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Voice of the Brooklyn Nets, Ian Eagle, joins Grande and Max on the Celtics Summer Cooler

Aug 17, 2013|

Eagle checks in to give Grande and Max a perspective on the Brooklyn Nets after they acquired Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett via trade earlier this summer. He breaks down what he thinks the future holds for the Nets after completing this blockbuster deal.

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I. On the mater Boston Celtic. From Brooklyn that. You know that's what it is right now means business. When we all have to move it move more than. You know they're trying to create. Some kind of legacy here -- After moving into theoretically is an avenue place felt like summer cruel or continues -- -- is -- debut news conference as a member of the Brooklyn nets. His games will now be called by the good friend of ours and heard LeBron James a story about him getting a police escort the -- easy concert last night. I -- probably also got to please escort last night news he was inducted. Into the WA ER -- hall of fame -- Syracuse radio that right. All right now tell me something is Bob Costas in this hall of fame. No. No it's -- Mike to Rico in this policy. Mike -- Rico. I think I'm familiar with his work you know. And yet -- an eagle joining Hank Greenwald legendary. Broadcaster was yankees won't play any mosques or did Phillies college years and Ted Koppel. And now I neagle is the fourth member of that group. -- Here. Possibly stay the beauty of it is a million dollars banquets of last night prepared so anyway anyway we will put that it was it was gonna work out. And I -- has got the jets jaguars team tonight which. If you have Time Warner Cable in New York you Nazi. It's. It's. After the game for all the Time Warner Cable subscribers I will be doing any recreation. That's -- On 42 street and fifth. And in you can all right does gather around like the old days they used to move like the pigs around -- based -- games or whatever that's elegant -- pre season games that I that. You know you're Dylan. A million different things -- FL season for you in those those that do different sports we approach things differently but have you spent any time thinking about. Boy this is gonna be kind of cool doing minutes. Yeah I have a lot of time it can be my twentieth here with the -- and which is a big round number to begin when it. And the fact that there's been so much activity this summer has kept me. Close to the team the press conference displayed a portion of the football players we at a press conference. Announcing the hiring of Jason Kidd. We did a large sections with -- it and -- seeing -- Sponsors -- -- also -- in appearance so. I've been involved with the team and obviously you guys know and when you know going into this season that you're working with a team it's going to be competitive the juices start flowing and the excitement level is very the anticipation level was very sizable. Well I think if you look at the united team if you say you talk about Garnett. -- What I see with him is that they're not two guys who point to carry a team but they are great. Puzzle pieces -- -- to help the team gets that much rather right now that is already pretty do with a talent left. If you think back guys so that Chicago series that first round series that there were two things that were clearly missing from the net they go to the seventh game. And they get pushed around in their own building by joking you know on Carlos Boozer in the -- -- -- But the two things that stood out really a lack leadership and that's unfortunate but you never quite know until you're in those moments. Whether it was Darrent Williams Joseph Johnson Brook Lopez. They just weren't able to hold the team across the finish line. And then a lack of toughness. That's that's one thing that I know of the current upper management the nets felt they had to address being needed some players with an edge. And they get that you know you guys know better than anybody what Kevin Garnett brings to the locker room what he brings to team chemistry. And what he does to the other players on that roster defective Brook Lopez now on a daily basis is gonna hear from Kevin Garnett. And not just hear from them hear my thoughts I need to hear from in is year pushing him. Cajoling him doing everything possible to get the most out of him Paul Pierce the guy -- games someone you can depend on someone. Who has been through it Jason Terry lacking here to not have a great sees an impossible now reunited with kids so. Have they really did address with people were clear voice on the team and warned forceful. Our buddy nine eagle joining us on celtics' summer cooler use talked about spending time with with Jason -- doing some stuff over the summer this is. It on Boston it's all about pierce and Garnett being -- how the nets are gonna become sort of the second team for Celtic fans if the Celtics -- you know as competitive as one think they won't be -- clearly it happened because the enemy in my -- amusement and and people here in Miami when -- -- -- -- -- The Jason Kidd component is fascinating to me being around him. Kind of coast -- since he's going to be. When he was playing with funny. He felt funny you're funny. In a way because I never would have predicted that. I didn't think the chasing it -- -- -- coach I'll be the first to admit that -- He didn't strike me is the type that was building toward that. If anything I saw it may be on the inside personnel side. More of a quiet behind the scenes type of presence to a team. But something happened on his way to which championship and maybe it was in recognizing that it was not going to be able to do this forever. A lot of the things that happened behind the scenes that didn't happen out fraud. I hit mentoring younger players here and really bonding with coaches and finding common ground. I think that evolved over time it's not like he came into the league in that's when he was focused on helping a lot. But over the last orders -- five years of his career I think his priorities shifted a bit and his love of the -- story coming out in the different -- And I believe that -- head coach now this also was the perfect storm guys he's not gonna be the head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He's not going to be echoed this of the sacrament okay. He's going to be head coach of the team that. That he was the savior for a team that is looking to make a splash in the New York markets looking to compete with the knicks. Shadow perfectly opportunity. And his availability. And I think he's going about -- the right -- he's got the right mindset and he also has a staff that that's gonna help him -- you guys know portrayed as well as anybody. He's so the -- he's so passionate and it just was the perfect. Right Telus and this is that since the Celtics show tell us something about. Brooks and you know Wallace that fans would want to know who or Boston Celtics fans who -- to a -- here. -- Displays ridiculously hard on every single play when he came into the net the Pryor's season. Right before the the trade deadline after the nets were unable to pull the trigger on the Dwight