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Dale and Rob: Alex Rodriguez and his actions are simply despicable

Aug 18, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford look at the Alex Rodriguez situation within the Yankees organization concerning the slugger’s rehab. Dale and Rob are getting tired of A-Rod’s antics including hiding behind his lawyer while taking shots at the organization.

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I know for sure that back when we're talking about the visit of the New York Yankees over the weekend then the arrival of Alex Rodriguez. Back at Fenway Park since all of the suspension. Appeal and all that stuff -- -- really with thinking about before the series started was. How much would Alex Rodriguez get booed on Friday and yes and it was a lot yet office. Never never in my wildest imagining. Never in my. 24. -- care picture drama do assure my house of cards. Might might -- the I could never have imagined. What has happened over the weekend with Alex Rodriguez and every single today. We get you know the latest addition to the homeland script. That Alex Rodriguez and now his new attorney. Joseph talk subpoena and manufactured. Our computer. This sounds like it's it's -- also a sitcom just seem to appear on now Imus show they're really. I call him back when -- -- resume builder Imus was somewhat relevant it was a while ago but I mean today he used that you -- monitor quite often. He is a bombastic. Vitriolic. Quintessential New York City at. A lot of bombast. And saw a lot of mouth not always a lot of substance. And and as I've listened to the stuff that's gone on over the weekend all I can do as many -- -- you'll do this nicer children it'll. I've thought about Mike hits and as they've rolled up over the years. I've come to the realization and I've told each of them as they've gotten older the louder you all are more long night. It's like the best defense is good offense they've done something wrong and they'll start yelling you instead of me yelling at them. -- -- are the more wrong nine WR and that's where Alex arteries. It would you'll lose always said the Soros coaching basketball when you're losing. That's when you complain of the routes but -- as true to its debts and is so little sick Turkmen and on a -- -- he was yelling at the -- the entire time but it is so absolutely true in. You really think about -- your middle of it and he's the biggest impact like. You know I'm not yelling at the -- quite as much and there are probably do the Jackson jobs because club winning. When you're losing you always yelling at the routes. That's what Joseph talked a Pina and Alex Rodriguez have done and I don't know how to begin to describe. How despicable. They ball fall back I mean words will fail me in my attempted describe how despicable Alex Rodriguez and Joseph talked. But let's just start with this simple -- Have either Alex Rodriguez port Joseph talked a -- yet said the words. Alex didn't use performance enhancing drugs known Alison yeah that was past -- -- one of those press conference that's been a tour just one time. Joseph talked a -- says Alex Rodriguez shouldn't be suspended for one inning let alone 211 games. Simple question. Did use performance enhancing drugs because. If -- did not. -- Peta may have a case. EU -- then explained why he shouldn't get suspended for an. Simple question isn't it. This is going to be this is going to be great where we're talking about the Yankees getting out from his contract for at least awhile. The way it's going I'm more fascinated with what happens the other part -- he comes back maybe under contract. Biblical quote -- quote from Randy Levine. Yankees yankees. President. Alec should put up Russia -- subpoena response. We will put up the support our ticket do my best to compete update. We will put up mark my words we will put up Levine is always a big -- but he is going to be humbled eventually. That's what is the iron she has the has jumped up in a real secret -- -- energy from it people -- -- coupled with the country time -- does that -- the until -- got up. Here's what here's what Alex Rodriguez talked opinion have done more than anything else I didn't think this was possible -- got to give credit where credit. It actually made Randy Levine a sympathetic. I did not think that was possible who's out who's who started -- accused naked that's what I mean how he'll be on red -- side. I've never seen anything like it. What they've gotten to what they've actually done here is they take in the guy that day Alex came back the day of the suspensions. And the day he returned in Chicago. You watched -- I want to the entire. Joseph Girardi press conference. Where he was turning himself inside out tying itself in knots. Trying to support Alex Rodriguez -- not support the alleged acts. Army has or has it been anybody more in Alex Rodriguez is corners and Joseph juvenile doll. And what Alex is not done is set all yellow Girardi was plainly when he knew I was hurt as he was hoping I'd get hurt permanently your -- -- It's despicable. I said this the other day. -- it it was fun making the list of Alex Rodriguez for instructions and I'm not talking about