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Red Sox Bench Coach Torey Lovullo: David Ortiz will be fine at first base

Aug 18, 2013|

On this edition of Sundays with Torey, Dale and Rob get into the comfort level with having David Ortiz at first base on the upcoming National League trip. Torey then elaborates on how they managed to get to Yankees starter Hiroki Kuroda yesterday leading to a much needed win.

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Mean I will admit we've sort of had a wrestling theme to our music this morning. But somehow Hulk Hogan's theme music just seem perfect in the aftermath of the Stephen roads story that we. Told you about earlier. And all by the way it fits in perfectly when we're having -- notoriously tough on I think we foreign -- rose at duke beat Minnesota right places -- I I appreciate. About how are you Atari. Don't -- guys are doing great -- I asked this question Robert earlier and I know you guys have bought this through to the nth degree. I don't know if you're if you're able to were willing to share. How much do you think David Ortiz will play at first base this week on the West Coast. -- aren't talking about that and we run -- -- David I think -- prepared you're. Every inning you possibly can over there you know. Took all the guys are -- out. That looks like now you know it'd be. Available. But we you know we're we're talking about that right now we're trying to put the guys with the best situation to be successful you give us the best chance you know. Waiting in -- so. We're trying to. Were turned around after David right now and he is committed to giving it all they can't order probably talked about that tomorrow that we looked with looked so with David wants doesn't with a yesterday. -- -- about tomorrow pre game. What we get there as -- viewers that it does what what I want say is that. It is pretty unique athlete you know it eats personally made little -- -- -- about. And now one of the best best hitters in baseball today. But what he does is he go over there the -- before an outing and actually gain and and take ground balls and looked like he'd been there all year. Sitting go to game function just as easily see out there. It is very smooth. You know it's it's -- work this sport is not standing in -- to salute the city games so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those two elements -- this that interest me number one. The first question -- Does does the conversation changed because it's later in the year. Typically you get to these interleague games announced in June in May and June. But you're right in the middle of this -- mean this is crunch time. The do you have to air on pay you know what rest isn't so much the priority as is we got to win these games. Well we know I don't know right now we were we're going -- These guys know what they're also professional. And that goes without saying that's what they've done I don't have to cover we're we're having that conversation with with these guys that they know. They note that won't work were crucial for the season and if they can get out there that if they're gonna it was all all -- -- -- make that happen chain victory -- currently operating you know he's he's been battling. Some lower some lower -- -- eat it right on right take some straight talk two certain parts of body. But but these guys do they know in. It's nice when we go have a conversation and they'll -- where -- where where were coming from going over there come from in the one common denominator is. We -- go to doctors do whatever it was -- we can't. You know I am I know that the players are gonna go in -- mentality. But the other thing I thought of when I thought -- they were -- being on the field for a long period time was a series in Houston. When he went about fifty for fifty your way every one is on base all the time. And if you would think well that's not gonna -- player downbeat on base. But they were teases benching his his deal and he's managing a lot of things. And he got the day off right after that series. So do you look back at that say hey that's kind of the the warning that we have to keep in mind where were implementing this plan. Exactly got our marker you know and you're right when he was on the outfielder -- -- -- He is from from the first time that you're basically talking about how art that circus was whether it be that Grassley you know he rounds the bases or were on the dirt when he was running. From base to base. He was making that comment and you know he was he went ten -- kind of answered it was it was unbelievable so -- aren't -- -- aren't you. Fabulous -- look capital base a lot of he could get me off the field. Just to be state. There was there was no evidence of and you know re injuring. It's it's. Its -- he just eat you. He's got -- got these guys are all Smart they they don't where they are and other body very very well aren't you just articulate. You know I could -- little sort. The -- in the office -- and that we are certainly in the next day off. But they work and they were connected I think David knows -- this go to -- -- -- is a pretty big. Pretty -- sixteen series course and any kind of look at all the candidates can't we understand that we know that he's going to be up of course when it's possible. -- has been the best Yankee pitcher all season long and you guys did a real good job getting on him what was the key to having success against the guy. -- so far this year has been very tough for everybody. Yeah he's been a part of our side I think -- -- -- -- pregame patient just you know wait out the pitch you can for. Are our guys are all very professional with their approach. And that's a very loosely interpreted baseball that means you know they'll come out of your game plan. Stay with -- you're looking for ballots. And stand in the over the -- Without special approach and we've talked about. These guys that come off it