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Mustard & Johnson Sunday Edition - Should the Patriots Cut Tim Tebow

Aug 18, 2013|

Tim Tebow had an awful game Friday as he played the entire second half for the Patriots against Tampa Bay. Mustard & Johnson discuss the future of Tebow and if he deserves a spot on the New England roster.

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-- Receiver. That is the Renaissance man himself Kenny Albert double duty talk about versatility Friday night doing the at Tampa Bay patriots game down in Foxborough. Takes a trip up to 128. By a 95 to Fenway Park and does the fox baseball game along with Tim McCarver. Patriots winning on Friday night Red Sox winning on Saturday Kenny Albert the good luck charm for all Boston sports teams. I I just think again debate the only mistake that I found in the Tivo situation. Is to see -- Belichick is thinking right -- comment on whether he likes them either going to die you know does not like you announced yesterday I -- like a -- -- -- it's as important reform Bradford set up and I gold unless -- know what went wrong -- saying big east is an -- like a decent guy -- yesterday I felt like -- I hope you're backing off on that snow on March I think and yes yesterday you said. You're rooting for him because he's a nice guy well aren't all the other guys nice guy I don't I don't know -- or you know that since he was nice guy you -- -- of them now -- of -- in had a discussion -- -- from his presentation. And how's the how in how he has handled some of the things that he's handled which I have been alike. He seems like a pretty good guy in an in handling on different situations are rooting for me I would like our. But do we really care about the personalities of any of these playoffs but if you do I need to -- all Roger Angel again visit there is some people -- that are more likable Warren Sapp by the way is not that was a life you -- person I don't but I know we've had I know in the on the big show when they were down they doing Super Bowl. Our radio. Gigs now on the he was not that easy to work where it is now is very. Out of control would -- his behavior in the likes it when Mueller and stuff like that Andy's not Sudanese army and government reform all right a -- by. OK so. Tim Tebow has got that going form that he is -- are out at -- I might down there anymore. But people that I've talked to Karen I've -- to examine the other patriot beat -- in the -- In -- seems to be -- genuine article in terms of just trying to be a nice guy January FL player at the national football bat well we don't that's the question I think he can do certain things. Why. Are you a lot like the hands of frustration for our attic he can run athletic. Out. Okay -- BC camera is throwing a football out well that's not have asked not -- yes it is -- telling him he's seen him run. Yeah OK you don't think for a guy his size he runs pretty good for you and he's not Warren -- -- -- -- I'm just like you ask me questions on -- in Vienna -- yeah. -- reason giving tangible reason the only tangible reason that we know is by definition of the position. He can't seem to perform. It's. What you want that I doubt I am I think there are great -- the patriots in I don't believe I've said this and I get criticized by one Texas all you do is just provide a counterargument to Larry Larry say something they used. Well that's the -- -- -- and everything exactly Jessica according to Gregg are no absolute -- are now I can guarantee -- the sun will be out tomorrow morning you can guarantee that I -- have you checked before I -- I already know -- it'll be out to -- my -- where you -- -- you can't. -- I can -- -- just because a cloud -- weather is relative -- you know -- even because the cloud covers as it doesn't mean at times not -- -- Nevada where freezing to -- all right you're -- and you're. Absolut world weren't speaking -- -- that we are in sports talk radio is that you -- Asia Pacific could make a prediction I don't believe that Tim Tebow should be on this team. I think that Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels are exercising. Hubris that trying to make something out of a player that simply does not hand why do you think every quarter were still missing arrogant about it if you're trying to give the guy shot maybe he sees something that we don't see. That does not directly have anything to do with throwing the football. Was announcer. Technical issues were producer you know while I have moment brewery in human. I'll. -- pales comment a moment for Larry is that I don't find I don't know why you calling Belichick and in again those arrogant I think their arrogant arrogant because Josh McDaniels. Is trying to justify. Picking Tim Tebow in the first round when he was running the show out in Denver. Bill telecheck is trying to prove. To Rex Ryan that he can make something -- -- Tim Tebow because that was that is that is a -- -- -- army is about -- you eighteen but threw down the dumbest things that elements that you and that is things on. Line where the current rating -- are on -- that. Surely you honestly think all ballots jackets three occupier well what grass I think and you -- so that's the -- right they aren't giving RX when I don't fret guitar -- enough you would dispel all doubts you know one. I I have tried to come up with any football reason. Were Tim Tebow is president because be on the table and things that may not secretly until I tell I'm not down at the practices what I want you out there at practice -- that guy. That was last year and a guy got out of me down he's accurate made that -- is state. There were no way I am saying is probably doing things behind the curtain I have no idea I would say I would start paying attention to what has stood