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Dale and Rob try to figure out why Tim Tebow is still in New England

Aug 18, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford discuss the possibility that the only thing keeping Tebow in New England is his relationship with Josh McDaniels. Tebow turned in a lackluster performance in the second preseason game that might have punched his ticket out of New England.

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You know -- way now both military and will close some more close on film you know it's good to see us move on. Could see him -- was -- production thanks so we have a lot of plays on offense and first. Well the first group and then quite a few plays -- those two minute drives at the end that we are kind of 22 minute Dresser in the second quarter. So you know -- to get a lot of most snaps with the whole second unit. And the third unit and a lot of offensive -- period I am at the point about number five. That if I don't I don't pick through it -- -- yes exactly. I don't see the patriots keeping. It help the team win it do something. They don't they don't keep -- guy but the last time I -- keep a guy. What thought was really getting it of victory lap was Troy Brown. They didn't -- a lot of the time and -- dressed at the end of the season in and quite so that was Kevin -- and I think and I'm not saying it was mr. -- -- Yeah stadium I think we gave him a little more leeway than they would and rightfully so I understand but I did say that you know they're not gonna -- number five around if there -- something he can do concrete in and I know the caller was being. Facetious and joking about you know leading the team prayers you gotta do something. A one might great. Twitter followers Tony Branko says explained to me how Chad Ochocinco survived a whole season with -- it's a great question ballot question. Asked by Tony. Played in fifteen games we have fifteen catches. I think you know they thought he was gonna do stop they they thought he was a threat to do some you know open. And I think it's. A little different you know with a number of wide receivers on a team that probably didn't feel that they had an alternative they didn't have anybody who was better they just didn't get what they want about him. But they they kept him for his football and his football ultimately failed in which is why is out of the game right now. But they didn't keep him around just because they're but -- like him just because it was a wicked good Tweeter I mean they they kept him around for his football. Which he -- Tweeter I just over twenty years ago -- -- said it set the but you know is -- common thread in the sense. That you do you weigh in some of things he's done before and I'm not saying that Tim Tebow has is great accomplishment FL career. But. He's won a playoff game. He's won -- -- and he's you know what he's about in terms of being a winning football player. That doesn't mean he's going to be good quarterback but does that give him more of the benefit of the doubt does that give him more -- just like with Chad Johnson did. Denied his. Didn't we know how they'll love affair that Belichick had Ted Johnson before he -- the patriots we have the NFL films. Audio of him praising him in pre season games and games and if so isn't is there an element of that. Well that will they weigh in any of this other stuff I'm not talking about. -- the be a nice guys in the locker room. That that will not be a reason no no but they history Josh McDaniels history with them not he's always liked them he drafted them. He dropped them for a reason. And will they waive any of that when making this decision. I think ultimately it's going to be a simple it's going to be a simple decision a very simple. What does he bring to the football team and if it's not enough to to give me more than a replacement body will be. If if what he brings to the team is on protect. Just using that because that's one of the things he's doing. And did it with a New York Jets if what he brings his punt protector much better off. With a a linebacker or an extra safety who can be a punt protector but who could give me something down the road you know -- -- -- that. Eight offensive lineman or two I wanna punt protector -- like I do I wanna keep an extra wide receiver to wanna keep Leon Washington. As an extra running back but a pretty good kick returner or -- I want that punt protector I mean that's what they'll. The decision will ultimately come down to that. All I'm saying is if it's close. They -- any other stuff and in the other and I wanna make that clear. Not talking about the other stuff for him being a nice guy the other stuff is the history of Tim Tebow. What he's done as a football player. That way that in I don't know I guess they get away everything in because some of the only QA in history some of the people on the eighteenth he takes on have already mentioned this. Tomorrow Josh for -- is history. With him with -- but that those who will not to named. An awfully number. Number I know but OK we get a heavily code works for. By Josh McDaniels how much influence -- judgment -- have one that's. Because Josh McDaniels -- that of course I don't -- I nobody. Clearly. Josh McDaniels. Has a view of of Tim Tebow. It may be other people -- -- he's the guy who drafted him in the first round. I don't I at. I I don't think that he will compound his mistake here. You know if if what he sees his you know -- and local better than -- -- with the jets last year but. I did I did move up to traded to draft in the first round in Denver itself so let's keep him it's not that map he sees you do minimum. Everybody does no no question I did of -- to go to a little bit now the player. Yeah I know why he had not every -- he's a good and Tim -- actually -- that by. If there if if birdies MP easy. For lack of fighting a better office coordinator. If you lose you -- -- did as an offensive coordinator. Would he says -- Weis -- yet I mean Josh McDaniels. Has a history with Tim Tebow. Dislike bring in Lloyd had a history Josh McCain won't help on the -- it it what it it because ultimately. The guy who makes that final decision is gonna say look I know you love them and I know you've got a history -- them. I'd rather have this linebacker guerrilla Bancorp. Yeah as several people have pointed out another reason the patriots kept Chad Ochocinco around was the money it. Yeah getting rid of Chad Ochocinco was gonna cost them a lot more money. And cutting Tim Tebow was gonna cost the as well I was basically nothing yet has not could be -- I mean that part you're right it would be much easier. A cut number five and it would have been cut Chad Ochocinco from a financial perspective.

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