and they're not they really -- -- an -- position and install the idea about the days. I'll -- that that -- pretty exciting time. Drive in the big run but you know they're they're in general signed yesterday pre game. He's better ready to go they're focusing that there -- be great challenges and that it is thirteen for an entire. I heard John in the -- pregame show with joke to -- on talking about you know the the approach at bat with a guy like Kuroda and one of the things he said. Although it seems to fly in the face of the Red Sox normal mentality of being patient and taking a lot of pitches. A lot of times part of the success success here is being willing to swing at the first pitch and you seem to be doing that more yesterday. Well you know -- Where we're gonna patent yet you know I know that's that's I'll interpret. We really wanna see -- lift our game plan we want it we will drive pitch count up. Didn't that open as soon as possible. In insert certain times one batter. So you can see 3530. To 35% in. Over the course of this for a fact you know in that those types of things to overlook -- I can I go back in the not a several times you know we'll look at his pitch count for. For game and it's in the high twenties and so it's ridiculous. But in certain situations at certain guys. We we will change working on a little bit and -- put on his first -- -- is that that you see. He's hurt our maturity were good he knows how far. Our what are glossy dark place they want it analysts who were not yet the results so that's our. Certain situations with certain guys that NATO on the first original and -- that's what. -- -- two injury questions you referenced really quickly Napoli that. You thought I think he says that he thought he was going to be okay. Is he going to be okay. Going forward as an MB lineup today if you know and also your reaction to when Pedroia will -- the ball office for. Our world Napoli are big sister dated date say no -- anything that would be too serious. You know leaders and other guys about their every single -- and in John has been trying to manage it -- is is that -- possibly can't. Our problem now is that when you and hostage. He he doesn't want you he -- been upset. And -- we want our players are apparently good talker like -- the world we still we try to win today that's usually not a mentality. John is a great job in managing. Snaps playing time. And I just thinking you an extra day and another restart that he was starting in the orchestra industry knows often -- we look slot -- quickly. So. Given that I think you'll -- now -- they're very very quickly but you know he may have to manage a couple more games here and there. On the on the road trip going to go to play internationally. Wouldn't we saw that -- that in itself up doesn't let you know I've. -- over the political colossus yeah I think entire. Stadium the exact same way we didn't that I got to here's a guy that goes out there he is the art or art team. He is the -- the team leader by his example. And if there's one guy he can't lose its sustenance and we know that you have the issue with this for a couple years ago all the off their -- and a small bone in their. So who really really. Collectively holding our breaths and then went all out there aren't we saw on get up there was there was -- side release and the other two -- -- part of -- today -- I was talking a lot of that in there aren't a lot of report. -- -- means that. We know that the life of Major League Baseball player can be far from glamorous senior and one of those stretches here. It's almost hard to describe with this this whole thing is like it it. It's almost oh weird thing the -- coming home to play three games then head right back out again this is his toughest stretches this team have all year. Yeah sixteen and nineteen on the road. It allowed and not just quick road trips such -- stroke -- we're going brought to the west coaster on the back out this morning I don't think I'd seen it. Quite to that to be honest with you it was a night game here yet piano and but the big I would in nineteen tomorrow contentious bill. Those are saying that they just don't see pop up all -- but I guess we're planning at the end fox and their mobile will play good baseball to welcome. But as we -- all your long. I think these guys will take a look at the situation. Figure out how to get through it and and I think a lot grind through. Court reflect how different are they let you play a lot or in -- right now. But you know we look at the schedule wait at least -- -- -- and -- this -- -- -- -- -- we addressed that we talked about it internally within -- -- -- if we get this situation or in this thing at this point time you know he's got a lot there responses we believe in them. You guys are doing something a little different after the game tonight you're staying in home in -- beginning on an airplane. And heading for San Francisco. First of all I assume you had to get Major League baseball's permission to do this and second of all what went into the decision to travel tomorrow morning. Good question you know I I don't know the dynamics of what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A couple of players in -- with the idea. Granted in the jargon and you know this is the so what -- seem so great. It'll. They told that I get eroded jar -- listen -- that -- opens up a spot discussion of the tunnel for the best solution possible now words do. Come back -- and I can't have a decent night's rest not a nicer with a decent night's rest in the six hours of sleep. Hit the ball market you know. Early morning with a 10 o'clock departure. From the airport. It's insincere Cisco. At 1 o'clock in we are running those time by the guys as they were set in that I think. There at the key there was the six hours of sleep tonight in our own bit. The only problem is going to be an airplane. You know every -- selecting governor and council