the this type transgression but all the things that he has done. Winners you know swipe at Bronson wrote glow slightly in the second. Call for a pop up kissed the Khmer eat popcorn with Cameron Diaz he's just always a little off in his case he fought off. Lot but but my point is. He always finds a way to do the wrong thing. Always. -- take take the past which you thank you don't wanna go down that. Well I was thinking about this you know -- we got word late in the week. That it appeared that Alex Rodriguez -- sixty minutes is right now is -- sixty minutes. That's coming up tonight -- it if they are correct. Alex Rodriguez not only sold out Ryan Braun and generally am Ryan brown tell you the truth he's only slightly better on the respectability -- and Alex Rodriguez. But he -- team. And just sold a dollar a schematic I remember when Alex returned in Chicago police and I got a bunch of Brothers in that dressing in that clubhouse. It took a brother and sold them down the river according to sixty minutes. Yeah so -- asked was if he had any friends left in that clubhouse they were probably ebbing in slipping away. Now after the Girardi stuff is that nobody. Well lots of things you -- -- -- you would expect that he may do it but still in this case you never know. By your point. Everywhere and there's support. -- Carty. The team the players. Well publicly I I don't know I don't but I thought talk about your a lot of players support I really know about but -- by not saying oh man you know I wish it would Roque. We we don't we don't need distraction here. And by. He I think as you said publicly I'm not saying privately I don't know what they're saying privately opposed say privately they didn't say anything. There was a lot of these well you know he's under what team missed. If I heard a lot of that -- that from teammates. And certainly -- to your point Girardi was. He was over the top. All really looking forward to getting -- back back in the lineup paraphrasing of course but that's what he -- it. That's great what he really meant was Jayson Nix thinks and what America is that we have historically bad. -- the production at third base which was the case. That's -- that's what he meant I I brought in in all my time following sports. It's hard to picture. A more sordid convoluted tale and I'm not talking about real life and that's document Aaron Hernandez and I'm talking about sports. This is as bad as it gets and and every single day we get something new and you're now the point where. The president of the New York Yankees as saying put upper shot. And it's never Alex by Alex never says anything about any know it's always. If I cities in camp camp a camp -- it's ridiculous. Grow a pair Alex if you release mean this stuff don't central talk a -- out to -- it you'll have them. Dots to say okay you'll have the -- and he doesn't he's he is completely totally gutless. But the bottom line here is I've never seen. Anything disintegrate this far this past. I mean he's got nobody left in the organization who wants and Randy Levine wants out. And I and I love this here here's my favorite. The accusation in effect it's. Doctor. An honest to god doctor or not. Not some country bumpkin who spend out this time healing horses and the other half setting in a little Billy Smith's broken right arm. -- honest to god orthopedic surgeon who by the way in the some doctors are respected anyway and by. I just happen to know this doctor. This doctor with the same guy that performed on Michael's. -- the same god of Foreman Tim thomas'. He's very well respected guy is considered among the best in the world that what he does the quotes CM punk here. That's happened to work directly covered as a cover -- cover up tonight either they go out and but the the bottom line here is they have they have basically. Tried to cast aspersions on the credibility and reputation. Of one of the best respected most respected orthopedic surgeons in the country. All we -- yeah Randy Levine wants -- screw this up that Alex camp play. There's no malpractice. Involved there is there if you -- to do that now. I've never I've never seen more wild idiotic accusations. I mean Joseph talked appeal should be disbarred if you can't prove this stuff with a guy who was the lawyer and Howard Stern. We are sturdy and allied you know re Munich members. Once -- -- did Marbury -- he's fine writer for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . Problem in health activists of people didn't -- on the AT&T -- and the power of the lawyer for the how it always went on -- -- mr. Joseph Howard Stern's lawyer now I know we reminded me a lot of this guy. They're pretty similar the guy and Howard stern show has some credibility. I mean there's the difference. He's he's equivalent doctor nick Rivera in the in the Simpson's. Just think about how oddly this -- -- at and look it if you're A-Rod now when he got talent yet I got up the I got no reputation. That's another part of this he actually told the Boston Globe. He doesn't know why. People in Boston -- -- via come. He can't be that stupid. Any can't be that -- dissolution. He hit there's no way in the world he can seriously said that say those words and -- all. As