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What positives can be taken from Friday’s preseason action?

Aug 18, 2013|

Dale and Rob review the preseason Patriots action against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and take a closer look at the role players on this team. They question whether or not the Patriots should be concerned about the history of undrafted free agent Kenbrell Thompkins.

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Yes yes yes now. What life was Daniel Bryan -- from the bank. Try to keep up rob where we're trying to educate through that again. Review Craig through I feel like I feel like -- cup right now before we -- who. In another part of the city has pulled -- tournament like this that and take us. Yes and extort right now even as we speak he was begging me to put I bet he wanted to make him play. As we set the patriots. Play their second pre season game Friday night out we thought based on the fact that he practiced Thursday and we thought it was entirely possibly gonna see Tom Brady and you did you sure deadpan. He'd look just as good as he did. Against Philadelphia against the erratically better defense in Philadelphia. I try not to read too much -- you know wins and losses in this in that but to try to judge ones against ones. You know Brady's out there playing against the Tampa Bay number one defense. More importantly. The patriots number one defense was out there against Josh Freeman and theoretically the number one Tampa Bay offense. I I probably was more excited about what I saw from the Patriots defense Friday night. Then I was from the Patriots offense as great as Brady was as surgical as he wise. The defense really showed me a lot when they were plain ones against ones -- still hasn't. A -- second pre season game and I don't know you can only take what you give him right it is is what you're given the second pre season game. And if the Patriots defense is terrible then we would be talking about how terrible. Sure. But to me it's still. It becomes less and less about this but still all about the back court. It just and it's not for me it's not for me because if we don't just based on what I saw of the guy who starting. That's all the -- nobody -- is the reason dale is that because we're never gonna you'd chance. Are we -- assumed would never needed chance to see them play again I don't want to I know I mean let's they're up 47. And -- let's get a few snaps for Ryan mallet good for him. What if you have to. And yet they don't know if you have to -- -- -- about why doesn't matter to our backup quarterback talk I'm tired of it as soon as you say his name. All sure you get the phones to ring and it doesn't matter because it's boring and it's it's over done it. Right and I record so I really liked him -- I do I admire the way he lived his life I'd like the like Tim Tebow. -- just telling you right now just I'll get off my chest eight. -- not like Tim Tebow is everybody. But why why is out of Tivo why bring it up I tell you with that really like Tivo. A Q arguably bring -- right now to get this right now is an important guy Elliott oh hey listen Matt Cassel. Metcalf forever Matt Cassel. Matt Cassel is an important -- if they almost make the playoffs yet they did. And of -- guys initiative in and they lost the tiebreaker. I just sorry if if Tom Brady goes down. As far as I'm did you think it was worse did you figure hours in Toronto happened and or bride part -- scared us all to death for -- by third base coach children's art. Who might be the biggest patriots and mean this was not joking around all I know. This Louis I said to him like. You know it's it's precautionary. They say what precautionary took months ago yeah you're you're professional sports you know a precautionary means. Means in news you wanna talk after. He was very very cinematic EU for military academy if that's hand but. So you didn't think dude where was your initial reaction. I'm scared to death. I mean I thought it I knew was that -- that he had injured before and I'm driving into NASA and to work with brick. Am listening to assault and Tom Curran down it's like saying you know. There are all around him and then and then he came back out on the feelings OK everything's okay. Now he's back off the field and they're taking them up to the bubble. Now we didn't know at that point they were ultimately taking in for an MRI but I assume it's that big Brigham and women's building that's right there beside the stadium must have an MRI machine in there. He's taken right up there in an economy but yeah sure I thought I thought they're done. Were they on the air were to happen. To they saw the whole million full review of the play by play well this massage table some that. While. It's pretty united. I tell you why it again I was in Toronto so you just hear news Tom Brady the VI. Email alert. Text alert Tom Brady taken out of practice. Perfectly legitimate panic. Already figured out a pet practice I don't care apart that that's news that. Boggled my mind when you saw the photos the next day. And you see that he's not wearing his race every race he had as the silver sleeve on his leg but didn't have his -- on. Then went when he came back Thursday to come to practice -- hit the brakes on and my guess is. Other than walk throughs he's gonna have the brace on for now one and why he didn't. I I I can't explain why wouldn't you have can you imagine if it was worse. And -- From. The lower so besides OK we can't talk about Tim Tebow sorry I meant to just we can't talk about right now. We know you can talk about a my point is it they are what matter to me right now what matters to me right now. I love what I've seen from Danny Amendola. You knew that you know that -- -- -- they he's going to be a good. Top flight -- was very everyone loves put a lot of stock commitment to increase if he's healthy he's going to be -- -- It's a question about it will be helping -- -- I like what I've seen from -- Sutton felt. So far -- got a hold tight end up Nicole tight -- one you couldn't do anything about one guys injured in all likelihood won't be able to play for it -- week seven. Wells except fell to show me a lot in the amount of time I've seen him out there. Here's why like Kendall pumpkins here's why you care about crime out in Texas brought this up on the eighteenth tee -- What you get for Mac -- Good draft pick -- you have doubt you for Mac cast except Matt Cassel played right so so you're the draft of capital you've got in return. I don't want Ryan mallet to play so what I get in return for Ryan mallet