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John Lackey with Joe & Dave after the middle game of the Yankees series

Aug 17, 2013|

John Lackey talked to Joe & Dave after the middle game of the Yankees series. Lackey picked up the W in the 6-1 victory.

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Thank you John -- what a great performance today -- fourteen ground balls routes and hopefully get double play and that the club really needed this you really stepped out. Yeah I was big big game for sure it would need to and it went -- kind of a tough stretch of course yes right now. Heading back out for the West Coast after tomorrow also. There was strong. -- -- you move forward. John lineup that was sitting for fifteen in his previous four or five games. He had all those ground balls what was the game playing going in. I mean they're tough lineup as they can't do some similar things that our guys do if they -- guard a little bit when a season that is. I was able to you know they execute pitches in tough spots and got behind him it's great place. How about Pedroia today and is rotating getting hit -- -- -- who knows how many runs you say that. He's always out there and so is gonna play hard regardless of -- that that is a -- -- that was just our alum feels that. -- true professionalism and just you know great to have aren't sure. But to win after three consecutive losses in the offense really struggling -- You probably. As you get ready for John you realize you have to pitcher a terrific game did you take that upon yourself like today that they're just not gonna get the thing today. I mean it's. It has kind of been out that way it went forward for a little bit it's yeah faced -- last which is those guys. We have a great season so you know you gonna have pitched well this is not -- not too many runs. Jazz crowd is really into it especially when you struck out they were out there the whole earth together kind of enjoyed so much time. -- but you're not coming off the mound -- standing ovation that had to be. Mean I don't know leaves you heard those a lot your career but that had to be very sweet against the Yankees in the daylight today. I've heard feud. Not as many here as the other places but who knows night. My job thank you so much congratulations Zach great win today --

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