you said dale the thing we should -- you news. The comedy get these these generic comment other than -- from Alex for re use but we keep hearing became the can't we can't. And Westin com. This is like a Stephen basement -- So and so can't has contacted me so and so can't. OK you know -- enough for your camp. It's just you talk. Mark as much as you Nancy that would that would require some courage yes and Alex Rodriguez has non. He doesn't have the guts to say. He pays people money huge amounts of money to say this stuff so that he can high. So the fact that it's out. I'd say Joseph JR IG OT here yesterday you know all I love -- Well I don't know you know it's lobbyists. Oh legal -- legal advice. I cannot talk about that. By -- joke I'll I'll let my lawyer you know rip the Yankees have been Alba I loved though all my lawyer. Say that Joseph Girardi is is inscrutable yeah. All my lawyer say Joseph Girardi tried in Mike -- of that one of the worst things when someone says. I'm Nelson I mean that's in -- lawyer talking my lawyer's advice astute. Will you employer lawyer. Just like the -- you enjoy your lawyer says stop without your permission right. Who's gonna say that. What you to remember another one win. Weigh in he opted out a contract. In sixth inning of game 492007. World Series that when that was on there all -- up. Scott and Scott thought it was a good idea. I mean look. He can't sink any lower so he's got nothing to lose I mean his reputation EP had gone. It is like ability factor -- the academy has been gone for a long time. So I guess. The nuclear option does not what is Annika is at passing -- to think about one. Whenever two years from now. What is going to be -- out Korea's. What are going to be about for re -- -- years from now. Want if you can be playing baseball. -- could be playing baseball for the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez and Joseph talk. Batter out stuff. They better have a lot of stuff. They'd better have some explosive stuff. They'd better have records and -- paintings and transcripts and emails. They better have stopped its gonna make you in me and everybody else in America say oh my god look at this. Look what Alex test -- I want commissioner reopen the casing in the lifetime ban. You can't do enough that it hurt this guy and by doing nothing -- -- -- out -- you are more wrong I know you'll. Because it would have been a very simple quiet. Never. Acted before I admitted I did both the war. I absolutely positively did not take stuff now. Yeah I get well it's not the time to discuss that it's not really what is the best time to say you're not a. Brooke. It's kind of like to Mitchell report defense where you heard The Who quote didn't old everybody there. Understood how it worked. You say you did something you move on. Well the people -- the guilty as to at least allegedly the guilty guilty as those are the ones were screaming to your point the wildest. The hardest. At every turn. Yet it's so what do A-Rod does this it shouldn't surprise anyone. He's gotten -- public knows enough north he has no defense other than the nuclear option and he and Joseph talked a -- better hope that they can prove this stuff. Yeah because you know while I originally didn't want the Yankees to get out from under this contract that's why I didn't want a lifetime ban I want of the Yankees have to pay the price. As I said they've done the unthinkable here they've made Randy Levine and the New York Yankees sympathetic figures in this case. I didn't think it was possible well and here's the weird thing of the finger I didn't expect. Watching him is that he's actually -- serviceable player. And it's serviceable the right right I'm not saying making 29 million dollar it is you. He is not a point nine million dollar plays 120 million dollar plays not a fifteen million dollar player -- -- analysts. But he's a service support group serviceable player he's probably better than what every knew this was giving you earlier in the year that's probably fair. That surprised me. But. You can find other guys who -- who. And you don't have to you know take Clorox two of them to address to the clubhouse after he leaves every now which is what the Yankees -- doing right now. I'll take wrecked multiple lines will bring you guys that sucks that went by yes and beat the Yankees best pitcher they never -- my border road they haven't yet. It it would appear that even though we got a little scare with Dustin Pedroia fouling a ball off the saints put the broken prime a previously. It would appear at least at the moment that it's not too bad. It's spot that he may be able to play tonight on the Red Sox close up the series at the Fenway Park. Against the New York Yankees will get to that we'll talk patriots a whole bunch of other stuff to get to 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T text line was dead at the moment but -- we get it -- that was 37937. And -- you can reach out to us on Twitter except. The Internet that too but only get that our guy get an idea. Carry Twitter congress -- rat fall or app dale. Dive right into with you just couple minutes Sports Radio WB.

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