isn't going to be much to not gonna be as much as Matt Cassel because he's not in my world isn't gonna have played at all. No idea this is how you start building value if you're gonna trading guy is as I understand why we don't wanna talk about this I understand that. I'm just cleaning the pitcher what interest me one -- the backup quarterbacks in game two. Of one of the most interesting things about those games. By Buddhist biscuit Portis to pass that they're there I agree or you. Things much more positive for me I don't care about positive or negative smear the play of the number one defense against the number one offense. The the pass rush the pressure on the quarterback. All that was was very positive from now you got to do -- real gaming you gotta do look for an entire game and and you know you gotta do it in week one and all that stuff. But all I can judge I don't wanna judge threes against the reasons up like that I I just. Try to look at your number one defense against their number one offense how -- look really good. Yes or really it was a negatives. Well the negatives that. We we can identify deposit we've we've done that everyone's gonna do what of the -- as well are you concerned about. Our -- for persons day I'm still concerned about the defense even though I like how they -- well you know you were concerned before the pre season started about the offense. Are you still concerned about the it's -- I had the benefit of the doubt argument. When the offense. That they've gotten the benefit of the doubt for me we didn't know who is gonna step up. But benefited doubt they've always figured out. Are you concerned still concerned about the offense. No I like what I've seen from the running game especially now what they ran the ball really well last year -- Yeah and they -- the fourth leading rushing offense in the NFL a year ago. And I've seen nothing that would indicate that -- there's any drop off there. We probably. Over -- little Garret blunt a little bit based on the first pre season and why I'm always wary of these these early pre season games. It didn't make him turn in a hurry and to the texture who says guys this Kimbrel Tompkins seven -- give you pause. The seven arrest came before he was eighteen years old. He had a troubled childhood there's no doubt about that he had a checkered past no doubt about that. All of this arrest came before he was eighteen. Now even sense that you know. Most of this college -- this junior college and then transfers to Batman transfers here he had two solid years at the University of Cincinnati. Is junior and senior years. No indications of of off field problems that I know love. As I said all seven of his arrest came before he was eighteen years old. I'm okay with what you don't -- you have to ask you -- parts because everything should give you applause. That's lesson that we should have learned. I'm not saying anyone's gonna go out and kill anybody or murder anyone nobody -- known by this we talked about this this is one of the part of the conversation -- -- Aaron and stuff. Which was we have to look at this with a discerning guy. Because before we did as much oh by the same token you don't want all for -- no -- on what happened. Over the summer you go now to you now don't wanna say about Kimbrel you know what we're not taken a chance on him. Arrested seven times before he was eighteen years old. You know what happened here over the summer adult -- that ball here's here's the the reality of what has happened. As as we've gotten into the pre season here. Which is the Hernandez stuff. Obviously we are talking about that as much because football's going on in not a lot has happened with the -- Hernandez case but just what we are also aren't talking about on. We are talking about the -- stuff either. You know why because ball's going on because these players are actually playing that was the first time I can ever remember hearing about. -- -- A -- on camera stopped the art first time that it was has been brought up. That I've heard on these airwaves. About the concerns about that. -- all right because ball's going on. The lesson here is that. Football -- football starts it becomes about what's on the field we are focused like we work for that sent in hired showed dale. About the -- -- debtor case. Are we have -- as anyone talked about that if it has it has just been in passing. Because we're concerned more about what's going on the -- this is how it works. 6177797937. -- telephone numbers you like to join SA TNT -- minus 37937. We've -- patriots and Red Sox and -- all on the table to discuss with -- Genesis and Brad for Bedford ansari paid -- Morning bill were up -- hello. I had I had a theory in the comment I'm gonna say don't -- them and I'll get a couple of -- here on the the theory being that. As far as -- the replay system. Could that be possible that as they do put 40 with settlement having it. -- Communication. Equipment put -- empire is. Mask or some. Some way shape or form of that and the other thing is the only reason. That her attempt to impose on -- He's -- actually. Beat the kingdom where before we gave up calculated. It's certainly not gonna keep him around -- that com. -- -- make team Marie won't make the team. If he does it's because. -- Bill Belichick and his coaching staff feel that there is a serviceable real role that he can serve to help the team. And I can keep him around the lead prayer and -- can keep him around that. Because -- -- -- -- I shepherd the ne'er do wells and -- if there that they're gonna keep him because he can play football for them and help. And help them win games. And if they don't think he can that he won't be here. The idea that that because they signed him and because they put so much time and troubling to coaching in this summer. It's an indication that there's no way they can cut him. -- -- -- Guys or right now guys that they coach cut -- guys are a lot more costly. -- Tim Tebow our it is. And yet use either inquiries. We can't. That's when it comes down to as I said before. I admire Tim Tebow I admire him for a lot of reasons. I don't think. That he's a very good quarterback in the NFL. And in what he's done already to this point hasn't done it hasn't done anything Jada mine. That's fine. Used to -- H you do if you just prodded not an authority to go see you keep do we -- a -- go we're you know rob. Your -- I don't know I started to say you're now you 6177797937. AT&T text minus 37937. It's -- problem sports Sunday here till 1 o'clock Sports Radio WE yeah.

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