there -- just honest to god. Eight do you honestly think ballots that went that. I'm really wants to Iraq's real reason for -- you know short of a better explanation. I'm trying to figure out why the reason for Tim and I behavior is on this team may be he's got an intangible the Arab it will not privy to. I -- are. Behind it. Seriously. All all like all we really know about any of these players I don't care -- you claim to know where you -- contacts OK you're -- source I'm a patriot and -- -- inside that I know that term and fly them what everybody -- that al-Qaeda exactly so from my very outside for a full perspective all I know is that Tim Tebow. And I've seen him play in Denver didn't -- much and in New York last year playing for the jets seen him pre season. He is sadly over is that he's under equipped to play in the national football now guess what. I agree with US. Is still an area that we don't know it logically it doesn't make any sense. Is Belichick one of the best coaches in the league as the OK so then why don't care where I felt like. This speeches are written well bill. Shaq as a as an -- does or doesn't luckily possibly I cannot figure out these which I imagine a day of the no more regularly handles of the marsh on the security got no more than your legs and I is that Iberia and -- my credit. I'm just think. It brought out. Hold both of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know I think in every -- just learning the offense -- and staying off of decision making. You know timing and other serious -- better and every play being put this. Well consistency is hasn't exactly been the hallmark -- Tim Tebow -- ten year so far patriot uniform. Just we thought it couldn't get any worse after his performance in game one of the preceding as the Eagles yes. A new rock bottom was established. In the second half of the game on Friday night and we continue to ask the question some people might be bored by the topic. But. I guess Larry figures as long as Belichick is keeping on the team there has theories and for what does not make sense. In your little world -- -- -- -- -- and everything is ballot why do you think why do you think you have to go and yeah I am I gave you my -- I'll have Rex -- opinions ups are going to ask you anything that -- above that god cannot teaching for two weeks do you get to get by -- Democrat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After only two months of love vacation this year the shortest vacation history night at the remind axle line. Jack in north walk your next check -- radio. Jack. Guys got our idea that we got. Back. God Steve. Bill and Jack well the problem is that we are lines unfortunately are malfunctioning some names are kind of look around -- so I have no idea who I'm going anyways right you're working hours alleys are. One year you. Are okay do you admit this much in and you -- -- what you want to talk about. Is he still on the team. Art and love and supporting Obama. Obama I'd like you -- a couple of people actually. Garnett at abacus I mean they would get remote picture -- -- -- okay. That note -- we -- automatic -- what advice and -- They're gonna try to if you keep saying with a wild cat may be in place and tight end but obviously. Put him in just with a regular -- they argued quarterback. But that -- Eric out today and destruction in Iraq before 12. Okay if you are. It is if you -- winning some other things for him. Would you be showing them during the exhibition season. Move that -- let me you're saying he's -- make the king and whatnot are there about the practice. They're gonna use pot they're gonna assume -- -- in practice that he can give it you get thinner than a regular day. I mean I think I think that's as they really what as you know low -- even in the games they're playing they don't have a game plan. It is going out there and and working on certain things and just. Just try and go ahead. In the weather at this level equipped with with Hugo do you obviously proven he can play football a spirited at a high level call. Okay eat he don't like any cure you know it felt for all clear you seem like he's been out let it right person. Do you think seeing is the one that -- resisted anything but a quarterback you'd think that I don't wanna be excited I don't wanna be all you know -- not expecting it. That's a fascinating question -- you realize that before the patriots signed him. I -- he had no other suitors. Except playing in Canadian Football League or arena football so. If -- him and this is my last chance to play anywhere in the national for probably -- -- are -- going there and say I'll do whatever you -- -- -- think of the best place for Amazon certainly been talked about before is Jacksonville. He's got a built -- audience down there right around the corner from where -- played. In college. They they have. You know tremendous. Interest in what Tebow does it's a team that is not contending necessarily at this point. Why not send the Jacksonville makes sense to make. It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense here. And they can't get another quick quiz question earned a little bit off the topic but you are literally a -- in baseball game yes. -- that the game last night and one of the obvious obvious thing than he does short it shouldn't be. Why would the picture compared to get warmup tosses and that's New -- and the -- and the -- -- Britain is not ready for a quarterback that. You know court excellent balance didn't -- in this world a -- receive that he thought I eat practice and that is now on the back and or whatever they each got the ball -- -- get a chicken -- coming up the walk in the open but our problem. Thinking well that's -- -- I don't -- -- operatives try to bring ever grabbed the L hockey IQ they pulled the goalie -- -- Ackerman and -- hope yet it appears Charlotte are your basketball player you get out of five minutes of general jumper I was thinking about that particular. And I. And loving their strategy leaders and the ball offensively. You ready at all. Well I think that the theory is and it's so delicate each mound is different obviously the mound in the bullpen is. A different. Theoretically in the mound. On the diamond so they need to adjust the robber and the mound but I think you're exactly right the other point is -- call. And you know we always go back to the old days in the games were much quicker always under two and a half hours. One of those reasons was you know we talked about earlier pitchers. Pitched nine innings he didn't have all these bullpen replacements -- time. Great point 6177797937. Gentlemen I give -- -- came and he came in with a golf -- If you like the golf cart though he didn't doubt Jack you're next -- sports right Jack. And they've got guys up. You -- all I can almost guarantee you what they're gonna do. Is he did not make the extreme and roster but he's going to be the scout team he's going to be one of the reserve -- a practice. -- BC he can't he's he can't be on the practice court. Because he's already played it as a -- playing time yeah service time. So he's got to make the 53 man roster. I believe I think -- inadvertently. And the reason there will be a quarterback on and the patriots for a 234 games. That's when they're gonna need people whether it's whether it looked pretty out there and dignity and ministries and -- -- -- that the actually game. Took off. In doing the player after engine. Running at almost sometimes the next two running. You know and and it. Thanks to lose them running. -- Jack let me say this with -- there were -- -- it together. He can't. Past that's what he's saying he says exclusive running he's claiming that you just -- -- -- -- his legs so they stack up a barks and then when he got to -- And they. Want to see them again. Yes we've -- the number and by the way -- -- -- No we saw some games that he won -- -- I was one of his punched a patriot who will be laughed a little bit for a couple quarters and he got pummeled. If you remember him being as good as they can and can't I don't. Because of the fact that I mean I don't oh my gosh every have you ever watch the games the Philadelphia game. -- and potentially as a -- in the -- As a smokescreen I -- her daughter look as bad as and it's all. Part of politics. Of -- goal plan he's walling piece I -- -- you know what I liked. About it on the Rex Ryan theory you know but the the other is that -- saying when mark for the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jack was -- one of the great myths. Of the modern NFL gain in December and January when the weather it's cold in the weather becomes inclement. That you need the running back the last time a running back took over game. In cold weather it's still -- pass happy league all the rules they -- the quarterbacks. You still need to throw the football. To win why -- the best quarterback. In the National Football League in the post season last year Joseph Flacco -- Joseph Flacco do he went long he wasn't afraid to play the vertical game. And even the most in club the situation including Denver with thirty seconds left me through that up in the air in the the DB from December whip Don it -- of the miracle. Touchdown to tie the game and they won in overtime believe me. This idea I think the patriots are going to be a pretty good running team they certainly showed flashes of the last few were -- 12100 yards. -- very impressive in the -- in the pre season. But still comes down the quarterback he's going to win by throwing the ball. And you know you know give me a better explanation you think -- is better than mine. He's gonna win with his legs in this very difficult December and January weather in New England I don't think so. 61777. -- -- look up your computer model we're aware I'll be happy about Arizona -- Africa. Its. -- the cup -- and I think you must be up to Bob Kraft box. Watching the pre season game. -- BioWare and our surveys for Cilic -- all looking down guys walking encyclopedia is they already know everything when you look at that yes somebody asked me does Larry look at is computers in the show that's all he does I -- not you know why don't you -- that he's just looking for the nearest social well I think I was fascinated by Tom Matt he's. That's your new first came on board who was eat all the quarterbacks for the colts went down and then he had to come and -- quarterback and added. I'm just trying to think about out of when he a player can -- -- play quite -- backed its its historically wonderful. He can do it but there is you know there's of the rules as the emergency quarterback and is the replacement quarterback in this certain rules about what quarters they complain which ones. They -- you're referring to Tom Mattie was a halfback for the colts and 652. Quarterbacks -- agonizing squads though. Incident playing for the Western Conference championship game back in the old NFL. Tom Matty is the quarterback -- -- of course they've played they called the wrong plays number -- heavily at the rest in place that's wrist bands the last half back. Wearing the number forty watt was the quarterback for the Baltimore colts that just happen to be the very first game ever watched on television. Way back when but enough of may let's that talk a little bit about Tebow. Amid a little bit about A-Rod and other topics of your choice 617. 7797937. Text line working as always lots of good ones we'll get to those coming up and our number three mustard and Johnson sports Sunday WEEI.

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