Howard deal and Billy King made the deal -- Portland to bring over Gerald lawless he was. A breath of fresh year. That is. Approach. The fact that it's just never stops for him as Boston fans are going to be impressed with his motor. The skill level to go down last year that was the one concern that it's just out of nowhere. Lost his outside job losses ability. The finish around the rim then rediscovered a bit. During that Chicago's -- Marshall Brooks. Extremely talented offensive player I think the question would -- on were based on maturity were based on. Whether or not he could scored his position he he could score but woody give up more than he scored. And pretty fit into a team concept was he just strictly an isolation players those questions are still out there and I Chris Humphries who. Obviously got a reputation based on his reality shows status but as the players. If you just look at the numbers when given the opportunity. Has done excellent work the issue was whether or not he can put up those numbers on a winning team and we know that. Always the BB. Step in the NBA -- you put up numbers yet you get your free agent contract can you do it for winter. And those questions haven't been answered yet as well. What's the what's the Marchand Brooks upside we see you know when -- young players command and people tend to look away those first couple years. There's a real learning curve when players aren't why people think they can be immediately. The nice people kinda hang their handing get disappointed what's the -- Brooks upside what can he be. Ops would be double digit score fourteen to fifteen points per game I think ultimately he probably has a better. Player off the bench as part of your second unit may -- gets a little more responsibility on that second unit. He still sees himself as the story player in the league and that's. Where that. That's fine line is where coaches have to figure out. We're at the player -- I think if everything breaks right and Marshal on as -- head on straight. And competes on the defense it and and as a team player on the opposite that he can be 1415. Point score a productive player in this week. But the nets the second best team in the eastern and. I think there are I think you throw in the Andrei Kirilenko signing which. Also attracts. A number of their needs and his versatility the fact that I have a legitimate second unit and I think they're gonna be some Gregg Popovich moments this year guys they're gonna be time for Kevin Garnett just does not play. On certain games of second half of the back to back for the -- in the front end of back to back. When he does play could be more in the 22 to 24 minute mold. Here's they're gonna shorten his minutes as well so they're gonna pick countries -- spot but they're gonna do with a purpose. I think yes on paper second best team in the Eastern Conference -- say that because you have to. You have to bow out of the champions -- the two time defending champion Miami Heat are still the team to beat for the -- And they've got -- on a roster that can compete with that type of team. Traffic back Joseph finals and 0203 has said. The nets have you been bumped from TV for national TV is that's God's gonna happen this year when he could -- Happened. -- no it's very much an adjustment look at that schedule like what what happens we we don't the game. Talk yeah there are a number of national TV appearances on TNT which is great for the franchise like get it very positive but on a personal level I -- do as many games as possibly -- -- feel like you're part of it as much as you can. Very -- we haven't been off all right -- -- scheduled this came out -- assembly government could do on Thursday nights seem like playing -- there it's very bizarre -- he's gotten used to and by the way messed up the entire NBA schedule when the screen a -- all he's backing is because Thursday at the exclusive. Announced restraint so when there are no there and Thursday. -- That's a good Thursday and Thursday -- winter or. You know -- -- these you'd you'd join us last year very early in the season and to the point when people or tuchman patriots as team in the community. Could win it all you thought through the best team in the SEC at the post in the game you're deeply immersed in -- on -- jets game tonight what Shura which are patriots AFC look right now. You know my concerns there -- just that roster. That the skill positions wide receiver particular. I like Amendola. Respect them. -- I don't know if you can stay on the field though. A wall they found a replacement for Welker that relationship where itself obviously everything that's gone on with. Would Aaron Hernandez and and the tragedy. In Connecticut and I. I just don't. I don't know they can maintain this level like to believe teams are catching up the best thing that's happened to New England is that. I don't think there is a dominant team in the -- people -- Denver and rightfully so. I still don't think they're dominant teams so. Fact of the matter is that still the best team in their division and if you win your division that which you in a position to have to maybe make some noise in the playoffs but we have to see. If -- offense and can really. Get why we've. With the names that they have and I know they've done it before so our arms completely off base on this but I think there are going to be some growing pains offensively just. In terms of dependability operating. That's our -- nine -- take -- time out on the day of of the jets game on the night after he was inducted into often did you get any to get in like a watcher later anything come with this elephant there. -- watch and not know it was it was plaque. That to beautiful black it's a very nice like. And though Lotto forty. Party congratulations. And -- -- -- -- -- accommodation. Impressive is always always been a hall of Famer in our -- season -- Thank god says one thing of like good leads I know a little late supporting on this but when I was at Syracuse and WA York. A lot of my classmates it was actually the sports director when he was younger. -- -- -- we'll see who lawyers of really really good friend and mentor it's your -- and I just -- wish him all the best political career is put together and I don't know what the next chapter is going to be critical and so all the best will. It's been a Jason wolf love fest here and now you are now live now from a hall of fame as well this this is pretty impressive -- A -- but again thanks frank and I was for a few minutes -- season. I -- voice and it -- on CBS he's did just receive against the jets at three's doing tonight were joking because it's. Bizarre thing in New York City -- Time Warner Cable. You can't get CBS a big battle between network and cable and -- is one of these things you can imagine they get the football season the real games is gonna go over for me to watch the fail. CBS if you live in new York and an eagle we called Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett. For the nets this year we still out. So -- Texas triangles are reliving 2008 and when we return the first time on the year. WiMax. And them getting the ball. After game six -- details.

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