting you're right because that's 203 that's the western part of the state he's probably yankees and Yankee fans when they -- it disappear ASAP -- yankees mailbox. Let's get to the phone 61777979. 3-D seven in let's he's a great leadoff man. Is OBP is absolutely. Through the roof his name is Andy Andy's from Framingham. Gruden gentlemen good afternoon I know it's kind of hard to say that and he usually calling an eleventh hour on Saturday and mark somewhere ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls we you're not coming or give a -- dolls that home right now would you introduce a -- Well what went oh yeah we heard that public address announcer he was fine but I certainly think that you would be just as good or even better. But let's try to do. That's sadness about A-Rod committee is that it. The sky -- when he first came open these guys though he had. So much talent I -- -- at that position meaning troops supplement he could well rewritten every record book and he did not particularly at the report. We'll look at that T look at that Seattle team well. -- and about highlight the great each other around -- -- oh gosh senator Martinez -- outward perimeter portrayal against the Yankees in the 95. Division champions. Who had come up with who which which you -- compared to 230 -- -- -- -- more than the -- he was noted in the fielder the Rutland. Shortly with regard to -- -- I'm wondering if you've got more of an -- all right what -- -- wanna watch -- later. Who are the fledgling teach he said he never around -- with apologies go out people did not want everybody telling him how great he was. He won of people told the truth out there -- people lift -- run around until. All yes man. Well yes women -- Well but nothing wrong that I can whether you've been hearing and all look where everything goes forever for. By the way you know and in again I've referred to the -- -- peace and the interview that I'm Dennis and Callahan Friday and that in in Sherman pointed that out obviously very close. To the situation while working for the New York Post and the problem with the Alex Rodriguez probably from the very get ago. He's surrounded himself with yes -- only wants to listen to people who will tell exactly what he wants to hear a lot of exciting. I don't understand I do understand well I don't understand. We did not -- -- competitive flow he did not detail what we're not the carry. What do you know -- it was the -- atop his game when he started. Met some of the stuff here's the problem and it's the same old story stated Barry Bonds have to stoop to it. When -- he started using steroids in the mid to late ninety's did McGwire McGwire might have had to do because all the injuries responds with the giants when he's that it wasn't the pirates not a guitar. And it was it was not right away. It was it was -- later on in his career when he saw. Sosa and McGwire hitting all those home runs of Larry Johnson cheering at the 99 all star game. That kind of thing. I did and how does that -- a close doors open. With a -- the ultimate cure. The problem goes forward buckled over what you eventually get particular. Which you've got Deloitte virtually -- cut. They -- they've got some -- about government and and good to be a great example was. This kid to play the out of occasionally during Obama who would do. Because the fans politely told the world shortly -- -- the ball away if we can pull off blow back usually every minute of the period if -- himself with a Major League record sure. And any team that plays them. It's some amount or kind of lead you have you have to stop looking over your shoulder they just seem. They're up and I don't either they were -- -- way right. Others shipping more about these yes and what -- years ago when they have a -- No I I can see that in I think you saw I think yesterday was a microcosm of that they could easily go on down the tubes again -- -- -- -- -- Phillies it. You have a career and. Our activities in the -- Phillies now what 1415 games under 500 Charlie Manuel fired -- see -- rumor now so long to be there at the manager they are finally got the -- here's the other thing that bothers me with that though and that's why is that there is such a division between the general manager in the manager. Like who do you blame like you know the general manager that I want to gore -- now. All these big contracts are all these different guys and then they don't pay now would amend the manager gets fired while you look at Philadelphia Phillies did two years ago there -- no reason why pay attention more to the Phillies than I normally would have a colleague in the English department. At my high school -- from Philadelphia and you know you look at that rotation when they added Lee came back for the second go round. And Halladay. And the kid at first base Ryan Howard. You figure how how -- you know chase is Chase -- yeah and and calls this team. Gonna possibly be stopped is given the World Series rings and -- look at -- look at the Angel Angel -- some point. When does a light going on -- news -- saying about the likes of chairing Tennant stuff. Maybe he gets it now I -- dodges are playing extremely well right now when they've been revived to make up the big payroll but again. On the normal circumstances Dodgers are the aberration near the old school freeagent team that you know very it worked for both teams if you look at look at retrospect. About that deal everybody's thrilled that Magic Johnson. And the Los Angeles Dodgers rescued the Red Sox in mid August last year they were headed for disaster anyway. Who needed Gonzales who needed Beckett. It didn't these guys were toxic elements in the clubhouse. We X expert needed them. From that club -- we actually got rid of them or even got rid of. I thought it was ball we're right back aggregation app and a good riddance. And I only about -- -- get the dodges. But here that there Gonzales right leads in batting lead and -- -- bright and RB I want it and on page on climate finance and he's in he's perfect where he is in my eyes traveling a rate he'd -- -- tonight in pianist for the Red Sox. What would come up with a schedule like that when they play -- Sunday night game and they got to fly after -- night and then and you know a lot and I I I hate to bring up this topic Larry. It does sound like you're channeling your inner majoring in Dallas here but they're playing 8 o'clock eastern. Okay then -- at the travel to San Francisco the off days Thursday not Monday makes absolutely. No sense but to add insult to injury. Guess what they're not gonna have for six straight road games chicken. Note that they might have chicken they might have beer but what they have. The designated hitter. War are six straight well I played they have have been if you want to be realistic about the government getting that much protect him from prison base in UVs Ortiz over there and am dale -- rob -- about earlier. Tom he frontal guy in his work and everything he does a good job over there. Ortiz -- Ortiz he's not bad enough -- I'm not bad he's a regular law right off a season for his basement but he's he's not like some guy out there words don't mean anything the pretty good job. Is listening to dale and Bradford this morning as I was folding laundry when -- my many household tasks. And they were discussing the DH which has been a topic that's been up for debate for many many years since they instituted way back in 1973. And remember was it last year to that was two years ago was two years ago has Francona was still the manager. If you remember back on the in the old interleague schedule they played most of the games in June. The Red Sox had nine straight. National League road games which means you really neutralized Ortiz as a designated hitter he had to put him at first base. Since they're now spreading out these interleague games throughout the season it's not just one little -- in the calendar. I do agree they have to come up with. Either you have the DH for both leagues. Or you get rid of the DH for both weeks they have one. We have the DH in the other one -- with the DH makes absolutely no sense particularly now is your staggering all these in. -- and this isn't -- it's like it's like playing of the patriots playing and NFC games. And and and the AFC they can you call for field goals account for three points and in the in the governor. They can they can he uses accounts for five about a -- chorus that's growing at all up in not allowing people who do things that they use to deal with the problem is for the Red Sox this is the one team. That you could in one fan base that you would you know the answer you want the DH. Where you're not don't want DH in the resounding answer of course almost unanimous would be -- Yeah plus Padilla because you have the Preston yeah DH Jim Baker there are many great DH is right war that so what that position -- and Kelly. To the old time baseball rule where the pitcher hits every time out all right let's take a break 617. 7797937. Attacks like you know what 379. 37 mustard and Johnson -- a Sunday and Sports Radio WEEI.

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