and this is the alternative was to. Knock -- on -- -- until 2 o'clock you know sleep standing up basically. -- -- Cisco probably or fired in the morning sleep all afternoon and get their groggy AV I think. Mostly guys decided to spend the flop in -- -- try to get much rest possible. And going out there for moral. Or you had to sleep doctor coming in correct. It materialized so what did you learn from the sleep doctor although. A -- been told to sleep doctors not a fair and a five hour energy which are idiom I'm disappointed about. But. One or so what this sleep doctors say it. All the period just hear me all -- also that the U -- war. But they recommend eight hours sleep you know you know on the schedule so it's it's it's from 1 o'clock until 9 o'clock in the morning don't -- Don't go beyond that they're writing our. He recommends a nap mid day. -- I'd love that. What's which by the way -- this is conducive to a Major League Baseball. But. You know he recommends eating off your feet. Obviously migrating. Obviously. -- to -- here everybody was putting into that the giving yourself enough time to laid out into the proper rest you talked about the common denominator there. And you know eat eat you -- my student. Three to eleven. And I think the reason why we worked. Were taken or we're not we're not leaving tonight is that on the -- in Iraq there was there was nothing for 4 AM local the shortest one Austria so. 3 AM until an -- noting to do. It there the voters who I think that that. Actually that the great form I don't wanna be there are a lot of situations where these guys have a lot of their their mind. You know whether whether how to reform now or in that there are there job and excited about it or maybe -- on the -- -- -- they can't wait till. There's so hard game meddling in physically very -- as a retailer mentally these guys -- so I can't turn our brains are asleep and we don't want -- -- that's why -- prop -- the -- there in these guys that are all. We'll Torre be -- you know we survived -- -- game as well so. Are we won blah daddy alien like he wasn't trying to set up for this question -- or ask ask them lift the walk off god that doesn't make -- -- Alaska -- to Oregon ahead and gave the game of baseball was a real winner that day. Wore a lot what do walk up and -- -- it doesn't matter it doesn't matter and who have the law no no Bob this sort of try to enough you invited into the Rogers Centre to to work out of the problem is. Is really not conducive. The workout plan where you take a 160 days off and then you work out the day before I am a so thank you anyway. Yeah like -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna actually berries and BP and their QB -- he chickened out but they all hold -- as well -- repeat anything New York -- And they almost -- a bench clearing brawl to Torre was great. Oh my -- so laid out about what you are you I'm -- They -- a New York Boston media bench clearing brawl would be what we would describe as a first swing at it. Exactly while -- -- another question how the media report on immediate fight with the players it will report on well like I. -- report on that -- very nicely. We always preach at the time into the game tonight like on the West Coast trip. Our story. That is -- -- development coach the Boston Red Sox. Does that every Sunday that meant to sort of evolved into that and I enjoy it I'd we we get all the stuff. News about bases in formative but the asleep stuff speaks explanation why they're leaving. Buried you know explanations. He's a doctor that guy with the guys that they brought in in Red Sox played in Tokyo. If I was traveling with the -- that time and they had this guy who came in and and talk to us about you know what to do seventeen hour plane ride in doing nine atheists -- -- informative -- don't know but it's just like there's nothing you can do Evans now or I'll never forget coming off that trip members seated at a team. Yeah I was probably not exactly the way they had drawn up how to start a season now and you play. Games that count Tokyo and compact complacent or pre season and -- -- back we have the work you know at Dodgers stadium when he got back before the -- -- him and -- ended the regular seventeen what. On -- yeah fund. Look you look over I was in the dugout look over and down the united delegate Dave Ortiz is a sound sleep. And I -- job. I wish I'd seen this text question before or ego. As MLB a lot of sleeping pills for players in case they wanna sleep on the plane Ambien. I'm sure that with a prescription. I think that that's -- talkative Farrell about the sleep doctor Cayman. -- equaled his disputed that is biscuit like passed about five feet. Tom and asked about Ambien entity Ambien is so powerful. Or something of that strength and so powerful it's not really recommended -- you wanna do something like a melatonin. Some Tylenol PM yes and so on those lines but all those going to the doctor says it. Which is obviously right -- eight hours taking naps. This is the baseball players. Had done that does not fit into their -- Not so much a one quick note for because you asked me earlier about Mick Foley. And I didn't know that he's not doing your -- he's not doing standup comedy. He has and my name might Twitter follower Tony Branko. Points out that he is performing at Rhode Island comedy connection September 12. Well you'd be there. It's tempting. Do you -- the documentary -- have. -- Thought it was on sorry you until you click at at what could I have a copy article you wanna. Don't wanna watch it does sometimes. Race in the whole thing with the rock and chair shot it's there in the front -- it's yeah. Shot to -- set -- up there. It's quite a standup comedy. Take quick break we'll try to squeeze in a few more call 6177797937. AT&T -- minus 37937. Austin Johnson company and top the hour 1 o'clock Sports Radio WE yeah.

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